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This is an attempt to recreate the Sloan Wills GenConnect Board that was eliminated by Rootsweb. If you have any new wills to post, please notifiy me.  Wills are listed by location and oldest first.


  Nancy Sloan's Will - 1867, Decatur Co. Ga.
  Robert Sloan's Will, 1845, Murray Co. Ga.

North Carolina

  Robert Sloan's Will, 1834, Duplin Co. NC.
  James Sloan's Will, 1792, Mecklenburg Co. NC.
  James Sloan's Will, 1844, Mecklenburg Co. NC.
  John Sloan's Will, 1779, Rowan/Iredell Co. NC.
  Archibald Sloan Senior #2's Will, 1786, Rowan Co. NC.


  William Slone's Wills, 1840 & 1847, Clermont Co. Oh.


  John Sloan's Will, 1827, Bedford Co. Pa.
  Samuel Sloan's Will, 1771, Lancaster Co. Pa.

South Carolina

  William Sloan's Will & Estate Papers, 1824, Darlington Dist. SC.
  John Sloan's Will, 1845, Fairfield Dist. SC.
  William Sloan's Estate Papers, 1796, Pendleton Dist. SC.
  David Sloan's Will, 1821, Pendleton Dist. SC.


  Archibald Sloan's Estate Papers, 1800-05, Blount Co. Tn.
  Alexander Sloan's Will, 1879, Hardin Co. Tn.
  Wiley Stanton Sloan's Will, 1959, Robertson Co. Tn.


  David Sloan's Will, 1818, Wythe Co. Va.
  James Slone's Will, 1804, Franklin Co. Va.
  Patrick Slone's Will, 1827, Franklin Co. Va.
  John Slone's Will, 1768, Pittsylvania Co. Va.

West Virginia

  Mortica Sloan's Will, 1897, Wetzel Co. Va.

New York

  Mary Ann Sloan's administrator appointment, 1870, New York Co. NY.

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