by Fred J. Nicholson


While my recent search for clues to the parentage of Jonas Humfrey, the New England settler, did not establish a definite connection, I did find evidence connecting some of the many Humfreys in the Wendover area. In particular, I was able to establish the identity of the Jonas Humfrey senior whose name appears in the Bishop's transcripts of Wendover during the early 1600's -- the period when Jonas Humfrey of New England was known in those same records as Jonas junior. In any attempt to identify the New England settler, it will be important to be able to distinguish between him and other men of the same name in the Wendover area.

The most important single source that I used to establish the identity of Jonas senior was a Chancery Court suit dating from the early 1600's. Among the documents on deposit at the Public Record Office relating to this suit are a number of depositions taken in February of the 10th year of King James (February, 1613). The suit involved a property dispute between Thomas and Joan Gibbons of Wendover, on the one hand, and Philip Okebanke, on the other. One of the deponents was Jonas Humfrey of Wendover. His identity is most fully developed in the following selected responses from his deposition:

Jonas Humphrey of Wendover in the Countye of Bucks yeoman of the age of xlvi yeares or thereabouts, Sworne &c.

  1. That he doth knowe Thomas Gibbons and Joane his wife named in the tytle of these Interr to be the Complts and hath knowne the sd Joane these xxv yeares or thereabouts and hath knowne Thomas Gibbons some six yeares and he also knoweth Phillip Okebanck named for the Deft and hath knowne him ever synce he was a child.

  2. That he did very well knowe John Okebancke named in this Interr for he had but one Daughter by his first wefe and this Dept sayeth that he marryed her and sayeth that it is allmost x yeares since the sd John Okebanck Dyed as he now remembreth.

  3. That he did also know Willm Okebanck Deceased ffather of the nowe Deft in this Interr menconed and sayeth that he Dyed some xx yeares sythence or thereaboughts as this Dept can nowe call to remembraunce. ...


(signed:) Jonas Humfrey

Since the statements were made in 1613, this Jonas' birth year was about 1567. In addition, this statement identifies his wife as the only daughter of John Okebanke by his first wife. The figure at the right shows the signature from this deposition.

The Okebanke family of Wendover is very well-documented, both in wills and in lawsuits. In particular, John Okebanke's will, dated 5 July 1603, named his daughter Elizabeth, wife of Jonas Humfrey, as well as his godson and grandson John Humfrey (under 14 years of age), son of Jonas Humfrey. Jonas was also one of the witnesses of the will.

In the will of Robert Okebanke of Chipping Wycombe, dated 1626, he indicated that his brother-in-law Jonas Humfrey, wheelwright, was alive at that time. Since Robert was a son of John Okebanke, this means that the Jonas Humfrey who married Elizabeth Okebanke was still alive in 1626, and is therefore evidently the "Jonas Humfrey senior" who appears in the Wendover records. From other wills and court documents, as well as parish registers, the structure of the Okebanke family of Wendover can be worked out and is shown at the end of this article. Even though there has not yet been any proven connection between this earlier Jonas Humfrey and Jonas Humfrey of Dorchester, some relationship seems likely (given the name and parish of origin), and documenting all connections seems the best way to proceed toward the eventual unpuzzling of this family.

There are other Humfrey wills from the area which add to our understanding of the relationships between several of the individuals of that name who appear in Wendover records. The will of George Humfrey of Aylesbury, a transcript of which appeared in English Origins of New England Families, First Series, Volume I, pg. 38. This will, dated 24 October 1604, named his wife Alice, his son William, his son Thomas, his daughter Margery Johnson and his brothers John and Jonas Humfrey. This will is of particular interest, since the original has been preserved in Buckinghamshire, and it includes the signatures of Jonas and John Humfrey as witnesses to the will. These signatures are shown in the illustration at the right. Jonas' signature matches the signature of the Jonas Humfrey who deposed in the Okebanke chancery suit mentioned earlier. This identifies, then, two brothers of the Jonas Humfrey who was born in 1567 -- John and George.


Another brother, Thomas Humfrey of Ellesborough, Bucks., also named his two brothers, John and Jonas, as his overseers. A comparison of their signatures (they also witnessed Thomas' will) with those appearing on the above-mentioned will of George Humfrey shows that, once again, they are the same, and that Thomas is yet another brother of the family. Like his brother Jonas, Thomas was a wheelwright.

From the appearance of the name Jonas in this family, it seems not unreasonable to expect that Jonas Humfrey of Dorchester, Massachusetts was a member of it. From his date of birth (about 1587), he would seem to have been of the next generation from the four brothers discussed above, and one might therefore try to determine which, if any, of them could have been his father. Unfortunately, an examination of the surviving bishop's transcripts of Wendover, combined with the provisions of the above-mentioned wills, yields evidence which makes such a relationship somewhat unlikely.

Neither Thomas nor George named a son Jonas in their wills. Both Jonas and John did have sons named Jonas recorded in Wendover -- in 1606 and 1605, respectively. Both these Jonases were much too young to have been Jonas of Dorchester, who married Frances Coley in 1607. This does not, of course, prove that none of these men was the father of Jonas of Dorchester, but in order for it to have been Thomas or George, he would have to have left his son out of his will (certainly possible), and for it to have been Jonas or John, he would have had to have two sons named Jonas (again, possible, but not common).

Another possibility would be for Jonas of Dorchester to have been a younger brother to the above four men, but again this entails two sons named Jonas in the same family -- not really an acceptable explanation without a great deal more evidence. Perhaps a likely hypothesis to explore, given the above considerations, would be that Jonas of New England was the son of yet another Humfrey brother.

Three other Humfrey men of Wendover were having children more or less contemporaneously with Jonas of New England. Their relationship is also unknown, but their lists of children are given below, in order to complete the record of Wendover Humfreys of this period.

Further research in the land and court records might clarify this picture, and would, perhaps, finally place Jonas of New England in the context of a very extensive Humfrey family.


The following sections provide family outlines of the Humfrey and Okebanke families, was well as abstracts of wills and vital records on which article is based:






While the father of the four Humfrey brothers of the Wendover, Bucks., area is not known, he may have been the "John Umfrey ye eldest" who was buried at Wendover on 21 Feb 1605/6.









GEORGE HUMFREY was a wheelwright in Aylesbury, Bucks. He was buried at Aylesbury, Bucks., 11 December 1604.

The chief provisions of his will were:

to son William Humfrey: 10 shillings (within 3 months after my death)

to daughter Margery Johnson: 10 shillings (within 3 mo)

to son Thomas Humfrey: all my working tools

to poor of Aylesbury: 2 shillings

to godson George Bates: 12 pence

to godson John Browne: 12 pence

all the rest to wife Allice, whom I make executrix

brothers John Humfrey and Jonas Humfrey to be overseers, 2 shillings 6 pence each for their pains

witnesses: Robert Bell, John Umfrey, Jonas Humfrey

While John and Jonas Humfrey signed as witnesses, George Humfrey signed by mark.

Children of George and Alice (___) Humfrey:

  1. WILLIAM HUMFREY, bp. at Aylesbury, 11 Dec 1580; perhaps the William Humfrey whose sons Michael and William are baptized at Aylesbury in 1606 and 1608, respectively

  2. JOHN HUMFREY, bp. at Aylesbury, 23 Dec 1582; bur. at Aylesbury, 21 July 1587

  3. HENRY HUMFREY, bp. at Aylesbury, 28 Feb 1584; bur. at Aylesbury, 2 Jan 1588/9

  4. MARGERY HUMFREY, married at Aylesbury, Bucks., 12 May 1604, JOHN JOHNSON

  5. THOMAS HUMFREY, living in 1604; perhaps the Thomas Humfrey, whose son Thomas was baptized in Aylesbury, 15 Jun 1608




THOMAS HUMFREY resided in Come in the parish of Ellesborough, Bucks. He was buried at Ellesborough, Bucks., 27 August 1616.

The chief provisions of his will were:

to be buried in Ellesborough

to eldest daughter Florence Wilde: 10 shillings (to be paid within one quarter of a year after my death)

to every one of her children: 12 pence apiece (to be paid at the same time)

to Edward Kighte, son of Andrew Kighte: 12 pence (pd as above)

to Alice Kighte, daughter of Andrew Kighte: 12 pence (pd as above)

to Thomas Kighte, son of Andrew Kighte: 10 shillings (pd as above)

to my servant Richard Allen: 6 shillings, 8 pence (pd as above)

all the rest to son Robert Humfrey, whom I make sole executor

brothers John Humfrey and Jonas Humfrey to be overseers

witnesses: Jonas Humfrey, John Umfrey, Richard Allen, John Timberlake

Thomas Humfrey signed by mark, his brothers signed in full.

Children of Thomas and ___ (___) Humfrey:

  1. FLORENCE HUMFREY, married at Ellesborough, Bucks., 29 October 1604, to RICHARD WILDE; children

  2. ROBERT HUMFREY, perhaps the Robert Humfrey who married at Ellesborough, Bucks., 16 October 1615, ELIZABETH SMITH, and had children Dorothy, Susan, Richard, John

  3. ELIZABETH HUMFREY, married at Ellesborough, Bucks., 28 Nov 1603, to ANDREW KIGHTLIE of Ellesborough; probably died before 1616; children Edward, Alice, Thomas Kightlie by 1616




JONAS HUMFREY was born circa 1567 (according to his age as given in a deposition for a Chancery case in 1613), and died after 1626, when he was named in the will of his brother-in-law Robert Okebanke. He was almost certainly also the Jonas Humfrey senior who was, with "his son John Humfrey" overseers of the will of Thomas Hawes of Wendover in 1640. He was a wheelwright in Wendover, Bucks.

He married ELIZABETH OKEBANKE, daughter of John and Katherine (___) Okebanke of Wendover, Bucks.

Children of Jonas and Elizabeth (Okebanke) Humfrey:

  1. JOHN HUMFREY, born between 1589 and 1603; named in the will of his grandfather Okebanke (as grandson and godson); living in 1640, when he was co-overseer (with his father) of the will of Thomas Hawes of Wendover; probably the John Humfrey who married Elizabeth Welch in Wendover in January 1623/4; she was bur. in Wendover 26 Apr 1637, and he remarried Agnes Winch, widow, in Wendover, 2 July 1638.

  2. JONAS HUMFREY, bp. at Wendover, 19 Oct 1606; md. at Hughenden, 31 May 1632, ANN RUSSELL; children baptized at Wendover.

  3. ELIZABETH HUMFREY, bp. at Wendover, 11 Dec 1617.




JOHN HUMFREY evidently lived in Wendover. He is probably the "John Humfrey the eldest" who was buried there on 1 Nov 1630. His wife may have been the "Ales, wife of John Humfrey" who was buried at Wendover on 22 Oct 1623.

Children of John and Ales? (___) Humfrey, baptized at Wendover:

  1. HENRY HUMFREY, bp. 25 Jan 1600/1; md. at Wendover, 25 Jan 1623/4, ANNE BALDWYN.

  2. ISABEL HUMFREY, bp. 7 Nov 1602; bur. 25 Jan 1602/3.

  3. JONAS HUMFREY, bp. 15 Aug 1605; bur. 10 Apr 1606.

  4. JOHN HUMFREY, bur. 3 Jan 1605/6

  5. PHILLIPP HUMFREY (f), bp. 15 Feb 1606/7; possibly the Phillipp Humfrey who was bur. at Wendover on 22 May 1628 (see below).

  6. JOHN HUMFREY, bp. 1608





HENRY HUMFREY of Wendover.

Children of Henry and ___ (___) Humfrey, baptized at Wendover:

  1. THOMAS HUMFREY, bp. 7 Nov 1602

  2. MARY HUMFREY, bp. 22 Sep 1605

  3. SARAH HUMFREY, bp. 26 Apr 1607

  4. WILLIAM HUMFREY, bp. 1608

  5. ANNA HUMFREY, bp. 10 Mar 1610/11

  6. HENRY HUMFREY, bp. 5 Nov 1612

  7. PHILLIPP HUMFREY (f), bp. 11 Jun 1615; possibly the Phillipp Humfrey who was bur. at Wendover on 22 May 1628 (see above).

  8. MARGARET HUMFREY, bp. 4 Feb 1617; bur. 7 Feb 1617/8



NICHOLAS HUMFREY of Wendover; md. Wendover, Bucks., 25 Apr 1605, MARGARET MEARDE, daughter of George and Katheren Mearde of Ellisborough, Bucks. Nicholas was churchwarden of Wendover in 1633.

Children of Nicholas and Margaret (Mearde) Humfrey, baptized at Wendover:

  1. KATHAREN HUMFREY, bp. 13 Jul 1606

  2. JOHN HUMFREY, bp. 21 Feb 1607/8

  3. NICHOLAS HUMFREY, bp. 12 Mar 1611/2

  4. ELIZABETH HUMFREY, bp. 20 Oct 1616

  5. ROBERT HUMFREY, bp. 8 Jun 1623

  6. HENRY HUMFREY, bp. 7 Jun 1629



THOMAS HUMFREY of Wendover; md. Ellisborough, Bucks., 24 Jul 1609, SUSAN MEARDE, daughter of George and Katheren Mearde of Ellisborough, Bucks. Died in Wendover in 1662.

Children of Thomas and Susan (Mearde) Humfrey, baptized at Wendover:

  1. FRANCES HUMFREY, bp. 23 Sep 1610

  2. GEORGE HUMFREY, bp. 9 Feb 1611/2

  3. THOMAS HUMFREY, bp. 29 Jun 1614

  4. AGNES HUMFREY, bp. 11 Aug 1616

  5. ISABEL HUMFREY, bp. Aug 1618

  6. JOHN HUMFREY, bp. 6 Apr 1623

  7. JONAS HUMFREY, bp. 25 Nov 1627






EDMOND OKEBANKE died in Wendover, Buckinghamshire, by 1588. His will was dated 30 Jan 1581/2 and proved 14 October 1588. He was married to ISABEL ___, who survived him.

In his lifetime, Edmond Okebanke was involved in many court cases, usually as defendant.

In a Star Chamber case (STAC 5 16/F19), Henry Free vs Edmund Okebanke, one of the interrogations said "did you see Johan Hill at Court, April, in the forrens of Wendover in 9th Elizabeth (1567)."

Another Star Chamber case (STAC 5 F29/34), dated 21 October, refers to the same events. Henry Free of Wendover, Bucks., yeoman, refers to a parliament held 5 Elizabeth (1562/3) where it was decided that if a man perjures himself in the Star Chamber, he must pay a fine and serve 6 months in prison. He claims that Edmund Okebanke of Wendover, husbandman, perjured himself when he said that he did not see one Jone Hill and Henry Free make surrender of lands in the open court of the said Manor on 27 Sep 13 Elizabeth (1571). Edmond Okebanke denies it.

In another Star Chamber case (STAC 5/W78/1), Henry Wyer of Cheping Wycombe, Bucks., yeoman, contests the ownership of certain lands (principally "Bucks Close") with a number of defendants, primarily Edmond Okebanke. Codefendants include William Okebanke of Wendover, laborer, and Robert Okebanke of Wendover, laborer (sons of Edmond). The statements are long and elaborate and include two very interesting versions of a riot which took place between the Wyer and Okebanke factions. Wyer's statement is particularly vivid and well-composed. Among other accusations, he says that Edmond Okebanke allowed Henry Rolffe "a man of light and lewd disposition" while staying at Okebanke's home, nightly to lie with his daughter Agnes Okebanke (even though Henry Rolff was then a married man).

In a Chancery suit, (C2 ELIZ W3/25), the complainant, Henry Wyer of Wendover Bucks., yeoman, claims that William Wyer, late of Wendover, deceased, father of the said Henry, left him certain lands. The deeds and papers are now in the hands of John Okebancke and Katheryn his wife, Henry Free, Isabell Okbanke, and John Wolfe and Agnes Wolfe his wife, all of Wendover. They deny it.

In a Chancery suit (C2 ELIZ W14/22), the complainant, John Wyatt of Wendover, Bucks., yeoman, complains of Edmund Okebanke, yeoman. He refers to events of June 20 Elizabeth (1578). Money matters are involved. "... the said Edmund Okebanke to be a very busy & troublesome man Altogether given to seeke extremyties and to be in continewell brambles."

In a Chancery suit (C3 series 2 135/22), the complainant was Edmond Okebanke. He claimed that he was then seized with land in Wendover made over by one William Wyer to one Henry Rolff. One Nicholas Kyppynge, Henry Grover, and Thomas Curtes broke into his (Okebanke's) place, destroying much (specified) and assaulting his children and servants, and that they beat and hurt them.

In another Chancery suit (C3 series 2 202/59), the complainant was William Hill of Wendover, yeoman. He claimed that his father, Robert Hill, late of Wendover, deceased, had land in Wendover which he devised to Edmund Okebanke of Wendover, yeoman, but that when Robert died, it was supposed to have come to William. Edmund Okebanke claims it. (Sometimes the name is spelled "Ogbancke" in this suit.)

In a Chancery suit (O4/24), Edmund Okebank of Wendover, Bucks., yeoman is the complainant vs Henry and John Collett in a land dispute.

In another suit (O4/36) date 7 Jun 1598? (probably should be 1578), Edmund Okebanke of Wendover, Bucks., yeoman, complains that Richard Wyat, late of Wendover, glover, assaulted and beat Edmund's son William. They went to court Epiphany 20 Elizabeth (1578). Interrogatories for this suit are to be found in O8/3.

In his will, dated 30 Jan 1581(/2) he referred to himself as a yeoman of Wendover, Bucks.

Children of Edmond and Isabel (___) Okebanke, probably born in Wendover:

  1. 2. WILLIAM OKEBANKE d. at Aylesbury, Bucks, circa 1591.

  2. 3. AGNES OKEBANKE d. after 1603; m. before 1582, JOHN WOLF.

  3. 4. ELIZABETH OKEBANKE m. before 1582, ___ HATLEY.

  4. 5. JOHN OKEBANKE d. at Wendover, Bucks, circa September 1603.

  5. 6. ROBERT OKEBANKE b. circa 1570.




WILLIAM OKEBANKE died between 25 Sep and 14 Dec 1591, probably at Wendover, Bucks, although he appears to have lived in Aylesbury, where several of his children were baptized. He was married to JANE/JOAN ___, who survived him.

He had four children in 1582 (as stated in the will of his father), but referred in his own will only to three daughters: Jane, Mary, and Frances.

His father, Edmond, in his will, referred to William as his "eldest son" and named him, together with his (Edmond's) wife Isabel, his executor.

In his own will, he referred to himself as "gentleman."

Children of William and Jane/Joan (___) Okebanke:

  1. ELIZABETH OKEBANKE, bp. at Aylesbury, 15 Apr 1582; not named in father's will.

  2. PHILIP OKEBANKE (male), bp. at Aylesbury, 24 Jun 1583; living in 1613, although he was not named in his father's will.

  3. JANE OKEBANKE, bp. at Aylesbury, 2 Mar 1585/6; buried there 11 Feb 1591/2.

  4. FRANCES OKEBANKE (f), bp. at Aylesbury, 24 Aug 1587

  5. MARY OKEBANKE, bp. at Aylesbury, 19 Jul 1589.




AGNES OKEBANKE was still living in 1603 at the writing of the will of her husband. She married before 1582, JOHN WOLF, who died between 3 Jul 1603 (the date of the writing of his will) and 18 Jul 1603 (when it was proved).

John Wolf, in his will, referred to himself as "gentleman" of Wendover.

Robert Browne, referred to in John's will as his son-in-law, may be the husband of a daughter or a stepson ("son-in-law" often referred to a stepson). If he was a stepson, then Agnes may have first married a man named Brown or John Wolf may have been married before. Robert Brown was "of Ordsall, Nottinghamshire" at the time of the probate of John Okebanke's will in 1603.

Children of John and Agnes (Okebanke) Wolf:

  1. SIBYL WOLF, living in 1582

  2. RICHARD WOLF, living in 1582 and 1603

  3. EDWARD WOLF, probably born after 1582; living in 1603

  4. (perhaps) daughter (SIBYL?), married to ROBERT BROWNE, gentleman, by 1603




ELIZABETH OKEBANKE, married before 1582, ___ HATLEY. No further information.




JOHN OKEBANKE died at Wendover, Bucks, between 5 Jul 1603 (the date of the writing of his will) and 26 Sep 1603 (when it was proved). His son Edmund said, in 1613, that his father had died "about the monthe of June or July in the first yeare of his Ma.ties Raigne that nowe ys" (1603). Jonas Humfrey testified that John died of the plague.

He was married at least twice. His first wife, to whom he was married before April 1575, was KATHARINE ___. His wife at the time of his death was JOAN ___. In his will, he calls himself a "gentleman" of Wendover borough.

It is difficult to determine which children were born to each of John's (known) two wives. From a Chancery suit in which Jonas Humfrey testified, it is known that Elizabeth was the only daughter John Okebanke had by his first wife. This places Elizabeth and Joan, at least. In this same suit, Joan is referred to as the mother in law of Philip, therefore placing him also as a son of Katherine. Philippa was named in Edmond Okebanke (the elder)'s will in 1582, making it likely that she, too, was a daughter of Katherine.

One might guess that Joan and John were married about 1588: in 1613, Jonas Humfrey said he'd known Joan Gibbons, wife of Thomas, some 25 years. There is some reason to believe she was the widow of John Okebanke, and was therefore may have married him about 1588, when Jonas first came to know her. Given the probable date of Robert's marriage (shortly before his death in 1626), he was probably also a son of Joan. This leaves the mother of John and Francis uncertain.

Children of John and Katharine (___) Okebanke:

  1. ELIZABETH OKEBANKE, perhaps born about 1570; married to JONAS HUMFREY before 1603, and probably by 1587

  2. 7. EDMOND OKEBANKE, born circa 1576; m. by 1604 KATHARINE ___; yeoman of Wendover (1604); gentleman of Wendover (1604).

  3. PHILLIPPA OKEBANKE, born before 1582; evidently died young

    Children of John Okebanke:

  4. JOHN OKEBANKE, born between 1585 and 1603


    Children of John and Joan (___) Okebanke:

  6. JOAN OKEBANKE, born between 1587 and 1603

  7. 8. ROBERT OKEBANKE, bp. Wendover, Bucks., 23 May 1602; died circa 1626 in Chipping Wycombe




ROBERT OKEBANKE was born about 1570, according to statements made during one of the many chancery cases in which his father was involved, in which he was called "laborer" in 1587, age about 17. However, a burial record in Aylesbury for Robert, son of Edmond Okebanke on 3 Mar 1575/6 suggests a later date of birth.




EDMOND OKEBANKE was born circa 1576 (according to the age he gave at the time of a 1613 court case.

In this Chancery case (C24/385), dated 17 Feb 10 James (1613), Edmund was a witness, and was described as "Edmund Okebancke of East Smithefeilde neere the Tower of London gent. aged 37 yeares or thereaboutes."

In a Close Roll conveyance dated 20 October 2 James I (1604), Edmond Okebanke of Wendover, Bucks., gent., sold his house and land to Jonas Humfrey of the same, yeoman, and William Huff of Little Missenden, Bucks., yeoman. The house was described as the house he "now lives in." The house and lands were conveyed to John Okebanke and Katherine his wife by Edmond Okebanke of Wendover borough, yeoman, deceased, by his indenture dated 9 April 17 Elizabeth (1575).

He married, by 1604, KATHARINE ___, who is mentioned in a Close Roll deed dated 20 Jan 2 James I (1604/5). At that time, Edmond was described as a yeoman of Wendover. In this conveyance, he sold to Edward Moore of Shinfield, Berks., gent., the Greyhound "(now called the Chequer)" on South Street in Wendover, land which was then in the occupation of Henry Wyer, and land which was then in the occupation of Anne Woulf, widow.

Children of Edmond and Katherine (___) Okebanke:

  1. KATHAREN OKEBANKE, bp. Wendover, 16 Sep 1604; bur. Wendover, 23 Jan 1604/5

  2. EDMOND OKEBANKE, bp. Wendover, 1605; bur. Wendover, 3 Mar 1605/6

  3. JOHN OKEBANKE, bp. Wendover, 26 May 1607

  4. FRANCIS OKEBANKE (m), bur. Wendover, 3 Mar 1608/9




ROBERT OKEBANKE was baptized in Wendover on 23 May 1602. He was buried 12 Feb 1626/7 in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

He married, by 1626, SARAH WAGG, who was baptized at Monks Risborough, Bucks., 2 Nov 1606, daughter of John and Sarah (Gibbons) Wagg. She was buried 29 Nov 1628 in High Wycombe.

Robert was a linen draper at the time of the writing of his will. He was called a mercer on his burial record.

Children of Robert and Sarah (Wagg) Okebanke:

  1. JOHN OKEBANKE, bp. at High Wycombe, 5 Dec 1624; evidently died in infancy.

  2. SARAH OKEBANKE, born (probably shortly) before 1626; survived her father.


WILLS on which the article is based:





Archdeaconry Bucks., peculiar of Aylesbury

In the name of God Amen The ffower and twentieth day of October in the Yeare of our Lord god 1604 I George Humfrey of Ailesbury in the county of Bucks whelewright sicke in body ...

unto Willyam Humfrey my sonne tenn shillinges ... within three monethes next after my decease ...

unto Margery Johnson my daughter tenne shillinges ... within three monethes next after my decease ...

unto Thomas Humfrey my sonne all my woorkinge tooles ...

unto the most distressed poore people of Ailesbury two shillinges ...

unto George Bates my godson xii d ...

unto John Browne my godson xii d ...

All the rest of my goodes aswell moveable as immoveable ... unto Allice Humfrey my wife whom I do make sole executrix ...

I doe hereby nominate and appoynt John Humfrey and Jonas Humfrey by brethren overseers ...

unto each of them for their paynes takinge herein ii s vi d a peece

wittnesses: Robt Bell, John Umfey, Jonas Humfrey

signed by mark

proved: 15 March 1604



Archdeaconry of Bucks.

In the name of god Amen: June the 23th 1616: I Thomas Humfrey of Come in the parishe of Elesboroughe in the countie of Buckes: beinge sicke in bodie ...

my bodie to be buried in the church yarde of Elesborowe ...

to fflorence Wilde, my elldest daughter the somme of x s ... within one quarter of a yeare nexte after my decease ...

to every one of her chilldren xii d a peece ...

to Edward Kighte the sonne of Andrew Kighte xii d ...

to Alice Kighte the daughter of Andrew Kighte xii d ...

to Thomas Kighte the sonne of Andrewe Kighte the some of x s ...

to Richard Allen my servant vi s viii d ...

All the rest of my worldly goodes ... to Robert Humfrey my sonne whome I ordaine to be my sole executor ...

I doe appointe my brother John Humfrey and my brother Jonas Humfrey to be overseers of this my laste will & testament ...

witnesses: Jonas Humfrey, John Humfrey, Richard Allen, John Timberlake

signed by mark

proved 26 Sep 1616





Archdeaconry of Bucks.

The xxx day of January 1581

In the name of god Amen I Edmond Okbanck of Wendov(er) in the county of Buck yoman being sicke

in Bodie ...

to Willm Okebanck my eldest sonne all the mesuage ... wherin I now dwell and all that my mesuage ... in Wendov(er) aforesaid now in the ... occupation of Henry Jonson And also ... my mesuage ... in Wendov(er) aforesaid ... in the ... occupation of one Thomas Wells ... And also my lands closes ... within the towne p(ar)ishe and felds of Wendov(er) ...

unto my daughter Agnes Wolf wiffe unto John Wolf of Wendov(er) aforesaid vi l ...

unto my daughter Elizabeth Hatley iiii l ...

unto ffrancis Medlam daughter unto Phillipp Medlam of London gent x l ...

unto my daughter Hatleyes three children iii l to be equally devided betwen them ...

unto my daughter Agnes Wolffe her two children Sibell Wolf & Richard Wolf x l to be equally devided betwene them ...

unto Edmond Okebancke sonne unto John Okebancke of Wendov(er) aforesaid xx s ...

unto Phillipp Okebancke daughter unto the aforesaid John xx s ...

unto Willm Okebancke his foure children iiii l to be equally devided betwene them ...

unto Hugh Rolf of Wendov(er) and to his sonne Jonas Rolf xxs to be equally devided betwene them ...

All the rest of my goods ... unto Isabell my wiffe & William Okebancke my sonn Whom I make & ordeyne my full & sole Executors ...

my Executors herin named shall not meddle w(i)th any ... Legacy Without the consent ... of John ffounteyne of Walton in the p(ar)ish of Aylesbury in the countie of Buck gent and Raff Hill thelder of Quember fforrens in the countie aforesaid yoman Whom I doe ordeyne & make over seers of this my last will ...

last I geve & beq(u)eth unto Hugh Rlf of Wendover xxs over and above that w(hi)ch is expressed in my Will

proved 14 Oct 1588



Archdeaconry of Bucks.

In the name of god Amen the xxvth day of September and in the yere of our lordd one thowsand fyve hundrethe nynetie and one I Wyllm Okebanke of Wendover in the cowntye of Buck gent ...

to my dowters Jane & ffransys ... one messuage ... in Wendover now in the tenure of George Cartar? ...

to Mary my dowter one cottage liing in Wendover afforesaid in Damaris lane late in the tenure of Thomas Wells gent? ... all the rest of my goodes movehable and unmoveable unbequethed ... unto Jone my wyfe Whom I make myne executricks ...

yf any of my dawters dyen befor ... the aage of xxi yeres or beffor they be maryed ...

proved 14 Dec 1591



Archdeaconry of Bucks.

In the name of god Amen. the vth daye of Julye ... 1603

I John Okebanke of Wendover burrowe in the county

of Bucks gent being sicke in bodye ...

unto Joane Okebanke nowe my wife for and in consideration of the discharging & payment of my debts and legacyes one howse or tenement ... wherin I nowe dwell scituate in Wendover aforesayd which did discend ... unto me ... after the decease of Edmond Okebanke my late father deceasced, And also one peece of meadowe conteyning ten Acres lyenge in the p(ar)ishe of Alisburye & Bearton in ... Bucks w(hi)ch I lately purchased of one Mrs Bosse of Bearton And also one howse & close called Basses Close and tenn Acres of land w(i)th one close of pasture lyeng in the Cley feilde of Wendover aforesayd w(hi)ch I lately purchased of

Nicholas Hill and Barnard Hill together w(i)th all

other my lands ... lyeng and being w(i)thin the p(ar)ishe of Wendover aforsayd ... to have ... from the daye of my death for eyght years from thence ... payeng therfore yearlye ... unto Edmond Okebanke my eldest sonne ... ten pownds ...

[if she fails to do this] then ... it shall ... be laufull for my sayd sonne Edmond ... into the sayd p(re)misses ... to enter and distrayne ...

to my sayd sonne Edmond Okebanke ... after ... the sayd tearme of eyght yeares All and singular the sayd howses ... tenements

... before bequeathed, One howse called the chcquer ... And

also the sayd tenn Acres of land, And the sayd close of pasture lyeng in the feild aforesayd And also all thoos three closes ... w(i)thin ... Wendover aforesayd comonly called ... the upper Quingeons feild and the lower Quingeons feild w(hi)ch I purchased of Michaell Hill ... unto the sayd Edmond my sonne and the heirs

of his bodye laufully begotten, And for default of such Issue to ... John Okebanke my second sonne and to the heirs of his bodye laufully begotten, And for defaulte of such Issue to the Right heirs of me the sayd John Okebanke forev(er) ...

[if Edmond impedes Joan, she will have all this] for ... xxi years ... w(i)thout any rent payeng ... and after the ... sayd tearme ... the sayd p(re)mises ... shalbe ... to my sayd sonne

John Okebanke, And to the heirs males of his bodye laufully begotten, and for default of such issue to ffranncis Okebanke my third sonne & to the heirs males of his bodye laufully

begotten, and for default of such issue to the right heirs of me the sayd John Okebanke ...

unto my sayd sonne John Okebanke the howse or tenement called the Checker ... and ... the sayd tenn acres of land and the sayd close of pasture lyenge in the claye feeld aforesayd ... after ... the sayd tearme of eyght years ... to the said John And ... the heirs of his bodye laufully to be begotten, And for default of such issue, then to the use and behoofe of my sayd sonne ffranncis And of the heirs of his bodye laufully to be begotten, And for defaulte of such issue to the use & behoofe of the right heirs of me the sayd John Okebanke ...

unto my sayd sonne ffrancis Okebanke the sayd three closes called

upper Quingeons feild and lower Quingeons feild lyeng in Wendover forrens aforesayd w(hi)ch I bought of Michaell Hill ... after thexpiration of the sayd ... eyght yeares ... to the use and behoofe of the sayd ffrancis and of the heirs of his bodye laufully begotten, and for default of such issue to the use and behoofe of my sayd sonne John Okebanke and the heirs of his bodye laufully begotten, And for default of such issue to the use and behoofe of my sayd sonne Edmond Okebanke and of his heirs ...

unto my daughter Elizabeth wife of Jonas Humfery the sume of ten pownds ... to be payd unto her by Joane my sayd wife w(i)thin fowre years next after my decease ...

unto John my sayd sonne the some of xxx pownds ... to be payd

unto him ... [at] the age of eyghteene years ... yf [he died before that] ... then my will is that my sayd sonne ffrancis shall have the sayd some of xx li to be payd him at such tyme as my sayd sonne John shall have accomplished the age of eyghteene years yf he have lived ...

to Joane my daughter the some of on hundred pounds ... to be payd to her at ... the age of xvi years, And yf it happen my sayd daughter Joane to dye before she shall Accomplishe the sayd age of xvi years then my will is that the sayde some of one hundred marks shalbe payed and equally devided amongst my sonnes, John ffrancis, and Robert, and my syd daughter Elizabeth wife of the sayd Jonas Humferye at the same tyme as my sayd daughter Joane should have accomplished the sayd age of xviii years yf she had lived ...

unto my sonne Robert one hundred marks of laufull Englishe monye to be payd to him by Joane my sayd wife so soone as he ... come to the age of eyghteen years and yf it happen my sayd sonne Robert dye before he shall accomplishe the sayd age of xviii years, then my will is that my sayd sonnes John and ffranncis and my daughter Joane shall then have the sayd some of one hundred marks equally devided amongst them, at such tyme as the sayd Robert should have accomplished the age of xviii yeares yf he had lived ...

unto my grandchilde & godsonne John Humfrey the sonne of Jonas Humferye, the some of five pownds to be payd him at such tyme as

he shall accomplishe the age of fowrteene years ...

to the poore of this p(ar)ishe xiiis iiiid ...

All the rest ... of my goods ... unto Joane Okebanke my good and loving wife whome I doe make my sole Executrix ...

I do desire my loving freend & kinsman Robert Brown of Ordsall in the county of Nott gent ... to be sup(er)visor herof, And in consideration of his paynes herin I doe herby bequeath unto him the some of x l ...

witnesses: Robert Browne, Jonas Humfery

proved 26 Sep 1603



Archdeaconry of Bucks.

29 January 1626

In the name of God Amen; I Robert Okebanck of the Burrough of Chepping Wicombe in the County of Buck Lynnendraper, being sick ...

unto the Poore People of Wendover (where I first tooke breath) fforty shillings ... to be Distributed amongst them ... by my brother in Law Jonas Humfrey of Wendover aforesaid Wheelewright

unto the Poore People of the Burrough of Chepping Wicombe aforesaid ffifty shillings ...

to the Poore people of the parish of Chepping Wicombe Tenn shillings ...

unto my Daughter Sara okebanck & to her heires issuing of her body ... my messuage or Tenemt ... wherein I now Dwell and wch I latelie purchased ... of my ffather in law Thomas Gibbins gent ...

unto my said Daughter Sara Twenty poundes ... at her age of Sixteene Yeares or the day of her marriage (wch shall first happen) ...

if my said Daughter Sara shall Depart this life wthout heires of her body lawfully issuing (or begotten) Then the said messuage or tenemt ... shall goe ... unto my loving wief Sara, for & during her naturall life and after her decease ... unto my brother William Gibbins & to his heires for ever And that my said Brother William ... shall ... pay ... unto my Sister Margery Welles ... the Some of Twenty poundes ...

The rest of all & singuler my goodes ... unto my loving wief Sara Okebanck, Whom I hereby nominate ... my ... Executrix ...

my Executrix shall have & enioy the messuage or Tenemt untill my said Daughter Sara shall attaine ... Twenty & one yeares ...



Archdeaconry Court of Bucks.

1602-04 book, page 35

In the name of god Amen the third daye of July ... 1603 I John

Wolfe of Wendover in the county of Bucks gent sick in bodye ...

unto the poore of this parishe of Wendover the summe of xiii s iiii d ...

unto Mr Kellye the minister of the parishe in regard of his paynes he hath taken wth me in my sicknes xx s ...

The ... Rest of all my goods ... unto Anne Wolfe my ... wife whome I doe make my sole Executorix ...

not doubting but that she will according unto her motherly love have a care of the education bringing up and preferment of my sonnes Richard and Edward according unto her habileti

And yf my sayd sonnes Richard or Edward ... shall ... sewe or molest my sayd wife for any filiall or childes portion ... then they or hee ... shall but only have the sume of five pownds apeece ...

And I doe desier my loving freend Mr Kellye of Wendover And my loving sonne in lawe Robert Browne to see the performance of this my last will ... to be supervisors therof ...

witnesses: William Kellye minister of Wendover & Robert Browne

proved 18 July 1603


PARISH RECORDS on which the article is based:

Wendover Bishop's Transcripts

1576 -- nil


bp 25 Jan 1600/1 Henry Umffreye, son of John

1601 -- missing


bp 23 May Robert Okebanke, ye son of John

bp 7 Nov Isabell Umfrey, dau of Joh:

bp 7 Nov Thomas Umfrey, son of Henry

bur 25 Jan 1602/3 Isabell Umfrey, dau John

1603 -- missing


bp 16 Sep Katharen Okebancke, dau Edmond

bur 23 Jan 1604/5 Katharen Okebancke, dau Edmond

bur 26 Feb 1604/5 Mary Umfrey, dau of widdow Umfrey


bp 15 Aug Jonas Umfrey, son of John Umfrey

bp 22 Sep Mary Umfrey, dau of Henry Umfrey

bp __ ___ Edmond Okebanke, son of Edmond

bur 1 Jun Anna Wolfe, widow

bur 3 Jan 1605/6 John Umfrey, son of John

bur 21 Feb 1605/6 John Umfrey ye eldest

bur 3 Mar 1605/6 Edmond Okebanke, son of Edmonde

md 25 Apr Nicholas Humfrey and Margaret Mearde



bp 13 Jul Katharen Umfrey, dau Nicholas

bp 19 Oct Jonas Umfrey, son Jonas

bp 15 Feb 1606/7 Phillipp Umfrey, dau of John

bur 10 Apr Jonas Umfrey, son of John


md 11 Jun Jonas Umfrey and Frances Coley

bp 26 Apr Sarah Umfrey, dau Henry

bp 26 May John Okebanke, son Edmond

bp 21 Feb 1607/8 John Umfrey, son Nicholas

bur 19 Mar 1607/8 owlde Mother Umfrey


bp 19 Jun Elizabeth Umfrey, dau Jonas

bp __ ___ William Umfrey, son Henry

bp __ ___ John Umfrey, son John

bur 4 Jul Elizabeth Umfrey, dau Jonas

bur 3 Mar 1608/9 Francis Okebanke, son Edmond

md 6 Nov Ralph Tomkins and Katharen Foster

1609 -- missing


bp 3 Jun James Coley, son of Richard

bp 23 Sep Frances Umfrey, dau Thomas

bp 10 Mar 1610/1 Anna Umfrey, dau Henry


bp 9 Feb 1611/2 George Umfrey, son Thomas

bp 12 Mar 1611/2 Nicholas Umfrey, son Nicholas

[most burials missing -- torn]


bp 5 Nov Henry Umfrey, son Henry


bp 22 Aug Sarah Umfrey, dau Jonas

bp 31 Oct Peter Foster, son of Richard


bp 29 Jun Thomas H...y, son Thomas


bp 11 Jun Phillipp Humfrey, dau Henry

bp 25 Jun Elizabeth Cooley, dau Richard

bp 29 Jul Henry Foster, son Richard

[burials missing after November -- torn]


bp 14 Jul Edward Humfrey, son John

bp 14 Jul Susanna Foster, dau Thomas

bp 11 Aug Agnes Humfrey, dau Thomas

bp 20 Oct Elizabeth Humfrey, dau Nicholas

bur 15 Jun John Cooley, son of Richard


bp 26 Oct John Foster, son of Richard

bp 11 Dec Elizabeth Humfrey, dau of Jonas thelder

bp 4 Feb 1617/8 Margaret Humfrey, dau Henry

bur 4 Jan 1617/8 Francis ye wife of Jonas Humfrey younger

bur 7 Feb 1617/8 Margaret Humfrey, infant

bur 2 Mar 1617/8 Thomas Foster

md 29 Oct Thomas Hastewall and Elizabeth Humfrey


[difficult to read]

bp __ Aug Isabell Humfrey, dau Thomas

1619 -- missing


[much illegible]

bp 8 Oct Thomas, son of Thomas Haslewall

[missing all mg, bur, bp after December -- torn]


bp 2 Sep Jonas, son of Jonas Humfrey junior


[much illegible]

bp 2 Mar 1622/3 Francis son of Richard Cooley

bur 19 Jan 1622/3 Isabell, wife of John Humfrey


bp 6 Apr John, son of Thomas Humfrey

bp 8 Jun Robert, son of Nicholas Humfrey

md 25 Jan 1623/4 Henry Humfrey and Anne Baldwyn

md 25? Jan 1623/4 John Humfrey and Elizabeth Welch

bur 3 Sep Anna Foster, an infant

bur 22 Oct Ales, wife of John Humfrey


bp 28 Jan 1624/5 Ales, dau Henry Humfrey junior

[missing bp's before May]

1625 -- missing

1626 -- nil


bp 25 Nov Jonas, son of Thomas Humfrey

bp 27 Oct Richard, son of Henry Humfrey junior

bur 17 Mar 1627/8 widow Foster


bur 22 May Phillipp Humfrey

md 2 Feb 1628/9 George Smith and Sara Humfrey


bp 7 Jun Henry, son Nicholas Humfrey

md 28 Oct Wm Stallward and Mary Humfrey

md 31 Jan 1629/30 Thomas Humfrey and Anne Phillipps


bp 13 Jun John, son of Henry Humfrey

bp 13 Jun Edward, son of Thomas Humfrey

bp 22 Aug John, son of Wm Stallward

bur 1 Nov John Humfrey the eldest


bp 11 Mar 1631/2 Mary, dau Wm Stallward


bp 19 Aug Mary, dau Thomas Humfrey

bp 11 Feb 1632/3 Thomas, son Henry Humfrey

md 30 Sep Robt Williams and Katherine Humfrey


bp 25 Mar Anne, dau Jonas Humfrey ye yonger

bp 5 Jan 1633/4 Thomas, son of Wm Stallward

Nicholas Humfrey was churchwarden


bp 4 Jan 1634/5 Jonas, son Jonas Humphrey jr


bp 28 Feb 1635/6 Sara, dau Wm Stallward


1636 -- missing


bp 2 Apr Elizabeth, dau Wm Stallward

bp 7 Sep Sara, dau of Thomas Humfrey

bur 26 Apr Elizabeth, wf of John Humfrey

bur 21 Oct Sara Humfrey an infant


bp 15 Apr Katherine the dau of Jonas Humfrey and Anne Russell his wife

bp 10 Jun Ellen, dau John Humfrey and Ellen Durrant his wife

bp 7 Oct Agnes, dau Thomas Humfrey and Amy Phillips his wife

md 2 Jul John Humfrey and Agnes Winch, widow

md 13 Oct Edward Humfrey and Agnes Jennings

bur 3 Nov an infant of Thomas Humfrey

bur 17 Feb 1638/9 wife of Richard Coley


bp [circa June] Nicholas Humfrey, son of Henry

bp 30 Oct Agnes, dau of Nicholas Humfrey


bp 29 Mar Elizabeth, dau Jonas Humfrey

bp 20 Dec John, son of Edward Humfrey

bur 28 Mar Richard Coley

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