Barton Cemetery, Knox County, Kentucky

Barton Cemetery, Knox County, Kentucky

Cemetery Transcription and Photographs Donated by Bonita Helton and Shelmarie Rose July 1999

Directions: Take Rt 6 out of woodbine go left at "y" follow to DOWIS CHAPPEL/LIBERTY RD turn leftonto LIBERTY RD follow it to LIBERTY CHURCH about1/2 mile past church a sign for the cemetery is on right. Turn right onto gravel rd. Another small sign in a tree tells you to turn left up hill "very steep".

Photograph Name Birthdate Deathdate Additional

Barton, Floyd19271992

Barton, Harold E10/04/194510/07/1945

Barton, Ransey02/18/192902/19/1929

Barton, Irene11/16/192710/18/1928

Barton, George W07/03/189603/26/1971

Barton, Becky11/27/190201/09/1942

Barton, Kenneth Earl19281988USA Korea

Barton, Carrier02/21/1942

Barton, Frank07/02/193502/13/1996

Barton, Mathew05/15/189811/15/1959

Barton, W F10/03/187003/09/1943

Barton, Virgie02/16/190603/26/1906

Barton, Marion C05/27/191608/15/1916

Barton, Earl Claude11/14/191407/03/1929

Barton, Kelly E12/06/189904/09/1972WW2 PVT CO B 29 MED TNG BN

Barton, M M07/07/186107/17/1937

Barton, Susan03/23/182903/07/1908

Barton, Annie01/29/186805/15/1952

Barton, Henry W04/11/185208/27/1885

Barton, Samuel G12/27/1885

Barton, John R5/??/185611/28/1887

Barton, James M02/28/188409/29/1884

Dugger, Barbara Barton10/27/184503/10/1905

Francis, James10/14/183902/12/1914

Francis, Polly Ann04/15/184109/17/1917

Francis, James William02/28/186407/04/1893

Fritz, Mearia Ruth10/25/192610/25/1926

Gray, Helen Irene01/04/193902/25/1939

Hammons, Noel Ester12/29/192003/14/1922

Lewis, Christopher L04/15/197706/07/1983

Messer, Hugh H01/24/186701/01/1904JAS M CO H 7 KY INF

Michael, Wilfred11/06/191012/11/1985

Mitchell, Wiley02/04/185811/19/1926

Mitchelle, Walter05/17/189708/27/1897

Morgan, Jesse M10/14/189407/06/1916

Snyder, Lidda184705/26/1909

Snyder, H J8/30/1???

Sturgill, Dora Barton02/08/188611/29/1934

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