1840 Census


The handwritten census pages themselves can be found on-line in the USGenWeb Archives (not offically affiliated with the USGenWeb Project) at https://sites.rootsweb.com/~usgenweb/ky/knox/census/1840




Copyright 2001 by Joan Ackermann Renfrow (jrenfrow@swbell.net)

The numbers in this index are the sheet numbers of the 1840 Federal Census
of Knox County, Kentucky (for example, index page 0303a is sheet number

The handwritten census pages themselves can be found on-line in the
USGenWeb Archives at https://sites.rootsweb.com/~usgenweb/ky/knox/census/1840

(for example, page 0303a will be found at
https://sites.rootsweb.com/~usgenweb/ky/knox/census/1840/0303a.gif ).

* All abbreviations were made by the original census enumerator, not by the
* When the transcriber was in doubt of the handwriting, a "?" was put in
* Many of the names that appear in this index appear to be phonically
spelled by the census enumerator. The names were then typed exactly as
originally written. The transcriber has made no attempts at correcting


Surname, Given Name, page #

??akin          John              0324a
??tcherson      Thomas            0328a
?anton          William           0303a
Absalom         Turner            0322a
Adams           George M          0303a
Adams           John              0305a
Adams           Randolph          0303a
Adams           Richard           0323a
Aldridge        Sandy             0324a
Anderson        Ambrose Y         0309a
Arthur          Andrew            0305a
Arthur          Mary              0305a
Arthur          Thomas            0305a
Bailey          Henry             0326a
Bain            Robert            0312a
Baker           Andrew            0326a
Baker           Charles           0322a
Baker           Daniel            0329a
Baker           Elizabeth         0326a
Baker           John              0329a
Baker           Joseph            0314a
Baker           William           0307a
Baker           William           0327a
Bales           Peter             0311a
Ballinger       Franklin          0303a
Ballinger       James Jr          0303a
Ballinger       John H            0321a
Ballinger       Joseph            0323a
Ballinger       Richard           0323a
Balor           Richard           0306a
Banfin          Thomas            0315a
Banger          William           0325a
Barker          Hardin            0325a
Barton          Bolen             0318a
Barton          Henry             0318a
Barton          Henry H           0317a
Barton          James             0316a
Barton          James             0318a
Barton          Robert            0316a
Barton          Samuel            0317a
Barton          Solomon           0320a
Barton          Veletha Mrs       0318a
Bassy           Thomas            0306a
Beadley         Anderson W        0324a
Beard           William           0305a
Bennet          Burges W          0310a
Bennet          Levi              0310a
Bennet          Thomas            0328a
Bingham         John              0304a
Bingham         John              0329a
Bingham         Robert            0327a
Bingham         William           0329a
Binlow          Isaac             0324a
Black           Charles           0329a
Black           Elizabeth         0310a
Black           James             0323a
Black           John C            0323a
Black           Mary              0309a
Blackham        Elle              0314a
Blair           Samplen           0321a
Blevins         James             0319a
Bodkin          Aheart            0322a
Bodkin          Joseph            0323a
Booth           Aaron             0312a
Brachet         Argill P          0326a
Bracket         John              0326a
Bracket         John Sr           0326a
Bracket         Nimrod            0326a
Brackett        John Jr           0305a
Bratcher        Ferrell H         0304a
Bray            Bryant            0310a
Bright          John              0328a
Britton         Archibald         0318a
Britton         Parker            0319a
Brogan          Calvin            0322a
Broughton       John              0328a
Broughton       William           0327a
Broughton       William           0328a
Browing         Wiliams           0325a
Brown           Clement           0318a
Brown           Eason S           0324a
Bruce           Major             0321a
Brumley         Jacob             0327a
Brummet         Reece             0312a
Bryant          John              0318a
Bryant          Pashal G          0309a
Bu??            John P B          0304a
Bugarly         Harman            0317a
Bull            John              0306a
Bull            Richard           0307a
Bull            William           0307a
Bullen          Caleb             0316a
Bunch           Mary              0311a
Buraker         Philip            0316a
Burch           Thomas C          0305a
Burk            Charity           0320a
Burton          Jesse             0328a
Bury            John              0317a
Butler          Alexander         0316a
C??holt         Samuel            0322a
Cain            Daniel            0322a
Cain            John              0328a
Caine           William           0320a
Campbell        Archibald         0304a
Campbell        Elijah            0327a
Campbell        James             0318a
Campbell        James             0327a
Campbell        Jesse             0318a
Campbell        John              0318a
Campbell        John              0324a
Campbell        Levi              0320a
Campbell        Preston           0308a
Campbell        Robt              0309a
Campbell        Solomon           0320a
Campbell        William           0316a
Campbell        William           0318a
Camper          Mary Ann          0318a
Canell          George            0327a
Canotte         Amstead           0324a
Carnes          Thomas            0326a
Carter          Francis Mrs       0321a
Carter          Gideon            0312a
Carter          James             0324a
Carter          Jesse             0310a
Carter          Rhoda             0310a
Catching        John              0313a
Catrell         John              0312a
Caughman        Daniel            0322a
Cavell          William           0327a
Childers        Joseph            0305a
Click           Silas             0320a
Coalson         William           0304a
Cobb            Ambros            0328a
Cobb            Martin            0328a
Cobb            Radford M         0328a
Cobb            Samuel            0328a
Cobb            Thomas            0328a
Coffa           Francis           0307a
Cole            Susannah          0328a
Coleman         Joshua            0323a
Coleman         Susannah          0330a
Coleson         James             0311a
Collins         Elizabith         0307a
Collins         Lexington         0307a
Cooley          Daniel R          0324a
Cope            Andrew            0327a
Cope            Jesse             0327a
Cordal          James             0316a
Cotral          Isaac             0322a
Cotson          James             0304a
Cottin          Deborah           0312a
Cottingin       Daniel            0311a
Cotton          Joel              0320a
Cox             Benjamin          0312a
Cox             Frederick         0312a
Cox             John              0311a
Cox             John              0321a
Cox             Levi              0313a
Cox             Nathan            0321a
Cox             Noah              0310a
Cox             Russell           0320a
Cox             Thomas H          0314a
Craig           David             0324a
Craig           George            0324a
Craig           Jefferson         0304a
Craig           John C            0304a
Crank           Cornelius         0308a
Crank           James             0320a
Crank           John              0319a
Crutchfield     Edmund            0325a
Crutchfield     James             0325a
Cumstock        Joseph            0317a
Cumstock        Mrs A             0321a
Cumstock        William           0316a
Curtis          James             0315a
Curtis          Nathaniel         0315a
Cutton          John              0313a
Cutton          William           0313a
Dalton          Spencer           0305a
Davidson        David             0304a
Davis           James             0304a
Davis           John              0330a
Dawson          James             0328a
Dean            Abraham           0314a
Dean            Rebecca           0330a
Dean            Thomas            0308a
Dewey           Joseph            0325a
Dicham          Jesse             0319a
Dickey          John              0314a
Dickey          Samuel            0314a
Dickey          Samuel            0314a
Dickey          Thomas            0314a
Dickison        Isaac             0325a
Dikes           Jesse             0310a
Disney          Salley            0315a
Disney          Thomas            0329a
Disney          Thomas Jr         0323a
Disney          Thomas Sr         0315a
Disney          William           0315a
Dorman          Elizabeth         0330a
Dorton          James B           0305a
Dowas           Isaac             0309a
Dowas           Isaac             0312a
Dowas           Jesse             0320a
Dowas           Robert            0320a
Dowas           William           0320a
Dozier          Sarah Ann         0315a
Dozier          William           0329a
Drake           Thomas            0325a
Drew            Hiram             0315a
Drew            Jesse             0315a
Drury           King              0325a
Duggen          Daniel            0317a
Dulin           Hiram             0325a
Duncan          Pierson           0317a
Dunlap          James             0306a
Ead             Isaac             0322a
Earley          William           0315a
Edward          Benjamin          0327a
Edwards         Clinton           0316a
Edwards         David D           0327a
Edwards         Nathan            0328a
Elliott         Asle              0323a
Elliott         Francis           0320a
Elliott         Michael           0321a
Ellis           Radford           0309a
Engle           Jacob             0320a
Engle           Jesse             0321a
Engle           Mildred           0305a
Engle           Philip            0321a
Enoss           John              0318a
Etter           Jefferson         0305a
Evans           Alexander         0306a
Evans           James             0306a
Evans           John              0306a
Evans           John              0308a
Evans           Joseph            0319a
Evans           William           0306a
Evans           William           0323a
Eve             Benjamin          0303a
Eve             George            0315a
Eve             Joseph            0303a
Eve             Milton            0303a
Evins           Joseph            0311a
Faddin          Blake G           0315a
Farrice         Cornelius         0321a
Farrice         John              0321a
Farris          James A           0316a
Faulkner        Thomas            0324a
Ferrell         Roger             0306a
Fisher          John              0311a
Floud           William           0321a
Foley           Elijah            0317a
Foley           Greenbury         0321a
Foley           Luke              0316a
Foley           Martin            0323a
Foley           Moses             0316a
Fore            Peter             0324a
Fortney         Christopher       0319a
Fortney         Jonas             0320a
Foster          Jedidiah          0315a
Fowler          Isaac             0317a
Fowler          Jesse             0317a
Fox             James             0316a
Fox             Nicholas          0315a
Fox             Susanah           0315a
Franky          Gooding           0326a
Frederick       Edmond            0326a
Frederick       William           0326a
Frills          William           0327a
Fuson           Howell            0307a
Fuson           John              0308a
Fuson           Thomas            0308a
Fuson           Thomas            0310a
Gaines          William           0317a
Garland         William           0322a
Gatliff         Aaron             0321a
George          Robt              0325a
Gerguson        Samuel            0311a
Gibson          Alexander         0306a
Gibson          Andrew            0307a
Gibson          Ann Mrs           0325a
Gibson          Dapley            0313a
Gibson          Henry             0306a
Gibson          Isaac             0311a
Gibson          Jesse             0307a
Gibson          Joseph            0307a
Gibson          Major             0307a
Gibson          Mary M            0309a
Gibson          Reubon            0325a
Gibson          Taft?             0306a
Gibson          William           0325a
Giffin          Joseph            0316a
Gilbert         Walter W          0324a
Gilson          Burrell           0306a
Girdner         Michael           0324a
Glasgow         Francis           0304a
Godin           Mary              0313a
Goin            Leroy             0308a
Goins           Isah              0319a
Goins           William           0310a
Golding         James             0311a
Golding         Stephen           0311a
Golding         Thomas            0327a
Goley           William           0310a
Gomby           Jeremiah          0310a
Goodin          Ebenezer          0308a
Goodin          Hezekiah          0309a
Goodin          Jesse             0308a
Goodin          John              0308a
Goodin          Thomas            0308a
Goodin          Thomas            0308a
Goodlin         Allen             0308a
Gowin           Hardin            0317a
Grambrel        Gordon            0326a
Grambrel        William           0327a
Grant           Elisha            0320a
Gray            Edmund            0326a
Gray            Joshua            0326a
Gray            Thomas H          0303a
Gray            William           0317a
Green           Archibald         0324a
Green           Goodin            0308a
Gregory         John              0309a
Gregory         Michah            0319a
Gregory         Robert            0309a
Grindstaff      Lawson            0324a
Groves          George            0326a
Haile           Rochester         0329a
Hailes          Hugh              0322a
Hailes          Thomas            0323a
Haines          Dorcas            0307a
Hall            Antony            0305a
Hall            Pinkney           0329a
Hamblin         Vinson            0310a
Hamilton        Charles B         0328a
Hammock         James             0317a
Hammons         Edwin             0315a
Hammons         Elijah            0328a
Hammons         James             0314a
Hammons         James             0323a
Hammons         James             0327a
Hammons         James             0329a
Hammons         John              0327a
Hammons         Joseph            0323a
Hammons         Mrs Matha         0323a
Hammons         Obadiah           0328a
Hammons         Obadiah           0329a
Hammons         Peter             0323a
Hammons         Solomon           0328a
Hampbl??t       Mrs               0324a
Hampton         Henly             0305a
Hardy           Calvin            0304a
Hardy           William           0327a
Harp            Burager           0310a
Harp            Henry             0311a
Harp            James             0310a
Harp            Levi Jr           0310a
Harp            Levi Sr           0310a
Harris          Elijah            0316a
Harrison        Daniel            0319a
Harrison        Rachael           0330a
Harton          Dorcas Mrs        0316a
Hatfield        James             0318a
Hays            Alexander         0313a
Hayse           Robt              0324a
Hayse           William           0329a
Head            Elisha            0320a
Helton          Job               0317a
Helton          John              0316a
Helton          John A            0309a
Helton          William           0320a
Hemphill        John              0314a
Hemphill        Thomas            0308a
Hendricks       John              0314a
Hendrickson     Elizabeth         0305a
Hendrickson     John              0305a
Hendrickson     Reuben            0305a
Henson          Robert            0319a
Henson          Solomon           0315a
Herndon         Ben F             0305a
Herndon         Edward            0307a
Herndon         Richardson        0309a
Herndon         Susan Mrs         0303a
Herndon         William           0307a
Hibback         John              0324a
Hibbard         Braxton           0314a
Hickey          Hiram J           0321a
Higgins         Joshua            0315a
Higgins         Young             0315a
Higgle          Nancy Mrs         0319a
Higknight       Moses             0327a
Hignight        James             0328a
Hignight        John              0328a
Hinkle          William           0314a
Hinkle          William           0326a
Hobbs           John              0329a
Holt            Abijah P          0328a
Holton          James             0318a
Holton          Peter             0318a
Holton          William           0318a
Hood            Reace L           0317a
Hooker          John              0304a
Hooper          Elijah            0325a
Hopper          Blaggune          0329a
Hopper          Harris H          0309a
Hopper          William           0322a
Horn            Abraham           0309a
Horn            Isaac S           0313a
Horn            Washington        0322a
Hornbrew        Ezekiel           0308a
Horton          James             0317a
Horton          Wiliam            0316a
Hoskins         James             0307a
Hoskins         John              0307a
Hoskins         Levi              0309a
Howard          Sally             0305a
Howe            Elizabeth Mrs     0314a
Howell          John              0327a
Hubbard         Isom              0323a
Hubbard         Joseph            0319a
Hubbard         Joseph            0329a
Hubbard         Moses             0329a
Hubbard         Moses Jr          0327a
Hubbard         Polly             0327a
Hubbard         William           0328a
Hubbs           Stephen           0321a
Hudson          Isack             0303a
Hudson          Rial              0312a
Hudson          Samuel            0323a
Hudson          Sarah M           0312a
Hugh            Foley             0329a
Hughes          Benj              0322a
Humpray         James             0324a
Ingram          Ebenezer          0308a
Ingram          William           0308a
Israel          Isom              0315a
Jackson         Paterson          0311a
James           Thomas            0309a
James           Thomas            0325a
Jarvis          Peter             0328a
Jarvis          Samuel            0309a
Jeffries        John              0317a
Jesse           Thomas            0322a
Jesse           William           0313a
Johnson         Benjamin          0326a
Johnson         Daniel            0319a
Johnson         Daniel            0327a
Johnson         Isaac             0319a
Johnson         William           0310a
Johnson         William           0319a
Johnson         Willis            0304a
Jones           Aswell            0314a
Jones           Dalton            0329a
Jones           Eason Sr          0319a
Jones           Evan              0303a
Jones           Isaac Sr          0323a
Jones           James             0329a
Jones           John              0312a
Jones           John J            0323a
Jones           Lee               0313a
Jones           Sally             0329a
Jones           Samuel            0329a
Jones           Samuel C          0325a
Jones           Wiley             0329a
Joseph          Reece             0322a
Keith           Joseph            0303a
Kestuson        Nancy             0308a
Keth            James             0323a
King            Mary M            0306a
King            Nancy             0315a
King            William           0306a
Kiswell         Williams          0316a
Kune            Francis           0327a
Kurst           Allen             0308a
Lake            Timothy           0325a
Lalley          William           0305a
Lambert         Henry             0310a
Lane            Samuel            0325a
Lastly          William           0313a
Laws            Bluford           0316a
Laws            Noah              0310a
Laws            Thomas            0308a
Laws            William           0309a
Lee             James             0310a
Leeth           Ambros            0314a
Leeth           George            0313a
Leeth           John              0313a
Lewis           F???t             0314a
Locket          William           0318a
Logan           Blakely           0321a
Logan           Jesse             0315a
Logan           John              0321a
Logan           Samuel            0321a
Luallen         Anderson          0319a
Lunsford        Daniel            0323a
Lusk            Ann Mrs           0314a
Lyon            Elisha            0303a
Mabaley         Samuel            0323a
Mahan           James             0309a
Mahan           James             0310a
Mahan           John              0310a
Maratin         Ira               0321a
Marsa           Josiah            0325a
Marsa           Thomas            0325a
Martin          Andrew            0315a
Martin          Black             0309a
Martin          Valentine         0316a
Mason           John              0307a
Mason           John              0307a
Mason           Robert            0307a
Mason           William           0307a
Mayse           Solomon           0311a
McAlister       George            0305a
McCanel         William           0325a
McDaniel        James             0312a
McDuff          John              0326a
McDuff          John Sr           0329a
McDuff          Thomas            0327a
McKay           William           0320a
McKee           Arthur            0304a
McKey           Alexander         0312a
McKiddy         John H            0307a
McNeill         John              0312a
McOntalk        Jesse             0309a
McRay           Daniel            0319a
McRobert        Andrew            0324a
Merry           John              0320a
Messer          Benjamin          0326a
Messer          Edward            0311a
Messer          Eliza Mrs         0326a
Messer          Elizabeth         0313a
Messer          John              0313a
Messer          Moses Jr          0326a
Messer          Moses Sr          0326a
Miller          David             0324a
Miller          Edley             0329a
Miller          James             0321a
Miller          John              0326a
Miller          Middleton         0330a
Miller          Solomon           0313a
Miller          William           0320a
Miller          William           0329a
Mills           Clarke            0327a
Mills           Henry             0329a
Mills           Isaac             0328a
Mills           John              0329a
Mills           Nasby             0327a
Mills           Nasby Jr          0327a
Milton          Hiram G           0318a
Misor           Lucinda           0304a
Misor           Mary              0304a
Mitchell        Eli               0318a
Mitchell        Harriett Mrs      0303a
Mitchell        Wm W              0318a
Mitchell        Zachariah         0318a
Moody           James Jr          0311a
Moore           Alexander         0304a
Moore           Ephraim           0319a
Moore           Isaac             0313a
Moore           Job               0321a
Moore           Martin            0316a
Morrice         Samuel            0322a
Morris          Allen             0313a
Morris          Thomas            0313a
Morris          William           0317a
Mosley          Catherine         0322a
Mosley          John              0306a
Mosley          Salley            0312a
Mullens         Joab              0316a
Mullens         Joshua            0316a
Mullow          William           0317a
Muncy           Samuel            0316a
Myrack          Thomas            0304a
Newman          Jane M            0309a
Newson          William           0322a
Noe             Frederick         0304a
Norvill         Spencer           0316a
Ohler           Jonathan          0317a
Owen            Eli               0315a
Owens           Adam              0325a
Owens           Benjamin          0312a
Owens           James             0319a
Owens           Nancy             0315a
Owens           Samuel            0317a
Parker          Elizabeth         0325a
Parker          Gordon            0312a
Parker          Levi              0312a
Parman          John              0315a
Parman          Prathias          0317a
Parrotte        Joseph            0324a
Parton          Elizqbeth         0308a
Parton          Elom              0307a
Parton          Jackson           0308a
Parton          James             0307a
Parton          Joel              0307a
Parton          Johnathan         0308a
Parton          Sally             0307a
Parton          William           0308a
Patison         George M          0327a
Patison         William           0326a
Patton          John              0303a
Payne           Elisha            0314a
Payne           Elisha            0323a
Payne           Harrison          0324a
Payne           James             0322a
Payne           Joseph            0319a
Payne           Joseph E          0319a
Payne           Wm H              0319a
Peace           Benjamin          0311a
Peace           John              0311a
Peace           Joseph            0310a
Pearsiful       Peter             0304a
Pease           Leroy             0311a
Peasler         John              0307a
Peasler         Lewis             0307a
Peasler         Michael           0307a
Persnick        William           0314a
Phipp           Benjamin          0317a
Phipp           Jacob             0321a
Phipp           Jesse             0317a
Phitts          James             0323a
Pierce          Alfred            0325a
Pierce          Thomas            0324a
Pinkerton       David             0312a
Pitman          James             0309a
Pitman          Samuel            0308a
Plaff           Margerette        0304a
Plaff           Peter             0323a
Pogue           James H           0313a
Pope            Henry J           0322a
Pope            James M           0309a
Pope            Wiley             0311a
Pope            William W         0330a
Potter          Austin            0312a
Potter          Austin            0320a
Potter          John              0330a
Pouge           John              0303a
Powell          Levi              0319a
Price           Andrew            0312a
Price           Coleman           0313a
Prichard        Calvin            0312a
Purcifield      Jacob             0309a
Purcifield      Moses N           0309a
Purciful        Washington        0307a
Purcland        Lewis             0306a
Purcland        William           0306a
Raine           Hiram             0323a
Raines          Ballinger         0306a
Raines          Henry             0306a
Raines          John              0306a
Raines          Martha M          0306a
Raines          Nedama            0325a
Raines          William           0306a
Randales        Polly             0330a
Reece           John              0322a
Reece           Joseph            0322a
Renfrow         James             0305a
Renfrow         Lewis             0313a
Richardson      Isaac             0321a
Riley           John              0329a
Road            Elijah            0310a
Roades          Alfred            0310a
Roads           Ann               0314a
Roads           Thomas            0310a
Roads           William           0310a
Roberts         Hamilton          0320a
Rose            Henry             0310a
Rose            John              0312a
Ross            Levisa            0308a
Rudan           Adam              0314a
Runion          Asa               0305a
Runnells        Charles           0317a
Runnells        Charles           0319a
Runnells        John              0317a
Runnells        Tarlton           0317a
Runnels         Nancy             0308a
Ruse            Starling          0322a
Russell         Charles           0325a
Russell         Mrs               0329a
Russle          Patsey            0303a
Sears           James             0310a
Sharp           Isaac             0304a
Sharp           William           0306a
Shilling        William           0322a
Short           William           0313a
Shumack         Balis             0305a
Shumon          Elisha            0318a
Siver           Alexander         0319a
Smith           Burrell           0306a
Smith           David             0326a
Smith           James             0306a
Smith           James             0324a
Smith           James             0326a
Smith           James J           0308a
Smith           John              0307a
Smith           Josiah            0319a
Smith           M W               0319a
Smith           Martin            0328a
Smith           Mathew            0314a
Smith           Sherard           0306a
Smith           Susannah          0326a
Smith           Thomas            0328a
Smith           William           0324a
Smith           William           0326a
Smither         Mary              0311a
Snuffer         Rachael           0312a
Solomon         Benjamin          0319a
Spurlock        John              0327a
Spurlock        Polley            0313a
Standberry      Eli               0316a
Steel           Robert            0316a
Steel           Wm N              0318a
Steele          Hezekiah          0316a
Stewart         Elisha            0314a
Stewart         Isaac             0314a
Stewart         Nelson            0314a
StJohn          Granville         0328a
StJohn          Paschael          0312a
Stuart          Benjmain          0328a
Stuart          Hiram             0319a
Stuart          Sally Mrs         0328a
Summers         Joseph            0314a
Taf             Henry             0312a
Talbert         Willeston         0314a
Tate            Thomas T          0325a
Taylor          Cornelius         0327a
Taylor          David             0305a
Taylor          John              0321a
Taylor          Nelson            0327a
Taylor          William           0305a
Terrel          Henry             0320a
Terrel          Hezkiah           0321a
Terrel          Solomon           0321a
Terrel          Solomon Sr        0320a
Terrel          William           0320a
Terrell         Mayse             0312a
Thompson        Hiram             0318a
Thompson        John              0318a
Thompson        Moses             0318a
Tinsley         Alfred            0304a
Tinsley         Catharine         0309a
Tinsley         Robt              0308a
Tinsley         William           0304a
Tinsley         William V         0304a
Townsley        Lewis             0313a
Tredaway        Rochester P       0319a
Trent           Zachariah         0315a
Trosper         Peter             0323a
Trosper         Peter Sr          0315a
Trosper         Robt              0315a
Trosper         William           0315a
Trosper         William           0315a
Trusty          Nathaniel         0308a
Tuggle          Benjamin          0311a
Tuggle          Richardson        0311a
Tuggle          Spencer           0322a
Turley          Elisha            0304a
Turner          Absalom           0322a
Turner          Benjamin          0306a
Turner          John              0306a
Turner          John              0325a
Turner          Joseph            0325a
Turner          Joshua            0306a
Turner          William           0306a
Turtle          James             0312a
Turtle          John              0312a
Tuttle          Peter             0324a
Tye             Drewry            0309a
Tye             George            0309a
Tye             John              0313a
Unpich          Robert            0324a
Valentine       John              0328a
Valentine       Rebecca           0314a
Valentine       Washington        0322a
Vanderpool      Elijah            0307a
Vanderpool      William           0312a
Vannoy          Alexander         0322a
Vannoy          Joel              0316a
Vannoy          Margarett         0330a
Vannoy          Peter             0322a
Vannoy          William           0322a
Vanom           Cornelia          0313a
Votan           James             0317a
Wafield         Reubon            0323a
Waisn           Hunly             0304a
Walker          Bruce             0326a
Walters         Alfred            0318a
Walters         Nancy Mrs         0318a
Ward            Richard C         0305a
Wash            Thomas            0304a
Waters          James             0320a
Waters          Thomas            0320a
Waters          William           0317a
Watts           Holland           0310a
Wells           Abner             0321a
Wells           Abram             0311a
Wells           Joseph            0320a
Wells           Martin            0318a
Wells           William           0311a
William         Nancy Mrs         0325a
Williams        Bennett           0322a
Williams        Hiram             0316a
Williams        Josiah            0314a
Williamson      Mary              0313a
Wills           Jacob             0320a
Wilson          Peter             0311a
Wilson          Peter G           0323a
Wilson          Peter Jr          0311a
Wilson          Tinson            0311a
Wilson          William           0311a
Wilton          Wilson            0311a
Winlow          Thomas            0318a
Witt            Joshua            0321a
Witt            William           0321a
Wollon          John              0319a
Wood            Garrett           0305a
Woods           James             0317a
Woods           John              0323a
Woodson         Henly             0305a
Woodson         Henry             0329a
Woodson         Jordan            0322a
Woodson         Thomas J          0305a
Woodson         Ward N            0326a
Word            China M           0305a
Word            James             0329a
Word            Nelson            0304a
Word            S F William       0303a
Worm            James             0326a
Wright          Francis           0313a
Wright          Joseph            0304a
Wyatt           Isaac             0309a
Wyatt           Mary              0313a
Wyatt           Polly             0313a

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