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Devon Record Offices

Devon County
Record Office

Castle Street

Tel: +44 (01392) 384253
[email protected]


Plymouth and West Devon
Record Office

3 Clare Place

Tel: +44 (01752) 305940  [email protected]

North Devon
Record Office

Tuly Street
EX32 7JE

Tel: +44 (01271) 388608
[email protected]



To visit one of the Devon Record Offices it is normally necessary to book in advance, so ensure you ring the relevant office to arrange a visit.  You might also like to establish the records that you would like to view and ensure that you book the relevant viewer, either a microfiche or microfilm reader.  

A listing of the Parish Registers for conformist and non-conformist churches/chapels in Devon and the Record Offices where they are held are available on the Devon County record site at:  

Devon Parish Registers - Non-Parochial and Civil Registers 

You may also like to remember to take your notebook and a pencil - the use of pen is forbidden for obvious reasons!

Birth, Marriages and Death Certificates

The Civil Registration of Births, Marriages and Deaths was established in England and Wales on the 1st July 1837, although didn't become law until 1874, so some early events may not have ever have been registered.  But at some point in your research you may like to acquire, or need to obtain a certificate to further your research.  How to obtain certificates can be somewhat confusing, so hopefully the details below with help.

General Register Office (GRO) Index

In order to obtain a certificate you may need to look up the General Register Office Index more commonly know to genealogists as the GRO.  An online version FreeBMD (Free Births, Marriages and Deaths), is in the process of being transcribed and hosted Rootsweb.  At the moment the index is only partially complete.  Births, Marriages and Deaths, that you cannot find online can be viewed at various Family History Centres, an increasing number of public libraries and also at the Family Records Centre (FRC) in London.

FreeBMD is always looking for new transcribers, so if you have any time to spare then they will welcome your help.  No experience is required and you won't even have to leave your computer.  A transcriber myself - it is actually quite therapeutic!  More details can be found at Join FreeBMD

You can obtain certificates in one of four ways from:

Local Registration Offices

The cheapest way to apply is to the Local Registration Offices where certificates can be obtained for 7.00 each from the Superintendent Registrar.  Often it is not necessary to look up the GRO Index, although a place and approximate date, with as many details as possible is more likely to get you results.  For marriages, it may be worthwhile noting that the references from the GRO Index make no sense to the local registration offices at all, so you will need to know the parish in which a couple married and of course the date.

Devon County Council provide some useful information about obtaining certificates, along with addresses and telephone numbers to contact for the relevant Registration Offices.  These can details can be found at: Devon Registration Service

The following links at GENUKI list the Registration Districts and also provide contact information:

Devon Registration Districts

Registration Districts for England and Wales

General Register Office
Part of the Office for National Statistics (ONS)

The General Register Office maintains a central archive of all the registrations of Births, Marriages and Deaths that have taken place in England and Wales since the 1st July 1837 to the present and works in partnership with the Local Registration Offices.

Family Records Centre (FRC)

If you live near to London and can visit the Family Records Centre in person, you can search the GRO Index yourself, or employ a researcher to do this for you - but these certificates will cost you more than from the Local Registration Offices, current prices are online.  

More Information about the Family Records Centre, services available and how to use them and current prices of certificates are available from the Family Records Centre page.

Please note that the Family Records Centre will not deal with postal enquiries for birth, marriage and death certificates, but can be visited in person at:

Family Records Centre
1 Myddelton Street

Overseas and Postal Enquires
Southport, Merseyside

For overseas and postal enquiries you will need to contact the General Register Office for England and Wales at Southport.  Visit the following page for How to Apply for Certificates by Post, Fax and Telephone

You can find links to the downloadable application forms by clicking here


GRO Online Certificate Ordering Service

The General Registrars Office has launched an Online Certificate Ordering Service on a trial basis, initially just for those resident in the United Kingdom, but if successful this may later be available to other parts of the world.


Parish Registers for Devon

A listing of the Parish Registers for conformist and non-conformist churches/chapels in Devon are available on the Devon County record site at:  

Devon Parish Registers - Non-Parochial and Civil Registers 

These registers have been copied onto microfilm or microfiche are and available for viewing at the Devon Record Offices listed above.  Please check though that the registers that you wish to view are available at the record office you anticipate to visit. 

For those of you that don't have access to any of the Devon Record Offices the Mormon Church has filmed many of these parishes and you can order the microfilms from your local Mormon Family History Centre - an index to the microfilms and records available on microfiche can be found at the Family History Library Catalogue

Also note that some parish registers have not been deposited at the Record Offices and remain with their relevant parish church.  The following site will hopefully help in your quest to find a contact: Find A Church

Mormon - International Genealogy Index (IGI)

The (Mormon) Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) at Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A, has compiled the worlds largest collection of family group sheets, known as Ancestral Files.  They also have put their wonderful International Genealogy Index online - commonly known as the IGI.

You can find links to both the IGI and Ancestral Files listed on the Momon's Familysearch Site

International Genealogy Index

The IGI is a collection of transcriptions of baptisms and marriages from some of the parish records across the UK (including about 60% of the parish registers for Devon).  It also includes information submitted by members of the Mormon Church.  The IGI can be a useful "starting point" for finding your ancestors, although must be recognised as being a secondary source.  Always check the original parish registers for anything that you may find, where possible as it is likely that they contain more information.  Also as in any transcription, mistakes can be made.

Hugh Wallis has enabled a search of the IGI by surname in a particular parish - you can find more details by clicking below.

IGI Batch Numbers for the British Isles and North America

Other Useful Links for Devon Researchers



Part of the England Genealogy Web Project.  I am now the county host for Devon Gen Web...having been let loose on their webpage!  Here you will find lots of links to other Devon sites that will hopefully prove useful in the course of researching your ancestors.  If you find any useful links to add to the Devon Gen Website, I would be pleased to hear from you.

Link to GENUKI Home Page

GENUKI stands for Genealogy in the UK and Ireland and provides a wealth of information for anyone researching their roots in the British Isles.  For general UK research, for research interests in other UK counties apart from Devon, or for first time visitors to the site, the GENUKI Home Page is a good place to start.

GENUKI Homepage for Devon

Giving an index for general information  relevant to genealogy for the whole county of Devon.   A useful and informative place to start for Devon research, before moving on to more specific parishes.

GENUKI Full Contents for the County of Devon

Giving information on parishes in Devon - very useful for anyone researching their Devon roots.

GENUKI Devon Gazetteer

Listing some 12,000 "names of places" found in Devon such as churches, chapels, farms, hamlets, houses, inns, manors, schools streets, villages etc. and has been constructed from WHITE's (1850) History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Devonshire and PESKETT's Guide to the Parish and Non-Parochial Registers of Devon and Cornwall (1538-1837)

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