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Can you help solve the mysteries of these pictures?

This is the unidentified photo's page, where I am happy to post pictures that you may need help in identifying.  So if you have a picture you would like some help with, then please let me know and I will present it here for you.  Hopefully, there is someone out there who may be able to help.  So if you have a photo you would like presented here, please contact me in the first instance before sending any attachments.

Any ideas on where this church may have been?Joan Skurr has a beautiful painting of a church which she believes was in Devon or Cornwall.  Her relatives lived in Penny Cross, then Chapel Street in East Stonehouse, before moving to Bedford Place in Plymouth - so she would be interested to know if this might have been a "local" church.

This picture was probably painted during the 19th century, so it is unknown if this church still exists.  You can see that the church has quite a distinctive, unusual shaped spire.  In the background looks to be a "headland" with a windmill, indicating that this was a coastal parish.

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