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book cover1.jpg (34495 bytes)An unregenerate look at feminism and the media by James and Andrea Fordham, revisited a quarter century later . . .

     We wrote our book The Assault on the Sexes 25 years ago because Andrea was becoming increasingly distressed by the steady encroachments of radical feminists, the government, the media, and many others who seemed intent on establishing political correctness and homogenizing the roles of men and women in our society.  Since then, of course, the situation has grown far worse than we could have imagined in the mid-1970s, when Andrea persuaded me to collaborate with her on Assault, which was published in 1977 by Arlington House.   We’ve established this Web site in order to present portions of this work as a reference for people who have not read it, or who have forgotten it, and also to provide updates and insights concerning the issues we first broached a quarter century ago.   Our concerns in those days have proved well-founded, for even though the so-called equal rights amendment was not passed, the social engineers and the leftists in the news media have succeeded in forwarding the feminist agenda to an incredible extent.

     Since this is the first time we’ve created a Web site, and also our first attempt to update a 467 page book after 25 years, we’ve decided to take a creative approach to the task.  Our plan is to reproduce large, but selective, portions of the book, and to intersperse these selections with new writings that hopefully will shed light on related events since 1977, on our experiences with the media, and whatever else seems relevant to us.  This will be a gradual process to be accomplished as we’re able, but we expect to be adding to this Web site each month.

     The first section we’ll present online is from Andrea’s conclusion at the end of the book, because this is the best summary of the work as a whole.  A lot has happened since we wrote Assault, but the social issues and insights we dealt with in the 1970s are every bit as pertinent today.  So our first step will be to present the last chapter of our book as an Introduction to our Web site, and we'll be posting that soon.  We'll also be posting the section on why feminist Betty Friedan's Feminine Mystique was a fraud, and why women still can't compete against men in chess (absolutely true stories the liberal press has never reported).

In the meantime, we hope you'll read Bernard Goldberg's book Bias, from Regnery Publishing, Inc.  This recent book confirms the assertions we made a quarter century ago in Assault concerning the leftist bias of the press.  The new book is about how in 1996 CBS News reporter and producer Bernie Goldberg committed the unpardonable sin of publicly mentioning the fact of liberal bias in the media.  For that he became persona non grata at CBS (just as our book was shunned by the press in the 1970s).  In his new book Bias: A CBS Insider Exposes How the Media Distorts the News, Goldberg tells how friends and colleagues turned on him, from junior CBS reporters all the way to Dan Rather.  Beyond that, he exposes a bias so uniform and overwhelming that it permeates every “news” story we hear and read.  He says the bias is so entrenched and deep rooted that the networks themselves don’t even recognize it.  His book explains exactly why our book exposing the feminists and the leftist media was suppressed in 1977, and why the press continues to ignore the truth today.