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Religious Names:

Religion played an important part in the lives of Dorchester and Fordington inhabitants in years gone by. Stimulated by the preaching's of the Rev John White many named their children after qualities they strove to attain in their community and this practice extended right through to and including the Victorian age. In many ways I suppose I regret the loss of such names in our society today and this nostalgia, for a reason I can't even properly explain to myself, made me list some of them as I faithfully transcribed over 50,000 records for this site. For those as sentimental as myself I have listed them in the first section below and given some actual examples for each name. Needless to say human frailty being what it is many did not live up to the names given to them.

Biblical Names:

Another, perhaps more deeply held religious conviction, made some use names directly used in the Bible and few today realise that the names themselves held meaning although interpretations differ in some cases. Link to Bible Dictionaries Once you have chosen a name you can switch between dictionaries. Some of these names found amongst Dorchester and Fordington records are listed in the second section below


04 Dec 1618 - Angel Baines buried at Holy Trinity
15 Aug 1634 - Angel Goor buried Holy Trinity
15 Jun 1663 - Angell London married William Gaulton at All Saints and was later buried there on 19th Dec 1678
31 Jan 1719 - Angel Short a stranger buried at Holy Trinity
20 Mar 1725 - Elizabeth Angel married Simon Symonds at St Peters
02 July 1743 - Angell Chamberlaine of Dorchester was apprenticed to Samuel Goodale of Dorchester a cordwainer


23 Oct 1634 - Charity Cousins married Oliver Standish at Holy Trinity
30 May 1663 - Charity James buried St Peters
01 Oct 1665 - Charity Geame was baptised at St Peters
09 Feb 1673 - Charity Roberts buried St peters
04 Mar 1674 - Charity Gollop was baptised at Holy Trinity
26 Jan 1689 - Charity & her husband Robert Tucker had a son Robert baptised at All Saints & many others
14 Dec 1697 - Charity Tucker & her husband William had a daughter Jane baptised at All Saints & many others
23 Jan 1704 - Charity daughter of Maximillian Gollop buried St Peters
21 Ju;y 1723 - Charity Churchill a widow gave birth to a bastard son Joseph at Fordington
12 Oct 1735 - Charity Diamond married John Pollard at Fordington
07 Nov 1736 - Charity Bowden married William Clark at Holy Trinity
08 Oct 1739 - Charity Jones had a son Richard baptised at Holy Trinity & many others
30 May 1740 - Charity Olde had a son James baptised at Holy Trinity & many others
29 Mar 1749 - Charity Clark married Joseph Churchill of Fordington
26 Dec 1765 - Charity Bragg baptised at All Saints
22 Aug 1773 - Charity the daughter of Samuel & Mary Rumsey was baptised at Holy Trinity
11 Oct 1780 - Charity daughter of William & Mary Finder baptised: and again 11 Apr 1784
14 Jan 1786 - Charity Ham Eames was baptised at the Dissenters Presbyterian Church in Pease Lane
11 Apr 1791 - Charity Bragg married John Coward at All Saints
30 Aug 1806 - Charity Bonifas had a daughter Ann baptised at the Dissenters Presbyterian Church in Pease Lane
07 Sep 1825 - Charity Critchell was a witness at the wedding of George Adams in Fordington
17 Sep 1827 - Charity Finder married Benjamin Green at Holy Trinity
27 Oct 1829 - Charity Bishop was a witness at the wedding of John White Bryant at Holy Trinity
28 Jan 1854 - Charity Green from the Union Workhouse was buried age 70 years at St peters
30 Apr 1876 - Charity Russell was bap at Fordington

Christian 31 Mar 1588 - Christian the bastard daughter of Jone Allen was baptised at Fordington
24 Dec 1598 - Christian the daughter of Thomas Counter was bap at Holy Trinity
16 Dec 1603 - Christian the daughter of Thomas Tucker was bap at Fordington
19 Feb 1606 - Christian the daughter of William Waye was baptised at Holy Trinity by the Rev John White
27 Jan 1620 - Christian Batten married William Bishop at St Georges Church Fordington
10 Feb 1621 - Christian the daughter of Robert White was bap at Fordington
11 Apr 1624 - Christian Slade had a bastard daughter Margery bap at Fordington
26 Oct 1628 - Christian Paine had bastard daughter Anna bap at Fordington
27 Jun 1679 - Christian Wagland was bap at Fordington
01 July 1683 - Christian Arnold (who's maiden name was Freak) had her daughter Elizabeth bap at Fordington
10 July 1685 - Christian Tapp was bap at Fordington
02 Feb 1711 - Christian Frost was bap at Fordington (and many more during this period)
15 Dec 1759 - Christian Churchill and her husband Joseph had a son Thomas bap
02 Jan 1765 - Christian Harbin was buried at Holy Trinity
08 Feb 1781 - Christain Old married William Zillwood at Holy Trinity
29 Jan 1809 - Christian Hayes was buried at Holy Trinity
19 Nov 1822 - Christian Miller was buried at Holy Trinity aged 44
19 July 1837 - Christian the dau of James & Martha Dunford was buried aged 21
03 Oct 1855 - Christian Balson was buried at All Saints aged 35

17 July 1592 - Constance Bownd married William Clowther at Holy Trinity
?? June 1617 - Constance daughter of Charles Austen bap Holy Trinity
11 Oct 1635 - Constance Lavender married William Best at Holy Trinity
26 May 1639 - Constance daughter of Henry Curtis bap at Holy Trinity
28 May 1655 - Constance daughter of Richard Butler bap at All Saints
10 Feb 1686 - Constance West buried St Peters
30 Aug 1721 - Constance Limbrey buried Holy trinity
02 Feb 1777 - Constant - William son of William & Constant Bly baptised Holy Trinity
23 Aug 1815 - Constance Baldwin married John Hix at Holy Trinity

Faith [Faithfull]

10 Apr 1572 - Ffaith the daughter of William Woodman Clerk and parson for Dorchester was buried at Holy Trinity
07 July 1606 - Faith Moody married William Palmer at Fordington
03 Apr 1871 - Faithful the son of Thomas & Caroline Banks aged 12 listed in the Census who married at St Georges church 4th May 1881
27 Aug 1884 - Archibald Faithful son of Faithful and Ann Banks baptised at St Georges Church Fordington

Fortune 03 Mar 1594 - Fortune Henly married Roberte Dowridge at Holy Trinity
15 Aug 1640 - Fortune Devenish married John Reynolds at Holy Trinity
08 Apr 1677 - Jeremiah Fortune married Joane Crocker at All Saints
07 May 1786 - Martha daughter of Ann Fortune pauper baptised 11th April & buried 7th May 1786 at All Saints

06 Aug 1667 - Grace the daughter of Thomas & Mary Knapton bap at All Saints
27 May 1672 - Grace the daughter of Matthew Newman & Elizabeth bap at All Saints
20 May 1673 - Grace Butler married Roger Gray at All Saints
05 May 1679 - Grace Senger married John Hellard at All Saints
09 Apr 1696 - Grace the daughter of Thomas & Grace Knapton was bap at All Saints
12 Feb 1742 - Grace daughter of William & Mary Clarke baptised at Holy Trinity

Honesty 1694 - Honesty King witness to Inventory on the Will George Christopher of West Parley
Honour 14 Aug 1659 - Honnour daughter of Lawrence Shepherd 3 weeks olde baptised
08 Nov 1683 - Honour Clench married William Dowle from Fordington at All Saints
05 Dec 1688 - Honour daughter of John Wats baptised Holy Trinity
16 Jun 1689 - Honour daughter of Mr William Churchill baptised Holy Trinity
24 Mar 1782 - Robert son of Honour Honeybone baptised

12 Jun 1659 - Hope the daughter of Henry Hutchins borne 9th of May she was granted admin of her fathers estate 4th May 1686
10 Oct 1738 - Hope Rogers buried Holy Trinity

Humility 12 Feb 1654 - Humility Perran married John Bartlett at Holy Trinity
22 Jan 1656/7 - Humility Bartlett buried Holy Trinity
Innocent 31 jan 1827 - Ann Innocent Servant to Mrs Browne will of Jane Bryer
Love 22 Aug 1651 - Rev Christopher Love MA beheaded
    Note:- after arrest by Oliver Cromwell for his alleged involvement with a plan to raise money for the restoration of the monarchy - entry in Holy Trinity parish register.
01 Apr 1717 - Elizabeth Love married James Mash at Holy Trinity
11 July 1736 - Love Dear married John Hardy at St Peters
03 Jan 1737/8 - Love Hardy buried Holy Trinity
07 May 1738 - Love daughter of John Holland baptised Holy Trinity (mother buried 4th July 1740)
27 Aug 1745 - Love Dear daughter of Elias & Grace Bedloe baptised Holy Trinity
22 Sep 1768 - Love Bedlow of Holy Trinity married Peter Thresher of St Peters at at Holy Trinity church Dorchester
02 Aug 1769 - Virtue daughter of Peter & Love Thresher baptised Holy Trinity
31 July 1816 - Mary daughter of Samuel & Love Shepherd baptised

Mercy 14 Nov 1602 - Mercy Woodley married Nicholas Strete at Holy Trinity
19 Jun 1709 - Mercy daughter of Mary Emes base born baptised at St Peters
26 aug 1838 - Harriett Maria daughter of Robert & Mercy Hayward baptised All Saints
08 Nov 1868 - Mercy Bridle married Thomas Cornelius Turnbull at All Saints
21 July 1869 - Elizabeth daughter of Thomas & Mercy Turnbull baptised St Peters
17 Dec 1879 - Mercy Clear married Thomas Wilson at Holy Trinity
Patience 16 Nov 1656 - Patience daughter of Mary Hutchins baptised St Peters
01 Nov 1657 - Patience daughter of William Hasselberry baptised Holy Trinity
04 Feb 1669 - Mary ye daughter of Arthur & Patience Bunne baptised at Fordington
21 Mar 1687 - John son of John & Patience Halls baptised at Fordington
11 Jan 1718 - Patience Paul widow buried St Peters
23 Apr 1725 - Patience Leader buried Fordington
21 Feb 1730 - Patience Wells buried Fordington
22 Mar 1758 - Patience Norman buried at Holy Trinity
28 Sep 1777 - Patience daughter of William & Sarah Williams baptised Holy trinity
03 Jun 1787 - Patience Daw base born daughter of Sarah Daw baptised and buried All Saints on 05 Jun 1789
16 Dec 1794 - Patience daughter of William & Sarah WILLIAMS baptised
28 Dec 1794 - Patience Daw buried All Saints
28 Dec 1796 - Patience aged 26 years daughter of William & May Warr baptised All Saints
28 Feb 1801 - Patience Clarke and her husband & 4 children were the subject of a removal order from Fordington to Puncknowle
31 Jan 1814 - William son of John & Patience Winsor baptised Fordington
Pride (only located as a surname) 03 Sep 1675 - Joseph Pride appointed Overseer to the Will of William Ffeacy otherwise Scholler of Holy Trinity
20 July 1681 - Temperence daughter of Joseph Pride baptised St Peters
27 Aug 1741 - Anne Pride married Adam Smith at St Peters
15 Oct 1789 - Thomas Pride son of Thomas & Sarah Smith baptised
02 Dec 1824 - Thomas Webb Pride buried aged 46 at Fordington
07 Jan 1825 - Elizabeth Pride buried age 59 Fordington

07 Feb 1619 - Prudence Groze married William James at Holy Trinity
21 Apr 1667 - Prudence the wife of George Petty had a daughter Joanna bap at All Saints
09 May 1854 - Prudence William married Charles Medway at Fordington
26 Dec 1706 - William son of John & Prudence Locke baptised at Fordington
29 Jun 1718 - John base born son of Prudence Coward baptised at Fordington
14 Aug 1720 - Prudence Haydon married Thomas Gilbert at Holy Trinity
30 Jan 1727/8 - William son of Prudence Parker base born
14 Aug 1733 - Prudence daughter of John Page baptised Holy trinity


07 Oct 1754 - Repentance Shittler married William Summers at All Saints
17 Nov 1756 - Richard son of William & Repentance Sommers baptised at Holy Trinity
06 Dec 1815 - Repentance Summers from Friary [Lane] in this parish; buried 06 Dec 1815; age 96 years; St Peters burials.


25 Dec 1831 - Righteous Ann Godwin the wife of Henry had their daughter Elizabeth baptised at Holy Trinity


07 May 1735 - Temple son of Temple Slade baptised Holy Trinity
30 Nov 1740 - Temple Slade buried Holy Trinity


05 Feb 1603 - Temperance the daughter of Morgan Terin was bap at Holy Trinity
04 Oct 1638 - Temperance Terin married James Belringer at Holy Trinity and she was buried there 19th March 1645/6
13 Dec 1654 - Temperance Read an alms woman was buried at St Peter
26 July 1657 - Temperance Hutchins widow was buried at St Peters
10 May 1678 - Temperance the wife of Robert Pope was buried at Holy Trinity
17 June 1684 - Temperance Pride the wife of Jasper was buried at St Peters
31 Mar 1692 - Temperance Best married William Palmer at Holy Trinity - she was buried HT 29th May 1697
05 Jany 1719 - Temperance daughter of William & Mary Rodgers bap at All Saints
17 Feb 1729 - Temperance Morden was buried at St Peters
25 Jany 1735 - Temperance Wagland was buried at St Peters
21 Aug 1754 - Temperance Evomy was buried at All Saints
02 Mar 1757 - Temperance Luckess was buried at All Saints
10 Jun 1883 - Sarah Lucy daughter of Thomas & Temperance Franklin batised at St Georges Church Fordington
08 July 1883 - Ada Temperance daughter of George & Louisa Trevett abode The Ark Inn Fordington, occupation publican


1851 Census - Unity Hopkins house in All Saints
14 Dec 1858 - Unity Louisa daughter of John & Rose Joliffe baptised at St Georges Church Fordington
25 Mar 1868 - Unity Louisa daughter of John & Rosina Joliffe baptised at St Georges Church fordington
30 Dec 1880 - Unity Louisa daughter of John & Roseina Joliffe (bap F 1863) was a witness to the marriage of George Bartlett to Elizabeth hawkins at Fordington
11 Mar 1883 - Unity Joliff married Charles Henry Blandamer at St Georges Church Fordington

Virtue 1634 - Virtue Corbane married Lawrence Devenish at Fordington
17 Aug 1634 - Vertue daughter of William Odrey baptised Holy Trinity
31 Mar 1669 - Virtue the daughter of Thomas & Marjery Hollman was buried at Fordington
01 Aug 1669 - Virtue the daughter of John and Virtue Winsor was bap at Fordington
01 Apr 1685 - Virtue Meader was buried at Fordington
21 Apr 1731 - Vertue daughter of Richard Brickle bap at St Peters
12 Jun 1768 - Virtue Devis married John Clark at Fordington
02 Aug 1769 - Virtue daughter of Peter & Love Thresher baptised:
07 Mar 1788 - Virtue the daughter of Francis & Virtue Oliver was baptised at Fordington
17 Nov 1794 - Virtue Oliver married John Winsor at Fordington - Virtue was buried at F 8th June 1805
11 May 1803 - Virtue Slade married Joseph White at St Peters
19 Mar 1832 - Virtue the illegitimate daughter of Caroline Hales was baptised
29 July 1840 - Virtue Barge married John Harris at St Peters
27 Sep 1874 - Sarah Virtue daughter of James & Mary peach bap Fordington


29 Aug 1742 - Aaron son of James & Elizabeth Cross baptised Holy Trinity
08 July 1758 - Aaron son of Robert & Dorothy Lester baptised St Peters
05 Jan 1812 - Mary Ann daughter of Aaron and Elizabeth Simms baptised at St Peters
12 Oct 1852 - Aaron Sibley father recorded at wedding of his son John at Holy Trinity
30 Oct 1853 - Aaron Longman father on marriage of his son Edward James at All saints;
13 Oct 1857 - Arthur the son of Aaron Turner buried at Civic cemetery from St Peters
25 dec 1870 - Aaron Lewis witness at wedding of James Samways at Fordington

    [Note:- Aaron is a bibical name meaning a teacher; lofty; or mountain of strength depending on which Bible Dictionary referred to - the son of Amram and Jochebed, and the older brother of Moses and Miriam

27 Feb 1726 - Abel Best of Woolcombe married Mary Hinde of Frome Whitechurch (part of holy trinity)
08 July 1764 - Abel son of James & Mary Neigh baptised
30 Sep 1772 - Reverend Abel Edwards married Mary Bowditch at Holy Trinity
01 Aug 1776 - John Bowditch son of Abel & Mary Edwards baptised at the presbyterian Chapel in Pease Lane
11 Dec 1825 - Banns of marriage read between Thomas Abel Willmott and Rececca Farr at Fordington

    [Note:- Abel is a bibical name meaning a breath or vanity - the second son of Adam and Eve, murdered by his brother Cain]
Absalom 03 July 1851 - Absalom Cox a native of Bradford Peverell was buried aged 40 at Fordington St Georges Church. His daughter Tamar married Edward Pitfield.

22 Apr 1872 - Absalom Toogood a staff sergeant in the DCM at his son James Reuben Toogood's marriage at Christchurch West Fordington (Also 1871 Census)

    [Note:- Absalom is a bibical name meaning "father of peace"]

25 Jun 1675 - Peter son of Abraham Templeman baptised at Holy Trinity
14 Aug 1698 - Mary ye daughter of Abraham Holland baptised at Holy Trinity
09 Mar 1709 - Isaac son of Abraham Gey of St Peters baptised at Holy Trinity
18 Apr 1762 - Abraham Damon married Sarah Davy at Fordington
02 Jun 1771 - John son of Abraham & Susanna Damon:
30 Aug 1806 - Will of Abraham Baker of Dorchester dealer in earthenware
22 Feb 1825 - Abraham son of Isaac and Sarah Moors baptised at Fordington
20 July 1856 - Abraham son of Edwin & Christina Scrivens baptised at St peters
29 Dec 1833 - Abraham Isaac son of Abraham & Bathsheba Scriven baptised St Peters

17 Sep 1866 - Martha wife of Abraham Brown buried at Fordington
    [Note:- Abraham is a bibical name meaning "father of a great multitude"]
Adam 19 Dec 1619 - Thomas son of Adam Smith baptised at Holy Trinity
12 July 1664 - Adam Tucker married Rose Bampfield at Holy Trinity
30 May 1686 - Adam son of John Smith baptised Holy Trinity
11 Apr 1718 - Adam son of Adam Smith baptised Holy Trinity
    [Note:- Adam is a bibical name meaning "earthy; red" - the first man]

22 Jul 1841 - Elizabeth daughter of Aneas & Elizabeth Cross baptised at Fordington

    [Note:- Aeneas is a bibical name meaning praiseworthy]

20 Jun 1852 - Amalek OLD a dairy man married Mary Roper at Christchurch West Fordington

    [Note:- Amalek is a bibical name meaning dweller in a valley]

29 Apr 1793 - Athalia daughter of Edith & John Wheeler baptised at St Peters
18 Feb 1821 - Athalia daughter of William & Elizabeth Lockett buried members of the independant church in Dorchester
07 Oct 1860 - George Gillingham married Athaliah Clark baptised at All Saints

    [Note:- Athaliah is a bibical name meaning "time of the Lord"]

19 Mar 1619 - Bathsheba daughter of William Smith baptised at Holy trinity
07 Nov 1723 - Bathsheba Long of St Peters married Henry Symes of Burton at St peters Church
23 Jan 1735 - Bathsheba Bezant married Thomas Green at St George Fordington
21 Dec 1739 - Bathsheba Gray married Makias Brine at St Georges Church Fordington
26 Dec 1824 - Eliza daughter of Abraham & Bathsheba Scriven baptised
20 Oct 1844 - Bathsheba Green married John Hansford Sprankling at St Georges Church Fordington
22 Apr 1860 - Bathsheba daughter of Edwin and Christiana Scriven 22 Apr 1860:

    [Note:- Bathsheba is a bibical name meaning "the seventh daughter; the daughter of satiety "]

Benoni 05 Feb 1664 - Benoni son of William Facie baptised Holy Trinity
    [Note:- Benoni is a bibical name. Benjamin was the last born of Jacob's twelve sons the younger of the two children by Rachel (Genesis 35:24). He was born on the road between Bethlehem and Bethel, the only one of Jacob's sons to be born in what is today Israel. Tragically, Rachel died in giving him birth (Genesis 35:16-20). Her last words were to name the infant Benoni, meaning son of my sorrow, which was changed by Jacob to Benjamin, meaning son of my right hand]
Caleb 06 Oct 1730 - Will of Caleb Brooks collar maker of Dorchester
26 Feb 1738 - Elizabeth dau of Caleb Walter baptised All Saints
13 May 1763 - Caleb son of Caleb and Ann Clother baptised at Fordington
02 Jul 1760 - Elizabeth daughter of Caleb & Mary Brooks baptised
22 Jan 1819 - Jeremiah Argyle apprenticed to Caleb Bishop a tailor in Dorchester
27 Aug 1857 - The Will of Caleb Bishop tailor of Fordington
    [Note:- Caleb is a bibical name meaning a dog. He was one of the three sons of Hezron of the tribe of Judah]
Daniel 02 Apr Daniel s of William & Charity Tucker(aged 12 years) All Saints Dorchester

07 Sep 1846 - Eli Bridle married matilda Cleal at St Georges Church Fordington
23 Oct 1882 - Eli Frederick son of Florence Mitchell bap St Peters

[Note:- Eli is a biblical name meaning the offering]

Ephraim 24 Apr 1680 - Ephraim son of Edward Moucher at Holy Trinity
10 July 1682 - Ephraim son of George Vocar at Holy Trinity
    [Note:- Ephraim is a biblical name meaning fruitful or increasing]
Erasmus 17 Jun 1761 - Erasmus son of Robert & Mary COX baptised
Hephzibah 15 May 1625 - Hepheziibah daughter of Thomas Parker baptised Holy Trinity
    [Note:- Hephzibah is a biblical name meaning "my delight in her".]
Isaac 02 Feb 1792 - Isaac Bonnett of Dorchester was apprenticed to Samuel Swyer Dorchester

Ishmael Bull 1846 marriage witness Fordington

Israel 21 Nov 1603 - Israel the sonne of William Gleson was baptized at Holy Trinity

11 Dec 1724 - Jonas Stickland son of Bartholomew Stickland baptized at Holy Trinity Church Dorchester 12th April 1573 [Note:-'Jonah or Jonas' is a name from the Bible meaning a dove]


11 Dec 1724 - Joram Foot of Buckland & Mary HULLEY of Martinstown married at St Peters [Note:-'Joram' is a name from the Bible for example the son of Ahab king of Israel]

Lazarus 19 Sep 1677 - Lazarus the sonne of Lazarus Mores was baptized at All Saints
Luke 11 Aug 1604 - Luke the sonne of Walter Eyer was baptized at Holy Trinity
Magdelana 28 Aug 1602 - Magdalene the daughter of Morgan and Magdalene Terine was baptized at Holy Trinity
13 Dec 1606 - Magdalene the daughter of Robert Lambert baptized at Holy Trinity
31 Dec 1606 - Magdalan the daughter of Henry Perham baptized at Holy Trinity
    Note:- Mary Magdalene, a character in the New Testament, was named thus because she was from Magdala - a village on the Sea of Galilee whose name meant "tower" in Hebrew. She was cleaned of evil spirits by Jesus and then remained with him during his ministry, witnessing the crucifixion and the resurrection. She was a popular saint in the Middle Ages, and the name became common then. In England it is traditionally rendered Madeline, while Magdalene or Magdalen is the learned form
Mathias 24 Feb 1605 - Mathias the sonne of John Melledge was baptized at Holy Trinity
    Note:- Mathathias most commonly spelt Mathias was a biblical name meaning "Gift of the Lord"
Melchizedek 25 Jun 1683 - Melchizedek son of Mr Melchizedek Arnold baptised at Holy Trinity
16 July 1690 - Melchizedeck ye son of Richard Burd baptised Holy Trinity
02 Apr 1849 - Melcisedic Hine married Mary White at Fordington
    Note:- Melchizedek is a biblical name meaning "King of Justice"
Moses 20 July 1690 - Moses ye son of Moses Snook baptised Holy Trinity
12 Feb 1717/8 - Mary ye wife of Moses Shaw buried Holy Trinity
08 July 1758 - Moses son of Robert & Dorothy Lester baptised St Peters
16 Mar 1794 - Moses Cox buried Holy Trinity
25 July 1841 - Moses son of Benjamin and Mary Moore was baptised at Fordington
01 July 1883 - John son of Moses and Mary Brunt baptised at St Georges Church Fordington


Noah Flood buried Holy Trinity 1850 age 23: Noah Wick All saints Marriages 1862

Obadiah 27 Oct 1627 - Obadiah the bastard son of Christian Slade was bap at Fordington
    [Note:- Obadiah is a biblical name meaning "Servant of the Lord"]
Onesiphorus c1620 - Onesiphorus the son of Bernard & Margaret Toupe of Dorchester who became Rector of Bradford Peverell
11 May 1630 - Onesiphorus the son of Dennis and Lucy Bond of Dorchester baptised
01 Aug 1683 - Onesiphorus Collins buried Fordington
26 Mar 1782 - Onesiphorus Heyde of Godmanston & Alice Warren of Trinity married 26-Mar 1782 by license
08 Feb 1785 - Mary daughter of Onesiphorus & Eleanor Hide baptised
24 Apr 1808 - Onesiphorus Hyde buried at Fordington
    [Note:- Onesiphorus is a biblical name meaning "one who brings profit"]
Persis 28 Oct 1621 - Persis the daughter of Anthony Eames was bap at Fordington - Anthony was churchwarden at St Georges Church Fordington and a Pilgrim - See also the Biography of Anthony Eames - Persis died at Hingham MA USA 31 Dec 1662 having given birth to thirteen children the first (which died) and the last being named after her.
    [NOTE: Persis is an unusual female biblical name - she was a Christian woman in Rome whom St Paul salutes - she was spoken of as “beloved and as having laboured much in the Lord”
Seth 19 Oct 1702 - Seth Hoskins an alms woman buried at Holy Trinity

29 Jan 1788 - Solomon Pain signed an indenture to become an apprentice to Robert Henning of Dorchester an Attorny

Theophilus 21 Nov 1883 - Ernest Theophilus son of William Theophilis & Louisa Sherrin Vallard baptised at St Georges Church Fordington
07 Jun 1885 - Alfred Theophilus son of Robert McClellan Lauriston & Elizabeth Thomasina Evans LEE baptised at St Georges Church in Fordington by his father the curate there
    [Note:- Theophilus is a biblical name meaning "friend of God"]
Zachariah 12 July 1674 - John son of Zachariah Padock baptised Holy Trinity
06 July 1673 - Zechariah son of Mr John Nelson baptised Holy Trinity
20 Apr 1705 - Zechariah ye son of John Paddock junir baptised at Holy Trinity
    [Note:- Zachariah is a biblical name meaning 'In memory of the Lord']

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