St George's Church Burials 1600-1625

Transcribed from BT’s by Michael Russell 2007 from CLDS film 1279496

[Transcribers comments are in brackets in italics]

Last updated December 2017

St Georges Church - 2008
Michael Russell FIPD

NOTES:- For this period the Bishops Transcripts are intermittent and often in very poor condition. Most were written in secretary hand where the formation of letters was very different from that used today. Some are also written in Medieval Latin. For those consulting original documents please note:-

Abbreviation is common. some examples used here are:- eld: for elder or sen: for senior. In Latin “i” and “j” are interchangeable so you will also see iun: as well as jun: as an abbreviated version of junior. Sepult: for sepultus or sepultuserat meaning buried. wid: for widow

An example of gender specific abbreviation often used in this text is the word Johes, abbreviated from Johannes meaning John. In the IGI these names have sometimes been incorrectly recorded as female which would be Johan for Johanna. Willmus for Willelmus meaning William.

Jacobus or Jacobi in Latin can be translated as Jacob or James - the latter is most common

Numbers are often written in Roman numerals and in faded or damaged documents are particularly difficult to get right - here the vicar has sometimes followed roman numerals with a “ th” as in xxvth [25th]. He has also used “ iiii” meaning 4th rather than “ iv”.

Readers are reminded that each year started on 25th March not the 1st January [ up until 1752] so January and February Christenings for example will appear at the end of the year

1600 to 1602 inc Missing

Burials in Anno Dm [abbreviated from Anno Domini] 1603 [Burials in the year of our Lord 1603] [CLDS image 2090]

Symon RASKER fuit Sepultus posterus die mensis Martij
        [Simon RASKER he was Buried the following day in the month of March- this may mean 26th]

Willius INGRAM fuit Sepult vicesimo [vicesimus?] Sext [Sextus] die Aprilis
        [William INGRAM he was buried 26th day of April]

Eodem die Richardus BUNNE fuit sepultus
         [On the same day Richard BUNN he was buried]

Elenor uxor Willi COSSENS fuit Sepult quinto Maij
        [Elenor wife of William COSSENS [COZENS] she was buried the 5th day of May]

Anna SEGR? fuit Sepult duodecim die mensis maij
         [Anne SEGER? was buried 12th day in the month of May]

Margareta uxr [abbreviated uxor] Robi BUNE fuit Sepult vicesimo [vicesimus?] die mensis Maij
         [Margaret the wife of Robert BUNE she was buried 20th day in the month of May]

Agneta uxor Roberti COSSENS fuit Sepult vicesimo [vicesimus?] primo Octobris
         [Agnes the wife of Robert COSSENS [COZENS] she was buried 21st October - [Note: See Wills Index for 7th May 1604]

Eliza uxor Rogeri COOMBE Sepult vicesimo [vicesimus?] quinto [quintus?] Novembris
         [Eliza the wife of Roger COOMBE buried 25th November]

Johes TUCKER fuit Sepult Sext Novembr [Novembris]
         [John TUCKER he was buried 6th November]

Elizabetha uxr [abbreviated uxor] Andreas KEYT sepult xiii die mensis Decembris [Note:- See Baptism of Robert the son of Andrew KEYTE on 13th Nov 1604]
         [Elizabeth wife of Andrew KEYT buried 13th day in the month of December]

Dorothea fili Johes ASHE Sepult xiiii Decembr
         [Dorothy the daughter of John ASHE buried 14th December [Note:- See biographical notes on the John ASHE Family]

Robtus fili Thos KEZIAR sepult xxii Decembr
         [Robert the son of Thomas KEZIAR buried 22nd December - Note:- Baptised as Robert the son of Thomas KEYZAR on 26th Oct 1603]

Robtus fili Jacobi BASCOMBE sepult veneris? nono die mensis Januarii
         [Robert the son of Jacob or James BASCOMBE buried Friday 9th day of the month of January]

Anna uxor Willi BELLMAN sepult primo die ffebr
         [Anne wife of William BELLMAN buried 1st day of February]

Willmus ADAMS fuit sepult xxvi ffebr
         [William ADAMS he was buried 26th February]

Eliza uxor Willie LUKES sepult xiv ffebr [Start of CLDS image 2091]
         [Eliza wife of William LUKES buried 14th February]

Jacobus fili Robti FFORD sepult xiii die mensis martii
         [Jacob or James son of Robert FORD buried 13th day in the month of March]

Willmus SLADE sepult xx die martii
         [William SLADE buried 20th day of March]

Anno Dm [abbreviated from domini] 1604 [In the year of our Lord 1604]  [CLDS image 2090 & 2091]

Robertus COSSINS sepult decimo [decimus?]die Aprilis
         [Robert COSSINS [COZENS] buried 10th day of April] [Note: See See Wills Index 7th May 1604]

Elizabetha uxr [abbreviated from uxor] Thoma SEAGER sepult vicesimus secundy die Aprilis
         [Elizabeth the wife of Thomas SEAGER buried the 22nd day of April]

Johas uxor Gilberti TUCKER sepult primo dei Maii
         [Jane or Joanna wife of Gilbert TUCKER buried the 1st day of May]

Thos TETMAN sepult xxiii die Junii
         [Thomas TETMAN buried 23rd June][Note marriage to Thomasin 10 May 1587]

Thomazin TETMAN sepult xxx Junii
         [Thomasin TETMAN buried 30th June][Note marriage to Thomas 10 May 1587]

Johes fili Robti BATHGOOD sepult xxiiidie mensis Setembris
         [John the son of Robert BATHGOOD buried 23rd day in the month of September]

Thos KEZIAR sepult xi Octobris
         [Thomas KEYZAIR buried 11th October]

Johes HUNT sepult viii Decembris
         [John HUNT buried 8th December - Note:- Link to marriage of John HUNT to Joan RASKER at FStG on 16th Nov 1591]

Willius RASKER fuit sepult ? Januarii
         [William RASKER he was buried ? January - [Note:- The father of Joan HUNT the wife of the above John HUNT. See Wills Index for 1605]

Elizabeth DOWNTON fuit? sepult xxv die mensis Januarii
         [Elizabeth DOWNTON she was buried 25th day of the month of January]

Margareta uxor [3 illegible words --ER] sepult xxii die mensis ffeb
         [Margaret wife of --3 illegible words --buried 22nd day in the month of February] [End of CLDS image 2090]

Elizabeth MOLLINS sepult tertio martii
         [Elizabeth MOLLINS buried 3rdMarch]

Anno Dm [abbreviated from domini] 1605 [In the year of our Lord 1605]  [CLDS image 2091]

Lucia KETE wid sepult xxv die martii
         [Lucy KETE [KEYTE] widow buried 25th day of March]

Christiana CHUNT sepult xxv Julii
         [Christian CHUNT buried 25th July]

Helane MOODY sepult sext:[abbreviation for sextus] ffebus
         [Helen MOODY buried 6th February]

Elizabeth fili Robti WHITE sepult vicesimus sec [secundy?]die mensis ffebr
         [Elizabeth the daughter of Robert WHITE buried 22nd day in the month of February - Note her father died 14 October 1607]

Ao [abbreviation for Anno] Dm [abbreviated from domini] 1606  [In the year of our Lord 1606][CLDS image 2091 & Start of 2092]

Walterus CONDIT vicesimo [vicesimus?] nono [nonus?] die maii
         [Walter CONDIT was buried the 29th day of May- in Latin & English returns]

Harrett CARTER vid sepult xiiii die Octobris
         [Harriett CARTER was buried 14th day of October- in Latin & English return]

In witnes herof wee whose names are here subscribed have set our penn and hand the day and yeare above written

    ??? me Jo [John] KINGTON Ibm: [Abbreviation for Ibidem at the same place] [He was actually Curate at Fordington from 1600]
    William BIRDE } Wardens [i.e. Churchwardens]
    William BASCOMBE }[End of CLDS image 2091]

Anno Dm 1607[In the year of our Lord 1607][CLDS image 2092][Note right side of first document badly water damaged, but 2nd different return filmed by CLDS does give dates etc so amalgamated & highlighted any discrepancies between returns ]

Christian the wife of William CLOWTHER was buried the xxv [25th] day of March

Robert the sonne of Robert COSSENS [COZENS] buried 21st day of June

Elinor daughter of Peter MOODY buried xxi [21st] day of June

[ Note: 2nd return gives date of burial as 21st May - cant be right as out of order - 1st return clear month of June]

Susanna the daughter of Robert WHITE 1st day of July [Note her father was buried 14 October 1607]

Judith the daughter of John KINTON buried 13th August

Robt the sonne of Roger BUNE [2nd return BUNNE] buried xix [19th] August

Eodem die [on the same day] Barbara the daughter of John CONNICK buried

William WHITE buried the thirtieth of October [Note: See Wills Index for 1607]

the same day Avis STILL buried [Note:Avis was a not uncommon feminine name at this date]

Robert WHITE was buried the xiiii [14th] day October [Note: See Wills Index for 1607]

the same day Cicely WHITE was buried

Agnes the wife of William RASKER buried 1st of November

Elizabeth WHITE widdowe buried 5th November[Note: See Wills Index for 1607]

William WINSOR senior buried 25th Ffebruary [Note: See Wills Index for 1609]

Joanne WINSOR vidua [Latin for widow] buried27th Ffebruary

Mary the wife of Thomas CHOUNT buried the xxviii [28th] ffeburary

    Signed [2nd return only]

    Adam WILSONNE Vicarius [Vicar]

    William BIRD } Wardens

    William BASCOM }

Anno Dm 1608 [CLDS image 2092]

[In the year of our Lord 1608]

[Note: 1st document very badly water damaged - 2nd separate return in good condition]

Elizabeth the daughter of Henry LEVITE [LEVET] buried the 5th day of May [Note:- there is a baptism for an Elizabeth the daughter of henry LEVET in Fordington on 28 Nov 1585]

Mary the wife of John WHITE buried the xiiith [13th] of May

Ffrancis the sonne of Thomas BASCOME buried xxix [29th] day of May

Julyan [Julian] SWAN widow was buried 6th June

Margery the daughter of Thomas KEYZAR buried 10th August

Joane the wife of Hamnet WHITE buried the 11th September

Henry the sone of Thomas [rest of 1st return illegible] --------

[2nd return different - has Henry HAYWARD buried 25th September?]

Symon BEST [2nd return BESSE] was buried the 29th September

Ruth?CAUDINE? was buried 4th November

Elizabeth FFORD the wife of Edmund FFORD buried the 11th November

Tho [Thomas] the sonne of John ASHE buried primo [1st] December [Note:- See biographical notes on the John ASHE Family]

Symon [Simon] the sone of [illegible] ---- January

[2nd return different - has Simon REESE? buried 11th January]

Judith [Judeth] Servant to Robert BITHGOOD--- day of ffebr

William the sonne ofWilliam FRANCIS buried the 22nd Ffebuary

    Signed [2nd return only]

    Adam WILSON Vicarius [Vicar]

    William BIRD } gardianus [Church Wardens]

    William BASCOM }[End of CLDS image 2092]

Burials 1609 to 1613 inc missing

Buried 1614 [CLDS Image 2096]

May 16thHenrie ANNETS husbandman [i.e. farmer] Buried [Note: See Wills Index for 9th July 1614]

May 23rd Mellysent [Millicent] the wife of Thomas EAMES Buried [Note see Biography of her son Anthony Eames]

June 4th Joan the wife of Xpoffer [Christopher] PIERCE Buried

June 12th John WILLIAMS husbandman [i.e.farmer] Buried

June 16th Roger the sonne of John BRYNE Buried

June 19th Robti [Robert] RASKER junior Buried

June 21st Jane the daughter of Thomas BASCOM [Bapt 5th Jun] Buried

June 24th Rabbidge the daughter of Henry WHITE Burial [NOTE: Rabbidge is a female name originating from Cornwall in use 1450 - 1650: Baptised same day]

August 12th Isabell the wyfe of James SEAGAR Buried

Septeb 1st Dorothee the wyfe of Thomas BYSSHOPPE [Bishop] Buried

Septeb 20th Margaret the daughter of William PASMORE Buried

Septeb 28th William HARRIS Yeoman Buried [Note: a yeoman was above a husbandman holding a small landed estate which he actually cultivated, he was below a gentleman who would normally hire servants to do the work, although more to do with lifestyle]

Noveb 29th William BASCOM? the elder? Buried

Deceb 17th Richard the sonne of Grace PARKER Buried

Deceb 21st Radulph [Ralph] COOY? servant Buried

Janu 26th Marie the daughter of William LYNNINGTON Buried [Note: Baptised on 24th December 1614]

March 5th Margaret COSEN [COZENS] widow Buried

John the sonne of John BYRDE Buried

March 12th William WINSOR the elder Buried

March 14th Joan the wyfe of Thomas TAPPS Buried

ffinis [the end]

Buried 1615 [CLDS Image 2097]

May 13th Marryan [Marian] the daughter of Thomas SEAGAR Buried

May 24th Rebecca EVERETT single woman Buried

June 13th Robert the sonne of John SPRANKLIN Buried [Note Baptised Fordington 24th April 1615]

August 12th Amee [Amy] the wyfe of William ATKINS Buried

August 27th Marie PIERCE Buried

Octb 28th Judith the daughter of William JONES Buried [Note:- Baptised Fordington 30th March 1615 - William Jones was vicar of Fordington 1609-1616]

Decb 27th John the base sonne of John EDWARDS Buried

Janu:17th Alice TAPPE widow Buried

Janu: 18th Thomas GREGORIE Buried

Febu: 9th Wynnifryth WINTERHAY Buried

Febu: 11th Xpofer [Christopher] the sonne of John WINSOR Buried

Burials 1616 [CLDS Image 2098]

[Note: there is no heading on this damaged document but James the son of John Seager was only baptised on 31st March so this must be 1616 which is otherwise missing]

Aprill 4th James the sone of John SEAGER Buried [Note:- Bap FStG 32 Mar 1616]

Aprill 9th Richard EDWARDS Buried

Aprill 24th Katherine the wife of Robte [Robert] INGRAM Buried

Aprill 28th Stephen the sone of Stephen FFABIEN? Buried

May 25th William the sone of William FFRANCIS Buried

June 3rd Margarett the wife of William FFRANCIS Buried

June 6th Anna the daughter of Thomas LYNSIE [Note Bap19th May 1616] Buried

1617 Missing

Ffordington 1618 The names of all such souls as have bin [been] cristened, married & buried during the xxvth [25th] day of March Anno Dm [Domini] 1618 untyll the xxvth [25th] day of March 1619 and held after following ???? of ffordington in the County of Dorset - viz

Ffordington 1618  [CLDS Image 2099]

Aprill 16 Anne GAWDIN widow was buried

Maye 22 Elizabeth the daughter of Samuell MAN buried

June 25 Thomas EAMES buried [Note widower of Millicent - see Biography of his son Anthony Eames]

June 28 Elizabeth the wife of William CHOUTE buried

August 30 Agnes PETTY servant to Robte [Robert] PETTY buried

September 13 Jane the daughter of John WHITE Junior buried

November 06 Nicholas WINSOR was buried

December 06 Margerye the wife of Jhn [John] ASHE junior buried [Note:- See biographical notes on the John ASHE Family]

January 17 Catherin the daughter of William CRYMELL buried

Ffebruary 03 Sybell the wyfe of William HUTTON buried

February 19 Marye the wyfe of Anthony BARNES Junior buried

March 02 Margerye WINSOR was buried

March 4 John TUCKER the sonne of William TUCKER buried

March 8 Catheryne the daughter of William BARNES Junior buried

March 23 John the sonne of Anthony BARNES junior buried


    Edward PELE Vicar ibidem [at or in the same place]

    EdwardWHITE} Church Wardens of Ffordington

    Phillippe FFEARE }

Ffordington 1619 A note of all the christenings, weddings and those buried in Ffordington [a tithing in the County?] of Dorset sy??? [since] the xxvth [25th] daye of Marche Anno Dm [Domini] 1619 [illegible] xxxvth [15th] daye of Marche Anno Dm 1620:

[CLDS Image 2100]

Aprill 28 Christian COSENS [COZENS] wydowe was buried [Note: See Wills Index for 1619]

Maye 29 Johana the wife of Roger GREGORYE was buried

August 17 Robert the sonne of Robte [Robert] COSENS Junior was buried

November 20 Anthony the sonne of John WEECH was buried

January 26 Eame the wife of Henry WHITE was buried

February 4 Tomye [or Henrye] WHITE was buried

February 7 Dorothie WINSOR was buried

February 9 [illegble - paper folded over may start with "A" + a short word eg Ann] daughter of Thomas? FRY sen buried

February 16 Agnes the daughter of Roger SWYRS was buried

February 22 Katherin the daughter of Anthony WINSOR buried

eodem die [the same day i.e. 22] Elizabeth the daughter of John DEARINGE was buried

February 23 Ffrances the daughter of William [illegible might be WHITE?] buried

March 2 Thomas BASCOME of West Street was buried

March 18 John the sonne of John ASHE Junior was buried [Note:- See biographical notes on the John ASHE Family]


    Edw [Edward] PELE Vicar

    Edward JOHNSON } Churchwardens

    Rafe [Ralph] ROBAT Sen }

1620 A true copy of the names of all those Christened, Married or Buried in the Tith [Tithing] of ffordingtonin the County of Dorset in the yeare of our Lord God 1620 note the certaine dayes and monthes m ???h any such christening, marriage and buriall was had:

Burials followeth [CLDS Image 2101]

March 27 Elizabeth the wife of John MOGGE the elder was buried

March 31 Agnes MARTIN widow was buried

Aprill 1 John COLLINS was buried

April 10 Margret CONWAY was buried

April 21 Herbert PELHAM Esquire was buried

    GENEALOGICAL NOTE: Herbert Pelham was the son of Anthony Pelham of Bucksteep (Warbleton) in Sussex by his wife Margaret Hall. He was born about 1546 and matriculated at Queens college Cambridge in 1562 aged 20 and lived at Hellingly and Crawley in Sussex. He purchased the Manor at Michelham in 1587 and was sheriff of Surrey and Sussex, Burgess of Winchelsea and Reigate. He married in Wherwell Hampshire to Elizabeth West on 12th Feb 1593/4 and they had 3 sons (Thomas, Anthony (who took holy orders) and Jonathan; as well as 2 daughters Anne who became the wife of the Rev. Edward Clarke; and Elizabeth who was born 27 Apr 1604 at Hellingly. In his later life Herbert Pelham suffered considerable debt and had to sell most of his property and moved to Fordington & Compton Vallence to live. He was a close friend to the Rev Edward Pele who signed this register and died intestate at Fordington in 1620. See Wills index for 27 May 1620

Aprill 22 Mary REEVE was buried

April 27 Agnes LYNNINGTON was buried

May 6 Julyan HOARE was buried

May 27 Edward WILLS was buried

May 30 James LUCKAS was buried

June 5 Roger KEATE gent [gentleman] was buried [Note: See Transcription of his Wills for 5 July 1620]

    [Note a Gentleman at this time was equivalent to a Yeoman but distinguished by lifestyle. A gentleman did not work with his hands, so his household included personal servants. The Dorset History Centre may be able to help identify his role from land records that they hold]

June 19 Wm [William] BARNES Senior was buried

July 1 Margret the daughter of Roger SEAGER was buried

July 7 Jane the daughter of Wm [William] WINSOR the elder was buried

Eodem die [7] Wm [William] MARTIN was buried

July 11 Jnet [Janet] the daughter of iho [John] STRANGE was buried

July 19 John the sonne of Ffrancis ASHE widow was buried [Note:- See biographical notes on the John ASHE Family]

July 26 Robte [Robert] POTTS was buried

August 10 Thomas TUCKER was buried

September 9 Richard BARTLET was buried

October 24 Alce [Alice] HOMAN was buried

December 3 John HAWKINS was buried

January 14 Mary the daughter of John COMFREY? buried

January 23 Edith the wife of Thomas BARTLET was buried

ffebruary 12 John PROWER was buried

Ffebruary 16 William COUSENS [COZENS] was buried


    Edw [Edward] PELE Vicar

    Thomas CHOUNT } Church---- [Churchwardens]

    Robert STONE }

1621 Fordington in Dorset [CLDS Image 2102]

A note of the names of all such people? as have byn Maryed, Christened, & Buryed within the Tithing of Fordington from & after the xxvjth [26th] daye of Marche Anno Dm [Domini] 1621 untyll the xxvth [25th] daye of Marche Anno Dm 1622 As followeth being:-

Buryals 1621

May 02 Susan the wyfe of John COLLYNS was buryed

June 26 William BUNNE was buryed

August 05 Richard WINZOR was buryed

September 26 Elizabeth the daughter of Robte [Robert] COSENS [COZENS]was buryed

November 23 William the sonne of William CLEMENT was buryed [Note Bapt 11 Nov 1621]

December 21 Thomas BASSECOMBE the sonne of Tho [Thomas] BASSECOMBE was buryed

December 22 Agnes SANSOME was buryed

January 30 Willm [William] BARNES the elder was buryed

March 13 Mary the wyfe of Edmund WYNDITT was buryed

March 22 Richard FFOLYES was buryed


    Edw [Edward] PELE Vicar

    Thomas CHOUNT } Church---- [Churchwardens]

    Robert FFORDE }

1622 Fordington Buryalls [CLDS Image 2103]

April 2 Elizabeth the daughter of John DEERINGE was buryed [Note:She was baptised 12th July 1621]

April 7 Jone the wyfe of Edward BENBENN was buryed

April 20 Henrye [illegible might be Leslie?]

April 27 Margarett the daughter of Richard COSENS [COZENS] was buryed [Note: She was baptised 10 March 1621]

May 8 Jone the wyfe of Robert WINZOR the elder was buryed

May 28 Christian [illegible ends in Y] Wydowe was buryed

June 3 Johana PROWER Wydowe was buryed

July 13 William the sonne of Walter DAWE was buryed

July 26 Anowen the daughter of Roger GREGORYE was buried

August 11 Marye THORNE was buried

August 12 Florence the wyfe of Richard SEAGAR was buried

[illegible - possibly James] the sonne of Roger GREGORYE was buried [Note: Fairly sure same name as baptised 26 May 1622]

September 2 Elizabeth BARNES was buried

September 13 Alice ZEAGER was buried

September 26 Elena the daughter of John ASHE Junior was buried [Note: baptised Fordington 29 August 1621][Note:- See biographical notes on the John ASHE Family]

September 28 Johana the wyfe of Robert COSENS sen [Senior?] was buried

September 30 Grace the wyfe of John DOWNETON was buried

October 4 Julihan the daughter of Herbert PELHAM Esquire was buried [Note:At this date Julian was usually a female name]

November 2 Leonard the sonne of Jhn [John] PAGE was buried

November 12 John WHITE the younger was buried

December 5 Robert BELLMAN was buried

December 14 Berthia [Bethia?] WINSOR wydowe was buried

December 24 Johane [variation for Joan] WINSOR wydowe was buried

March 2 Lawrence COMBE was buried

March 6 William BELLMAN was buried

March 24 William WINSOR was buried

Aprill 18 Martha the daughter of Wm [William] DAWE was buried [Note: Last entry is beyond the end of that year ]


    Edw [Edward] PELE Minister

    Rafe [Ralph] ROWBUT } Church---- [Churchwardens]

    Anthony EAMES }

1623 Ffordington in Cond horst 1623 [CLDS Image 2104]

A Register of all the Christenings, weddings and buryalls ut [that] have bin [been]in ffordington in the County of Dorset this present year of our Lord God

1623 from hereafter day of assumption of our Blessed Lady St Marye the virgin [note this is the 25th day of March] in the year aforesayd untyll the ffeast of Assumption of our Lady in Anno dm 1624 being? one whole year viz


Aprill 29 Robert base [i.e. illegitimate] sonne of Margery PIERCE buried [See Notes at baptism 20th January 1621]

May 3 Marye WHITE wydowe was buried

May 5 William TUCKER was buried

July 27 Roger the sonne of Henry WHITE deceased buried

August 5 William the sonne of James BATSCOMBE deceased buried

August 12 John BUNNE Senr was buried

September 4 Roger the sonne of William TURNER buried

October 19 George WHITE was buried

November 22 Roger the sonne of John WEECH was buried

December 26 Jane the daughter of John PAGE was buried

January 14 Thomas WINSOR the elder was buried [Note:- See his marriage at fordington on 21st Sep 1606 to Elynor MABEE]

January 25 Johane WINSOR wydowe was buried

Ffeb: 3 John the sonne of John PAGE was buried

Ffeb:16 Elizabeth BATSCOMBE single woman was buried

Ffeb:19 William the sonne of Robte [Robert] COSSENS [COZENS] Junior was buried

Ffeb: 21 Obadiah the sonne of John ASHE junior was buried [Note:- See biographical notes on the John ASHE Family]

March 6 Thomas BYSHOPPE [BISHOP] was buried

March 22 William COLLYNS [COLLINS] Senr [Senior] was buried


    Edw [Edward] PELE vicar

    Phillippe FFEARE }

    Robert SEAGER } Church Wardens

1624 A true transcript of all Christenings, [illegible torn off = Weddings] & Burials within the year of the [illegible torn off] [CLDS Image 2105]

County of Dorset Anno Dm [ In the year of our Lord] 1624

    [NOTE: In the diary of William Whiteway of Dorchester 1618-1635 he says ‘All this winter the small pockes [pox] were very thicke in this towne (i.e. in Dorchester) of which many children died and some elder people’. From the numbers shown below it does not seem to have unduly affected Fordington]

Burials 1624

March 29 Judith the daughter of Ambrose WHITE was buried [Note:- 2nd known child from the marriage of Ambrose WHITE to Elizabeth RASKER at Fordington on 5th July 1614]

Aprill 13 Anne the daughter of Roger BURKE was buried

April 29 Thomas BUNNE was buried

September 20 Roger the sonne of Richard COUSENS [COZENS] was buried

October 12 Nicholas ALLEN was buried

October 19 Marion the wife of Wm [William] BUN was buried

October 25 Mary the daughter of Roger GREGORY was buried

November 3 Edith COUSENS [COZENS] widow was buried

November 10 Robte [Robert] BARTLET was buried

January 30 Alice WILLES widow was buried [Note: See Wills Index for 1625]

ffeb: 10 Mary the daughter of Edward COOMBE was buried

ffeb: 14 Elizabeth the daughter of John PAGE was buried

ffeb: 16 Edward JOHNSON gent [gentleman] was buried m>[Note: See Wills Index for 22 April 1625]

[Not: See previous comments re gentleman & note also recorded as a churchwarden]

March 20 Jane the wife of Roger WILLES was buried

    Signatures [indistict]

    Edw PELE Vicar

    Robti? [Robert] BUN } Church Wardens

    Rich [Richard] BYSHOP? }

1625 A transcript of all Christenings, marriages, burialls [CLDS Image 2106]

ffordington within the year of the Tith [Tithing] of ffordington Anno Dm [In the year of our Lord] 1625

Burials 1625

March 25 Mandlin the daughter of Richard WILLES was buried

March 31 Christopher SPRAGUE was buried [Note son of Edward and Christian Sprague from Upwey]

Aprill 1 Jone ADAMS was buried

April 16 Jone MATHEW was buried

April 17 Edith NATCONS [Bascombe?] was buried

April 20 Marion BESSE widow was buried

May 19 Julian WINSOR widow was buried

June 19 Robert WHITE was buried

July 9 Grace the daughter of Roger SEAGER was buried

July 13 Alice the wife of Richard FFRIKE [Freake] was buried

August 10 Sara the daughter of Wm [William] CHURCHILL was buried [Note:- Baptised FStG 27th June 1624]

August 13 Thomasin ADAMS widdow was buried

August 31 Agnes BATSCOMBE widdow was buried

Sept 5 John the son of John CROMWEY? was buried

Sept 22 Benjamin the son of John WEECH was buried

Oct 26 John the son of Maude KEEMER was buried

Oct 29 Edith the daughter of Rich: [Richard] WARREN was buried [Note thought to be the 4th known child of Richard WARREN and Eve who married in Fordington 12 Oct 1591 Editha was baptised Fordington 2nd July 1605]

Novemb: 18 Mary the daughter of John WINSOR Sen:[senior] was buried

Novemb: 25 Jone the wife of John BRINE was buried

Dec: 24 Richard SEAGER was buried [Note: See Wills Index for 1626]

Jan 2 Jane the daughter of Wm [William] LAURENCE was buried

ffeb 18 Richard the son of Richard DOULE was buried

March 22 Christian WINSOR widdow was buried


    Edw [Edward] PELE vicar

    Robte [Robert] BUN } Churchwardens

    Richard BYSHOPPE }

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