St George's Church Burials 1664 - 1690

© Transcribed from BT's by Michael Russell 2007 from CLDS film 1279496
[Transcribers comments are in brackets in italics]

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St Georges Church Fordington


•  The Bishops Transcripts for the previous period of 1640 to 1663 inclusive have not survived.

•  In the 17 th century “Mr” which is used several times in this Register was a courtesy title for any man of respectable status.

•  Readers are reminded that each year started on 25 th March not the 1st January [ up until 1752] so January and February Christenings for example will appear at the end of the year

•  The March 2009 update was possible because a better image was obtained from the CLDS which enabled more of the image to be read and some corrections to be made where letters were indistinct

1664 A true copy of the Register of all Marriages, Christenings and Burials in the Tith [Tithing] of Ffordington in Ao [the year] 1664 [CLDS Image 2121]

John WINZAR ye [illegible paper folded over] the 16 of May 1664 [Note:- He died intestate and his widow Ursula Winzar/Windsor sought a letter of administration which has been transcribed along with an inventory of all their goods].

Elizabeth ye wife of Jo: [John] ALLINE was buryed the 16 of June 1664

Thomas SWAN ye sonn of John SWAN was buried the 20 July 1664 [Note Baptised same day]

William WAY the sonn of Ambrose WAY was buried the 6 of July 1664 [Note Baptised same day]

Joane CHURCHILL Widow was buried the 13 of July 1664

Elizabeth ye wife of William BARNES was buried the third of October 1664

Mary the daughter of Samuell BISHOP? was buried the 30 October 1664

Agnes DENNES was buried the 22 November 1664

Anne RISKAR widow was buried the 25 No: [November] 1664

Elinor HACHAM widow was buried the 27 of No: [November] 1664 [Note:- See Wills Index 1664]

William WINSOR was Buried the 3 of Decem: [December] 1664

Ro: [Robert] SEAGER child to William SEAGER was Buried the 11 of December 1664

[Note Robert Seager son of Wm & Ann was baptised 30 November 1664]

    [Start of CLDS Image 2122]

Lenord [Leonard] MILLER was buried the 7 Jann [January] 1664

Richard LOCKE was Buried the 28 of Jann [January] 1664

[illegible- paper fold] the sonn of Robert WINSOR was buried the 28 of Jan 1664

Alse [variation of Alice ] ye wife of Robert BENFOLD? was buried the 4 Day of ffebruary 1664

Joane BRYNE was buried the 6 of ffebruary 1664

The wife of Roger WINSOR was buried the 26 of ffebruary 1664

    [End of CLDS Image 2121]

John the son of Jo [John] TUCKER was buried the 11 of March 1664

Mary the wife of Peter LOCKE was buried the 19 of March 1664

1665 [Note:- There are two returns that cover 1665. The first continues from 1664 and covers the first six entries only and is signed as shown. The second gives all the burials for the year. Both seem to have been copied from an original register where they could not make out some names as they have left blanks. There are a few discrepancies between the returns which I have commented on where they occur.]

    [start of CLDS Image 2123]

Nicholas SLADE was buried the 5 of April 1665 [Note:- See Wills Index 1665]

the wife of Rob [Robert] CROMWELL was buryed the 5 of Aprill 1665 [Note Rbt died 1667]

the daughter of Raynold HAYTHORN was buried the 23 of Aprill 1665

Lewse EAMES was Buried the 11 of May 1665 [Note:- See letters of Adminstration issued in 1665 to her son Jonathan EAMES][Note: 1st return spells her name as “Lewse”; the 2nd as “Luce” - both are accepted variations of “Lucy”. 2nd return however also says she was a widow - She was the widow of John Eames who died in 1662]

the wife of Henry MINTERNE Buried the 26 of May 1665

Henry BUTT the elder was Buried the 14 of June 1665 [Note 1st return refers to “the elder” the 2nd return as “Senior”]

    [End of CLDS Image 2122]
    [ 1st return Signature]
    Moses ROBAT Churchwarden

Sarah ye daughter of Samuel BELLMAN was buryed August 29th

Elizabeth the wife of Robert TAP was buryed October ye 16th

Henry HOSKINS was buryed November the 28th

Elizabeth the wife of Robert BURGESS was buryed December ye 6th

Anne the wife of William RASKER Junior was buryed ffebruary 21st

Thomas BYSHOP was buryed ffebruary the 22nd

    [2nd return Signatures]
    John THORNBURGH Vicar and Henry BURGES Churchwarden [End of CLDS Image 2123]

1666 A Register of all Cristenings, Marriages and Burials in the Parish of Ffordington for the year 1666

Burialls [Start of CLDS Image 2124]

ffrances ye daughter of Christopher PARKS was buryed May ye 1st

Christian ye wife of Thomas HUNT was buryed May ye 6th [Note:- The wife of Thomas HUNT (c1601- ) son of John HUNT (d.1604) and Joan RASKER (d.1609)]

Sarah ye wife of Robert BASCOMBE was buryed May ye 26th [Wrongly in IGI as Sarah Squibe]

Mary the daughter of John THORNE & Mary his wife was buryed September ye 25th

Judith WHITE was buryed October ye 7th

Thomasin SEAGER widow was buryed October ye 10th

Elizabeth ye wife of Thomas TIZZARD was buryed November ye 5th

ffrances CRIMMELL widow was buryed November ye 14th

Martha ye wife of William BUNNE was buryed November ye 24th

William DILLY was buryed November the 28th

Margaret RASKER widow was buryed December ye 30th

Mary ye daughter of John WHEADON & Mary his wife buryed ffebr: 24th

Edward READ was buryed ffebryary ye 28th

Thomas ye son of Edith SEAGER widow was buryed March ye 12th

Mr Ronaldo KNAPTON was buryed March the 13th [Note Keeper of Dorchester Goal - mentioned in Biography of Thomas Devenish]

    Jo. [John] THORNBURGH Vic [Vicar] [Note: At this date Jo was an accepted abbreviation for John - also see previous return signed by him]
    Mirster? BUUNES? } Churchwardens
    Robert N TAPP } [End of CLDS Image 2124]

1667 A true and perfect Register of all Christenings, Marriages and Burialls in the Thith [Tithing] of ffordington for the year 1667

Burialls [Start of CLDS Images 2125 & 2126]

John ye son of Adam TUCKER & Mary his wife was buryed Aprill 2nd

Luce STRODE widow was buryed Aprill the 4th

Thomasin ye daughter of John MASTERS (alias POPLAR ) was buryed Aprill ye 17th

Kathrine ye daughter of William WINSOR was buryed Aprill ye 21st

Peter COOKE was buryed Aprill the 23rd

Edward ye son of Mr John HAYSOME was buryed May the 31st

Robert ye son of Robert COLLINS Junior was buryed July the 5th

Richard BAGLY a stranger late of ffleetstreet, and since a souldyer [soldier] under Sr [Sir] Tho: [Thomas] MORGAN in Jersey was buryed July ye 23rd ? [Note: Sir Thomas Morgan 1604-1679 was a Parliamentary soldier who appears to have been the son of Lewis Morgan of Llangattock]

William BARNES was buryed August the 12th

Sarah ye daughter of Roger WINSOR was buryed August the 25

Judith ye daughter of William DOWLE & Judith his wife was buryed September 12

SYMONDS widow of Dorchester was buryed November ye 8th

Mr Richard HOW was buryed November the 8th [Note:- Richard HOW was a Quaker who had married to a Cassandra before 1666 - His wife Cassandra gave birth posthumously of a son on the 20th January 1667/8 whom she named Richard after her husband and whose birth is recorded in the Records of the Dorchester Meeting of Quakers. They probably had other children as many records prior to 1664 have not survived but they also appear to have had their children baptised in St Georges Church Fordington eg:- (1) Jane How was baptised there on 11th March 1665 and (2)the aforementioned Richard How baptised when he was 2 months old at St Georges on 20th March 1667] [End of CLDS Image 2125]

Thomazin FFRANCES was buryed November the 21

Alice FFORD widow was buryed November the 24

Joane BUNNE widow was buryed November the 24 [Note:- Likely to be the widow of Philip BUNN See his will 1662]

Isacc CHANNELL was buryed December the 22

Jonathan CHANNELL was buryed December the 30th

William ye son of Randell HAYTHORNE was buryed January ye 6th

Mr John HAYSOME was buryed January the 17th

Joane ye wife of William DAVIS was buryed January the 26th

Robert CROMWELL was buryed ffebruary the 4th [Note wife died 5 April 1665]

John ye son of John BUNNE was buryed ffebruary the 18th

Thomas MEADER alias SHED was buryed ffebruary ye 25th

John ye son of Jonas DENNIS was buryed March ye 5th

Christian ye wife of George HODGES was buryed March ye 7th

Nicholas WINSOR Junior was buryed March ye 8th

    John THORNBURGH Vicar
    William SEAGER }
    [llegible name] PAGE } Churchwardens [End of CLDS Image 2126]

1668 Missing [Note several Wills survive relating to this year : William BISHOP Yeoman of Fordington certainly died in Noveember 1668 See transcription of his will]

1669 A Register of all the Christenings and Marriages & Burialls in the Parish of ffordington for the year 1669 [Start of CLDS Image 2127]

Richard ye son of Richard WYATT & Elizabeth his wife was buryed March ye 25

Virtue ye daughter of Thomas HOLLMAN & Marjery his wife was buryed March ye 31 [End of CLDS Image 2127]

Elizabeth ye daughter of William HUNT & Anne his wife was buryed Aprill ye 7th [Start of CLDS Image 2128] [Note:- Elizabeth is the 3rd known child of William HUNT (1628-1683) by his wife Anna. She was Baptised at FStG 8th Nov 1666]

Jane READ widow was buryed Aprill ye 13th

Mary ye wife of Thomas COSINS was buryed Aprill ye 15th

John BUNNE Senior was buryed Aprill ye 16th

Elizabeth ye wife of Edward WALLIS was buryed May the 3rd

Thomas ye son of Thomas TAPP & Alice his former wife was buryed May ye 12th

Jonathan PARKER was buryed June ye 15th

Elizabeth PENNY widow was buryed June the 24th

Alice ye wife of Roger WINSOR was buryed June ye 25th

Margarett ye daughter of Richard CHURCHILL & Jane his wife was buryed September the 12th

Robert VIDOR was buryed September ye 26 [NOTE:- Given as entry 64 on list of Investors of the Dorchester Company] named by Rev. John WHITE in 1626 as Robert VEARE who married (Winterbourne Kingston) Agnes Bezant on 23 Jan 1625. Bur. Fordington 26 Sept 1669 Source given as Rev RG Bartelot]

Edith MORRIS widow was buryed December ye 9th

Rachell SLADE widow was buryed December ye 19th

Joane ye wife of John ALLEN was buryed January ye 4th

Thomas ye son of Samuel BELLMAN & Mary his wife was buryed January ye 9th

William CHAMPION was buryed ffebruary ye 1st

Thomas HOLLMAN & Edward WINSOR were buryed ffebruary 6th

John ye son of Mr Benjamin SPERRING? & ffrances his wife was buryed ffebruary ye 11th

Mary ye wife of Arthur HACKHAM buryed ffebruary 19th

    John THORNBURGH Vic [Vicar]
    Alaine? RASKER
    Hen: [Henry] HAWKE of
    Roger WINSOR [End of CLDS Image 2128]

1670 A Perfect Register of all the Christenings, marriages & Burialls in the Parish of ffordington in the year 1670

    [Start of CLDS Images 2129 & 2130]

Burials 1670

Sarah ye daughter of Thomas COSENS was buryed March ye [damaged edge]

Margaret ye daughter of William BIRD was buryed Aprill ye [damaged edge]

Alice WINSOR widow was buryed Aprill the 21st [Note:- there is a will for an Ursula Winser a widow of Fordington which was written on 13th March 1670 a month before this burial for which we cannot locate a burial?]

John ye bastard son of Mary TIZZARD was buryed May ye 24th [Note John baptised February 6 th 1669]

Deborah ye daughter of Edward WALLIS was buryed May ye 26th

Mary the daughter of John BELLMAN was buryed May ye 30th

Elizabeth ye daughter of Edward WALLIS was buryed June ye 4th

Joane ye wife of John KEATE was buryed June ye 8th

William COLLINS was buryed June ye 9th [Note:- See Wills Index 28 Sep 1670]

Phillip ye son of John SWAN was buryed June ye 21st

John ye son of William TRIP was buryed July ye 5th

William ADAMS was buryed July ye 7th

Samuel ye son of Mr Richard FFITZHERBERT & Mary his wife was buryed July the 10th

Mary ye daughter of Edith ADAMS widow was buryed August ye 7th

Anne PARKER widow was buryed August ye 16th

Agnes ye wife of Richard BARTLETT }

Amy LOCK widow &        }were buryed August ye 28th [End of CLDS Image 2129]

Joane INGRAM widow    }

John CHILD was buryed August ye 30th

Thomas HUNT was buryed September ye 4th [Note:-Thomas HUNT (c1601-1670) son of John HUNT (d.1604) and Joan RASKER (d.1609) See Wills Index for Letter of Administration for his estate in 1670]

Robert TAPP was buryed Sept: ye 7th [Note:- See Transcription of Will dated 30th August 1670]

Anne BASCOMB , and }

Thomas ye base born son of Sarah INGRAM }were buryed Sept: ye 17th

Anthony BARNES was buryed September ye 21

William COLLINS Senior of Eastchurch was buryed October ye 6th

Richard ye son of Richard COSENS was buryed October ye 25

Nicholas WINSOR was buryed October ye 26

William RASKER was buryed November ye 19th

John COLLINS was buryed November ye [illegible paper fold] [End of CLDS Image 2130]

1671 Missing [NOTE:_ See Transcription of the will of Dorothy FFREEKE dated 11th October 1670 for which we cannot trace a burial so she is likely to have died during this year or 1673/4 when registers are missing]

1672 A Register of the names of all those that have byn [been] borne christened, married or buryed ffordington in the Parish of ffordington in the year of the Lord 1672 [Start of CLDS Image 2131]

Buryed [Note the word “ye” meaning the, is written with the e above the y in this document]


16 July 1672 Robt [Robert] INGRAM [Note:- See Wills Index 1672]

16 July 1672 Eliz [Elizabeth] HANSOM? widd [widow]

27 July 1672 Saml [Samuel] BURGES [Note:- See Wills Index 1672]

1 October 1672 Barbara of James PARKER

2 November 1672 Grace ye wife of Jho: [John] BISHOPP

8 November 1672 Grace ye daughter of Tho: [Thomas] BISHOPP

12 November 1672 Tho: [Thomas] ye sonne of David? BIRD

14 November Garthery? the wife of Rog: [Roger] GREGORY [Note name Garthery reasonably clear- may be a version of Gartered i.e. Gertrude]

27 November Roger GREGORY

14 Jan: 72 Tho:? [Thomas?] BARTLETT

16 ffeb: 72 Jo: [Joseph?] HUNT?

25 ffeb: 72 Rich: [Richard] ye sonne of Robt [Robert] COLLINS

1 Mar 72 Richard ye sonne of Ronald WYATT [Note baptised 12 September 1672]

    Geo: [George] STANDLY Clerke [As in Cleric or Vicar]
    Henry CROOME
    Ambrose HUNT [End of CLDS Image 2131]

1673 and 1674 Missing [Note:- See transcription of the Inventory of Katherine BASCOMBE 16th June 1675 for whom we cannot trace a burial, she is likely to have died at the end of 1674]

1675 Register of ye Christnig: [Christenings] Marages; [Marriages] Buryerd [Burials] in ye ffordington parish of ffordington 1675 [Start of CLDS Image 2132]

Buryalls 1675

Robt [Robert] HUNT was buryed the 25 March [Robert HUNT (1633-1675) son of Robert HUNT (c1595 - aft 1639) and husband of Joan HUNT]

Mary ye daughter of Thomas? SQUIB Aprill 18th

Mary ye wife Tho: [Thomas] FROME buryed Aprill 27

Mary ye daughter of Benjamin SPERING? May 4th

John SEAGER buryed May ye 21st

Ann ye wife of Joseph GREGORY buryed June 21

John GREGORY buryed July ye 10th

[illegible - torn] ah ye wife Tho: [Thomas] ADDAME buryed July 24th [NOTE:- This will be Sarah ADAMS as a Thomas & Sarah Adams had a son in Fordington 1st May 1670]

John EAMES buyed September ye 15th [Note:- Son of Richard Eames baptised Fordington 13th January 1638/39]

Joane BARNES wido: [widow] buryed September 26th

Mary WINSOR buryed September ye 26th [Note:- See Wills Index 1675]

Sarah daughter of Tho: [Thomas] ADDAMES buryed October 12

Elizabeth wife of Edward EAMES buryed October 20 [Note:- Wife of Edward EAMES (1618-1685) churchwarden see below and son of Richard EAMES (c1588-c1634) and Alice SPRAGUE (c1597-1668]

Elizabeth daughter of Robt: [Robert] LININGTON October 20  

Joseph INGRAM the younger buryed November 8th

Robt: [Robert] LININGTON buryed November ye 12th [Note:- See Wills Index 1675]

Florrance wife Joseph INGRAM buryed November 29

Joseph INGRAM ye younger buryed December 9 [Note:- See Wills Index 1676]

Tho: [Thomas] BISSHOP buryed January ye 6th

Rich: [Richard] CHOUNT buryed February ye 26

    Jo [John] THORNBURGH Vic
    Edw: [Edward] EAMES Churchwarden [End of CLDS Image 2132]

1676 and 1677 Missing

1678 An account of all ye Christenings and Marriages and Buryals that have happened in ye ffordington Ano Dm [Anno Domini - In the year of our Lord] 1678 [Start of CLDS Image 2133]


John LOCK April 7

Elizabeth EVERARD Apr: 15

Mary SWAN May 9

Sam: [Samuel] POPLAR June 9

Joan ALLEN June 17

Elizabeth SEAGER July 18

Benj: [Benjamin] SEAGER Aug 4

Joseph LOCK Aug 6

Joseph CHOUNT Sept 8

Richard INGRAM Sept: 19

Rich: [Richard] SCOTT Sept 22

James HUNT Sept: 24 [Note:- Probably the James HUNT son of Robert & Elizabeth HUNT bap FStG 24th Sep 1678]

Mary BOWLES Sept 29

Eleanor COWARD Oct 19

John BUNN Oct: 18

Robt [Robert] DIFFEY Nov 1

John FFREAK Nov 25

Mary BONBEY Nov 3

Ann KNAPTON Dec 11

William TAP Dec 23

Kat: [Katherine] HOLMAN Dec 24 [Note there is a will registered for a Hendry HOLMAN in 1679?]

John INGRAM Dec 30

Robert WINSOR Jan 15

Nich: [Nicholas] TUBB Jan 22

Nich: [Nicholas] BUGG Jan 26 [Note possible marriage to Dorothy BARNES 2nd June 1640; beneficiary under will of father in law William BARNES 1660 and death of his wife below 1679]

Sarah INGRAM ffeb 23 [Note:- See Wills Index 1679]

Jane BARNS ffeb 23 [CLDS Image 2133]

1679? [Note continuous return from 1678 but year would have ended 24th March - Baptisms show a change of year - all on the same page - there was probably more baptisms and burials in 1679 as there does not seem to be enough entries in other parts of the year but no separate return has survived] [CLDS Image 2133]


Christian ARNOLL [ Arnold ?] Aprill 20

Dorothy BUGG April 27 [Note widow of Nicholas BUGG see 26 Jan 1678/79 above]

Grace WINDSOR Aprill 27

Tho: [Thomas] HUNT May 11 [Unidentified memeber opf the HUNT Family?]

Mary CHANNING May 28

    John DOWLAND Curate
    Michaes RASKER } Churchwardens
    William MINTERNE } [End of CLDS Image 2133]

1680 A Register of ye Christenings Marriages and Buryals in ye Parish of ffordington ffordington for ye year 1680 [Start of CLDS Image 2134]

Robert INGRAM was buryed May 3 [Note:- See Wills Index 1680]

Roger WINDSOR [May] 27 [Note:- See Wills Index 1680]

Joan PARKING? June 5

Edward ye son of Edward COAT and Honer his wife July 16

Sarah ye wife of John BONBEY [July] 30

Eliza: BASCOMB August 25

Robt: [Robert] RASKER [August ] 26

Mary TAP [August ] 26

Peter GANDEN [August ] 29

Elisha? ye son of William SEAGER and Anne his wife Sept: 1

Eliza ye daughter of Ed: [Edward] SWAN and Julian his wife [September] 9

William BONGER [September] 24

John COWARD [September] 24

Virtue WORNELL October 1

Richard CHURCHILL [October] 2

Will [William] BASCOMB [October] 4 [Note:- Likely to be marriage of William BASCOMBE of Fordington who married Tamsen BUTLER of All Saints Parish Dorchester on 25th Dec 1656]

Joseph ye son of Joan SEAGER [October] 5

Will [William] ye son of Robt [Robert] WINDSOR and Mary his wife [October] 11

Mary EAMES [October] 12

Peter WINDSOR [October] 17

Roger WINDSOR [October] 17

Micheas RASKER [October] 29 [Note was Churchwarden on 1678/9 return] [Note:- See Wills Index 1680]

Alice FFORD wid [widow] November 12 [Note:- See Wills Index 1681]

Mary BRINE [November] 12

Margaret ye wife of John SPRAGE [SPRAGUE - November] 13

Joan EAMES wid [widow - November] 14

Katherine ye wife of Tho: [Thomas] WINDSOR [November] 17

Joan BUN wid [widow] Nov 21

John KEAT [November] 29

Adam TUCKER December 10

Rich: [Richard] GULTEN [December] 12

David CROMWAY [December] 13

Peter MILBURN [December] 15

Elenor GAULTON widow [December] 20

Eliza: DAVARISH [December] 26 [Note;- This might be Elizabeth DEVENISH - See Wills Index - Letter of Administration granted on 3rd February 1681/2 to Elizabeth the natural and lawful daughter of Elizabeth DEVENISH late of Dorchester a widow who died intestate]

Rich: [Richard] EYRS [December] 27

Cassandra KNAPTON March 2

Robt [Robert] MIDDLETON [March] 12 [Note:- Robert the husband of Tamazine MIDDLETON [MIDLEN] nee HUNT the daughter of Ambrose HUNT III (c1592-1661)]

Tho: [Thomas] BISHOP [March] 19

Ambrose HUNT [March] 21 [Note:-Ambrose HUNT (1624-1680/1)Yeoman of Fordington husband of Eleanor CHUBB whom he married at Owermoigne on 22nd Sep 1679 - See Wills Index 1681]

    [End of CLDS Image 2134]

1681 A true and perfect Register of all ye Marriages Christenings and Burials as have happened in the Parish of ffordington in ye year 1681 [Start of CLDS Image 2135]

John BONBEY was buryed Aprill ye 5

Susannah ye daughter of Arthur BUN and Patience was buried Aprill ye 3

Elizabeth ye wife of Humphrey COWARD was buried Aprill 6

Christopher SLADE was buried May 1

Will: [William] DOWLE was buried May 3

John WEECH was buried May 4

Rachel GAULTON was buried May 9

Hester WINDSOR widow May 8

Robt [Robert] COLLINS June 9 [Note:- See Wills Index 1681]

Edith BONGER June 13

Margaret PHELPS June 19

Anne ye daughter of James HACKHAM and Anne his wife buried July 2

Joseph BISHOP July 5

Michaes BARNES July 27 [Note:- Link to comments about this family - also note that there is a Will for a Nicholas BARNES in the Salisbury Probate Court for this year- See Wills Index 1681]

James COLLINS August 11 [Note:- See Wills Index 1681]

Richard ye son of John GANDEN a nd Sarah his wife was buried August 23

John PHIPPARD October 2

Mary ye daughter of Rich: [Richard] SCOTT and Margaret his wife buried October 20

Alice ARNOLD October 31

Joan GANDEN November 16

Walter BOWLES November 20

Edward CLINES December 6

Jane ARNOLL [ ARNOLD] December 13

Will: [William] WHITE December 16 [Note:- See Wills Index 1681]

Mary RASKER December 20

Elenor PHIPPARD December 24

ffrancis ye son of ffrancis CHURCHILL and Elinor his wife December 26 [Note Baptised FStG 27th Nov 1681]

Katherine ASH December 29 [End of CLDS Image 2135]

Hannah ye daughter of Mark EAMES and Mary his wife was buried Jan [January] : 2 [Start of CLDS Image 2136] [Note:- Mark EAMES First marriage to Mary Unknown see 2nd marriage to Grace HUNT at Owermiogne in Strays file for more information about him]

Tho: [Thomas] ye son of Tho: [Thomas] BRINE Jan: 3

Katherine BUN ffeb: 11

Mary WINDSOR March 11

Jane LIMBERY March 14

    John DOWLAND Curate
    Simon BALE
    William COLLINS [End of CLDS Image 2136]

1682 A Register of ye Christenings Marriages and ffunerals as have bin [been] in ye Parish of ffordington Anno Dmni [Domini] 1682

    [Start of CLDS Image 2137]

Sam: [Samuel] BELLMAN was buried March 26

Joan BUN [March] 28

John ye son of Henry PARTRIDGE [March] 31

Elizabeth ARNOLL [ Arnold ] Aprill 5

Edward COAT [April] 12

Grace WINDSOR [April] 16

Robert DIBBEN May 8

Margaret ye daughter of Joan SEAGER May 10

Robert SCRIVEN [May] 23

Joseph ye son of Thomas BRIER & Mary his wife August 22

Thomasin BASCOMB [ August] 20 [Note:- William BASCOMBE of Fordington married Tamsen BUTLER of All Saints Parish Dorchester on 25th Dec 1656 and they had a child Sarah baptised in Fordingtin on 11th jan 1665/6]

William BARNES October 1

Cassandra POPLER [October] 25

Will: [William] SCUTT January 11

Katherine THORN the Wid: [Widow] ffeb [February] 4

George ye son of Ambrose WAY & Sarah his wife [February] 11 [Note probably baptised 27 th May 1682]

Elizabeth BEDLOW [ February] 12

Elenor KING [ February] 27

Robt [Robert] ye son of Robert DIFFIN & Mary his wife March 2 [Note Baptized Nov 29 th ]

William CRIMELL [March] 5

John DIFFEN ye son of Robt [Robert] & Mary his wife [ March] ye 8 [Note Baptized Nov 29 th ]

Rebekeh BUN [March] 16

Elizabeth ye daughter of Tho: [Thomas] BISHOP & Elizabeth his wife [March] 21

Joan SEAGER wid [widow- March] 26 [Note:- See Wills Index 7 Apr 1683]

    John DOWNLAND Curate
    William SEAGER } Churchwardens
    William MINTERNE } [End of CLDS Image 2137]

1683 A copy of the Register of burials ibdm [at or in the same place] [Start of CLDS Image 2138]


March 26 Joan SEAGER was buried

Aprill 16 Phillip SWANNE

Aprill 24 Josiah KING

Aprill 27 John MILBOURN

May 22 Mary KING

May 25 Hannah GOLD

June 16 Joan BARTLETT

July 2 Henry GREENING [Note:- See Wills Index 1683]

July 12 Will: [William] ROBERTS

Aug 1 Onesiphorus [Note a biblical name meaning one who brings profit] COLLINS

Aug 11 Joanna TRIPP

July? 21 Mary BOLES [Note original out of date sequence]

Aug 22 Ely ALLEN

Aug 24 Grace KNAPTON

Aug 27 Jane BISHOP [Note:- See Wills Index 1684]

    [End of CLDS Image 2138 & Start of Image 2139]

Sep? 10 Thomas SQUIBB [Note:- See Wills Index 1684]

Oct? 2 Katherine COOK

Sept? 28 Sarah GAWDEN

Dec 4 John SWAN

Dec 4 Sarah WAY

Dec 16 Will: [William] HUNT [Note:- The husband of Anna HUNT SeeWills Index 1684 for a Letter of Adminstration granted to her on 2nd July 1684 to administer his estate and an Inventory of his goods]

Dec 16 Katherine COOK

Jany 13 Will: [William] WIGGINS

Feby 3 Luce MEADER

Feby 26 Ffrances KNAPLEN

Feby 26 Dorothy HASTINGS

March 14 John BOLES

March 17th Elizabeth SCUTT

March 18 Martha FFREAKE

    Hen: [Henry] ROBINSONVicar
    William SEAGER
    William MINTERNE
    Church Wardens ffordington [End of CLDS Image 2139]

1684 A true copy of the Christenings, Marriages and Burialls taken out of ye Register Book of the Parish of ffordington for the year 1684

Burialls [Start of CLDS Image 2140 & 2141]

Elizabeth KING March 26th

Thomas SEAGER March 31st

Reuben WILTSHIRE April 23rd

John MOORE May 5th

Mary KNAPTON May 14th

Anne WYATT May 25th

Sarah GAWDEN June 15th

Grace LUCAS July 13th

Henry MINTERNE September 17th [Note:- See Wills Index 1684]

Robert COLLINS September 24th

Jonathan COLLINS October 15th

Jane WHITE October 20th

Honer COLE November 9th

Anne COOKE November 11th

Katherine DILLEY November 24th

Elizabeth COWARD December 1st

John MASTERS January 6th

Elizabeth DIFFEY January 11th [Note:- See Wills Index 1684]

Anne COMBES January 24th

Robert MIDDLETON February 6th [Note:- See Wills Index 1684 for a Letter of Administration with an inventory was issued to his mother Tamizine MIDDLETON nee HUNT for Robert MIDLEN [MIDDLETON] the son of Thomizione and Robert MIDLEN ]

[End of CLDS Image 2140]

Sarah TUCKER February 20th

Mary EAMES March 1st [Note:- probably the death of the 1st wife of Mark EAMES as he remarried to Grace HUNT at Owermoigne on 18th Oct 1685]

Thomas NORRIS March 4th

Elenor MILBOURN March 16th

    Henry ROBINSONVicar
    William SEAGER } Churchwardens
    William MINTERNE } [End of CLDS Image 2141]

1685 Burials in ye Parish of ffordington in the year of our Lord 1685 [Start of CLDS Image 2142]


Virtue MEADER April1st

Thomas KING April 18th

Mary PHIPPARD April 19th

Nicholas BALE May 4th

Ro: [Robert] GAWDEN May 6th

Moses SLADE May 24th

Tho: [Thomas] ROBERTS June 4th

Mary BELMAN Nov 29th

Edward EAMES Dec 5th [Note son of Richard EAMES (c1588-c1634) and Alice SPRAGUE(c1597-1668) of Fordington he married Elizabeth TAPP(1605-1675) daughter of Robert Tapp ]

Eliz: [ Elizabeth ] DOWLE Jany 22nd

Edith CHUBB Jany 24th

John POPLAR Jany 27th

Lydia BARTLETT Jany 30th

Cassandra KNAPTON ffebry 5th

Thomas KNAPTON ffebry 8th

Elizabeth KNAPTON ffebry 15th

Elizabeth WYATT ffebry 16th

Susanna TUCHEN ffebry 15th

Tho: KNAPTON Junior ffebry 20th

Reuben MILTERN ffebry 28th

Henry COLLINS March 15th

    Henry ROBINSONVic [Vicar] ibdm
    [Note: ibdm is a Latin abbreviation of Ibidem meaning at or in the same place]
    Simon BALES? } Churchwardens
    William MINTERNE } [End of CLDS Image 2142]

1686 A list taken out of ye Register of ye Parish of ffordington of ye names of all such Persons as were Baptised, Married & Buried Ano Dmi 1686


Buried [Start of CLDS Image 2143]

William son of Ffrancis COLLINS April 28th [Note Baptised same day]

Anne daughter of Sam: [Samuel] BELMAN April 28th

Anne daughter of Reginald WYATT April 30th

Margaret WILLIAMS May 18th

Thomas son of John ALLEN June 16th

Mary TRIPP June 5th [Note out of order on original]

Sarah LOVELACE June 30th

Anne PATY Aug 4th

Robert WAGLAND Aug 29th

Mary BISHOP 10th 4 th [i.e. 10th month - October - 4th day of the month]

Henry FFRAMPTON Dec 27th

John DIFFEY Jany 2nd

John BOOBY Jany 1st

Hannah daughter of Joseph BARTLET March 17th

    Henry ROBINSONVic [Vicar]
    Richard CHURCHILL } Church
    Simon BALE } wardens [End of CLDS Image 2143]

1687 A list of ye names of all such Persons as have been Baptised, Married or Buried within ye Parish of ffordington Ano Dmnj [Anno Domini - In the year of our Lord] 1687[Start of CLDS Images 2144 & 2145]



Elizabeth BARTLETT March 29th

Jane daughter of Jo [John] INGRAM April 7th

Jane MEADER April 17 th

Elizabeth HUNT May 24th [May have been the burial of Elizabeth HUNT Bap 1632 daughter of Robert HUNT (c1595 - aft 1639) and Katherine BATSCOMBE]

Jane BUNN Widd [Widow] June 7th

Mary daughter of Alice SEAGER July 20th

James son of Peter MILBOURN Sept 9th

Elizabeth the wife of Jacob HITCHCOCK Sept 10th [End of CLDS Image 2144]

Mary baseborn of Mary BURD Octbr 25th

Elizabeth daughter of Mark EAMES Octbr 4th [Note;- Daughter of Mark EAMES probably by his 1st wife Mary - see marriage to Grace HUNT at Owermoine - in Strays file 18th Oct 1685]

Mary daughter of Richard COLLIAR March 8th

    Hen: [Henry] ROBINSON Vicar ibdm
    [Note: ibdm is a Latin abbreviation of Ibidem meaning at or in the same place]
    John INGRAM
    Willm [William] COLLINS [End of CLDS Image 2145]

1688 A list of all such persons as have been Baptised, Married & Buried within ye Parish of ffordington between march 25 th 1688 and March 25 th 1689 [Start of CLDS Image 2146]


Robert BARTLETT April 7th

Wm: [William] FFRAMPTON April 14th

Ann WHEADEN May 28th

Martha LUCCAS July 11th

Ursula TRIPP Sept 15th

Elizabeth HUNT Oct 21st [Note:- First wife of William HUNT (b1628). William was the 2nd child from the marriage of Ambrose HUNT (c1592-1661) to Mary WINSOR at FStG on 3rd July 1623. ]

Jane? BELMAN Nov 13th

Wm: [William] BUNN Nov 12th

Thomasin MIDDLETON Jany 1st

    Hen: [Henry] ROBINSONVicar
    Jonas SEAGER } Churchwardens
    William COLLINS } [End of CLDS Image 2146]

1689 A List of all such Persons as were Christened Married & Buried within ye Parish of ffordington Anno Domini [In the year of our Lord] 1689

Buried [Start of CLDS Image 2147]

John WELLS May 26th

Robert BELBIN July 29th

Hannah GOULD July 28th

William READ Sept 1st

Grace EAMES Octb 24th [Note;- Grace nee HUNT the 2nd wife of Mark EAMES of Fordington whom he married at Owermoigne on 18th Oct 1685]

Mary BARTLET Nov st

Susanna ARNOLD Dec 23rd

Thomasin POUNSEY ffeb 16 th

Katherine BULL ffebry 20th

Mary GANDON? Febry 24th

John BALE March 17th

    Hen: Henry ROBINSON Clerk [as in Cleric or Vicar]
    John SEAGER [End of CLDS Image 2147]

Bishops Transcripts for the year 1690 are Missing

[Note:- I think Elizabeth HUNT nee EYRES thge second wife of William HUNT (b1628) the 2nd child from the marriage of Ambrose HUNT (c1592-1661) to Mary WINSOR at FStG on 3rd July 1623. probably died this year as he marries again in 1693 to Edith Flower]

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