Fordington, Dorset, England, Marriages 1577-1766 Part 1

Fordington St Georges Church

Part 1 Marriages 1577 to 1766

St Georges Church Fordington - 2008
© Michael Russell FIPD

File last updated May 2016 [677 Marriage Records]

Transcribed from Dorset Parish Registers Marriages originally published in 1909 by W P W Phillimore & Edmund Nevill, Volume IV

NOTE -The Marriages printed here before 1704 are taken from transcript of the Fordington Registers preserved in the Registry of the Dean of Sarum

VOL I is a parchment book bound in leather measuring 15 inches by 13 inches It contains Baptisms Marriages and
Burials intermingled from 1704 to 1754 It was re bound about 1785 and is in excellent preservation

VOL II Marriages only commences in 1754 and ends 1766 It is on parchment in the usual printed form

These Marriage extracts have been copied by the Rev R Grosvenor Bartelot the Vicar by whose permission they are now printed

Note:- Transcription of Fordington Marriages was done some time ago. As I was transcribing the Baptisms and Burials from Bishops Transcripts, and Marriage entries prior to 1704 came from these returns, I gradually became aware of a few errors. It is not my intention to be critical in any way particularly as I found these original transcriptions invaluable when dealing with faded or water damaged documents which sometimes were in Latin. Apart from checking on handwriting, spellings etc I constantly referred to the marriages to check on new families to the Parish and there is no doubt that without this documentation my own transcriptions would have been less accurate than they are.

Some tiny errors are important however. For example where a change in year has been omitted or the wrong year quoted. I have therefore reproduced the listing below and added in comments in italics and used a different colour to highlight them as here. Entries below after 1704 are from Parish Registers not Bishops Transcripts, I have highlighted differences with the Bishops Transcripts that I have but it should be born in mind that the originals may well be correct as they were compiled by local churchwardens or the vicar who knew the individual families. In November 2011 I gained access to the Parish registers and have added (PR) after the entry to show that this has been checked and confirmed

Finally at the request of the CLDS I have added Image Reference numbers for the Bishops Transcripts so that entries can be more easily located on the discs they provided. --CLDS film 1279496 & for years after 1754 CLDS film 1279497
--Michael Russell OPC for Dorchester & Fordington

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    [Start of CLDS Image 4002460_02077 ]

Henry LEVET & Elizabeth EGERTON married 9 [*] 1577 [Note children bap from this marriage in Fordington: Richard later in 1577; Elizabeth bap 28 Nov 1585, bur 5 May 1608]

John COZENS the elder & Margerie ARNOLDES married 21 [*] [Note children of this marriage in Fordington: Jane & Anne (twins?) 1578]

Roger HEWISHE & Wynfrithe CLOWTER married 25-Apr 1578

Richard GRIFFET & Christian MULLYNS married 02-Jun [Note:- Christian GRIFFET was buried in Fordington 24 Apr 1591]

John ZEAGER [SEAGER] & Alice KEATE [or KETE] married 7 Julie

William GOLSEY & Luce COSENS married 21-Sep

John HOWNSLOE & Phillippe SWYER married 06-Oct

Thomas BELMAN & Margaret PORTER married 12-Oct [Note;- children of this marriage in Fordington: William bap and bur 23 Apr 1587: Thomas bap 1594]

Richard HARDIE & Elizabeth CRYMELL married 23 [*]

Thomas WYNSOR jun & Julian BISHOPPE married 04-Feb

    [End of CLDS Image 4002460_02077 ]

    [Note:- Returns for 1579 ro 1585 inc are missing]

    [Start of overlapping CLDS Images 4002460_02079 & 02080]

William TUCKER & Elizabeth BUN married 28-Feb 1585 [BT date is 30th January 1585]

William RASKAR & Katheryne BELMAN married 02-May 1586

    Note:- William RASKER (d.1605) the elder of Fordington. This is likely to be his 2nd marriage as his daughter Joane marries in 1591. His first marriage & the baptism of his elder children would therefore have been before the start of surviving parish registers. Link to transcription of his will which lists his surviving children :-
      (1) William
      (2) Christopher RASKER died in 1613
      (3) Robert
      (4) Joane RASKER she married JOHN HUNTin 1591
      (5) Alice
      (6) Grace RASKER (from his 2nd marriage) bap FStG 10th June 1587 and buried there 8th Oct 1587

Roger WHITE & Alce STANDLIE married 15 Maye 1586

Reynolde THORNE & Dorothie ASHE married 13-Jun

Robt. READE & Elizabeth COLLINS married 16-Jun

Thomas SEGER & Elizabeth STUIT married 18-Jun

Robert WOODLYE & Mercie THORNE married 26-Jun

    [End of overlapping CLDS Images 4002460_02079 & 02080]
    [Start of 3 overlapping CLDS Images 4002460_02081 to 02083]

Christopher BEERE & Isable COLLINS married 27-Jan

Thomas TETMAN & Thomasin SWETRIDGE married 10-May 1587

Thomas CHOUNTE & Marie CUSSEN married 04-Dec

Lawrence COMBE & Agnes SERVANT married 22-Jan

Edmonde FORTE & Isable WINSOR married 28-Jan

Paul GOODFELLOW & Betteris WHITE married 29-Jul 1588

John ROYE & Margaret STALINGTON married 23-Sep

    [End of 3 overlapping CLDS Images 4002460_02081 to 0283]

    [Note:- Returns for 1589 & 1590 inc are missing]

[ ** *** ] TALBOT & [ *** ] his wife married 17-Oct 1591

    [Start of CLDS Image 4002460_2084] [Note:- I cannot make out these names on this highly damaged record but assume they had a better copy in 1909 when first transcribed by Phillimore so I have given what I can see as a note against each entry - which to a large extent but not exclusively supports the original transcription by Phillimore. I am also not sure of the exact year(s) given in the document]

[ ** *** ] **WARD & Eve his wife married 12-Oct

    [Note:- -- Although I have not had access to it there is ref to this record in 'Planters of the Commonwealth' by Charles E Banks, published 1930 on page 143 - Reported to be the marriage of Richard WARREN to Eve [surname unknown as above]. Richard WARREN wrote his Will 5th Dec 1636 (See transcription) died 1637 (See badly damaged burial register) Will proved 3 May 1638. This is the only ref that I can find to an Eve in these returns and Richard WARREN had their 1st known child Mary Warren Baptised in Fordington 1 year after this date on 16th August 1592 so may well be correct]

[ ** *** ] WHITE & Elizabeth his wife married 21-Nov

[ ** *** ] MOORE & Elizabeth his wife married 23-Nov

John HUNT & Jone [Joan] his wife married 16-Nov [---of November]

    [Note:-John HUNT (d.1604) was the son of Ambrose HUNT I (d.1587) by Elizabeth his wife, and information about him and his family can be accessed via the links provided

John DENNES & Elizabeth his wife married 21-Dec [---daye of December]

Henry GREENING & Mary his wife married 23-Jan [--his wife were married the 23 Daye of January]

Thomas PULLMAN & Agnes his wife married 08-Jul [year missing now 1592] [--- were married the 8 daye of July]

Robert STEVENS & Elizabeth his wife married 15-Oct [--- were married the 15 daye of October]

William EARTH & Eedde his wife married 15-Oct [ --- were married the 17? daye of October]

Robert FORDE & Margaret his wife married 05-May 1593 [whole line illegible torn and folded]

William WINSOR & Cristide his wife married 26-Oct [--- were married the 26 of October]

John ASHE & Jane his wife married 04-Oct [---the 4 daye of October][Note:- See biographical notes on the John ASHE Family]

John PETYE & Alis his wife married 08-Oct [---his wiffe were married the 8 daye of October]

Robert ***ONE & Agnes his wife married 29-Oct [---his wiffe were married the 29 of October]

William BRYNE & Elizabeth. his wife married 23-Nov [---Elizabeth his wiffe were married the 23 of November.]

Nicolas BAKER & An his wife married 16-May 1594 [---his wiffe were married the 16 day of Maye. ]

    [End of CLDS Image 4002460_2084]

    [Note:- Returns for 1595 & 1605 inc are missing]

    [Start of CLDS Image 4002460_2092]

Robert COSSENS & Johan [abbreviation for Johanna] MATHEW married 18-May 1606

John CHUNT & Joan WABRIDGE married 19-Jun

Henry HAWKINS & Joann SCUTT married 06-Jul

William PAULMER [PALMER] & Faith MOODY married 15-Jul [Note:- Child, Ralph PALMER bap F.StG 11th May 1607]

John SERVANT & Margaret WINZOR married 13-Sep

Thomas WINSOR & Elynor MABEE married 21-Sep  [BT’s have her name as MABER] [Note:- Children:- (1) Christian bap F StG 8th Mar 1607. [Registers missing 1609-1613] (2) Sarah bap F StG 17th Sep 1615 (3) Thomas Bap F StG 18th Nov 1618 (4) Edmund bap F StG 20th Aug 1623 - Thomas WINSOR the elder then died and was buried at Fordington on 14th Jan 1623/4

Robert GRIFFINE [GRYFFIN] & Elizabeth HOOPER married 05-Oct [ BT's have her surname as HOOP ] [Note:-Child, Thomas GRYFFIN bap F.StG 10th Oct 1607]

William BARNES & Margery RASKER married :33 Nov [Note:- Margery RASKER was the daughter of Robert RASKER who was the brother of William RASKER (d.1605) and is mentioned in the latters will]

Ambrose WHITE & Mary BIRDE married 16-Feb [BT ’s have her name as Margaret Birde]

Anthony CLEARKE & Catherine [Katherine] SAVAGE married 15-Jun 1607 [ Note marriage also on CLDS Image 02094] [BT's have his surname as CLARKE

    [Note:- parish records are missing for 1609/13, 1616/7, 1629, 1632, 1634, 1636, 1640 to 1663 inc. Known children from this marriage:- (1) Katharine bap 23 Apr 1615; (2) Roger bap 7 Feb 1618, (3) Robert bap 20 May 1622 - buried 13 Apr 1638, (4) John buried bap 9 Jul 1626 - buried 26 Oct 1631. -- Anthony CLARKE, a yeoman of Fordington, lived in 1617 with his family in the same house as Henry TAPP a husbandman. See the examination of Catharine CLARKE by Sir Francis Ashley in his casebook for the date 22 Dec 1617 (pages 43 & 47) and by Henry TAPPE of Fordington on 17th Dec 1617. Catharine gave evidence against the drunken behaviour of Hamnet WHITE who had been drinking at Nicholas Hellier's alehouse. This was described by David Underdown in his book 'Fire from Heaven' (pages 67,79, and 264) as ' Nicholas Hellier's unsavoury alehouse in Fordington often attracted the attention of Sir Francis Ashley; it was a base for poaching (even of swans and herons) and for many other kinds of iniquity] Anthony CLARKE was buried F StG on 9 Jan 1626/27 hence no more children and leaving Katharine a widow]

William FLUELLINE & Edith BALIE married 02-Jul [ Note marriage also on CLDS Image 02094]

Thomas HAYWARD & Elizabeth RIVES married 24-Nov [ Note marriage also on CLDS Image 02094]

John MATE & Edith SEAGER married 27-Jun 1608 [ Note marriage also on CLDS Image 02095]

William HUTTON & Jane KIPPINGE married 03-Jul [ Note marriage also on CLDS Image 02095] [BT's have her surname as KIPPINE ]

John WHITE & Mary KEZIAR married 16-Nov [BT’s have her name as Marye KEIZER]

Hamnet WHITE & Christian BARNES married 28-Feb [ Note marriage also on CLDS Image 02095]

    [End of CLDS Image 4002460_2092]

Amias CHAPPE & Joane MEECH married 28-Feb [ Note marriage only on CLDS Image 02094] [BT's have his name as CHAPPELL ]

    [Note:- Returns for 1609 to 1613 inc are missing]

    [Start of CLDS Image 02096]

Ambrose WHITE & Elizabeth RASKER widow married 04-Jul 1614

    [Note:- Ambrose WHITE was examined by Sir Francis ASHLEY JP on 4 occasions between 1617 and 1626 (See pages 43,46,62 and 94 of his Casebook) twice as a witness and twice he was bound over for good behaviour. He is described as a Yeoman in one case and a Husbandsman in another both of Fordington. Known children from the marriage (1) Ambrose bap F StG 16th April 1615 (2) Judith she was probably born and baptised between June 1616 and March 1617/8 when parish registers are missing. She was buried at F StG however on 29th Mar 1624 (3) Edyth bap F StG 5th Aug 1621 (4) Judith named after the earlier deceased child she was baptised at F StG on 18th Apr 1624 and buried there on 20th Oct 1631]

Richard BARLOE & Marie KINGTON wid married 01-Aug

Thomas TACHELL & Yeedithe [Edith] STONE married 29-Aug

John SPARROWE & Elizabeth VYNE [VINE] widow married 25-Oct

John COMBE & Dorothee SANFORD married 15-Jan

Robert STONE & Martha CLAVYLL married 28-Jan

John DEARINGE & Alice SERVANT wid married 13-Feb

    [End of CLDS Image 02096 & start of Image 02097]

Robert COSENS & Alice COSENS married 02-May 1615

Roger BUCKE & Margery VYNTON married 04-May [I read his surname as BURKE]

Richard EAMES & Alice SPRAGE married 05-Jun [Note: Richard Eames was the 4th child of Thomas & Millicent Eames of Fordington - See biography of his younger brother Anthony Eames - Alice Sprague was the daughter of Edward & Christian Sprague from Upwey - See biography of her three brothers under The Sprague Family]

John RUNNY & Yeedith [Edith] COLLINS married 02-Oct

John SEAGER & Marie COLLINS married 17-Oct

John HILLARD & Margerie DILLYE married 18-Oct

William ATKINS & Agnes ANNET married 02-Nov

Gyles [Giles] STONE & Yeedith [Edith] PETTIE married 27-Nov

Roger SEAGER & Anne THOMAS married 18-Jan

    [End of CLDS Image 02097]

    [Note:- Returns for 1616 & 1617 are missing - last return ends June 1616 where for marriages it says “As yet None” CLDS Image 02098]

    [Start of CLDS Image 02099]

William CLARKE & Alyce [Alice] HOWMAN married 11-May 1618 [CLDS Image 2099]

John MARSHFYELD & Margaret STEVENS married 29-Jun

John ASHE jun & Elvnor SLADE married 13-Jan [Note:- See biographical notes on the John ASHE Family]

Thomas ROSE & Anne EAMES married 14-Jan [Anne Eames is the daughter of Thomas & Millicent Eames - See Biography of her brother Anthony Eames]

Robert GOODWIN & Mawde [Maud] FACYE married 21-Jan [BT’s have her name as  Mande]

John CROOMEY & Johane GAWDIN married 21-Jan

Robert GOODE & Katherine [Catherine] COSENS married 03-Mar

    [End of CLDS Image 02099 next marriage on Image 02100]

Nicholas INGRAM & Edith SEAGAR married 22-Jan 1619

    [Start of CLDS Image 02101]

John COLLINS & Susanna SKINNER married ** May 1620

William BARTLET & Katherine [Catherine] INGRAM married 26-Aug

William BISHOP & Christian BATTEN married 27-Jan [Note:- son Thomas bap Fordington St George 17th Nov 1622]

    [End of of CLDS Image 02101 & start of Image 02102]

Edward CLARKE clerke & Anne PELHAM were married 01-May 1621 [BT's have May 2nd ] [Note the Rev Edward Clarke was an assistant to the Rev John WHITE Rector of Holy Trinity & St Peters in Dorchester who was the driving force behind  emigration to New England.  Brother-in-law of John Humphrey, Deputy Governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony. Ann PELHAM was the daughter of Herbert PELHAM (1546-1620) by his 2nd wife Elizabeth WEST having been baptised at Hellingly in Sussex on 22nd Jan 1601/2 she came to Fordington with her parents and was 20 years old when she married. Follow link to Edward CLARKE for information about their children]

John HARRYS & Johane BYSHOPPE wid married 29-Mar [BT's have his surname as HARVYS - her surname as BYSHOPP wydowe]

William DILLYE & Emme WINSOR married 29-Oct 1621

John ARNOLDE & Elizabeth MINTERNE married 12-Dec

Morgan FORDE & Alice BUNNE married 14-Jan

    [End of CLDS Image 02102 & Start of Image 02103]

Michaell WHITE & Grace DENNIS married 05-Aug 1622

Edmond WINDYET & Frances HAGGARD married 12-Aug

Samuell HUTTON & Marye READE married 23-Sep

    [End of CLDS Image 02103 & Start of Image 02104]

Ambrose HUNT & Mary WINSOR married 03-Jul 1623

    Note:- Ambrose HUNT III (c1592-1662) Husbandman of Fordington - he was the son of John HUNT (d.1604) and Joan RASKER (d.1609) and churchwarden of St Georges Church in Fordington in 1630. Link to more information about his family, an image and translation of his will.

Ralfe SPRAGE & Johane WARREN married 15-Aug [Note Pilgrims - See Biography of The Sprague Family from Upwey]

Christopher INBROOKE & Elizabeth WINSOR married 06-Oct

Richard EDWARDS alias RENDELL & Edith DIBSDALE married 06-Oct

Otys POLWHEILE Clerke & Lidia KEELINGE married 12-Jan

    [End of CLDS Image 02104 & Start of Image 02105]

Andrew VENTHAM & Susana WINSOR married 07-Jun 1624 [ year omitted ]

John CHAFY & Elizabeth. TINEHAM married 16-Sep

Steven MORECOCKE & Anne VALENCE married 20-Sep

James TALBOT & Jone FREKE married 04-Oct

Robert SPEARE & Constance COUSENS married 04-Oct

Thomas POUNSY [POUNCY] & Margaret MOG married 15-Nov

John SEAGER & Margaret INGRAM married 07-Feb

John MEADER & Elenor SEAGER married 07-Feb [Note:- Children (1) John bap FStG 4 Dec 1625 (2) Henry Bap FStG 25 Feb 1626]

    [End of CLDS Image 02105 & Start of Image 02106]

Jacob TOMKINS clerke & Elizabeth STRONG married 17-Jan 1625

Jonas PALFREY & Elizabeth INGRAM married 17-Jan

    [End of CLDS Image 02106 & Start of Image 02107]

Christopher PARKER & Katherine [Catherine] HUTTON married 01-May 1626

Robert SPRAT & Anne VARE married 11-Jul

William BUN & Margaret ALLEN married 19-Jul

James PROOZE [PROUSE?] & Mary STONE married 31-Aug

John WINSOR jun & Elenor TAP married 16-Oct

Christopher CHURCHILL & Jone FEPPERT [FIPPARD?] married 28-Oct

Richard BATTRICKS & Margaret WINSOR married 11-Nov

John BRAG & Elizth. WINSOR married 05-Dec

Hamnet CONDITE & Margaret CLARE married 13-Jan

John BRINE & Agnes BUN married 16-Mar

    [End of CLDS Image 02107 & Start of Image 02108]

Robert SPEARE & Dorothea JOHNSON married 05-Feb 1637 [Wrong year should be 1627]

    [End of CLDS Image 02108 next marriage on Image 02109]

Alexander FORMAGE & Mary BESSE married 14-Jan 1638 [Wrong year should be 1628]

    [Note:- Return for 1629 is missing]

    [Start of CLDS Image 02110]

John PUCKETT & Sarah BARNES married 12-Apr 1630

Richard TITE & Barbara BITHGOOD married 13-Apr

Owen HENDY & Margaret BARNES married 27-May

John FORTE & Frances STONE married 27-May

James FOWNES & Katherine [Catherine] daughter of Wm LAWRENCE married 01-Jun 1630

Philip TUCKER & Margery COLLENS married 08-Jul

William LUCKIES & Alice EDWARDS married 03-Oct [BT's have his surname as LUCKES ]

Thomas CHURCHELL [CHURCHILL] & Charitie ZILES married 07-Oct [Note:- children:- (1) Mary Churchill bap FStG 14th Sep 1631 (2) Jane Churchill bap FStG 30th Mar 1633 (3) Hester Churchill Bap FStG 23rd Aug 1635 -- Parish Registers from 1640 to 1663 destroyed in civil war]

Robert HUNT & Katherine [Catherine] BATSCOMBE [BASCOMBE] married 23-Jan

    Note:- Robert HUNT (c1595 - aft 1639) was the son of John HUNT (d.1604) and Joan RASKER (d.1609). Robert was a beneficary under his maternal grandfather William RASKER's Will dated 5th Jan 1605 when he was bequeathed a ewe and lamb. His brother John HUNT (c1598-1628) left him 12pence in 1628 when he died, a legal ploy to show that he was considered but could not in effect claim on the rest of his brothers estate which was left to his wife and 2 suviving daughters. He was later tried before a jury at Bridport Quarter Sessions in Sep 1635 being prosecuted by William Smith and pleaded guilty being fined 20 shillings and committed until he paid the fine. Unfortunately it does not state what the offence was. The Bascombe Family have been in Fordington since the 16th century but I have not been able to locate anything about Katherine's. origins although I notice that a William BASCOMB possibly her father or other close family relation, was a witness to William RASKER's will in 1604/5 and signed the FStG Parish registers as churchwarden during 1606-1608 and was buried 29th Nov 1614. Parish Registers have not survived from 1640-1663 inc. so they may have had more children during that period and it is also when they would have died. Known children:-
      (1) Elizabeth HUNT (1632-1687?) bap FStG 27th Nov 1632 - [Note:- may have died still a spinster being buried at FStG on 24th May 1687 but difficult to be sure this is the correct Elizabeth]

      (2) Robert HUNT (1633-1675) Bap FStG 15th Sep 1633. He married after the Civil War around the year 1659 to Joan UNKNOWN (d.1699) when parish registers are missing and had a family of which we know of 3 surviving children as shown below. Robert was buried at FStG on 25th March 1675 and Joan on 11th January 1699/1700.

        (2.1) Grace HUNT (c1660-1689) she married Mark EAMES at nearby Owermoigne in Dorset on 18th Oct 1685 and had a son John EAMES bap at FStG 11th March 1686 who inherited 20shillings under her mothers will in 1699 and a house in Mill St from her bother Sebastian in 1722. Grace EAMES probably died from complications in her next pregnancy being buried at FStG on 24th Oct 1689

        (2.2) Thomas HUNT (c1662-1724) bap circa 1662 who married a Mary circa 1686 and in turn had the following children - Thomas was bequeathed £5 by his mother Joan HUNT in 1699 - Mary inherited all her wearing apparel. He was buried at FStG on 21st Jan 1724/5

          (2.1.1) Grace HUNT (1688-aft 1712) bap FStG 15th Nov 1688. She was named as a possible beneficiary under her uncle Sebastian's will written in 1712 of which she was joint executrix with his wife. She was due to inherit his house and a bugage called 'The Olde Goale' in All Saints after the decease of his 2nd wife and had a half interest in the residual estate of a Giles Bullock of London a woollen draper by the rights devolved to him from the estate of his 1st wife Deborah nee Harbin.
          (2.1.2) Joan HUNT (1693-?) bap FStG 12th July 1693 --------?
          (2.1.3) Robert HUNT ( 1695-1749) bap FStG 21st Oct 1695. He was named as a possible beneficiary under his uncle Sebastian's will written in 1712. He was due to inherit The 'Chequer Inn' in All Saints after the demise of Sebastian's 2nd wife Mary who lived until 1747. Buried FStG 28 June 1749
          (2.1.4) Debra HUNT (1704-1731) Bap FStG 18th May 1704 she married John NELSON of Fordington at All Saints Church on 17th Dec 1725. They had 3 children but all died in infancy. She may have died from complications arising from childbirth as buried at FStG on 16th May 1731 the same day that their son Samuel was baptised there.

        (2.3) Sebastian HUNT (1664-1722) bap 2nd Oct 1664 who married twice. 1st to Deborah HARBIN at FStG on 7th July 1692 and 2nd to Mary ARNOLD at Bradford Peverell on 21st Jan 1706/7. He was executor of his mothers will in 1699.

      (3) Margaret HUNT bap FStG 27th Dec 1635 [Note:- may have died or married when registers are missing 1640-1663]

      (4) Anne HUNT bap FStG 9th June 1639
      [Note:- may have died or married when registers are missing 1640-1663]
    [End of CLDS Image 02110 & Start of Image 02111]

Ambrose WAY & Christian BOWDEN married 18-Apr 1631 [Her name is Christian ROWDEN & correctly recorded as such on the IGI & referred to as an aside by Rev RG Bartelot as source and used in 'John White Founder of Massachusetts' by Rose-Troup pub 1930.]

John SAMWAYES & Mary BUNNE married 10-May [Note:- Child John Samways baptised Fordington 4th March 1631/2 - Mary nee Bunn is also a beneficiary under the Will of Edith BUNN dated 1654]

Nicholas BAYLAND & Luce WEECH married 05-Oct

John STICKLAND & Richardo BARTLET married 01-Nov

Henry GREENING & Katherine [Catherine] WINSORE married 24-Nov

Francis CARTER & Margery FORDE married 20-Dec

    [End of CLDS Image 02111]

    [Note:- Return for 1632 is missing]

    [Start of CLDS Image 02112]

Barthol SOPER & Alice HALL married 30-Apr 1633 [BT's have Batholomew SOPER ]

Philip CLEMENT & Elizabeth WAYE married 30-Apr

John THORNE & Sarah COLLINS married 28-May

Richard FREAKE & Dorothy WHITE married 18-Nov

    [End of CLDS Image 02112 & Start of Image 02114 which is very badly damaged & year looks like 1637 rather than 1634? and this document follows image 02113 which is for 1635]

Thomas BROWNE & Dorothie BUNE married [ ** *** ] 1634

John TORRINGTON & Barbara COLLINES married [ ** *** ]

    [Note:- John TORRINGTON (or TARRINGTON) (bur. 1676) is briefly mentioned in 'Fire from Heaven by David Underdown pages 110.112, and 121. He was Overseer of the poor children working at the hospital /workhouse from 1634 and did the accounts for the 'Fuel House' for the poor in 1641. Many parish records for Fordington and all records prior to 1653 for St Peters are missing or damaged, but two baptisms of their children have survived. They moved to St Peters to live where Barbara died and was buried on 12 Oct 1675. John Torrington left a will dated sometime in 1660 (See wills index for Dorchester) this is very badly damaged and the bottom part of the will including where it was dated and proved is missing. He died many years later being buried at St Peters on 20 Mar 1676/7 described as "Old John TARRINGTON". The only known children were:- (1) John bap St George Fordington 29th Mar 1635. John described as of St peters in Dorchester married on 22nd Aug 1662 to Jane JELBERT (GILBERT?) of Holy Trinity Dorchester at Charminster. Link to his marriage with listing their children (2) (Stephen) 1637 although badly damaged and the childs Christian name is missing we know from John Torrington's Will written in 1660 that he had a son called Stephen and that he was educated at the Dorchester Free school 1652-1655 by Samuel Cromblehome (1618-1672) and went on to matriculate at St Johns Cambridge on 27th June 1655 aged 18 (i.e. born circa 1637) being awarded his BA in 1658/9 and MA in 1662 ]

Richard ASH & Cath. TOOPE married [ ** *** ]

Lawrence DEVENISH & Virtue CORBANE married [ ** *** ] [Note:- Lawrence was the son of Benjamin Devenish (1574 - 1643) Master of the Dorchester Brewhouse]

John COLLINES & Margaret DIGATE married [ ** *** ]

William FASEY & Cath. CROWNE married [ ** *** ]

John BARTLETT & Marie [Mary] WARREN married 25-Jan [Note: Marie Warren daughter of Richard & Eve Warren married without his consent see Richard Warrens Will dated 1636]

Morgan WINSOR & Elenor BUN married [ ** *** ]

    [Start of CLDS Image 02113]

Christopher SLADE & Susana HOPKINS married 20-Jul 1635

James REAPE & Margret DOWNTON married 02-Nov

William POTT & Armanel WATS married 09-Nov

    [End of CLDS Image 02113]

    [Note:- Returns for 1636 and 1637 are missing]

    [Note: IGI incorrectly has a member entry for the marriage of a John COX to an Elizabeth WARREN 6th Dec 1636 - Elizabeth is the daughter of Richard Warren see his Will dated 1636] she was born circa 1593 - 1599 when registers have not survived and she was already married by Dec 1636 with 2 children and living with her husband at Bockhampton
    [Start of CLDS Images 02115 & duplicate 02116]

Walter THORNE & Joane BUGG married 03-Apr 1638

James DAVIS & Edith POPE married 10-Sep

Robert HARVY & Marques HART married 14-Jan

Edward EAMES & Elizabeth TAPP married 31-Jan [Note Edward Eames was baptised in Fordington on Christmas day 1618 the son of Richard Eames and Alice Sprague - See biography of his uncle Anthony Eames ]

    [End of CLDS Images 02115 & duplicate 02116 -- also start of Image 02117]

Thomas BUN & Elizabeth POUNT married 23-Apr 1639

John LAKE & Alice LUISE married 23-Apr

John YEALE & Christabell HODENOTT married 25-Apr

Richard COSENS & Alce NORKETT married 27-Apr

Edward PARKER & Ann HATTON married 07-May

John RASKAR & Margaret TUCKER married 14-May

George BUSHROD & Elenor TIDBAR married 03-Sep

Robert INGRAM & Tomsen BIRD married 02-Oct 1639

John BRINE & Ann BISHOPP married 28-Oct

Thomas DOWLE & Marie ALLEN married 25-Nov

John WEYCH & Edeth BUN married 26-Nov

Peter MILBORNE & Elenor COSENS married 30-Jan

    [End of CLDS Image 02117]

    [Note:- Returns for 1640 to 1663 inclusive are missing]
    [Note:- There is a marriage in Fordington of a Nicholas BUGGE to a Dorothy BARNES on 2nd June 1640 on the IGI. This information has been entered as a part of a CLDS sealing and as such details are not open to public scrutiny and it would be necessary to contact the church as per the notes attached to Film 178117 which was created in 1944. As an exact date has been given it probably stems from information held by direct descendants. Nicholas BUGG is a beneficiary under the Will written in 1658 of his father-in-law William BARNES who appears to have died in 1660. Nicholas BUGG was buried in Fordington on 26th January 1678/79, his wife Dorothy BUGG 3 months later on 27th April 1679]
    Note:- The 1677 visitation of Dorset shows that Edward IRONSIDE (baptised Winterborne Steepleton 18th aug 1633) married Jane HOW of Fordington and produced three children Edward, John and Mary the last two being mentioned in the Will of Jane HOW of Fordington proved 11th may 1671]
    Note:- there is also an entry in the Parish register for St Peters Church dorchester "18 Mar 1655/6 Mr William RYALL and Miss Mary BURGESER both couples married at Fordington"

    [Start of CLDS Image 02119]

Thomas BISHOP & Joan HALETT married 16-Jun 1664

William CRIMBLE & Lidia his wife married 14-Jun

John MILBURNE & Mary ALLINE married 22-Jun

Thomas WALBRIDGE & Elizabeth BEAKE married 02-Aug

John ORCHET & Sarah BEVES married 02-Feb

    [Start of CLDS Image 02123 - repeats 3 marriages from Image 02119]

Robert BASKOMBE & Sarah SQWIBE married 30-May 1665 [Her surname is SQUIB]

Richard CHOUNTE & Mary PARKER married 06-Jun

William BUNE & Martha INGRAM married 08-Jun

    [End of CLDS Image 02119]

Robert BENFIELD & Anne LODGE married 04-Jul

Richard WHITE & Alice SHRAER married 12-Oct

Robert WHITTAKER & Hester FORD married 31-Oct

Robert COLLINS & Luce DENNIS married 24-Nov

    [End of CLDS Image 02123 & start of Image 02124]

Richard WYATT & Elizabeth ACKLIN married 30-Apr 1666

Joseph BLANDEMOR & Adria CRICKETT married 05-Jun

George HODGES & Christian WAY married 06-Oct

Arthur BUNNE & Patience WHEELER widow married 07-Feb

    [End of CLDS Image 02124 -- following marriage on Images 02125 & 02126]

Richard KING & Mary BOWLES married 03-Feb 1667

    [Note:- Return for 1668 is missing]

    [Start of CLDS Image 02127]

Henry BALLING & Jane SMART married 03-May 1669

Richard BOWLES & Sarah HARRIS married 04-May

John FREAKE & Christian WHITE married 26-Jul

William BUSHROD & Frances CHOUNT married 07-Dec

John BUNNE & Elizthabeth EAMES married 28-Dec [Note:- Elizabeth EAMES is the only child of Edward Eames (1618-1685) by his wife Elizabeth Tapp (1605-1675) See Biography of Anthony Eames (1595-1686]

Walter BAILEY & Margarett RASCAR married 18-Jan

Tristram BARTLETT & Frances WHITE married 02-Feb

    [Note:- After marriage they settled in All Saints parish Dorchester where the following children were baptised (1) Elizabeth bap All Saints (AS) 24 Apr 1671 and buried there 2nd June 1683 (2) Jane bap AS 25th May 1673 (3) Robert bap AS 20 Apr 1679 (4) Tristram bap AS 5th June 1681 and buried there 25th Dec 1709 (5) Elizabeth bap AS 18 May 1684 & buried there 8th June 1686 - Tristram BARTLETT Senior was buried at AS on 28th March 1714 followed by his widow Franceas on 19th May 1721]
    [End of CLDS Image 02127 & start of Images 02129 & 02130]

John ARNOLD & Jane BROWNE married 28-Jun 1670

Morrice FITZGERRHARD & Sarah WEECH married 30-Jun

William VERE & Agnes HAYNE married 05-Jan [Note:- Link to more information about the Hayne Family in Dorcherster]

    [End of CLDS Images 02129 & 02130]

    [Note:- Return for 1671 is missing]

    [CLDS Image 02131]

James PARKER & Dorothy MULLENS married 03-Dec 1672 [Year Missing on original transcription]

    [Note:- Returns for 1673 and 1674 are is missing]

    [Start of CLDS Image 02132]

Henry WOODCOCKE & Elizabeth. COLLER married 10-Apr 1675

Thomas NUMAN & Mary MABEE married 13-May

Thomas BRINE & Rebecka BRIDELL married 30-May 1675

Thomas WILSHERE & Elizabet FIPPOT married 04-Jun

Walter KELLAND & Deborah CRABB married 15-Sep

John MEEDER & Elizabeth CUZENS married 16-Sep

    [End of CLDS Image 02132]

    [Note:- Returns for 1676 and 1677 are is missing]

    [Start of CLDS Image 02133]

John GADEN & Sarah WALLIS married 08-Oct 1678

Nicholas TAPP & Ruth WEECH married 17-Oct

John KATES & Mary BELLMAN married 24-Oct

Robert INGRAM & Sarah BUNN married 31-Oct

William MEADER & Thomasina HUNT married 22-Apr 1679

    [Note:- His wife's name can be spelt as Tamsine, Tamzine, Tamsen or Thomizine - she was a kinswoman of Eleanor HUNT (d1706) nee CHUBB the widow of Ambrose HUNT IV (1624 - 1680/1) and alive when Eleanor wrote her will on the 30th May 1703. She was left only 1 shilling in the will so she would have been a close enough relative to possibly inherit. The bequest of 1 shilling was a standard legal ploy to show that she had been considered by the deceased but not entitled to claim. This could have been simply because she would have received anything they thought she should have as part of her dowry when she married.

Morgan HARBIN & Mary LOADER married 23-Apr [Note:- there are two burials in All Saints church Dorchester for Mary their daughter on 30 January 1685/86 and their son Thomas on 2 April in either 1681 or 1685]

    [End of CLDS Image 02133]

    [CLDS Image 02134]

William PERRY & Elizabeth MOSS married 25-Jul 1680

    [Start of CLDS Image 02135]

Richard NORRIS & Mary COSINS married 10-Apr 1681

John SEAGER & Dorothy MEADER married 21-Aug

John SWAN & Elnor TUB married 28-Aug

William HUDDE & Deborah ARNOLL married 09-Nov

John JONES of Montacute in the County of Somerset & Sarah INGRAM married 06-Dec

Peter MELBURN & Alice ALLEN married 25-Apr 1682 [Note marriage repeated on Image 02137]

    [End of CLDS Image 02135 & Start of Image 02137]

Richard WHITE & Mary MIDDLETON married 19-Jun

Roger ARNOLD & Christian FREAK married 17-Jul

    [End of CLDS Image 02137 & Start of Image 02138]

Robert LETSON & Mary WINDSOR [Might be BRINDSEN?in BT's ] married 10-Jun 1683

William LIMBREY & Dorothy LYNNINGTON married 09-Feb

    [End of CLDS Image 02138 & Start of Images 02140 & 02141]

William LIMBREY & Mary MUDFORD married 13-Nov 1684

Joseph BAKER & Elizabeth ALLEN married 30-Dec

Thomas JONES & Joane BUNN married 01-Jan

John INGRAM & Jane HOW married 22-Jan

Francis CAKE & Alice KEAT married 06-Feb

    [End of CLDS Images 02140 & 02141 & Start of Image 02142]

William BESCOMBE & Margaret AYRES married 09-Jun 1685

John SIMES & Sarah MATTHEWS married 15-Jun

William CHANNEL & Ethel BONGER married 19-Nov [Note:- See Letters of Administration issued to his wife Ethelred for the estate of Tristram Style of Puddletown]

John PLUCKNET & Sarah FOWKE married 10-Jul

    [End of CLDS Image 02142 & Start of Image 02143]

Reginald WYATT & Margt. STEVENS married 11-Jul 1686

    [End of CLDS Image 02143 & Start of Images 02144 & 02145]

Israel SHEPPARD & Jane BLACKMORE married 08-May 1687

Thomas KNAPTON & Grace MITCHEL married 28-May

    [Note:- Thomas Knapton became Governor of Dorchester Goal & Mayor 1713 - died Dorchester 14 June 1721 leaving a Will dated 14th Jan 1721 which was not proved until 25 May 1732. He married here Grace daughter of Nicholas Mitchel of Langton Long Blandford. She died and was buried at FStG 1st June 1721. Children:-
    (1) John Knapton born Saturday 12th May at 2 of the clock in morning and bap All Saints Church Dorchester 16th May 1688
    (2) Thomas Knapton borne 16 of February att 3 in afternoone baptised in March following 1690
    (3) Renaldo Knapton borne the 10th att at 5 o clock in morning and bap All Saints 20th Jan 1692/3 ]
    (4) Grace Knapton born 23 Mar 1695/96 bap at All Saints 09 Apr 1696
    - She appears to have married John BAMPFIELD

Leonard TEWKSBURY & Elizabeth DEVENISH married 09-Jun

William HUNT & Elizabeth WINDSOR married 14-Jun

    [Note:-William HUNT (c1662-1715) was the 2nd child from the marriage of Ambrose HUNT III (c1592-1661) to Mary WINSOR at FStG on 3rd July 1623. I can trace no children from this marriage and I think this is because Elizabeth died and was buried at FStG on 21st Oct 1688. William remarried to Elizabeth EYRES on 26th Dec 1689 See below]

John MEADER & Margery RING married 27-Dec [BT's Surame might be KING]

John SEAGER & Jane HOMER married 19-Jan 1687

    [End of CLDS Image 02144 * 02145 & Start of Image 02146]

William HUTTON & Christian HUNT married 28-Jun 1688

    [Christian was a kinswoman of Eleanor HUNT (d1706) nee CHUBB the widow of Ambrose HUNT IV (1624 - 1680/1) and alive when Eleanor wrote her will on the 30th May 1703. She was left only 1 shilling in the will so she would have been a close enough relative to possibly inherit. The bequest of 1 shilling was a standard legal ploy to show that she had been considered by the deceased but not entitled to claim. This would have been simply because she would have received anything they thought she should have as part of her dowry when she married. Although I can't be sure as no parentage is given but the following children were baptised at FStG which appear to follow the event of this marriage and no more were born after the death of William in 1699:- (1) Jane Hutton bap 10th May 1689 (2) Hannah Huitton bap 29th Dec 1692 (3) William Hutton bap 2nd Sep 1696 and (4) John Hutton bap 4th Sep 1696 although not sure why he was not baptised with William?. William HUTTON senior was buried at FStG on 13th Mar 1699 and his widow Christian on 24th Sep 1733]

John LOCK & Mary BONGER married 25-Jul

William REASON & Cassandra POPLAR married 25-Dec

William BELMAN & Sarah MINTERN married 29-Jan

George GOULD & Susanna SHOTT married 12-Mar

    [End of CLDS Image 02146 & Start of Image 02147]

Samuel BONGER & Mary BUTLER married 18-Apr [ 1689 year missing]

William HUNT & Elizabeth EYRES married 26-Dec [Note:- Out of date order in original. William HUNT (c1662-1715) was the 2nd child from the marriage of Ambrose HUNT III (c1592-1661) to Mary WINSOR at FStG on 3rd July 1623. This was his 2nd marriage, the first being to Elizabeth WINDSOR at FStG 14th June 1687 See above. I have not traced any children and I think this is because she died as well in 1690 when records are missing for burials as William remarried for a third time to Edith Flower in 1693 See below]

John STEVENS & Margaret HALL married 09-Jun

    [End of CLDS Image 02147]

    [Note:- Return for 1690 is missing]

William BURD & Anne SCOTT married 13-Sep 1691 [CLDS Image 02148 ]

Sebastian HUNT & Dorothy HARBIN married 07-Jul 1692 [CLDS Image 02149 ]

    [Note:- Sebastian HUNT(1664-1723) a sergemaker by trade was the son of Robert HUNT (d.1675) by Joane (d.1699) his wife and baptised at Fordington on 2nd Oct 1664 so he was 28 years old at marriage: The original marriage register does not appear to have survived so can't be checked. These marriages come from the "Dorset Parish Registers" published by Phillimore Volume IV 1797-1812 (page 140) copied by the Rev R Grosvenor Bartelot where the entry states " Sebastian Hunt & Dor. Harbin 7 July 1692". The reference to 'Dor' has been interpreted as 'Dorothy'. As far as I can see she was baptised as Deborah HARBEN (1659-1706) the 2nd child from the marriage of Henry Harben to Margery Bullock at All Saints Church Dorchester on 25 Jun 1657. Her father Henry Harben a baker by trade in his will in 1697 clearly refers to his son-in-law 'Sebastian Hunt' and his daughter was his sole heir. Sebastian was executor of his mothers will in 1699. They lived in a house in All Saints Parish owned by Sarah DRYE as her will dated 21 Jan 1701/2 refers to it being in the possession of Sebastian HUNT. Deborah however died and was buried at All Saints on 22nd July 1706. He remarried on 21st Jan 1706/7 to Marie ARNOLD at Bradford Peverell. She was buried at All Saints on 8th July 1747. Link to transcription of her Will. I cannot trace any children from either marriage.

    On 18th June 1707 Sebastian was one of two people to carry out an inventory of the goods and chattles of Elizabeth Gawler a widow of Dorchester when she died a few days earlier. He was elected Govenor of the Company of Freemen in Dorchester in October 1709 and witnessed the will of Thomas FRY a glazier of Dorchester on 27th July 1713. He carried out another Inventory of the goods and chattles of Robert ARNOLD a shoemaker of Dorchester on 14th Oct 1718 and was re-elected Governor of the Company of Freemen in 1719. On 10th July 1719 he was granted a Letter of Administration for the estate of his 1st wife Deborah HUNT presumably to enable him to take possession of land or property due to her as she had died in 1706. Sebastian wrote his will on 13 Oct 1712 but did not die until 1722 being buried at All Saints in Dorchester on 30th Mar 1722.

    I an aware of the deaths in Fordington of a Sebastian Hunt (1699) and a Dorothy Hunt (1701) but vthere are no wills etc attached to these burials so may be infants?

Amos DENNIS & Joan GAWLER married 05-Jan [CLDS Image 02149 ]

Thomas SNOOK & Rebeckah MUNDEN married 12-Jan [CLDS Image 02149 ]

    [Start of CLDS Image 02150 ]

William HUNT & Edith FFLOWER married 18-Jul 1693

    [Note:- William HUNT (c1662-1715) was the 2nd child from the marriage of Ambrose HUNT III (c1592-1661) to Mary WINSOR at FStG on 3rd July 1623. This was his 3rd marriage, the first being to Elizabeth WINDSOR at FStG 14th June 1687 and second to Elizabeth Eyres on 26th Dec 1689.Neither lived to produce issue. See below for known children from his marriage to Edith FLOWER (1660-1742) . William was buried at FStG on 28th June 1715 leaving Edith a widow. She died at the age of 82 being buried at FStG on 5th May 1742]

    (1 ) Sarah Hunt bap FStG 2nd Feb 1695 she married John JOANS [JONES] at St Georges Church in Fordington on 22nd Jan 1721
    (2) Thomas Hunt bap FStG 17 Feb 1702 may have been born earlier and bap with sister
    (3) Susannah Hunt Bap FStG 17th Feb 1702.

George KNAPTON & Elizabeth PURCHAS married 29-Aug [Note:- George was an apothecary by trade. They had a daughter Anne KNAPTON baptised at St Peters Church in Dorchester on 07 July 1694 but she died and was buried there 6th April 1696. George KNAPTON was buried at St Peters Church in Dorchester on 19th Oct 1696 leaving a Will which names his brothers Thomas and William and a sister the wife of Chrispian Hounsell]

Samuel TURNER & Alice KECK married 02-Oct

Joseph BERNARD & Sarah CRIMBLE married 15-Oct

Robert CORBAN & Anne CORNE married 03-Dec

    [End of CLDS Image 02150]

Henry BUTT & Mary POPLAR married 4 Mav 1694 [CLDS Image 02151 ]

Robert WINDSOR & Joan BILES married 16-Apr 1695 [CLDS Image 02152 - for some reason repeated in 1696 Image 2153]

Edward FFURBER & Mary EVERETT married 10-May [BT's record her surname as EVERAT ] [CLDS Image 02152 - for some reason repeated in 1696 Image 2153]

Aquila PAUL & Elizabeth BUN married 07-Jun [CLDS Image 02152 - for some reason repeated in 1696 Image 2153]

Abraham HOLLAND & Sarah COSENS married 24-Dec [CLDS Image 02153]

Josiah COWARD & Susanna HARRIS married 02-Feb 1696 [CLDS Image 02153]

Timothy RAWLES & Grace MICHELL married 12-Feb [CLDS Image 02153]

Ralph ATKINS & Barbara BICKNEL married 16-Feb [CLDS Image 02153]

    [Note:- Return for 1697 is missing]

Andrew PURCHAS [PURCHASE] & Elizabeth IRONSIDE married 11-Nov 1698 [CLDS Image 02154] [Note:- see 1677 Visitation of Dorset - Ironside Family Pedigree - Elizabeth was the daughter of John IRONSIDE (1627-1694) and Katherine MICHEL - Also beneficiary under her mothers will dated 6th Jan 1704 proved 28 July 1705]

William WINDSOR & Mary WINDSOR married 08-Mar [CLDS Image 02154] [Note: In BT's his name is William STEVENS not William WINDSOR]

    [Start of CLDS Image 02155 & 02156]

John PARSONS & Susanna FRANCIS married 11-Apr 1699

Robert SCUTT & Elizabeth GREEN married 05-Sep

John BUNN & Alice BESANT married 07-Nov

John MARTIN & Eliz. TALBOT married 10-Dec

    [End of CLDS Image 02155 & 02156 7 Start of Image 02161]

Joseph BONNET & Rebeckah HOLLOWAY married 01-Apr 1700

George SHEPPARD & Margaret MARTIN married 11-Apr [BT's have date as April 2nd ]

Thomas TIBBS & Margaret HOWSE married 08-Jun

Ffrancis CHURCHILL & Mary BUGG married 24-Jun

    [Note:- Francis CHURCHILL first appears in FStG records married to an Eleanor when their 1st known child Francis Churchill junior is bap there 27th Nov 1681, they appear to have 6 children baptised there before Eleanor dies and is buried at FStG 20th Feb 1699/1700. This is Francis 2nd marriage. Mary is thought to have died and been buried at FStG on 20th Nov 1717. Francis the appears to have fallen on hard times as the Overseers of the poor grant him a shilling a week wef July 1728-1729 (accts after that date not idexed). They had the following children:-

    (1) Edward Churchill (1701-1702) bap FStG 9th Jun 1701 buried there 9th Dec 1702
    (2) Mary Churchill bap FStG 17th Mar 170/3
    (3) Thomas Churchill bap FStG 19th Jun 1706
    (4) John Churchill bap FStG 16th June 1708

Thomas WOOLFRIE & Joan BARTLET married 28-Jul

Thomas SQUIBB & Margaret. FFRANCIS married 30-Jul 1700

John RANDALL & Mary LILLINGTON married 31-Dec

    [End of CLDS Image 02161 ]

John WHITE & Susan LANGFORD married 01-Apr 1701 [CLDS Image 02162]

Moses SNOOK & Hannah SEVIER married 13-May [CLDS Image 02162]

James ALLEN & Anne TOMMS married 19-May 1702 [CLDS Image 02163]

    [Note:- Anne Tomms was baptised at Fordington on 28th May 1679. Unfortunately the surviving baptism record does not give her parentage. Children:- (1) John ALLEN probably their first child bap FStG 3rd July 1703 but no parentage given (2) Elizabeth ALLEN bap 16th Jult 1705 who went on to marry Charles CHRISTOPHER at Fordington on 27th Dec 1727. (2) James ALLEN bap 4th July 1708 (3) Mary ALLEN bap 11th July 1716.]

Richard LITTLE & Elizabeth SWIRE married 11-Mar [CLDS Image 02163]

Nathan POPE & Thomson FRAMPTON married 30-Jun 1703 [CLDS Images 02165 & 02167]

William COPPOCK & Mary VALENCE married 02-Jan [CLDS Images 02165 & 02167]

    [Note:- Return for 1704 is missing]


    [Note: there are no entries in the Bishops Transcripts for 1705; only the
    1st two for 1706 and 1 for 1707 so the following are much more complete]

Thomas POLDEN & Mary EDWARDS married 15-Aug 1705

Thomas BRINE & Mary LUCCAS married 21-Oct [BT's have 31st]

William CHURCHILL & Mary BIRD married 03-Jan

Robert HARDY & Sarah CLIFT married 14-Feb [BT's have surname as CLIST]

Robert. BELLMAN & Elizabeth COMBS married 25-Apr 1706 [This marriage only CLDS Image 02169]

Thomas COLE & Joan CASHER of Charminster married 27-Jun [BT's = Thomas COALE] [This marriage only CLDS Image 02169]

Thomas HOOKEY & Joan OAK of Sutton married 29-Nov

John DRAYTON of Seaton & Elizth. HODSON married 10-Dec [PR notes his parish and that they married by Licence dated 9th Dec 1706 RGB]

John MASTERS & Mary BASCOMB married 26-Dec

Henry CROOM & Martha SNOOKE married 11-Jan

Mr. William SEGAR & Judith COWHERD married 31-Jan

Ambrose HUNT junr & Margaret ROGERS married 12-Jun 1707 [This marriage only CLDS Image 02170]

    [Note:- Ambrose HUNT VI (1681-1754) was the 2nd child of Ambrose HUNT V (c1650-1713) and Mary (d.1714) and baptised at FStG on 28th Aug 1681. He married when he was 26 to Margaret ROGERS (1674-1751) who was 35. She was the daughter of Ambrose and Mary ROGERS and had been baptised at All Saints Church in Dorchester on Christmas eve 1674. There is an apprenticeship record at Fordington dated 30th Dec 1712 when an Ambrose HUNT the younger was apprenticed to Thomas WINNELL of Milton Abbas a tailor by trade. Margaret died at the age of 77 being buried at Fordington on 12th April 1751 followed by Ambrose aged 73 on 1st Aug 1754. Folow link for more information about Ambrose HUNT VI and his family.

Thomas BISHOP & Ann LAKE married 13-Nov

[1738 none] [ Note: clearly the wrong year - should be 1708 - BT return states there were no marriages in 1708 [CLDS Image 02172] ]

John WHITE & Rebecca LUCCAS married 05-Jul 1709 (PR) [Start of CLDS Image 02174]

John LUCCAS & Debora HODY married 27-Oct (PR)

John PROWSE of Stratton & Francis COLLINS a widow married 03-Jan by licence (PR)

[ BT's entry says John PROWSE of Stratton Fry & Frances COLLINS a widow of Fordington married Jan 3rd 1709]

Thomas CHANING of Dorchester & Sarah MUNDEN of Fordington married 20-Aug by licence 1710 (PR) [BT's incorrectly list this marriage in 1709 not 1710] [End of CLDS Image 02174]

[NOTE:- No more BTs until 1733]

Robert BELLMAN & Jane SCUTT married 01-Feb (PR)

John FRANCES & Mary TUCKER of Dorchester married 13-Feb (PR)

John DIFFY & Jane BULPIN married 30 Apr 1711 by licence (PR - married by Mr Nelson)

Tristram MARCHANT & Martha CROOME widow married 27-Jul by licence (PR)

Robert TAPP & Elizabeth LETSON widow married 06-Sep (PR)

Robert. SQUIBB & Amy COLLINS at Monckton married 18-Sep (PR) [Note:- Monckton may refer to any one of several different parishes eg Monkton Wyld, Tarrant Monkton, Winterborne Monkton]

Walter FOX of Shirburne [Sherborne] & Mary RAWLINS married 24-Sep 1711 by licence by Mr Stephenson (PR)

Samuel CRISDE of ye parish of St Peters in Dorchester & Lucy ALLEN widow otp married 21-Oct by licence (PR)

John HAYNE of Litton & Anne COLLINS otp married 21-Oct by licence (PR)

    [Note:-John HAYNE (d.1799) Link to more information about the Hayne Family in Dorcherster]
    After marriage they lived in his parish of Litton Cheney but were living in Fordington prior to 1737. Ann Hayne nee Collins, his wife, was buried at FStG 21st Sep 1744. After her death John HAYNE remarried at Stinsford to Alicia PREYTER the widow of Michael PRETER of North Petherton in Somerset.
    John Hayne was buried at St George's Church in Fordington on 29th Nov 1799 and left an extensive Will which was proved on 21 June 1800 and left money in trust for his son Samuel by his second wife. Children from his fisrt marriage:-

    (1) Samuel Hayne (1715-1739) was baptised at St Mary's Church Litton on 8th Mar 1715. He was buried at FStG Church 19th May 1739
    (2) Elizabeth Hayne (1718-1737) bap at Litton Cheney 4th Dec 1718, buried at Fordington St George Church 17th March 1737.

William LOVELESSE & Hannah TRASK married 28-Oct (PR)

James ALLEN & Elizabeth COWHERD [i.e. COWARD] married 31-Dec by licence (PR)

Laurence MILLER & Christian WAGLAND married 21st February 1711/12 by Banns (PR)

Thomas CHIPP & Mary SAMWAIES of Alton Pancras married 24-Apr 1712 by licence (PR)

James CREMBLE of St Peters Parish in Dorchester & Mary PATY married after Banns 13-May-1712 (PR) [Note in PR left hand column states 'B' i.e. by Banns but right hand column has an entry in a later hand 'LC' for by Licence - think it was the former ]

Henry HUNT of this parish & Elizabeth TEWXBERY of St Peters in Dorchester married 29-May (PR)

    [Note:- Henry HUNT (1675-1744) was the son of Ambrose HUNT V (1650-1713) and Mary (d1714) and was baptised at FStG on 2nd May 1708. He was one of those to suffer in the great fire at Dorchester on Thorsday 25th March 1725. The quarter sessions petition shows that he lost £8. 14s 2d. He was buried FStG 28 Mar 1744. Children:-

    (1) Mary HUNT (1712-1716) bap HT 9th Nov 1712 bur there 11th Nov 1716
    (2) Elizabeth HUNT (1715- ) bap HT 26th Feb 1715/16
    (3) Gabriel HUNT (1722-1796 ) bap HT on 19 Sep 1722. He married Edith IRONSIDE (d.1801) at All Saints Church in Dorchester on 17th Mar 1760
    (4) Henry HUNT (1725-1761) bap HT 15 Jun 1725 He married Ann WHITTLE (d1763) at St Georges Church in Fordington on 19th Aug 1753

John WHITE of the parish of Wick & Mary BEDLOW of this parish were married by Mr Nelson 01-Jul (PR)

Robert. FREKE & Mary WHITE married by Mr Thornton 30-Jul (PR)

Mr. John COOPER & Mrs Grace KNAPTON married 31-Jul by licence (PR)

James MOORE of Milton Abbas & Martha COLLINS married 04-Dec by Licence (PR)

George RYALL & Susanna ALLEN married 08-Jun 1713 (PR)

    MEMORANDUM: The office of Parish Clerk being vacant Ambrose HUNT the son of the late Clerk was chosen parish Clerk by me Latimer Crosse Vicar and notice thereof was given to the parishioners in the time of Divine Service on Sunday the Eleventh Day of October 1713 according to the 91 Canon Signed latimer CROSSE Vicar (PR)
    MEMORANDUM: Mr Latimer Crosse Quitted the Vicarage of Fordington by taking Institution to Corsham in Wiltshire October 16th 1713
    MEMORANDUM: Mr Thomas WYATT was instituted Vicar of Fordington. That everything in this book (except the three articles above written viz October 25; October 28; and November 5th which were written by Mr WYATT) was written by Latimer CROSSE and it contains a faithfull handscript of what was before his time and a true and perfect account of what happened in his time In Witness whereof I have set my hand ye eleventh day of November Anno Domini 1713 -- Signed Latimer CROSSE

Matthew WHITE & Elianor CHURCHILL married 16-Nov by licence by Latimer Crosse Vicar (PR) [Note:- Elianor CHURCHILL is the 4th known child of Francis and Eleanor CHURCHILL and was baptised at FStG 5th May 1692]

John WELLMAN & Agnes NEWMAN of Sidling married 26-Jul 1714 (PR)

Robert RIDDLE & Joan PRESLY married 08-Feb by licence (PR)

(PR - No marriages recorded this year)

Abraham GIBBONS & Mary BOLES married 29-Apr 1716 (PR) [Note:- give a date of 2nd April but 29th in PR and printed transcription]

John JEFFERIES & Honour DOWL married 20-May (PR)

Mathew VOS & Elizabeth COLLIER married 04-Jun (PR)

Benjamin CHAMP & Elizabeth SYMMES married 03-Jul (PR)

Edward WILLIAMS & Ann SEAL of Beminster [Beaminster] married 23-Jul (PR)

Samuel ETON & Elizabeth HOLLAND married 26-Feb by licence (PR)

William LINNEN & Anne BRINE of Dorchester married 09-Apr 1717 by licence (PR)

Richard DOWLE & Elizabeth FRAMPTON married 12-May by Banns (PR)

John BISHOP & Elizabeth DEVENISH married 14-May (PR)

Edward STICKLAND & Ruth DOYLE both of Dorchester married 23-Jun [Note BT's have DAYTET but PR is clear as DOYLE a known family in Fordington - Printed transcription has DOYTE]

Josiah DODGE of Sherborn & Catharine GERRARD of Milborn Port married 17-Oct by licence (NOTE:- not clear in PR's but marriage date actually 20th October - 17th is date of death of earlier entry with burial on 18th and Affidavit - It is necessary to align dates in columns with each entry as out of line across the page)

John COURT & Elizabeth HAGERD married 11-Feb

James FRAMPTON & Margery TWOGOOD married 28-Aug 1718 by licence (PR)

William SAMWAYES & Lucy CHURCHILL both of Alton married 01-Sep by licence (PR)

Charles YOUNG of Dorchester & Rebeckah TIRREL married 02-Oct 1718 by licence (PR)

David KATE & Mary MASTERS married 22-Oct (PR) [Note Rev RG Bartelot changed surname on printed transcription to KETE]

William CHURCHILL & Jane BIRD married 10-Nov (PR) [Note out of line with date column not 26th Oct]

Charles BULLOCK & Sarah BARNS married 10-Feb (PR)

William LAWS & Elizabeth. DAW married 23-Apr 1719 (PR)

Mr. Richard DOVE & Mrs Elizabeth COX married 04-Jun (PR)

Christopher KNIGHT & Mary HENVELL of Sherborne married 16-Jul (PR)

Ralph NORMAN & Agnes DAVIS married 29-Aug (PR)

William LOOP & Sarah SILK of Lyme Regis married 04-Dec (PR)

Israell SHEPPHARD & Ann WHITOLL married 24-Jan (PR)

George SQUIBB & Mary HITCHCOCK married 24-Jan (PR - not previously inc)

Mr. Robert SWAYNE & Mrs Frances SCARBOROUGH married 26-Apr 1720 (PR)

James POWELL & Margaret LONG married 22-May (PR)

Mathew WHITE & Barbara WILLIAMS married 25-Jun (PR)

John HUNT & Frances HARBIN married 20-Aug (PR)

    [Note:- John HUNT (1686-1755) was the son of Ambrose HUNT V (c1650 - 1713) and Mary (d.1714)and baptised at FStG 27th Feb 1686. When John GOULD the school master & Bookseller of Dorchester wrote his will in 1729 he named them as two of his guardians for his under age children. John HUNT was a taylor by trade and he wrote his will on 5th Nov 1755 (follow link for transcription) leaving everything to his widow Frances but names his 3 surviving children leaving them a shilling each. They had the following children

    (1) Gabriel HUNT (1722- ) bap HT 19th Sep 1722. Left 1 shilling in fathers will dated 5th Nov 1755 and married Edith IRONSIDE at All Saints Church in Dorchester on 17th Mar 1760
    (2) Mary HUNT (1724- ) bap HT 14 May 1724 she married Thomas HARRIS at St Peters Church in Dorchester on 17th Jan 1750/1 and was left 1 shilling in fathers will dated 5th Nov 1755
    (3) John HUNT (1726-1729) bap HT 28 Apr 1726 and buried there 7th June 1729
    (4) Anna HUNT (1728- ) bap HT 26 Mar 1728. Left 1 shilling in fathers will dated 5th Nov 1755
    (5) Sarah HUNT (1732-1739) bap HT03 Aug 1732 and burioed there 31st July 1739

William JACKSON & Alice JEANS married 11-Oct (PR)

William GUNDRY & Rebekah CHANNING married 04-Dec (PR)
    [Note:- William GUNDRY (1695/6 - 1760) was the eldest son and child of Robert GUNDRY and Eleanor SPICER who married at West Stafford in Dorset on 2nd Aug 1692. William and his wife Rebecca were party to a Tripartide indenture dated 10th March 1721 between his father; his mother and Zachary NELSON Gent dated 10th March 1721 in the sum of £200 to be paid to his two youngest siblings on the death of his parents. William was buried at Holy Trinity Church in Dorchester on 9th March 1760 but his will which left everything to his wife Rebecca to be supported by his son William and was dated 9th June 1754 was not proved until 23rd Sep 1760)

    Rebecca GUNDRY nee CHANNING was granted administration of her spinster sister Sarah CHANNINGS Estate on 26th March 1748 when her husband was bound to the Court for her correct administration of the estate. Rebecca died and was buried at Holy Trinity Church in Dorchester on 4th Nov 1768. Children from this marriage:-

    (1) William GUNDRY (1721-1793) bap Holy Trinity Church in Dorchester on 23rd Jan 1721. He married Dorothy Dowl at St Georges Church in Fordington on 25th May 1755. He was appointed a Capital Burgess of Dorchester on 22nd March 1776 and an Alderman on 30 Sep 1782. He was buried at HT Church in Dorchester on 13th Oct 1793
    (2) Joseph GUNDRY Bap HT 16th Jan 1722/3
    (3) Elizabeth GUNDRY Bap HT 16th Apr 1724 She married by licence to John STICKLAND of Cerne Abbas at St Peters Church in Dorchester on 5th Oct 1775
    (4) Rebecca GUNDRY ( 1725-1794) Bap HT 6th Apr 1725; At her marriage at St Peters Church in Dorchester on 29th July 1764 to William BRIDLE she was described as being of All Saints Parish. Follow link to their marriage for more information.
    (5) Eleanor GUNDRY (1727-1815) Bap HT 16th Nov 1727; She married at HT Church in Dorchester on 1st June 1760 to George STICKLAND the Attorney at Law practicing in Dorchester
    (6) Mary GUNDRY Bap HT 26 Dec 1729
    (7) Mary GUNDRY Bap HT 13 Jan 1731/2

John CLARK & Mary ALLEN married 13-Apr 1721 (PR)

John HULET & Susanna ROBERTS married 11-May (PR)

Benjamin TURNER & Mary VOS married 17-Oct (PR)

William VOS & Elizabeth. BUNN married 03-Nov (PR)

John JOANS & Sarah HUNT married 22-Jan (PR)

    [Note:- Sarah HUNT (1695 - 1755) was the daughter of William HUNT (c1662-1715) & Edith FFLOWER (1660-1742) who married at St Georges Church in Fordington on 18th July 1693. Children:- (1) Ann bap FStG 4th Jan 1722/3 she married John BUNN 12th July 1748 (2) Sarah bap FStG 6th June 1725 (3) Mary bap FStG 22nd Oct 1727 and buried there 15th Oct 1730 (4) Honor bap FStG 13th Apr 1733 and buried there 27th Nov 1739. John JOANS died and was buried at FStG on 2nd May 1742 followed by Sarah on 30th April 1755]

Freeman DOMINY & Susanna ALLIN married 14-Aug 1722 (PR) [Note:- DOMINY not DOMING]

Thomas TIRRELL & Elizabeth HITCHCOCK married 21-Nov (PR)

Ye Rev Mr John BARGEU & Marey [ **** ] married 10-Jul 1723 [illiterate clerks hand] (PR - There is also a side note added by The Rev RGB [ ie the antiquarian Rev Richard Grosvenor Bartelot Vicar of Fordington from 1906]:- " The Rev John BERJEW married Mary daughter & co-heir of John ALLAMBRIDGE of Yetminster & Sherborne: RGB 1910 ] [RGB also annotated printed version of parish registers "bartlett died at Sherborne Prove that the Rev John Berjew married Mary ALLAMBRIDGE of Yetminster : She sold estates Any? auditor John Vincent JP]

    Note:- John BERJEW [1694-1743] was the son of Samuel BERJEW of Pentridge Dorset a cleric. He matriculated at Harts Hall Oxford on 28 Feb 17109/11 aged 17 and was awarded his BA there 25th Feb 1714/15. He joined the church being ordained a deacon at St James Westminster on 16th June 1717 and ordained a priest at Salisbury Cathedral on 20th Sep 1719 being appointed curate at Sherborne the following day.He served at Sherborne until being instituted as Rector of Over Compton Dorset on 31st March 1726. He died intestate there being buried on 27th January 1743/4. Administration Bond is available on line from the Wiltshire & Swindon Archives.

John RODGES & Marey DAMER married 31-Oct (PR)

Nathaniel CHIPMAN & Elizabeth MOSE of Straton married 19-Nov ) (PR)

Samuell LOVLAS & Elizabeth NORMAN married 18-Feb 1723/4 (PR)

Samuel NORMAN & Sarah TISARD married 03-Mar (PR)

William FUDG & Marey HALL married 07-May [ Missing Year 1724?] (correct year 1724 confirmed by PR)

John WIETT & Mary MORIS married 31-May (PR)

Giles LUCKUS & Elizabeth ALLEN married 09-Aug (PR)

Giles ROBINS & Mary DIFFEY married 16-Sep (PR)

Robert PELLAM & Elner DOWLL married 09-Jun 1725 (PR)

John BUNN & Elizabeth WILLIAMS married 14-Jun (PR)

Robert. HOUSE of Pideltoun [i.e. Piddletown] & Mary MUDFORD of this parish married 10-Aug (PR)

James FISHER & Elizabeth LOVLAS of Charmister married 14-Oct 1725 (PR)

Christopher KNIGHT & Jeney PENEY of Shirborn [i.e. Sherborne] married 06-Oct (PR)

Nickles HOKENS [HAWKINS] & Luce [Lucy] ALLEN married 10-Oct (PR) [Note child of the marriage Susannah daughter of Nickles & Luse HAKENS bap at fordington 22nd Aug 1726]

John SOMERSETT & Elizabeth COX of Thornford married 29-Oct (PR)

Robert MUDFORD & Jean JOANS married by banns 07-Nov (PR)

Richard COMBS of Turners Pidle & Mary PEDEN of Fordington married 08-Feb (PR - Note:- Parish Register entry Mary's surname could be ALLEN or PADEN?)

William WATERS & Hanay WATERS both of Thornford married 26-Mar 1726 (PR)

[ Space left names omitted ] married 18-Apr (same in PR & BT's)

William SPARKS & Elizabeth BENETT married 28-Jun (PR) [Note:- See the Will of William Sparks (1700-1789) Malster of Dorchester ]

Robert KING of Winterburn & Ann BIRD of this parish were married 18-Sep (PR) [Note There are 14 parishes in Dorset that start with Winterbourne or Winterborne]

Robert WILLES of Stroten [probably Stratton?] & Elizabeth. RASKER of this parish married 21-Sep (PR)

Mr John SANDERSON of Saram & Mrs Elner BATEY (Sic) of Dorchester married 15-Oct (PR) [Note:- This is likely to be Eleanor BATTEN sister to John BATTEN and referred to as the wife of Mr John SANDERSON in the Will of Elizabeth BATTEN written 6th April 1758]

William WEBBER of Dorchester & Marey HEARDEY [HARDY] married 12-Jan 1726/7 (PR - the word that is difficult to decipher is 'Dito' for Ditto meaning January)

Jeremy CLARK & Mary PARKER both of this parish married 26-Jan 1726/7 (PR)

Joseph DEARING & Mary COWARD both of Abbotsbury married 02-Feb 1726/7 (PR)

David PHIPPHARD & Mary LUSH both of this parish married 03-Apr 1727 (PR)

Righten EALMS of Puddletown & Sarah HERDEY of this parish married 23-Apr (PR)

Henry FEAVER & Mary CLARK both of Stroten [probably Stratton?] married 30-Apr (PR)

Jacob HOUNSELL of Bemiester [i.e. Beaminster] & Mary BALSTON of Symondsbury married 26-Jun (PR)

Thomas BEST of Tarrant Lauton [i.e. Tarrant Launceston  ] & Mary CHURCHILL of this parish married 29-Jun (PR)

James ALLEN jun [i.e. junior] & Joan MEADER both of this parish married 05-Jul (PR)

William. DEAVIS & Mary BROWN both of Stroton [probably Stratton?]married 08-Sep (PR) [Note:- Comment inserted onto the printed version of this register by the Rev RG BARTELOT Vicar of Fordington fron 1706 which states " Stratton Register makes certain that the surname is DAVIS]

Jacob HITCHCOCK jun [i.e. junior] & Martha DENNES both of this parish married 17-Sep (PR)

Thomas HARRIS & Elner MOOSE both of this parish married 30-Sep (PR)

(PR only) Charles CHRISTOPHER & Elizabeth ALLEN both of this parish ye 24th December 1727

    Note:- See link above for biography of his life. This marriage was omitted in error when the original register was being complied, but added shortly thereafter by the vicar or churchwarden. It has therefore been squeezed in immediately following the burial of William PEATEY. As a consequence it was missed when the original printed version of the marriage register was published but its omission was later spotted by Rev Richard Grosvenor Bartelot (vicar of Fordington from 1906)who made a hand written insertion onto his copy which is now with the original registers at the Dorset History Center - an image is available at -- page 7 of 1720-1729 period ]

Thomas GILHAM & Christen BUNN both of this parish married 20-Jan 1727/8 (PR)

John BARTLETT & Eleanor BROWN both of Winterbourn Abbas married 18-Aug 1728 (PR)

John PING [or KING] & Elizabeth LOCK of Dorchester married 17-Dec 1728 (PR)

Giles COOMBES of Staford & Elizabeth CLAPGOOT [Clapcott?] of this parish married 05-Jan (PR)

Frank FUBBER & Elizth. ANTRAM married 28-Jan (PR)

William LOCK & Mary WILLIAMS married both of this parish 04-May 1729 (PR)

William LOMAN & Agnes ALLEN both of Charminster married 26-Jun (PR)

William COPPOCK & Joan KEENS both of this parish married 23-Jul (PR)

John BREDDY of Blandford & Mary ALLEN of this parish married 17-Aug (PR)

John HILL of Pidletown & Martha RUMSEY of Lonsworth [Lulworth?] married 04-Oct (PR)

William CLEAR of Dorchester & Mary DOWLL of this parish married 05-Oct (PR)

Jonn DAVIS of Sherbourn & Elizabeth DAVIS of Alton in Somerset married 06-Feb 1729/30 (PR)

Richard BLANCHARDE & Elizabeth LUCKUS both of Alton married 26-Jul 1730 (PR)

Thomas MARWOOD & Mary WILLIS both of Stratton married 24-Aug (PR)

Robert SEAGER & Mary GEAPS married 24-Sep (PR)

Robert KINGBERY & Mary BOWLEY both of Bear [Bere Regis? or Beer Hackett?] married 25-Nov (PR)

John BOULT & Jean STROOD both of Charmestr [Charminster] married 05-Dec (PR)

John MANUELL & Elizabeth TRIPP both of this parish married 24-Dec (PR)

William INGRAM & Ann LOVLAS both of Charminster married 04-Jan

Joseph GEY & Elizabeth HALLETT both of this parish married 02-Feb (PR)

James BENNETT & Jean SWIER both of this parish married 03-Feb (PR)

George ADAMES & Ann VOS both of this parish confirmed by us John Miller & Syvester? Williams 20th April 1731 were married 22-Apr 1731 (PR) [Note:- Comment made on the printed version of this register by the Rev RG Bartelot Vicar of Fordington from 1906 that " Our poor book 23 Apr 1731 "Paid for charge about George ADAMS £1.4.4d April 26 Paid for a licence & marry £1.2s.]

William DENIES & Filles [omitted] married 29-Apr (PR)

John SCANDNETT & Joan COBBACK married 25-May (PR) [Note Joan was buried in Fordington 10 March 1740/1]

Charles RANDELL & Mary WILLCOX both of Charminster married 14-Jun (PR)

William VINCENT & Ann RICKETTS married 05-Jul (PR)

Giles LOCKUS & Margaret COLLONS married 13-Jul (PR)

Robert GILLENGAM & Ann COMBERSHALL married 01-Aug (PR)

John NELSON & Mary STEVENS both of this parish married 14-Aug (PR) [Note:- His 1st marriage was to Debra HUNT 17 Feb 1725 by whom he had 3 children. This is his 2nd marriage. Children:- (1) Mary Nelson bap FStG 15 Feb 1736/7 (2) Mary Nelson Bap FStG 3 Oct 1738 (3) Elizabeth Nelson Bap FStG 24th Feb 1740/1]

Henry WOODESON & Sarah MORNS married 25-Aug (PR)

James FUBER & Jone MASTERS both of Alton married 08-Oct (PR)

Ralph BULPON & Elizabeth VOS a widow married 28-Nov 1731 (PR)

Thomas NEW & Betty GREEN married 18-Dec (PR)

Jonathan JOINER of Woodsford & Jean LININGTON of Wormell married 05-Jan (PR)

William BELBEN & Elizabeth SYMES married 29-Jan (PR)

Stephen HOBS & Susanah STANDLY married 29-Apr 1732 (PR)

Henery MASTERS & Martha BLANSHARD married 03-May (PR)

William. BISHOP & Mary FREAK both of this parish married 28-Sep (PR)

Moses BEDLO & Deborah CLIENS both of this parish married 03-Oct (PR)

Richard SPRATT & Elizabeth FOY? married 25-Dec (PR)

William CHURCHELL [CHURCHILL] & Margery DOWNTON married 29-Apr 1733 (PR)

James BROWN of Stroten & Marey WHIT married 01-May (PR)

John DULEN of Charmester & Sarah CROAD of ye Parish of Holy Trinity in Dorchester married 30-Jul (PR)

Robert LAVER of Sherborne & Elizabeth SLADE of South Carobury [ sic -South Cadbury?] married 10-Sep (PR)

John RODGERS & Elizabeth. EATON married 28-Oct (PR)

William WHEALLER? & Sarah FIEANDER? married 18-Nov (PR)

William TOLLEFELD & Rebeckah [Rebecca] INGRAM married 27-Nov (PR)

Joseph JEANS of ye parish of Woodsford & Mary BASCOMB of ye parish of Tinkleton married 24-Dec (PR)

William HUNT & Ann COMB married 24-Dec (PR)

    [Note:- Part of the Hunt Family of Dorchester (Marriage 29) but parentage not located and no trace after marriage]

James LIDE & Sarah MANUELL married 03-Jan (PR)

Henery STICKLAND of Stafford & Ann BELMAN of this parish married 07-Feb (PR)

Francis FURBER & Mary GALPINE of Stratton married 11-Feb (PR)

William FOWEL & Mary BEST married 25-Feb (PR)

    [Start of a 3 year return - overlapping CLDS Images 4002460_02175 & 02176]

John GAWLER of Dorchester & Jane COWARD of this parish married 08-Apr 1734 (PR)

Williamm. POND of Dunhead & Mary BISHOP of this parish married 05-May (PR)

James DENNIS & Elizabeth STICKLAND married 11-May (PR)

John MATHEWS & Sarah FREKE married 02-Jun (PR)

William CHIN & Ann HALL married 04-Jun (PR)

Robert CROFTS & Elizabeth OSBORN married June 17 (BT's & PR)

William PARKER & Susana BISHOP married 18-Jul (PR)

Enock LESTER & Rachel BURLSTON married 22-Jul [PR and BT's have date as July 27th ]

Maurice GANTLETT & Sarah CROSM married 30-Sep (PR)

William MOREY & Ann FRAMPTON married 15-Oct (PR)

Thomas LOCK & Betty PAYNE married 19-Oct (PR)

John PARKER & Elizth. LUCAS married 01-Dec [PR & BT's have date as Dec 26th ]

Richard BURT & Grace KATE married 26-Dec 1734 (PR)

John FOANE & Elizabeth LAWRENCE married 26-Dec [BT's incorrectly have his surname as FINE: but both PR and BT's have date as 30th Dec]

Samuel HOBBS & Jane WALTERS married 13-Feb (PR)

    [Note:- After marriage Samuel & Jane settled in Holy Trinity Parish in Dorchester where they raised the following children :- (1) Anne bap 22nd Dec 1738 and buried there 17th Aug 1739 (2) Anne bap 11th Mar 1739/40 (3) Jane bap 26th Dec 1741 (4) Elizabeth bap 29th Jan 1743/4 (5) Mary bap 25th Oct 1745 (6) Martha bap 27 Mar 1747 (7) Hester bap 18 Dec 1749 buried 23rd Feb 1752]

John POLIARD & Charity DIAMOND married 12-Oct 1735 [PR's and BT's have his surname as POLLARD ]

Christopher FOY & Ann ROGERS married 27-Nov (PR) [BT's incorrectly have his surname as FROY ]

Thomas MANUEL & Mary VOS married 12-Dec (PR)

Thomas GREEN & Bathshebah BEZANT married 23-Jan (PR)

[BT's have additional marriage :- John WILCOX & the Widow GOODMAN 6 May 1736 but not in PR]

Humfry HARDY & Elizabeth WYNZAR married 03-Jun 1736 (PR)

Henry VOS & Edith POUNCY married 25-Jul (PR)

John TIZARD & Ann BELLRINGER married 27-Jul (PR)

James SALISBURY & Elizabeth WILLIS married 01-Aug (PR)

John MEECH & Mary SLADE married 12-Aug (PR) [ BT's incorrectly have his name as John MARCH ]

Robert VALLENS & Mary CLASBY married 15-Aug (PR)

John MASTERS & Sarah HOWNSLOW married 09-Sep (PR)

Joseph TUCKETT & Catherine TROUT married 16-Sep (PR)

William. LOCK & Elizabeth. CHIP married 27-Sep (PR)

    [End of CLDS Images 02175 & 02176 & Start of Image 02177]

John WYNZAR & Elizabeth LOVERIDGE married 02-Nov (PR)

William WASTCOAT & Jane HOWNSLOW married 13-Jan 1736/7 (PR)

Alexander CREST & Honor DOWLL married 25-Jan 1736/7 (PR) [BT's incorrectly have Alexander CROSS ]

Charles HACKSTON & Elizabeth WYNZAR married 17-Feb 1736/7 (PR) [PR's and BT's have Charles HAKSTON & Feb 16]

Henry CHAMBERLAIN & Elizabeth VOS married 11-Mar 1736/7 (PR)

    [End of CLDS Images 02177 & Start of a large overlapping document on Images 02178 & 02179]

John INZER [i.e.Ensor] & Elizabeth DOWLL married 11-Apr 1737 (PR)

John HUCTHENS & Elizabeth WHITE both of Alton married 22-Apr (PR)

John FREAK & Susanah DILLER married 07-Jun (PR)

Samuel ALLEN & Martha POUNCEY [POUNCY] married 21-Jul (PR) [BT's incorrectly have Martha FOY ]

Joseph BONNETT & Edith LOCK married 28-Sep (PR)

Thomas DENIS & Mary MASTERS married 01-Dec (PR)

John TYERMAN & Martha PUCKET married 02-Jan (PR)

John WOOD & Betty SQUIBB married 04-Feb (PR)

George RIOLL & Mary BUSHELL married 07-Mar (PR) [BT's have George RIELL ]

William NORRIS & Mary DIFFEY married 28-May 1738 (PR)

Thomas SEAL & Elizabeth PARKER married 27-Jul (PR)

Thomas ROBERTS & Mary HARDEY married 16-Nov (PR)

John ANDREWS & Ann BELMAN married 17-Dec (PR)

Chrismas HARDY & Elizabeth TIBS [TIBBS] married 13-Jan (PR)

    [End of CLDS Images 02178 & 02179 & Start of overlapping Images 02180 & 02181]

Benjamin BRINE of Dorchester & Mary COMBERSHALL married 23-Apr 1739 (PR) [BT's have year as 1739 & her name CUMBERSHALL]

John BISHOP & Bety DRISHER married 26-Apr (PR)

William GERRETT [i.e. GARRETT] & Mary NORRIS both of Dorchester married 13-May 1739 (PR)

William STONE & Eals BESS married 18-Jun 1739 (PR)

Robert HENDEY of Waymouth & Edith BRICE of this parish married 05-Jul (PR)

John BARTLETT & Anah WODFORD married 07-Oct (PR)

Makias BRINE & Bathsheba GRAY married 21-Dec (PR)

    [End of CLDS Images 02180 & 02181 & Start of overlapping Images 02182 & 02183]

Thomas NORMON of Dorchester & Hanah WHITE of this parish married 04-May 1740 (PR)

Thomas SKINER of Dorchester & Frances DAVIS of this parish married 01-Sep (PR)

Joseph GAYLARD & Sarah PHILLIPS both of Dorchester married 03-Sep (PR)

Joseph NIGHTENGEAL & Grace BARTLETT married 23-Nov (PR)

Samuel BEDLOW of Dorchester & Sarah WINZAR of this parish married 14-Jan 1740/1 (PR)

Edmund BOWER & Elizabeth SHORTO both of Dorchester married 26-Jan 1740/1 (PR)

    [Note:- Edmund BOWER (d.1773) is reported by genealogists to have been born in Affpuddle Dorset the son of Robert Bower (1682-1747) and Edith Sampson but I have not been able to confirm this as the Affpuddle parish registers only survive from 1720. Edmund however is known to have become the Innkeeper of the Royal Oak Inn in Dorchester, possibly around the time of his marriage, as the Shorto Family is reported by the Rev RG Bartlett to have been brewers by trade, and the burgage rate list of 1737 for Dorchester shows The Royal Oak Inn was then owned by George Browne Esq. His wife Elizabeth SHORTO (1715-1765), was the 3rd child of James SHORTO and Mary FILDEW who had married at Stinsford in 1712. Elizabeth was baptised at All Saints Church in Dorchester on 25th March 1715 and was later to be buried at the same church on 1st Feb 1765. Edmund was included in the Militia listing for the year 1758 as being eligible to serve for the parish of Holy Trinity but he also was buried at All Saints on 1st Mar 1773 so they appear to have moved within Dorchester during that period. He left a will dated 19th Nov 1771 which was proved on 17th May 1773. Children from the marriage:-

    (1) James Bower (1740-1795) bap Holy Trinity Church Dorchester 15th Feb 1740/1; He was a beneficiary to the extent of £400 under his fathers will dated 1771 but it was his younger brother William who inherited his fathers estate and business. I think this is because he left Dorchester for Cornwall and his father may have already paid for him to establish a business of his own there. He appears to have married in Lostwithiel to Elizabeth ELIOT on 11th July 1771 and they had a large family of about 10 children there between 1772 and 1788. James was buried there 14th Sep 1795.Their youngest son Richard Bower (1788-1875) was to return to Dorset and settle at Melcombe Regis where he was a magistrate. His widow Elizabeth wrote her will in 1830 which was proved PCC 11/1900 on 14th Sep 1838.

    (2) Edmund Bower (1743-before 1771) bap HT 22nd Dec 1743 may have died an infant as not mentioned in his fathers will dated 1771

    (3) William Bower (1746-1829) bap HT 22nd Dec 1746; executor of his fathers will and main beneficiary being left £500, the dwelling house, stable, garden and backside in HT Parish then in the occupation of Miss Rogers and his father and the dwelling house called the Royal Oak Inn + after various bequests the rest and residuie of his estate. On the 25th Sep 1779 William was fined for encroachment and had to pay 2 shillings a year to the Corporation for erecting a bay window in the front of his house called the Royal Oak. William was uried at HT 3rd Apr 1829 and left a Will

    (4) Mary Bower (1749- after1775) bap HT 30th Mar 1749 ; she married Thomas BRYER from All Saints parish at Holy Trinity Church in Dorchester on 8th Aug 1768 and was left £150 by her father who also left £50 to her daughter Ann Bryer.

    (5) Elizabeth Bower (1751-after1771) bap HT 11th July 1751. Mentioned unnder Will of Elizabeth MOREY, Widow of Dorchester dated 10 Dec 1765, proved 25 Jan 1766 and left £500 under her fathers will in 1773 when she was still a spinster living in his house.

Williamm WINZAR & Martha VOS both of this parish married 03-Feb 1740/1 (PR)

Thomas BUSHROD & Mary SYMES of Dorchester married 03-Feb 1740/1 (PR)

William GRAY of Dorchester & Elizabeth. VOS of this parish married 02-Apr 1741 (PR)

Joseph CROCKER of Puddletown & Jane SYMONDS of this parish married 11-Apr (PR)

John SAUNDERS of Blandford & Amy SYMES of Dorchester married 13-Apr (PR)

William ALLEN & Ruth ELSWOOD married 24-Jun (PR)

William STYLE & Edith BARTLETT both of this parish married 29-Jul (PR)

Robert. VALLENS & Miriam SANGER both of this parish married 16-Aug (PR)

George COSSENS & Elizabeth LEGG married 17-Aug (PR) [Not in or BT's but in PR's omitted from its place in the register but added at the end of the page]

George TUCKER & Elizabeth SQUIBB both of this parish married 21-Sep (PR)

Nathaneal SPARKS & Elizabeth. MITCHELL married 08-Feb 1741/2 (PR) [Note:- Nathaniel Sparks (c1711-1779) was the son of William Sparks (1665-1741/2) Fellmonger of Fordington and is mentioned in her fathers Will which can be viewed via this link]

John LOCK & Christian VOSS married 16-Apr 1742 (PR)

John INGRAM & Elizabeth DOWLE married 20-Jun (PR)

Charles LEDFIELD & Ann NORTHOVER married 24-Jun (PR)

James BESS & Catharine OLIVER married 24-Jul (PR)

William MARSH & Elizabeth NORRIS married 26-Jul (PR)

Ambrose HUNT & Elizabeth BARTLETT married 01-Jan (PR)

    Note:- Ambrose HUNT VII (1708- ?) was the son of Ambrose HUNT VI (1681-1754) married Margaret ROGERS. This is his second marriage his first being to Mary SPARKS at St Peters Church in Dorchester on 28th July 1729. See his 1st marriage for comments about the baptism of his son Ambrose VIII. ---Children:- Thomas HUNT Bap FStG 27th Nov 1743 and buried there 31 Dec 1743

Henry TOMKINS & Ann COMBE married 31-Jan (PR)

Thomas. VINCENT & Honor COATE married 01-Feb (PR) [PR's and BT's have Feb 6th ]

George LESTER & Betty SANGER married 19-May 1743 (PR)

William HACKHAM & Mary COX married 28-Jun (PR)

    [End of overlapping CLDS Images 02182 & 02183 ]

William GARRET & Elizabeth. FREKE married 16-Oct 1743 (PR)

Edward CREECH & Ann CLINES married 01-Nov (PR)

John BRETT & Mary SPARKS married 26-Feb 1743/4 (PR) [Note:- Mary Sparks was the daughter of of William Sparks (1665-1741/2) Fellmonger of Fordington and is mentioned in her fathers Will which can be viewed via this link]

William DERBY & Mary WINZAR married 27-Mar 1744 (PR)

William NORRIS & Mary VOS married 29-Apr (PR)

William WATTS & Elizabeth BELBEN married 24-Jul (PR)

William EDWARDS & Miriam MOOR married 20-Jan (PR)

William HIPWELL & Sarah HALLETT married 06-Feb (PR)

Edward TAYLLOR & Elizabeth KATE married 29-Apr 1745 (PR)

William BRYER & Gertrude WELLS married 13-May (PR)

George BROWN & Mary FEVER married 19-May (PR)

Thomas BRINE & Eleanor SANGER married 24-Jun (PR)

John HELLARD & Mary BISHOP married 25-Jul (PR)

Thomas FRAMPTON & Ann DULAND of Charminster married 14-Dec (PR)

Henry HOLLAND [HOLAND in PR's] & Mary THORNE married 06-Feb 1745/6 (PR)

Mathew WHITE & Elizabeth HALL married 17-Mar 1745/6 (PR)

    [Start of overlapping CLDS Images 02184 & 02185 ]

Henry DILLER & Ann JOANS Apr 17 1746 (from PR's and BT's not in original published transcription)

Henry FYFORD [TYFORD?] & Elizabeth BRIDLE married 19-May 1746 (PR)

William SEAL & Sarah KING married 06-Aug (PR)

William FRAMTON [FRAMPTON?] & Rebeckah KATE married 06-Aug (PR)

Robert BUNNELL & Margaret WALDREN married 14-Sep (PR)

John SPARKS & Elizabeth. POPE married 23-Sep(PR) [Note:- John Sparkes was the son of William Sparks (1665-1741/2) Fellmonger of Fordington and is mentioned in his fathers Will which can be viewed via this link]

Robert BELBEN & Elizabeth BELBMAN married 05-Oct (PR)

Charles PITFIELD & Mary BISHOP married 05-Oct (PR)

    [Note:- Charles PITFIELD (1723-1801) was the 2nd child of Charles PITFIELD (1665-1743) Churchwarden of Fordington. His bride Mary was the daughter of Joseph BISHOP & baptised in Fordington on 15th June 1722. Charles described as a Yeoman was listed as being fit to serve in the Militia for the parish of Fordington in 1758. Mary was buried at F St Georges Church on 27th Jan 1794 followed by Charles on 8th Sep 1801. They had the following children all baptised at St Georges Church Fordington:- (1) Samuel bap 9th Nov 1746 (2) Charles bap 8th Feb 1748/9 and buried 14th July 1749 (3) Charles bap 26th Sep 1750 he married Ann Thorn 25th Aug 1776 (4) Sebastian bap 11th Dec 1754 and buried 5th April 1756 (5) Sebastian bap 1st Feb 1757 he married Mary Thorn at st Georges church on 17-May-1781 and raised a family of 10 children (6) Joseph bap 5th Feb 1759 (7) Christian bap 12th Jan 1761 (8) Joseph bap 13 Apr 1762

Amos STILE & Mary PITFIELD married 23-Dec (PR)

    [Note:- Mary PITFIELD (1721-1784) was the 1st child of Charles PITFIELD (1665-1743) Churchwarden of Fordington. Amos was buried at St Georges Church on 30th Sep 1776 followed by Mary on 29th Feb 1784. They had the following children baptised at Fordington (1) Amos bap 20th Jan 1747 & buried 30 Jan 1747 (2) Mary bap 28th Dec 1748 (3) Ann bap 28th Sep 1750 (4) Amey or Eamey bap 9th Dec 1754 (5) Frances bap 26th Sep 1757 (6) Christian bap 28th July 1765]

Leonard WYNZAR & Catharine SEAL married 01-Jan (PR)

John GIBBS & Elizabeth FRAMPTON married 05-Feb 1746/7 (PR)

Andrew MELHUISH & Mary BARTER married 07-Feb 1746/7 (PR)

Joseph DOBER & Susanna TIZARD married 14-May 1747 (PR)

Mark DULAND & Sarah ELLARY married 07-Jul (PR) [BT's have Mark DEWLAND ]

Thomas BISHOP & Elizabeth FREKE married 14-Sep (PR)

John LUCAS & Elizabeth MILLER married 11-Oct (PR)

Henry GREEN & Joan BARTLETT married 02-Feb (PR) [PR's and BT's also have “both of Stratton”]

Walter BURT & Hester BRIDLE married 03-May 1748 [PR's and BT's also have “both of Stratton”]

John READ & Rebeckah VOSE [VOS] married 12-May (PR)

John BUNN & Sarah JONES married 12-Jul (PR)

Thomas CLARK & Susanna VOSE [VOS] married 31-Jul (PR)

George STICKLAND & Elizabeth ENSOR married 11-Sep (PR)

Jeremiah AUGUST & Ann BUSSELL married 19-Oct 1748 (PR)

Robert BEST & Grace STILL married 21-Oct (PR)

Peter DEWLAND & Jone NORMAN married 02-Jan (PR)

    [End of overlapping CLDS Images 02184 & 02185 & Start of 3 year return overlapping images 02186 & 02187]

John SHEPPARD & Mary TUEXBURY married 26-Mar 1749 (PR)

Richard CUMBERSHALL & Margery CHURCHILL married 28-May (PR) [Note:- Margery Cumbershall buried at FStG 9th Jan 1765]

James SWIER & Betty RUTHERFORD married 23-Aug (PR)

Giles COMBS & Mrs Mary HACKHAM married 11-Mar (PR)

Thomas PAUL & Susanna ALLEN married 15-Apr 1750 (PR)

Thomas BASCOMB & Betty TERRELL married 16-Apr (PR)

George THORN & Barbara ROBERTS married 16-Apr (PR) [Note:- Only had 1 child Ann THORN bap at Fordington on 29th March 1751. Ann married Charles PITFIELD (1750-1804) who was the 3rd son of Charles PITFIELD (1723-1801)]

William BELBEN & Elizabeth HOLET married 17-Apr (PR) [BT's have Elizabeth HALLET ]

Joseph FOY & Eliz. COAT married 01-May (PR)

John HARDY & Elizabeth CHANNING married 17-Jun (PR) [CLDS Image 2187]

Jeremiah SNOW & Mary LEASYE married 09-Jul (PR)

James HAYDEN & Eleanor ANTONY married 01-Aug (PR) [BT's have ANTHONY ]

Robert MARSH & Bettye BARRETT married 13-Aug (PR) [CLDS Image 2187]

Richard SCORSE & Ann FUDG [FUDGE?] married 30-Sep (PR) [BT's have Ann FUDGE ]

David MORRIS & Mary CHANING married 13-Nov (PR)

Richard BENNETT & Elizabeth HOPPEN married 03-Feb 1750/1 (PR)

William INGRAM & Mary FUDG [FUDGE?] married 10-Feb (PR) [BT's have Mary FUDGE ]

James PURS & Christen MARTEN married 21-Feb (PR) [BT's have James PURSE and Christian MARTIN February 24th]

John BUT & Eliz. READ married 22-Mar (PR)

Isaiah FORINGTON & Martha COZENS married 17-Apr 1751 (PR)

Mr John NELSON & Mrs Ann JACOB married 08-Aug (PR) [Note:- son John baptised at Holy Trinity Church Dorchester 7th July 1752]

To: GOULD & Ann HOUNSELL [HOUNSEL] married 02-Sep (PR) [BT's have Thomas GOULD ]

John SMITH & Ann ROBIRTS married 15-Oct (PR)

Joseph CHANNING & Elizabeth VOS married 31-Oct (PR) [BT's have Elizabeth VOSS]

William. CEECH & Elizabeth CRIMBLE married 28-Dec (PR) [ BT's have William KEECH ]

    [End of overlapping CLDS Images 02186 & 02187 ]

Robert GOLDEN & Martha RAWLIN married 04-Jan 1752 (PR)

John LESTER & Ann GILLOM married 16-Jan (PR)

Robert HUST & Elizabeth VINSON married 29-Mar (PR)

Henry VINSON & Jone BRIDLE married 05-Apr (PR)

    [Start of overlapping CLDS Images 02188 & 02189 ]

John COWARD & Dorothy SHEPHARD married 03-Mar 1753 (PR)

Joseph BENNETT & Sarah BENNETT married 19-Apr (PR)

Thos AISH & Mary WILLSON married 26-Apr (PR)

Henry HUNT & Ann WHITLE married 19-Aug (PR)

    [ Note:- Henry HUNT (1725-1761) a taylor by trade was the son of Henry HUNT (1675-1744) and Elizabeth TEWXBERY of St Peters in Dorchester. On 26th Oct 1754 he took on an apprentice James Old. Henry Junior was buried at FStG 4th June 1761 and his widow Ann 8th Feb 1763 but I have not located any wills or administrations. Children:-

    (1) Henry HUNT (1754-1755) Bap HT 18th Apr 1754 and buried at FStG on 7th Dec 1755
    (2) Robert HUNT (1755- ) Bap HT 3rd June 1755. he was taken on as an apprentice on 27th Mar 1771 by his uncle Gabriel HUNT to learn the trade of a tailor.
    (3) Elizabeth HUNT (1757-1760) bap HT 8th Aug 1757 and buried at FStG 13th Mar 1760
    (4) Henry HUNT (1761-1764) bap HT 1st Sep 1761 buried at FStG 7th Mar 1764.

Isack BENNETT [BONNETT] & Mary WHITE : married 17-Sep (PR)

Robert BARTLETT & Judah LOVELASS married 04-Nov (PR) [BT's have LOVELESS ]

Jonathan COMER & Sarah ANTONY married 28-Jan 1754 (PR) [BT's have ANTHONY ]

    [Marriages begin in Vol II and are also entered still in Vol 1]

Roger GRANT of Owermoyne & Ann TERRELL married 14-Jul 1754 (PR)

John JENKENS & Ann KEATS married 14-Jul (PR)

Edward HOARE & Mary CHEESMAN married 11-Nov (PR) [BT's have CHISEMAN ]

William GUNDERY [GUNDRY] of HolyTrinity Dorchester & Doritey[Dorothy] DOWL married 25-May 1755 (PR) [BT's have William GUNDRY and Dorothy DOWL ]

    [Note:- William GUNDRY (1721-1793) was bap at Holy Trinity Church in Dorchester on 23rd Jan 1721 the eldest child from the marriage of William GUNDRY Senior (1695/6-1760) to Rebecca CHANNING (d.1768). He was appointed a Capital Burgess of Dorchester on 22nd March 1776 and an Alderman on 30 Sep 1782. He was buried at HT Church in Dorchester on 13th Oct 1793
    (1) Thomas Gundry buried at Holy Trinity Church Dorchester on 9th Jan 1775 [i.e. 4 months prior to their marriage?]
    (2) Mary Gundry Bap All Saints Church Dorchester 26th Apr 1756
    (3) Elizabeth Gundry Bap All Saints 12th Jan 1758
    (4) Sarah Gundry Bap All Saints 4th Sep 1763
    (5) Thomas Gundry bap All Saints 6th Aug 1769
    [End of overlapping CLDS Film 1279496 Images 4205262_02187 & _02188 ]

Robert KENNAWAY of Bridgewater & Martha DAVIS married 06-Oct by licence

John MATTOCK & Betty WHITE married 03-Nov (PR) [ CLDS Film 1279497 Image 4205261_00005]

Joseph SEAL of Holy Trinity Dorchester & Grace VINCENT married 05-Jan 1756 (PR) [ Start of CLDS Image 00006]

John POND & Eleanor PRESLY married 01-Feb (PR)

William BANKS of All Saints Dorchester & Mary TRIPP married 29-Feb (PR) [BT's incorrectly have Mary TUPP ]

    [ End of CLDS Image 00006 & Start of Image 00007]

Thomas TERREL & Ann JENKINS married 04-May by licence (PR) [BT's have Thomas TERRILL ]

Bernard GALE & Elizabeth MASTERS married 15-Jul (PR)

John VINCENT & Joanna KING married 15-Aug (PR)

William ADDAMS & Elizabeth BISHOP married 20-Sep (PR)

Joshua DOWLE & Mary BEDLOW married 19-Oct by licence (PR) [BT's have DOWL and BEDLOE ]

Thomas NORMAN & Elizabeth CHANNING married 07-Nov (PR)

Sebastian PITFIELD & Mary WOODSFORD married 30-Nov (PR)

    [Note:- Sebastian PITFIELD (1726-1794) was the 3rd child of Charles PITFIELD (1666-1743) Churchwarden of Fordington . Sebastian was listed as a Yeoman of Fordington fit and able to serve in the Militia in 1758. He was buried at St Georges Church on 5th Dec 1794 followed by Mary PITFIELD (1734-1821) AGED 87 on 17th May 1821. They had 3 children baptised at St Georges Church (1) Emme or Amey bap 15th Sep 1757 buried 28th Oct 1761 (2) Sebastian bap 27th May 1760 and buried 3rd Nov 1761 (3) Amye bap 26th Jan 1763 she married John Jacob at St Georges Church on 15th July 1781]

Richard WHITE of Broadway & Mary CHANNING married 10-Jan 1757 (PR does not give his home parish this comes from BT's) [ Start of CLDS Image 00008]

Thomas BISHOP & Frances NOTTON married 13-Jan

James WELLSPRING of Stinsford & Elizabeth LESTER married 03-Feb (PR does not give his home parish this comes from BT's)

    Note:- James WELLSPRING [1732/3-1813] was baptised less then 2 miles away at Stinsford on 4th March 1732/3, one of 4 children of James WELLSPRING and Jane MASTERS who had married in Stinsford on 26th Dec 1724. He had a sister Catherine (bap 1727) who married John LOVELL at Stinsford in 1744; and a brother John (bap 1738) married at St Peters Church on 5th Apr 1772 to Mary SLADE (see their marriage for children) His parents both died at Stinsford, his father James in 1739 and Jane in 1747. The 2 surviving brothers then moved to Fordington to live working as labourers. James bride Elizabeth LESTER [1736-1782] was the daughter of Enoch and Rachel LESTER and had been baptised at Fordington on 18th Jan 1736/7. After their marriage James & Elizabeth raised a family of 12 children at Fordington viz:- (1). Elizabeth [b 1758] bap 15 May 1758, who married Richard Woolfrys in Fordington on 14 Jun 1785; (2). James WELLSPRING (1760-1845) bap 27 May 1760 who married Catherine Lovell 19 Feb 1783 (see their marriage for their family) He was buried Fordington 27 Jan 1845 aged 84; (3). Jane [1762-1764] bap 2nd July 1762; thought to have died 8 Jan 1764 but recorded under the surname Wellstrome; (4). John [1764-1781] bap F 26 Aug 1764, (5). William WELLSPRING (1766-1813) bap 20 July 1766 he married Mary VINCENT at Fordington on 11 Feb 1795 (see their marriage for their family) He was buried Fordington 21 June 1813 aged 47; (6). Jane [b 1768] bap 21 Aug 1768 no trace ; (7) Sarah [1770-c1771] bap 25 Nov 1770, no trace but must have died before age of 2; (8) Sarah [1772-1772] bap 3rd Nov 1772, buried 6 Dec 1772; (9). Mary [1775-?] bap 2nd Apr 1775 no trace (10). Ann [b 1777] bap 19 Jan 1777, no trace; (11). Catherine [1780-1831] bap 16 April 1780, remained a spinster buried 11 Dec 1831 aged 51; (12). Rachel [1781-1783] bap 5 Dec 1781 buried 6 July 1783. There were no more children after Rachel as Elizabeth, 'the wife of James Wellspring' was buried at St Georges church on 27th December 1782. James now a widower lived for another 31 years being buried at Fordington on 7th day of June 1813 when his age was given as 85.

Philip WINZER & Elizabeth LESTER married 31-Mar (PR)

    Note:- Philip and Elizabeth WINZER had the following five children baptised at Fordington:- (1) Philip Winzer bap 28 Apr 1758, he was buried at Fordington the following month on 16th May 1758; (2) Mary Lester Winzer bap 1st Jan 1760, buried 7th May 1764; (3) Thomas Winzer bap 1st Jan 1761; (4) Philip WINZER (junior) bap 8th Feb 1763 who later married Mary PURCHASE at Holy Trinity on 28th June 1784; (5) George WINZER who married Jane PHIPPARD at Fordington on 13th Sep 1790. Philip WINZER (senior) was buried at Fordington on 19th Feb 1769 hence there were no more children from this marriage

John HAYSOME of Winterburn Kingstone & Jane BISHOP of the parish of Stickland married 05-Jul by licence (PR) [Start of CLDS Image 00009]

John ANDRA & Susanna JANES married 13-Aug (PR)

Benjamin FEACEY & Mary BISHOP married 13-Sep (PR) [End of CLDS Image 00009]

Charles LEG & Susanna SEAGER married 25-Sep (PR inserted between the lines easy to miss) [Not in BT's]

John SERGANT & Patience KINNISTON married 13-Mar 1758 (PR) [Not in BT's: NBI has surname KIMISTON]

John STEVENS & Martha WINZAR married 19-Apr by licence (PR) [CLDS Image 00011]

John PAINTER of All Saints Dorchester & Mary ADDAMS married 03-May (PR) [CLDS Image 00011]

Benjamin ROLLS & Ann BEDLOE married 14-May by licence (PR inserted between the lines) [Not in BT's]

Thomas TERRILL & Susanna FOSTER married 23-Aug by licence (PR) [CLDS Image 00011]

Stephen POPE & Mary ROSE married 14-Sep by licence (PR) [Note:- Not in BT's]

William LOCUST & Mary LOCUST married 11-Dec (PR) [CLDS Image 00012]

Thomas WHITE & Mary SEAGER married 28-Dec 1758 (PR) [CLDS Image 00013]

James SPINNEY of [illegible] & Susanna BEASON? of this parish married 23-Jan 1759 by licence (PR) [CLDS Image 00013]

Jonathan FUDGE & Mary LOCK married 16-Apr (PR) [CLDS Image 00013]

    April 29th Mr Christopher TWYNIHOE was inducted (instituted) Vicar of Forthington [i.e. Fordington] in ye house of Mr. Jno [John] JACOB Late Departed. (PR)

Edward LESTER & Elizabeth PITFIELD of All Saints Dorchester married 05-Jul (PR) [CLDS Image 00014] [Note:- Elizabeth was the daughter of William PITFIELD by Ann Upsel who married at All Saints Church Dorchester 2nd Feb 1725/6. Elizabeth was bap at St Georges Church Fordington 16th Jun 1729. Children of this marriage :- (1) Edward bap 11th Sep 1760 and buried at F on 25th Feb 1767 (2) Elizabeth bap F 12th Mar 1762 (3) Thomas bap 1st Sep 1769 ]

Thomas LUCAS & Susana BISHOP married 10-Sep (PR) [CLDS Image 00014]

Hugo HODDER of Broadwinsor & Susanna DOVER married 16-May 1760 by licence [Not in PR's or BT's]

Joseph BISHOP & Elizabeth ADDAMS married 13-Oct (PR) [Start of CLDS Image 00016]

John DODSON of Hilton & Jane TAYLOR married 30-Jan 1761 (PR)

James BIRT & Ann MANVEL married 01-Feb (PR)

Melchisedeck HIND & Elizabeth VINCENT of Staford married 02-Feb by licence (PR)

Joseph BUSSELL of Bridport & Jone HARRIS married 02-Feb (PR) [End of CLDS Image 00016 & start of Image 00017]

Samuel CHAFFY & Elizabeth GUY married 03-Feb (PR) [BT's have James CHAFEY ]

Robert. HODDER & Mary PHIPPARD married 17-Mar by licence (PR)

Robt. OBORN & Mary ALLEN married 23-Mar (Pr could not locate?)

James HARRIS & Holloway BENNETT married 14-Jul by licence (PR) [End of CLDS Image 00017 & start of Image 00025]

John CAINES & Sarah LESTER married 05-Oct (PR appears to have been crossed out?)



Thos. BEDLOW & Elizabeth STILE married 15-Feb 1762 by licence

Caleb CLOTHYER & Ann BISHOP both of Bishop's Candle married 15-May

Richard DREW of Culhampton Co Devon & Mary ROWLS of Puddletown married 25-Jun

Joseph WALKER of Beckhampton Co Bucks & Anne PHIPPARD married 25-Jul

Ambrose HUNT & Sarah NORRIS married 15-Aug
    [Note:- Ambrose HUNT (1742-1789) Ambrose was the son of Ambrose Hunt by his wife Mary Sparks who had married at St Peters Church in Dorchester on 28th July 1729. He was baptised at FStG on 16th March 1742/3. Sarah his wife died and was buried at Fordington at St Georges church on 22nd Oct 1788. Ambrose died the following year being buried with her on 21st Apr 1789. Children:- (1) Ambrose Hunt bap StG Fordington 8th May 1763. He married Jane KEATS at St Peters Church in Dorchester (2) Edward Hunt bap FStG 10th May 1767 (3) Mary Hunt bap FStG 20th Oct 1771]

William SEALL & Elizabeth LOCK married 05-Jan 1763 by licence

John BRIMROSE of Halbridge Co Lincoln & Mary GILLINGHAM married 13-Feb by licence

William GALPEN [GALPIN] & Sarah MASTERS married 25-Apr

    [Note:- William GALPIN (1740-1818) a Cooper by trade was buried at St George's Church Fordington on 1st Nov 1818 and left a will dated 11 Jun 1818 in which he names most of his children and even some grandchildren. (See Wills index - proved 13th July 1819). His wife Sarah nee MASTERS (1739-1816) pre deceased him being buried at Fordington on 11th April 1816 aged 77 years. Children from this marriage:- (1) Ann (1764-1764) bap Fordington 8th March 1764 & buried there 27th Mar 1764 (2) Elizabeth bap 20 July 1766 St Peters Dorchester she married (Surname MORGAN) and 2 children Mary & Wm (3) Ann (1768-1769) bap St Peters 7th Feb 1768 and buried at Fordington 12th Jan 1769 (4) Sarah bap St Peters 10th Feb 1770, she married by licence to John TULLIDGE at All Saints Church on 12th June 1800 (5) Joseph (1772-1792) bap St Peters 28 Feb 1772 and buried at St Georges church Fordington on 8th April 1792 (6) William GALPIN(1774-1837) bap 10th July 1774 he married Charlotte CLARE at All Saints church Dorchester 3rd Oct 1799. (7) John (1775-1808) bap St Peters 17th Dec 1775, he married Elizabeth POUNCY at All Saints on 7th Aug 1800 and had 3 children (8) Ann (1777-1811) bap All Saints Church Dorchester 11th May 1777, she married James MASTERS at All Saints on 7th March 1799 produced 3 children but died and was buried at Fordington on 7th Feb 1811. (9) James (1779-1806) bap All Saints 29 Aug 1779, married and had a son James, James senior buried a Fordington 2nd Mar 1806 (10) Richard bap All Saints 8th Apr 1781 (11) George Jacob bap All Saints 3rd Aug 1783. He married at All Saints on 11th dec 1805 to Jane BARRETT and had 3 children]

Isaac HUTCHINGS & Honour CRESS married 12-Sep

James LYDE of Possom & Susanna PARKER married 17-Oct

Robert BRIDLE & Betty CONWAY married 15-Dec

George HEPWORTH of Pontefract Co York & Elizth. WINZOR married 31-Dec

Robert KING of Cookham Dean Berks & Mary DAVIS married 15-Feb 1764

    [End of CLDS Image 00025 & start of Image 00033]

James STAYNER & Susannah LEG married 18-Sep 1764

Thos CURTIS of St Andrews Holborn & Hannah PAINTER married 15-Oct by licence

William NORRIS & Mary MUNDEN married 12-Nov

Thomas SEALL & Anne PARKER married 08-Jan 1765

George ADDEMS & Mary MANVELL married 14-Mar [BT's have ADDAM s and MANUEL ]

Phillip COMBES of Holy Trinity Dorchester & Elizth. NELSON married 17-Apr by licence

Edward FOSTER of Tolpuddle & Betty BASCOMBE married 01-Sep by licence

Robert WILSON of S Peter's Dorchester & Hannah SYMS married 11-Oct by licence

William PRESLY of Holy Trinity Dorchester & Elizabeth SERJEANNT married 20-Oct

Robert Fook CHINES of All Saints' Dorchester & Elizabeth BEDLOE of this parish married 23-Feb 1766 by licence

Richard OXFORD of Holy Trinity Dorchester & Mary WRIGHT of this parish married 08-Apr by licence

Samuel WINZOR & Catherine SIVIER married 16-Sep [BT's have SWYER ]

    [End of CLDS Image 00033]

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