Will of William Barnes, Yeoman

Dated 20th July 1658 with an Inventory taken on 1st December 1660

©Transcribed by Michael Russell OPC for Fordington from CLDS Film 1067158 Images 4000-4003 May 2008.

The Twentieth daye of July one thousand six hundred and ffiftey and eight

I William BARNES of Fforthington in the County of Dorset Yeoman being well stricken in years but God I give him the praise in perfect sound and memory and not knowing how soone or in what manner the Allmighty God may be pleased to lay his hands upon me I also here make my Last Will and Testament in manner and fform as followeth

Ffirst I bequeath my soule unto the Allmighty God my creator and Redeamer
    And my body to be buried in the pish [parish] churchyeard of Fforthington aforesaid
Impremis: [Latin for in the first place] I give unto the church of Fforthington one shilling

Item: I give unto the poor of the pish [parish] of Fforthington Ten shillings to be paid at my ffunerall ;

Item I give unto my sonn in law Ralph MULLETT (1) of Glanville Wootton twelve pound

Item: I give unto my sonn in law Nicholas BUGG (2) of Fforthington twelve pound

Item: I give unto my sonn Charles BARNES ten pounds five pounds to be paid twelve months after his brother Anthony is taken tenant unto the letting that his ffather now posseth and five pounds two years after hee hath injoyed the said letting,

Item: I give unto my Grand Child Anthony BARNES Twenty pounds and my bruing pann to be paid by my executors when hee is eighten years of age, but if God should please to take him to his mercie before then the same twenty pounds to be equally distributed betwixt the rest of his brothers and sisters

Item: I give unto my Grand Child Phallie BARNES five pounds to be paid when she is eighteen years of age or if shee should deye before then to be distributed betwixt the rest of the children,

Item: I give unto my sonn Anthony BARNES all the rest of my goods and chattells mandable and unmandable of this my Last Will and Testament whome I make my whole and sole executor [writen?] under my hand and seal the daye and yeare first above written


William BARNES

Signed and witnessed in the presence of

Jo: [John] HARBRUGH?
Jonathan EAMES (3)

An inventorie

Of the goods and chattles of William BARNES of Ffordington ---------first of December in the yeare of our Lord God one thousand six hundred and sixty.

Imp: [Impremis - In the first place] his wearing aparrell 6.00.0d

It [Item:] in the hall one tabell board and frame [i.e. a trestle to stand the tableboard on] one cupboard one forme one dresser three joint stoles one chair one paire of Andirons one Bibell five pewter dishes} 1.10.0d

It [Item:] in the kitchen to [two] brass pottes [pots] one skillett one frying pan one spitt one paire of tonges one paire of Bellows too [two] Brass pans six woden dishes} 1.13.0d

In the parlor one fetherbed one Bolster one Bedsheet three coverlets 1.15.0d

In the Chamber one featherbed one paire of Blankets one Rugge too [two] Coffers one Chest one Cradell one warming pan one Brush} 3.00.0d

In the Laiugge? too [two] storing troughes three planters? too [two] trendelles one Barell with other Lumber 1.00.0d

In the Rulobaekine? one Reokstauill? 0.05.0d

Praised by us hose [whose] names are subscribed

John RASKER (4)
Arthur HACKHAM (5)

Genealogical Notes:-

(1). A Rafe [Ralph] MULLETT married an Elizabeth LIE in Glanville Wootton on 31st January 1589 who might just be his son in laws father?

(2). Nicholas BUGG or BUGGE: Parish Records for the period 1640 to 1663 have not survived but a CLDS member has made an entry on the IGI that a Nicholas BUGGE married a Dorothy BARNES in Fordington on 2nd June 1640. This information has been entered as a part of a CLDS sealing and as such details are not open to public scrutiny and it would be necessary to contact the church as per the notes attached to Film 178117 which was created in 1944. As an exact date has been given it probably stems from information held by direct descendants.

(3). Jonathan Eames (1628-1702) was the only son of John Eames the brother of Anthony Eames who emigrated to New England and the few facts known about him are covered in Anthony's biography to which I have provided a link. Jonathan died intestate in 1702 and I have also provided a link to Letters of Administration given to his wife Mary.

(4). A Will and inventory survive for a John Rasker of Fordington dated 1661 and can be accessed via this link

(5). A Will and inventory survive for an Arthur Hackham of Fordington Yeoman in 1679. If anyone has a copy I would like to transcribe it for this site.

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