Nuncupative Will of James POOKE (d. 1670)

Dated 4th September 1670 - SPC 1670 P15/17

Transcribed by Michael Russell OPC Dorchester from an original copy of the Will
held at te Wiltshire County Archives


That: on or about the fourth day of September 1670 James POOKE late whilst he lived of Fordington in the County of Dorset being sick of body but of sound and perfect mind and memory and having agreed to make and declare his Last Will and Testament made and declared his Last Will and Testament nucupatively in the words following or in the like words for the same in effect vitz:-

Unto: my children xijd a piece

And: I give unto my wife Priscilla all the rest of my goods and chattles whatsoever and thereof and of this my Last Will I make her my full and whole executrix, with words he so spake in the presence and hearing of Edward CHEPMAN the elder, Edward CHEPMAN the younger and George MABER witnessed and shortly after died.


[Note:- document unsigned]

Genealogical Notes:-

(1). James POOK married Prescilla HARVY at the church of Holy Trinity in Dorchester on 2nd June 1642

(2). Parish records for the church of St George in Fordington where he lived have not survived for the period 1640 to 1663 inclusive so we have no record of the children born to him and Priscilla

(3). After his death Prescilla his widow re- married to Henry DAW at Holy Trinity church Dorchester on 18th May 1679. She was buried at Holy Trinity on 16th March 1692/3 [Note:- Its possible that a daughter of the same name could have married Henry DAW but I cannot trace any children being born from the marriage leading me to think that Prescilla herself remarried as she would have been beyond child bearing age by 1679. Also Ann the wife of henry DAW was buried at Holy Trinity on 23rd June 1670 o he was a widower]

(4) I have not so far however been able to locate his burial

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