All Saints Church Dorchester

Marriages 1654-1699

© Originally transcribed by Michael Russell OPC for Dorchester from the CLDS Film 0962788 June 2009
Updated against original Parish Register May 2012
[157 Marriage records]

All Saints Church Dorchester
© Michael Russell FIPD

These Marriage Registers were first transcribed by the Revd Richard Grosvenor Bartelot MA (1868-1947) (RGB) who was the vicar of St Georges Church Fordington (1906 - 1936) and a great historian and genealogist. They were published with the permission of the Revd Samuel Edward Valpy Filluel M.A (1855-1931) the Rector of All Saints Church (1892-1918) when Richard Bartelot described the register as :-
    "The usual parchment Commonwealth Register 12 inches by 8 dating baptisms from 1653 - Burials and Marriages from 1654. The handwriting by the Parish Clerk is very illegible especially the earlier part where spelling is apparently treated as a phonetic perquisite used by the clerk to prevent anyone but himself from deciphering the entries: Vol 2 12 inches by 8: Vol 3 12 inches by 8 ˝: Vol 4 15 inches by 9 ˝."
The Rev Bartelot's transcription which is available on CLDS Film 0962788 June 2009 has now [May 2012] been updated against the original Parish Registers where they have survived and (PR) added to the end of the line to show transcription completed. The Rev Bartelot commented in his transcription and where appropriate I have retained these comments which are encased in (rounded brackets). In some cases he seems to have a more complete document than is available to me as surnames missing at the end of the line for example have been entered either from another copy of the register or from his personal reseach into many of these families. My own comments are in [square brackets in italics] Readers are reminded that the year started on 25 March not 1st January until the year 1752. The file has also been checked against the IGI, and any differences commented upon. Because of the difficulty with the scribe during these early years I have also in many cases (not all) looked for children from the marriage as this has helped with transcription of some names.

1654 [Note:- The original document is badly water damaged down the right hand side and where text is missing I have indicted by a series of dashes ------. In some cases because of the repetitive nature of some text it is possible to anticipate the missing text which I have added in square brackets in italic]

Peter BUN and Ann EDWARDS both of t -----[this parish, published] three Lords days, were married the 28 August. (PR)

Water [Walter] GILLIT and Cathern [Catharine] GENGKING? [JENKINS?] published three ----[Lords days] and were married the 7 of November (PR)

    (Note:- RGB transcribed this as "BENGR i.e. BENGER" sic ) [ but this is not correct, although the surname is difficult to read the first letter is definately a capital 'G' with the diagonal line through it typical of the capital 'G' used in Court Hand script - similar to the capital 'G' used in his surname of 'GILLIT' over which there is no dispute - and nothing like the capital 'B''s used elswhere in the same document. We also have to bear in mind RGB's damming comments about the illiteracy of the scribe given at the start of his transcription - see above - and there is a baptism for a Morrel GINKINS [or JENKINS] in All Saints baptism registers in 1663 so a family of that name was living in the parish around that date. My best guess therefore is that he married Catharine JENKINS - MR OPC for Dorchester]

Richard FOY of St Peters parish and Judeth BISHOP of -----[this parish?] being published three Lords days were married the 14 -----(PR)

    [Note:- RGB incorrectly transcribed this surname as SOP, and gave the month as November which he must have carried down from the previous marriage as the edge of the document is missing at this point. Richard Foy was actually the Parish Clerk that RGB referred to in his preamble to his transcription of the All Saints baptism register. Richard & Judeth had the following children baptised at All Saints:- (1) Richard born 27th Apr 1656 and bap 2nd June 1656, he married an Alice and his following children are beneficiaries under Judeth's Will dated 5th Aug 1704. 1704 - George, James, Martha, Judeth and Mary (2) James born 14 Apr 1658 bap 4th May 1658, and is also a beneficiary under Judeth's will which records that he is currently i.e. in 1704 living in New England (3) Mary bap 10th June 1660 (4) Robert bap 26th Nov 1662, also a beneficary under 1704 will (5) Martha bap 25th Feb 1664/5 (6) Rose bap 11 Feb 1666/67 and buried there 20th Oct 1667 - Richard FFOY was one of the 300 inhabitants of Dorchester who signed the oath of loyalty to King Charles II on 31st August 1681 and died intestate and was buried at All Saints church Dorchester on 26th June 1682. Letters of Administration for his estate were granted to his widow Judeth on 7th November 1682 - image available on Judeth his widow was buried at All Saints on 24th September 1704 leaving a Will dated 5th Aug 1704 which was proved on 25th Sep 1704]

Thomas GIE & Frances PEACE both of this parish being published three ---- [Lords days] were married 16 of January (PR) [Note:- the wife of Thomas GUI waqs buried at All Saints Church Dorchester on 28th June 1705]


Robert LEMMON of Pulham & Mary BISHOP ----[were] published three Lords days were married the ----(PR) (RGB has 24 May) [Note:- a son Robert was bap All Saints 2nd June 1656 and one of them signed the oath of Loyalty to King Charles II on 31st August 1681 - Their son Robert married Tamsen HOLGARD at St Peters Church on 9th Feb 1681]

William FFLOUD & Jane PURDIE were published ----[three Lords days] and were married the 21 of June (PR)

James CHINCHIN of Lanthon & Elizabeth VINE were published three Lords days and were married ---- (PR) ( RGB has 24 June)

    [Note:- Larthon is likely to be a reference to Langton Matravers which is close to Swanage in the Isle of Purbec just over 20 miles east of Dorchester. The Chinchin family lived there for many years with John Chinchin senior and junior for example being listed in the Protestation returns for Langton in 1641. Many of that surname were stone masons and a' James Chinchin' was signatory to the "Bylaws of the Marblers of Corfe Castle, Co. Dorset renewed and confirmed on 3rd March 1651" which could be him. The Civil war lasted from 1642 to 1651 and given all the fortifications hastily constructed around Dorchester at that time its not surprising to find a stone mason employed at Dorchester and this may have been how he met Elizabeth Vine.]

George HELLARD and Mary SPRAGG both of th---- [this parish were ] published three Lords days and were married the 24 ---- (PR) (RGB has 24th July)

    [Note:- George Hellard's first wife Edeth was buried at AS on 24th June 1655. Because the surviving registers only start that year we know of only 1 child by edeth which was (1) Elizabeth baptised ASv 25th July 1654. I can also only trace 1 child from his marriage to Mary Spragg (2) Elener bap AS 30 Mar1657]

Salathiell HUNT of Avon in Hampshire & Jane MELLER of ---- [this parish] were published three Lords days and were married the 8 of ---- (PR) (RGB has 8th Oct) [Note:- Salathiel is a recognised biblical name meaning asked or lent of God]

William BOYES of this parish and Anne DOWLE of Forington [Fordington] were ----[published] three Lords days and were married the 15 of October (PR)

    [Note:- children:- (1) William bap 24 Mar 1657/8 (2) Thomas bap As 31st Apr 1658 (3) Tamsen bap AS 25 Jan 1661/62 (4) John bap AS 17 Apr 1664. Ann the wife of William BOYES was buried at AS 27th March 1667]

John AYLLWORD [Allwood] and Margaret HEIT (or HOIT) both of this parish were ----[published] three Lords days and were married the 18 of December (PR) {Note:- child John bap AS 11th Oct 1656 ]

William BARTLET and Margreat SANWAY [Samway] both of this parish ---- [were] published three Lords days and were married the 20 of December (PR)

George FISHIT of [Holy] Trinity parish and Susanah TAILER [Taylor] of this ----[parish] were published three Lords days and were married 26 of ----(PR) (RGB has 26th Dec)


John BUNN of this parish & Joane BESSE of Warmwell were ----[published three Lords days and were married the 25 of March (PR)

Richard SQIBB [Squibb] & Margreat [Margaret] TAILER [Taylor] both of this parish publised three Lords days and were married the 7 of (PR)(RGB has July)

    [Note:- a child:- Joseph Squibb was bap at All Saints 24 July 1657 - his wife Margaret Squibb was buried HT 26th Dec 1675 and Richard Squibb on 26th Aug 1681]

William ARNOLL [Arnold] of this parish & Ann TAILER [Taylor] of ---- were published three Lords days and were married ---(RGB has 19 July)

    [Note:- Children:- (1) Thomas bap AS 10 Nov 1657. He married Ann Dowle at All Saints on 30th Dec 1684 - see his marriage for more info. (2) John bap AS 27 Mar 1659 (3) Richard bap AS 13 Mar 1664/5. He married at All Saints on 17th Dec 1691 to Elenor HELLARD. (4) Martha? bap 25 Aug 1667 (5) Ann bap 8 Aug 1669 (6) Ruth bap 12th Nov 1671. She married at Winterbourne Came on 20th July 1706 to Francis Wadman and had 2 children Mary bap St Peters 11th Feb 1706/7 and Elizabeth bap St Peters 19th Jan 1708/9. Ruth was buried at St peters 17th Dec 1711 (7) Robert bap 16 May 1676. Robert married an Elizabeth and according to the Will of his brother John had at least 2 children Mary & Eleanor. Roberts wife Elizabeth was buried at All Saints on 15th May 1708 and Robert died intestate --Ann nee Taylor was buried at All Saints on 3rd Dec 1696]

Charels [Charles] ASTEN [Austin or Austine] & Cathren [Kathren] CHEPPLE both of ----[this] parish were published three Lords days and were married ----(PR)

    [Note:- Children:- (1) Charles bap AS 14 Sep 1662 (2) Cathren bap AS 8th Sep 1667 and buried As 15th Sep 1667 (3) Charles bap AS 11th Feb 1681/2 but large gap . The mother Kathren ASTEN recorded as the wife of Charles ASTEN the elder was buried at AS on 14th May 1699]

Jacob [Surname illegible but RGB has COALE] of this parish and ----[her name is illegible but RGB has - Eideth DICKER of Monkton] [Note:- child John bap AS 5th Nov 1657 ]

----[Christian name is illegible but RGB has Samuell] ALLEN & Joane MARTEN were married the ----[day is illegible but RGB has 11th] December 56 (PR)

    [Note:- Samuel and Joane ALLEN [ALLIN] after marriage at the end of 1656 lived initially in Holy Trinity parish (circa 1656-1660) then St Peters (circa 1661-1662) before settling back in All Saints in 1663. I can trace six children:- (1) Sarah Allen bap Holy Trinity 16th November 1658. (2) Lidia Allen bap St Peters 7th July 1661 & buried there 31st August 1662 (3) Robert Allen bap All Saints 27th Sep 1663 & buried there 27th Oct 1667 (4) Rebecca bap All Saints 23rd Sep 16666 abd buried there 7th Nov 1667 (5) Samuel bap 15th Nov 1668 and buried there 13th January 1668/9 (6) Samuel Allen bap 24th July 1670 and buried 26th Dec 1685. Samuel's wife Joane was buried at All Saints on 14th March 1704/5 and Samuel himself on 18th June 1707]

William BASCOMBE of forington [Fordington] & Tamsen BUTLER of this parish were married the 25 of December (PR)

    [Note:- As was traditional the marriage took place in the brides parish and they returned to Fordington to live. Parish registers for Fordington from 1640 to 1663 have unfortunately not survived, but they had a daughter Sarah baptised at St Georges church on 11th January 1665/6 when his wife's name was recorded as Thomason . The burial at Fordington of William BASCOMBE on 4th October 1680 is likely to be him although difficult to be sure as the name is not uncommon. Certainly his wife recorded as Thomasin BASCOMB was buried there on 20th August 1682]


Edward CHEAPMAN [Chapman] of this parish & Ann ADAMES [Adams] of Munton were married the 4 of April (PR) [Note:- Munton probably refers to Monkton which means 'of the monks' but there are 3 parishes of that name. By far the closest and most likely is Winterborne Monkton but parish registers do not survive from that period]

Henery HARBEN and Margery BULLICK [BULLOCK] both of this parish were married the 25 June (PR)

    [Note:- Henry HARBIN was a baker by trade and fortunately left a Will [Link to transcription] when he died and was buried at All Saints on 22nd Feb 1697/8. From his will we know he had a brother Christopher Harben and he was one of the 300 inhabitants of Dorchester who signed the Oath of Loyalty to King Charles II on 31st August 1681. Henry and Margery only had two children (1) Henry Harben junior (1658-1677) born 2nd Oct 1658 who lived until he was 19 years old before he died and was buried at All Saints on 26th September 1677. (2) Deborah Harben (1659-1706) bap at All Saints on 20th Aug 1659 who was his surviving heir and who married Sebastian HUNT at St Georges church in Fordington on 7th July 1692. His wife Margery had pre-deceased him being buried at All Saints Church on 22nd October 1693.]

Wm [William] BARTLET of this parish Sisly HARBEN of Charminster were married the 22 of September (PR) [Note:- Sissillia the wife of William BARTLET was buried at AS on the 12 of July 1663]

Nicholas BUNN of Puddlehinton & Amee MEADER of this parish were married the 24 of September (PR) [Note:- This marriage was first carried out at Piddlehinton on the 17th September 1657 but repeated here in the brides parish the following week. A child Thomas son of Nicholas Bunn was bap at AS 8th March 1662/3 having been born 18th Mar 1661/2]

A Hiatus until :- [marriages for 1658-1662 inc missing]


John WILLIAMS of Melcombe Regis & Jane HALL married the 20 April (PR)

Thomas WHATLY & Ledia HOBBS married the 20 of April (PR) [Note:- IGI incorrectly has Leida HOBBS - Children (1) Thomas bap AS 17 Apr 1664 (2) Robert bap As 7th Apr 1666 (3) Ann bap AS 27th Feb 1668/9 - His wife Lydia was buried at AS on 30th Sep 1689]

Mr Thomas WALKIT of London & Mrs Mary MILLER of this parish were married the  5 of May (PR) [NOTE:- IGI incorrectly has 10th May - listed by John Hutchins in his 'The History and Antiquities of the County of Dorset's ' Mr. Thomas WALKIT and Mrs Mary MELLER of All Saints married 1663' so would have been a significant marriage]

Henery PALL [PAUL] of Broadwinsir & (blank) the 10 May (sic) (PR)

Wm [William] GALTON [GAULTON] & Angell LONDON married the 15th of June (PR)

    [Note:- children:- (1) Sara bap AS 27 Mar 1665 (2) Elizabeth bap AS 15th Sep 1667 (3) Samuel bap AS 16th March 1668/9 & buried there 15 Feb 1668/9 (4) Steven bap AS 26th Dec 1670 (5) Ann bap AS 26th Apr 1674 - Angell his wife was then buried at AS on 19th Dec 1678]


Thomas HOBBS and Susanah WHATLY married the 9 of May (PR)

Israel SHEPPARD and Ann PEACH were married the 19 of May (PR)

    [Note:- Israel SHEPPARD was previously married, but his first wife Sarah was buried at All Saints on 20th Dec 1663. He had at least 2 sons by Sarah (1) William baptised at AS on 20th April 1662 and (2) James bap the 20th Dec 1663 the same day that they buried Sarah so she probably died in childbirth. Six months later he married Ann PEACH who gave birth to the following children:- (3) John bap AS 12 Feb 1664/65 (4) Lawrence bap AS 2nd May 1667 (5) George bap AS 14th May 1671 and (6) Israel bap AS 7th June 1674 - His 2nd wife Ann nee Peach then died and was buried at AS on 30th Apr 1676 - Israel SHEPPARD remarried for a third time to Dorothy HURDEN on 26th December 1676 although she also died in 1680]

Robert HAMPER (Dampier) & Joane PHEPARD [PHIPPARD] were  married 1 February (PR)


Thomas DRAKE & Martha WADE were married 7 August (PR) [Note:- child Frances bap AS 26th June 1666]


Zakeriah (Zachariah) BROWES & Sisiliah SMITH were married April the 28 (PR) [Note: Sisillah is an old form of Cecilia e.g. used in 13th Century - she died and was buried at All Saints on 13th Oct 1669]

George MABER & Joane CHEAPMAN were married May the 1 (PR)

John KEECH & Hannah TAYLOR were married September the 28 (PR)

Nathaniel MILLER & Ann ASTEN were married November the 1 (PR)

    [Note:- Nathaniel MILLER (d 1727) Children bap All Saints:- (1) Sarah bap 30th Aug 1668 and buried 27th Oct 1704 (2) Matthew bap 15th Jan 1670/1 (3) Ann bap 3rd Feb 1672/3 (4) Thomas bap 9th May 1675 (5) Charles bap 25 Aug 1678 (6) Edward bap 6th May 1681 and buried 6th Jan 1681/2 (7) Clement bap 1st Apr 1684 - Married Sarah, not located marriage - They had 4 children Thomas bap HT 17th Jan 1710/11 ; Clement bap HT 1st Dec 1714 buried 5th Jun 1715; Clement bap HT 15th July 1716, he married a quaker Mary White at Bradford Peverell in 1732; Clement senior made his will 02 Aug 1719 appointing his father Nathaniel and brother Thomas trustees and mentions his then 2 surviving children Thomas and Clement junior; Clement Senior was buried at Holy Trinity Church Dorchester 11 Aug 1719 - Will Proved 12 Dec 1720. Sarah gave birth to their 4th child baptised John on 7th Feb 1719/20 who was buried at HT on 13th March 1719/20. (8) John bap 8th May 1687 & buried 12th April 1688 (9) Hannah bap 29 Jun 1690 . Ann was buried at All Saints Church on 7th Oct 1718 and Nathaniel 8th Dec 1727]


John ELERRY & Susanah STEVENS  married November the 7 (PR)


John GAYLARD and Ffrances WATTS were married 31 March (PR)

William COLLMAN & Joone [Joan] HOBBS were married 11th May (PR)

William LILLINGTON & Mary PADDOCK were married 23 July (PR)

Robert BUNN & Margrett MERRYFFELD were married 26 October (PR)

Edward CLINES & Elenour STRONGE were married 16 February (PR)

Dorchester Trade Token dated 1669

Around the outside it says "DORCHESTER ARMES OF" on the front
and "A DORCHESTER FARTHING" on the back


Elizabeth DAWBENEY widow & Andrew BUCKLER (In Common Pleas 23 Car 2 (Memb 526) it is stated that John DAUBENEY and Elizabeth d of Andrew BUCKLER were married at Dorchester 20 Mar 1669).[Note:- this is not in the actual parish register and was presu=mably added by RGB from the source quoted]

William BILES & Joannah HELLARD were married Mar the 6[th] (PR) [Note:- William BILES [BYLES] was a quaker and he and his wife Joannah had 5 children born and recorded by the Quakers Meeting held in Dorchester:- (1) Elizabeth born 3rd April 1670 baptised at All Saints 14th June 1670 (2) William born 12th Nov 1671 and baptised at All Saints 12th Jan 1671 (3) George born 4th July 1673 (4) Joanna born 1st Jan 1675 and (5) John born 31st Jan 1678.]

 Lazarus MOORES & Ann DENT were married April the 4th (PR)

    [Note:- children:- (1) Marie bap AS 26th Feb 1670/1 (2) Lazarus bap AS 2nd June 1672 and buried 26th same month (3) Lazarus 19th Sep 1677 and buried 23rd Oct 1677 (4) Joane bap AS 27th Oct 1678 and buried 28th May 1681 (5) William bap AS 8th Aug 1680 and buried 15th June 1681]

John COLLENS & Bridgit THORNELL were married August the 4th (PR) [NOTE:- IGI has COLLINS]

Richard RIALL & Alce [alice] SPRACKLIN were married September 1 [st] (PR) [NOTE:- IGI has SPRAKLIN]

Water [Walter] TOOGOOD & Ann HARBEN were married March the 8th (PR)

John GAILARD & Joane FUSSELL were married March the 23 (PR)

Daniel MULLENS of Whitechurch Cannonnicorum & Marie GIBS late of Yarcombe County Devon now of Dorchester All Saints parish were married April 11th (PR)

Thomas CURTIS of this parish & Marie THOREW of St. Peters [in Dorchester] married April 25th (PR)

Salathell NORRES [query NORRIS] & Elizabeth ASTEN were married June the 28th (PR) [Note:- Salathiel is a recognised biblical name meaning asked or lent of God]

Joseph RIALL & Jane GENNY were married August the 3rd (PR)

William LAMBERD & Elinor HELLGROVE were married November 13th (PR)


Thomas BILES & Marie MICHELL were married June 13th (PR)

Henary WHIFFEN & Bridgitt BRINE were married November 7th (PR)


Roger GRAY of St Peters & Grace BUTLER of this parish were married 20 May (date illegible in PR)

Richard WILSON of Melcombe Regis & Cecil DIRDOE of this parish were marryed 24 Jul (date illegible in PR)

George SHEPHEARD of the parish of Holy Trinity in Dorchester & Avice JEFFERIE of this parish were marryed 7th August (PR) [George is the son of lawrence nd Elizabeth SHEPPARD and was baptised at Holy Trinity Church Dorchester on 20th July 1651 so was 22 years old at marriage]

Philip HUCHENS & Joane BANKS both of this parish were maried 29 September (PR)

John SHERINGTON & Esther SANDERS both of this parish were maried 2 October (PR) [Note:- IGI incorrectly has surname as Cherington]

George CLYNE & Anne MARTEN  both of this parish were maried 9 October (PR)

Alexander SHERINGTON & Catheren BUTLEN were maried 14 February (PR)


Richard BUTLER of this parish & Marie WALLES of the parish of Holy Trinity were maried 4 June (PR)

John FLOUD & Susanah MINSON both of Banton were maried 15 August (PR)  (i.e. Bothenhampton)

Richard TOOGOOD of Stroten & Sarah BAYLAN of this parish 27 October (PR) [Note his parish may be Stratton as a Richard TOOGOOD was buried in the parish on 27 Nov 1564 so some evidence that the family was in that parish]

Thomas DICKER of Broadway & Christian READ of Melcombe Regis were maried 24 December (PR)

Robert HELLARD & Lucie JOY both of this parish were maried 28 January 1674/5 (PR)


John STILL of the parish of St Peters & Alice SEALE of this parish were maried 1 January (PR)

Edward VINSON of the parish of Holy Trinity & Martha STURMIE of this parish were maried 8 July (PR)

Samuel EAMES of Fordington Rebeckah MANTLE of this parish were maried 4 November (PR)


Henry WALBRIDG of Abbotsbury & Israell MEADEN of Puncknoll were maried 29 June (PR)

John STRONG & Alice TALLY (i.e.TOLLEY) both of Lothers and Bothinghampton 9 September (PR)

Israel SHEAPERD [Shepherd] of this parish & Dorithe HURDEN of the parish of Holy Trinity were maried 26 December (PR) [Note:- This is Isreal SHEPPARD's third marriage - see his marriage to Ann Peach on 19th May 1664 - Link to more Information - Unfortunately Dorithy died as well being buried at AS on 6th Feb 1680/1]


Jeremiah FORTUNE & Joane COKER both of the parish of St Peters were maried 8 Apriell (PR)

John WAY Rector of Chelburie in Dorset & Margerie LARKOMBE of Powerstock in ye same Countie were marryed 6 June (PR) [Note: John WAY was appointed rector of West Chelborough 20 Feb 1672 - Incorrectly recorded on the IGI under surame of RECTOR]

William RIALL of Lillington in Dorset & Ellinor ROSE of Abbotsburie in the same Countie marryed 25 July (PR)

Giles CHISMAN & Ffrances ROWE both of Yeovil in ye County of Somerset were marryed 4 October (PR)

Anthonie GEORGE of Melcombe Regis and Catherine FFLUELLEN of the parish of All Saints in Dorchester were marryed 21 October (PR)

Bernard WENTWORTH of the Borrow of Blandford & Jane WILLS of the Holy Trinity in Dorchester were marryed 28 October (PR)

Robert SYMONS of Tinkleton & Barbara COWWARD of Tolpuddle 19 March 1677/8 (PR)


Joseph HELLGROVE & Jane SALLAWAY were maried 22 September (PR)

Thomas HEWLET & Marie TUCKSBURY was married 2 January 1678/9 (PR)

William RACKLY (query RASHLEY) of Upway & Joane CRABB were maried 8 January 1678/9 (PR)

William POLDEN & Sarah WINSER both of Holy Trinity parish were maried 28 January 1678/9 (PR)

Ephrain TUKXBURY & Sarah HARDING were maried 29 January 1678/9 (PR)


John BARTLET & Margreat HOSKINGS were maried 22 April (PR)

Robert ANGLE & Margreat HELLARD were maried 25 April (PR)

John HELLARD & Grace SENGER were maried 5 May (PR) [Note:- children:- (1) Robert bap 4th July 1680 and buried 22 Mar 1680/81 (2) 26 Jan 1681/2 - His wife Grace then died and was buried at All Saints on 19th June 1682]

William GAULTON & Joane KEECH were maried 18 August (PR) [Note:- IGI incorrectly has Ganlton]

Thomas MURRIE of Upway Marie WILCE of this parish were maried 24 November (PR)

Joseph BISHOP & Marie ANTLE? (or ANTH for ANTHONY ?) both of this parish were maried 30 December (PR)

John WINSER & Marie GREENE both of this parish were maried (PR)

    [Note:- After marriage they continued to live within the parish and produced the following 12/13 children:-
    (1) John bap 26 Oct 1680 (2) William bap 26 Jan 1681/2 (3) Samuel bap 4 Feb 1682/3 - buried 19 Jan 1688/9 (4) Mary bap 22 Dec 1683 (5) Philip bap 30 Nov 1684 (6) Mary bap 22 Dec 1686 - buried 10 Jan 1688/9 (7) Steven bap 5 Apr 1689 (8) Thomas bap 17 Jan 1690/1 (9) Christian bap 9 Feb 1692/3 (10) Mary bap 15 sep 1695 (11) Joseph bap 11 Apr 1698 (12) Mathew bap 8 June 1701 - buried 1st Feb 1701/2 (13) David bap 20 dec 1702


Machais BARNES & Alce SCUTT were maried 10 April (PR)

Henery RUSSELL of Coskumb & Ffrances CLARKE of the parish of All Saints Dorchester were maried 27 June (PR)

Robert DEAVENISH & Amy DICKER were maried 3 July (PR)

Jonathan LEDOZE & Marie SEWARD were maried 26 Aug (PR) [Note:- child Marie was bap AS on 3rd Nov 1681]


John HAGGARD & Deborah RASKER were maried 30 March (PR)

Arthur HOGGES & Rachell THORNE of Upway were maried 26 April (PR)

Israel STOY of Abbie Milton [Milton Abbas?] & Joane SCOTT of Blandford were maried 30 May (PR)

James RADALL and Marie WALDRON both of Swier were maried 25 July (PR)

Joseph COLMER & Susannah HAWWARD (Sic) [HAYWARD?] both of Abbisbury were maried 10 Nov (PR)

Mathew HUTCHENS of the parish of St Peters & Elnor BARLY of this parish were maried 19 Nov (PR)

John SYMMES & Frances GILHAM were maried 7 January (PR)

John POUNCER (Sic) & Mary GAPE were maried 16 January (PR)

Robert TOMES & Dorithy GENGE were maried 6 February (PR)

George HELLARD & Elizabeth SEVIARD were maried 14 February (PR)

Nicholas SLADE & Jane HAGGARD were maried 21 February (PR)


John GAWLER & Frances EDWARDS were maried 4 April (PR)

William HANSFORD & Marie HALLET were maried 8 April (PR)

John COMDEN & Mellesant DULAND [DEWLAND] were maried 25 May (PR)

Thomas KAINES & Anne SUMMERS were maried 3 June (PR) [Note:- The last will and testament of Thomas KEYNES (1653-1731) Gentleman of Anstey in the parish of Hilton in Dorset can be viewed via this link]

Henry READ & Agnice ANTHONY were maryed 25 June (PR) [Note:- IGI has 26th June]

Nicholas HOPS of Littleinch & Joane GAWLER of Hollwell in Sumersett were maried 1 September (PR)

Robert BRIDGE of Puddle Trynthead [Piddletrenthide] & Marey COLEMANT widdow were maried 16 Nov (PR)

Sturten DAWE of Best Stoke & Frances MYNTRUNE [Mintern] were maried 12 Dec (PR)


Jon. [John] HONEY of Winfruit [query Winfrith Newburgh?] & Lidiah MILLER were married 10 April (PR)

William LOWMAN of Piddle Henten [Piddlehinton] & Lidiah TADDEY were married 14 April (PR)

John EDMUNDS of Pooll [Poole] & Elizabeth TURMAN were married 30 May (PR)

John WEDGE of Falmouth & Rose SANDERS of Upway were married 5 July (PR)

William EDWARDS & Margrett TUXBERY were married 11 October (PR)

John SHEPHARD & Elizabeth ELLIS were married 14 October (PR)

William DOWLE of Fordington & Honour CLENCH were married 8 Nov (PR)


Thomas STANDLEY of Wormell [query Warmwell?] & Martha ASTEN was maried 2 June (PR)

William HEWLETT & Mary HUTTEN was maried 6 November (PR)

Thomas ARNOLL & Ann DOWLE was maried 30 December (PR)

    [Note:- Thomas ARNOLL was baptised at All Saints church Dorchester on 10th Nov 1657 the eldest of 7 children of William ARNOLL and Ann TAYLOR who married at All Saints 19th July 1656. Children of Thomas and Ann are:- (1) Thomas bap AS 25th Oct 1685 (2) William bap AS 25th Dec 1687. William is mentioned in the will of Thomas's brother John ARNOLD dated 1st Feb 1729 (3) Ann bap AS 28th Sep 1689 and buried there 17 Jan 1698/99 (4) Nicholas bap AS 16th Mar 1690/1 (5) Elizabeth bap AS 1st Oct 1693 - Ann nee Taylor his wife was buried at AS on 11th July 1714 and William ]


Thomas BUNN & Mary SLEAD [SLADE] was maried 17 September (PR) [Note:- Thomas BUNN who was Parish Clerk of All Saints from circa 1692 until his death was buried at All Saints on 13th Sep 1705 leaving a Will dated 2nd June 1705 - See Wills Index. Mary was also buried at All Saints on 25th April 1712 and also left a Will dated 18th Nov 1711 proved on 27th May 1712. This will confirms her maiden name as SLADE as she left a bequest to her brother Nicholas SLADE]


William BASCOMBE & Ann DALEY was maried 27 June (PR)


Phillip HUTCHENS & Elinor EDWARDS was maried 27 October (PR)

Steven COWARD & Hanah GREENE  was maried 17 November (PR)

Thomas HEWLATT & Elenour BANKS was maried 26 December (PR)

Nicholas GILLINGHAM & Mary GRIFFEN was maried 28 December (PR)

Robert POLDEN & (blank space) was maried 6 February (PR)

Joseph HARVEST & Alce TACKELL both of Waymouth was maried 22 March (PR)


Marshall JOAGGUTT & Elizabeth KEATT was maried 11 June (PR)

John COLE & Rachell RAINES was married 16 September (PR)


William HARRIS & Elizabeth LENINGTON was maried 25 December (PR)

Thomas CHESELL & Edeth LOCK 16 January


Moses SNOOK & Mary PITT was maried 20 April (PR)

Thomas BUNN & Mary DOWLE was maried 30 October (PR)

Richard BLANDAMOUR [BLANDAMER] & Susannah BAGWELL 24 December (PR)

John MANIARD & Susanah GALLEY 9 February (PR)


Andrew DAMYEN of Frampton & Eunice COMDEN of Compton Valance was maried 23 Aug (PR)

Richard ARNOLL & Elenor HELLARD was maried 17 Dec (PR) [Note:- Richard ARNOLL was baptised at All Saints church Dorchester 13th March 1664/5 the 3rd child from the marriage of William ARNOLL to Ann TAYLOR who married 19th July 1656 - See his parents marriage for list of his siblings. Elenor may had died from complications in childbirth as she was buried at All Saints on 23rd Sep 1692]


Thomas HACKER of Elmester [query Ilminster] and Mary ELLARY was maried 17 Nov (PR)

Isaac LACY of Charminster & Tamisen RANDEL was maried 18 February (PR)


Robert BILCKE of Stepleton [Winternorne Steepleton?] and Alice BARNES of Forrington Fordington were married 3 May (PR)

Cornelius WAY of the parish of Holy Trinity & Edeth HELLARD of this parish was maried 18 May (PR)

William STRONG of Lyme Regis and Mary BRADISH of Dorchester was maried 23 Aug (PR)

Joseph BISHOP & Susannah DAVY of Brideport was maried 11 Sep (Note:- her surname is illegible on PR & comes from RGB transcription)

Samuel FFASEY [query Facey] & Judeth GEY both of this parish was maried Oct 3

    [Note:- His surname has been written in lots of different ways eg FASY; FASEY; FASSEYE; FACY; FACEY; FEASEY; and FAICY; her surname is given as GYE in RG Bartelots transcription - His surname is indistinct in the parish register and her christian name is illegible on the image on Ancestry.

    Children from the marriage include:- (1) Samuel bap ASt 20th Aug 1694 and buried there 30th Aug 1695; (2) Elizabeth bap ASt 12th Feb 1696/7 (3) Samuel bap ASt 5th Nov 1700 (4) William died intestate and buried St Peters 13th Aug 1733, Letter of Adminsitration granted to his widowed mother Judeth 15th Aug 1733. Samuel FASEY Senior was buried at ASt's on 9th April 1730]

1694 [no entry at all in the parish register for this year]


John FFROST and Joan GOOLD [GOULD] of Sidlinge [query Sydling St Nicholas ?] was maried 11 January (PR)


Benjamin TURNER & Mary PALL [PAUL] was married 14 April (PR)

James STANDISHE & Darrathe [Dorothy] RAINOLSE both of this parish were married 7th August (PR)

Thomas FROST & Jane BARTLAT were married 26 Dec (PR) [Note:- children:- (1) Thomas bap ASt 7th Oct 1697 (2) George bap ASt 1699 (3) Christian bap ASt 20th April 1701 ]

1697 [no entry at all in the parish register for this year]


“In the month of October Robert GRIFFEN and Mary SKOT [query SCOTT or SCUT] both of this parish Oct (PR)

    [Note:- Children:- (1) Elizabeth bap ASt 19 Oct 1699 (2) Mary bap ASt 14 Oct 1700 & buried there 8th Dec 1700 (3) Hana bap ASt 9th March 1701/2 and buried there 03 Mar 1709/10 (4) Mary bap ASt 8th Feb 1703/4 and buried there 7th Aug 1707 (5) Robert bap 21 March 1707/8 - Mary his wife then died being buried at ASt's on 01 Feb 1713/14 ]


John BROOKES of London in Fflat [query Fleet] Street and Mary CHANNELL of the parish of St Peters in Dorchester were married 6 March (PR)

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