for the year 1758

For the parishes of Holy Trinity, St Peters and All Saints

© Compiled by Michael Russell OPC for Dorchester June 2012 (283 Records)

A List of Persons returnable qualified to serve as Militia in the Parish of Holy Trinity in Dorchester

1. Daniel LESTER currier

2. Richard OLDIS buttonmaker

3. John OLDIS buttonmaker

4. John MILFORD buttonmaker

5. Charles LAKE buttonmaker

6. John SHEPHERD plumber

7. Henry SHEPHERD plumber

8. James BLY baker

9. John DRAKE joyner

10. Matthew ABBOT Servant

11. William READ Plaisterer

12. Samuel HAYDON Miller

13. John CAYNES gunsmith

14. Edmund BOWER victualler

15. Thomas BRAGG Servant

16. John HAYNE Yeoman

17. Thomas MEECH Esq

18. Samuel VOSS Seervant

19. Jone HINE staymaker

20. Thomas PURSE barber

21. William CLARK Mason

22. William CHICK cheesemonger

23. John BARTLETT cordwainer

24. William CHANNING mercer

25. Robert SMITH attorny

26. William SUMMERS barber

27. Samuel GOULD stationer

28. John WALLIS Clerk of the Peace

29. Erasmus COR victualler

30. Henry COR his son

31. Robert COR his son

32. Edward BLY baker

33. Thomas APPLIN mercer

34. John WHITE grocer

35. James PARSONS glover

36. William VINCENT taylor

37. Peter MAY servant

38. Peter BUCKLAND barber

39. William JACOB Sailor

40. John PROWSE cooper

41. John THRESHER Servant

42. William COCKRAM servant

43. Thomas BESANT brewer

44. William COOMBS mason

45. John BRIDLE servant

46. George STICKLAND gentleman

47. James BROOKS gentleman

48. William GUNDRY brewer

49. Thomas COOMBS brewer

50. John GALE Clerk

51. John HONEYBUN labourer

52. Thomas HAYDON millwright

53. Isaac NOAK joyner

54. Elias BEDLOE woolbreaker

55. William WARREN gardner

56. Daniel MOORS labourer

57. Richard GALPIN taylor

58. Peter CLARK clothier

59. Thomas HARRIS servant

60. Adam SMITH joyner

61. William BADSWORTH supervisor of excise

62. Robert Lumley KINGSTON attorney

63. Henry HUNT taylor

64. Joseph GAYLEH woolsorter

65. Robert ENSOR clothier

66. Gabriel HUNT taylor

67. Thomas POOK gardener

68. John POOK gardner

69. John SCUTT taylor

70. John SLADE servant

71. Nicholas FARNHAM servant

72. Samuel RUMSEY blacksmith

73. John RUMSEY blacksmith

74. Jasper NOTLY mason

75. Charles AUSTIN joyner

76. John AUSTIN joyner

77. George CLARK mason

78. John BISHOP labourer

79. George WHEELER cooper

80. Peter BRINE mason

81. John GRAY plaisterer

82. Thomas POUNCY butcher

83. James GOLLOP butcher

84. John SMITH cordwainer

85. John SEAL glazier

86. John SEAL senior glazier

87. Henry WINSOR blacksmith

88. Thomas BANGER labourer

89. Edward READ cordwainer

90. William SEAL limeburner

91. Joseph SEAL limeburner

92. John WHEELER joyner

93. William HAYDON clockmaker

94. John HAYDON butcher

95. Robert NUMAN [NEWMAN] labourer

96. Robert CRABTREE labouer

97. Robert POUNCY labourer

98. Christopher PARKER glover

99. John JACOB schoolmaster

100. Robert CURME velmonger

101. Richard ROSE velmonger

102. Richard CANTERBURY labourer

103. John COLE cordwainer

104. William STROUD cordwainer

105. Thomas READ bookbinder

106. Enoch HOLLAND labourer

107. James IRONSIDE servant

    Richard PADDOCK Constable

    John JACOB Constable

There are two additional listings which were generally (for Militia purposes) considered with those for Holy Trinity Parish although listed separately in returns.

Colliton: and the nearby cottages in Colliton Row were owned by the Churchill Family and the cottages leased to tennants that often worked for the family. Colliton Row eventually came within the Parish of Holy Trinity, but not within the borough, an anomaly that was to cause endless litigation.

The List of all men in 'Colliton Row' from eighteen to fifty years (taken by) John DAMMON Tythingman July 29th 1758:-

William CHURCHILL Gent

John BLANCHARD servant

James STAYNER labourer

Joseph WHETTAM - Labourer

Reuben DAMON - Labourer

Richard LAKE - Carpenter

William WHETTAM - Cordwainer

Frome Whitefield: is actually part of Holy Trinity Parish Source:- 'House of Lords Journal Volume 2: 25 May 1610' Parsonage and Parish of Frome Whitfield united to the Parish of The Holy Trinity in Dorchester. The Bill, intituled, An Act for the uniting of the Parsonage and decayed Parish of Frome Whitfeild, in the County of Dorset, to the Parsonage and Parish of The Holy Trinity in Dorchester, in the said County, was returned into the House, by the Lord Privy Seal, one of the Committees,

A List of men within Frome Whitefield - 1758 (taken by) John PITMAN Constable of Hundred 'George'

John HAYNE (Junior) - yeoman

Thomas CUSTARD - labourer

John BROWN - labourer

John COLE - labourer

A List of Inhabitants of the parish of St Peters that will be returned to the Commissioners appointed to put the Militia Act in execution on the 3rd of August at the Antelope Inn in Dorchester where any persons that think themselves aggrieved by having their names inserted in this list or by any other's being omitted may appeal

108. James WOOLLEY labourer

109. John BOWDITCH cabinet maker

110. Samuel RICHWORD upholsterer

111. Richard COZENS mercer

112. William ROGERS breeches maker

113. Thomas PANSHARD shoemaker

114. William ELLIOTT tinplate worker

115. Alexander MACDONALD agent to the magazine

116. Richard ROSE butcher

117. Robert ROLLS breeches maker

118. Henry EVOMY glazier

119. James GOODALE mason

120. John LOCKETT baker

121. Robert LAMBERT attorney at Law

122. Thomas STONE victualler

123. Arnold PRITCHARD [Blank]

124. Caleb BROOKS grocer

125. Samuel SNOOK upholsterer

126. John SWATRIDGE upholsterer

127. John GAPE [Blank]

128. Thomas JONES cutler

129. James POOK sadler

130. Walter NICHOLLS attorney

131. James WOOD an apprentice

132. William MUNDEN a servant

133. John COZENS grocer

134. Thomas ARNOLD barber

135. John MARTIN barber

136. John DOWLE collar maker

137. Frank the sackweaver [note no surname given]

138. William OLD linnen draper

139. William BARTLETT butcher

140. Thomas BEAVIS jeweller

141. John PHELPS cheesemonger

142. William PHELPS shoemaker

143. John ELLIOTT barber

144. Robert WHITE victualler

145. Nicholas WHITE servant

146. George ELMS malster

147. John CHILD barber

148. John WILLIS attorney at law

149. Thomas HARDY shoemaker

150. Thomas ENSOR woolcomber

151. Edward JONES taylor

152. John HAWKINS surgeon

153. John DAMON a servant

154. John VIVIAN shoemaker

155. Henry JACOB shoemaker

156. Richard PAINTER a painter

157. Robert LESTER shoemaker

158. Joseph HELLARD bricklayer

159. John HAYNE labourer

160. John COOMBS blacksmith

161. Harry POUNCY schoolmaster

162. William NORMAN woolcomber

163. Sydmund BAKER labourer

164. William AYRES cooper

165. Robert OLIVER labourer

166. John EVOMY baker

167. George FONE shoemaker

168. James BROWNE attorney at law

169. William TEMPLEMAN attorney at law

170. John CUSTARD a servant

171. Joseph BAYNTON victualler

172. John EVANS a servant

173. Samuel JACOB woolstapler

174. John WARREN a servant

175. William BRYER grocer

176. Stephen SHORMEY a servant

177. James COOMBS apothecary

178. Robert ADAMS collar maker

179. Robert SNOOK upholsterer

180. John KENN surgeon

181. Clement READ plaisterer

182. John KNIGHT a servant

    Joseph KENN Constable
All Saints Parish in Dorchester

183. James CHAFFEY gentleman

184. William CLARE blacksmith

185. James CLARE blacksmith

186. Robert BELMAN cordwainer

187. Jacob BANKS labourer

188. George GUPPY labourer

189. George SQUIBB joyner

190. Samuel MOREY cordwainer

191. James SPICER labourer

192. Thomas CREECH cordwainer

193. Thomas NORRIS cordwainer - deaf

194. William BANKS labourer

195. Robert GRAY mason

196. John COOPER labourer

197. Thomas ROGERS tiler

198. Robert WHITE tyler

199. [number omitted in error]

200. George BLANDIMORE - deaf

201. Thomas CLARK labourer

202. William WINSOR blacksmith

203. Edward CORE labourer

204. James HARRIS farmer

205. Mark GREST [blank]

206. Nathaniel GREY mason

207. John KING gardener

208. William ANDREWS a servant

209. Richard STEVENS gardener

210. Samuel HELLARD blacksmith

211. George HIGGENS labourer

212. Nathaniel SNOOK labourer

213. Thomas SWATRIDGE labourer

214. George CRIMBLE labourer

215. Edward MEADWAY servant

216. Robert LOCK butcher

217. William GARRETT victualler

218. John LUSH a servant

219. Thomas GARRETT cabinet maker

220. James RUMSEY blacksmith

221. James LOCK butcher

222. Robert IRONSIDE barber

223. Robert ELLIOTT yeoman

224. John PIDDLE a servant

225. Thomas BRYER gentleman

226. George POUNCY sadler

227. Benjamin ROLLS breeches maker

228. Thomas EAMES butcher

229. John BARTLETT a servant

230. Timothy GUYER cooper

231. Thomas BAKER mercer

232. George CLINES victualler

233. Thomas POOK grocer

234. Samuel HOBBS glazier

235. David PHIPPARD barber

236. Joseph BEST victualler

237. Henry SHORTO gentleman

238. Henry VOSS joyner

239. Robert OLIVER blacksmith

240. William TUCKER blacksmith

241. Robert GROVES cordwainer

242. Robert BEST labourer

243. John GAWLER mason

244. John STEVENS gardner

245. Samuel THOMPSON taylor

246. William ENSOR cordwainer

247. Jacob HUTCHENS baskett maker

248. Thomas CARD cheesemonger

249. John STANDISH butcher

250. Samuel HOLLETT staymaker

251. Thomas MASTERS blacksmith

252. John LILL bailiff

253. James CARNOCHEN a servant

254. William BRAGG taylor

255. John GREENING collar maker

256. Henry EDWARDS collar maker

257. Edward COLE labourer

258. Thomas HAVILAND tyler

259. Edward HUNT servant

260. David ABBOTT servant

261. Joseph COOMBS a servant

262. William BOOTH labourer

263. Robert CLINES comber

264. Joseph LINNINGTON a servant

265. John ROGERS servant

266. William GRIGG joyner

267. William ELLAI exciseman

268. William SPILLER labourer

269. Samuel BAILEY junior Labourer

270. Thomas GRITTEN joyner

271. William CREECH cordwainer

    John TAPP constable

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