Records of Freemason Membership

Durnovarian Lodge (1775-1820)

Compiled by Michael Russell OPC for Dorchester - March 2016 [Total of 106 Records]

1886 - Dorchester - Kings Arms - 30 High East Street - 2012
©Pictures: 1886 scanned image by Philip V Allingham 2002 Victorian Web & Picture 2012 taken by Michael Russell FIPD -in 2012

Freemasonry has existed in Dorset since 1736 with the creation of the Three Crowns Lodge (No. 145) at Weymouth.

The Durnovarian Lodge in Dorchester was named and established in 1775 and originally met at 'The Kings Arms' at 30 High East Street Dorchester(1). This agrees with the Register of Members listed below. and was reported in "The Constitutions of the Ancient and Honourable Fraternity of Free Masons (page lxiii) where it states "The Grand Secretary reported That the two following Lodges had been constituted since the last Grand Lodge ---- the second was ---No 476 Durnovarian Lodge, Kings Arms Dorchester". The 'Kings Arms'

In 1785 they met at the 'Royal Oak' in High West Street, and this address is referred to in the 1790 publication in London of 'Jachin and Boaz; or an Authentic Keyt to the door of Free Masonry.

In 1799 they met at the 'Antelope Inn' on Cornhill in the center of Dorchester where meetings remained there until 1830 when the lodge was erased.

General correspondence relating to the lodge for years 1787, 1788, 1790-1792, 1800 and 1809-1811 is held at the Library and Museum of Freemasonry at 60 Great Queen Street, London WC2B 5AZ. Various Lodge numbers are used in correspondence but again 'Lanes Masonic Records' suggests that the original Lodge number was 476 and dates from as early as 1770? This became Lodge 381 in 1780 and 382 the following year. In 1792 it became Lodge 310 and is listed as such in "The Spirit of Masonry in Moral and Elucidatory Lectures" by William Hutchinson (page 344). From 1814 it became Lodge 395.

The Lodge was Erased in 1830.

REGISTER 1775-1812
AGE OCCUPATION RESIDENCE When Made a Mason REMARKS (Lodge 476D/382E - Pages 233 continued 237)
LOCKETT, Thomas 35 Printer Dorchester [Blank] Admitted as a member June 1775
MEECH, Robert 32 Officer in the Army [Blank] [Blank] Admitted as a member June 1775
LACEY, Richard 32 Attorney Fordington [Blank] Admitted as a member June 1775
READ, Clement 36 Architect Dorchester [Blank] Admitted as a member June 1775
BRYER, Henry 24 Innholder Dorchester 25 Jun 1775  
READ, William 34 Plasterer Dorchester 25 Jun 1775  
ANDREWS, George 35 Currier Dorchester 07 May 1776  
READ, William 30 Innholder Milbourne St Andrew 05 Dec 1776  
EAMES, Thomas [In 2nd Register] 28 Butcher Dorchester 05 Jun 1777  
WHITE, John 28 Plasterer Dorchester 15 Apr 1778  
TORBEN, Jacob 40 Victualler Dorchester 19 Jan 1780  
SHEPPARD, John 40 Victualler Maiden Newton 19 Apr 1780  
BRIDELL, Jonathan 44 Haberdasher Maiden Newton [Blank] Admitted as a member 25 Jun 1781
WHITE, John 35 Surgeon Maiden Newton 19 Sep 1781  
MARTIN, John 30 Victualler Netherbury 17 Oct 1781  
HANHAM, William 42 Tin man Sherborne 21 Nov 1781  
HADDINOTT, James 40 Auctioneer Sherborne 03 Apr 1782  
HANN, Benjamin 38 Starch maker Sherborne 02 Oct 1782  
OKE, Robert 28 Merchant Poole 27 Dec 1775  
FRANCIS, Richard 36 Innholder Yeovil, Somerset 07 May 1776  
COLLINS, Joseph 28 Taylor [Blank] 15 Apr 1778  
WALKER, James 24 [Blank] [Blank] 07 Apr 1779  
GREGORY, John [In 2nd Register] 28 Tyler Dorchester 16 Jun 1779  
MAY, John 40 Mariner Sunderland 09 Aug 1780  
FORD, Thomas 22 Mariner Weymouth 16 May 1781  
WILLIAMS, Richard 42 Mariner Weymouth 21 Nov 1781  
DOWLAND, John [Blank] Victualler Sherborne 18 Jun 1783  
BROWNE, William 35 Gentleman Dorchester 20 Jun 1783  
CARSCALLION, James 30 Officer 93rd Regt [Blank] [Blank] Admitted as a member 03 Oct 1781
CORBIN, J [Blank] [Blank] Dorchester [Blank]  
WRIGHT, John [Blank] [Blank] Sherborne [Blank]  
COLLINGTON, Richard [Blank] [Blank] [Blank] [Blank]  
HANN, Benjamin [Blank] [Blank] [Blank] [Blank]  
HANHAM, William [Blank] [Blank] [Blank] [Blank]  
HODDINOTT, James [Blank] [Blank] [Blank] [Blank]  
ARDEN, Christopher 38 Surgeon [Blank] 20 Aug 1789  
MANSFIELD, John Collard 25 Attorney at Law [Blank] 20 Aug 1789  
MURRAY, John [Blank] Mariner [Blank] 30 Sep 1793  
WARR, Richard [Blank] Mariner Bridport Jun 1784  
HUGHES, Richard Thomas 33 Clerk [Blank] [Blank] Admitted as a member 06 Oct 1784
WHITE, John 29 Gentleman [Blank] 20 May 1778  
RICHMAN, Rev John 21 Clerk Dorchester 1776 Note:- Follow link for more information 'Master of the Free School' in Dorchester 1790-1813
GROVES, Charles 44 Cordwainer Dorchester 06 May 1785  
GLYNN, Henry 40 Tyler Dorchester Oct 1795  
CARTER, Charles 28 Painter [Blank] 24 Jun 1793  
BRYER, [Blank] [Blank] [Blank] [Blank] [Blank]  
SHITLER, Robert [In 2nd Register] [Blank] [Blank] [Blank] {Dorchester see 2nd Register] [Blank]  
APLIN, John [Blank] [Blank] [Blank] [Blank]  
JEFFREYS, Benjamin [Blank] [Blank] [Blank] [Blank]  
MADDOCK, Jeffery [Blank] [Blank] [Blank] [Blank]  
PAULK, William [Blank] [Blank] [Blank] [Blank]  
WOOD, John [Blank] [Blank] [Blank] 05 Jul 1797  
WOOD, Rev George [Blank] [Blank] Dorchester 05 Apr 1797 Note:- Follow link for more information later became Rector of Holy Trinity Church in Dorchester from 1825 to 1847
NATHAN, Joseph [Blank] [Blank] [Blank] [Blank]  
LOUTER, Thomas [Blank] [Blank] [Blank] 27 Dec [No year given]  
KLION, John Wilke [Blank] [Blank] [Blank] 07 Feb 1798  
GASKON, Joseph [Blank] [Blank] [Blank] [Blank]  
PERRY, Abraham [Blank] [Blank] [Blank] 27th Dec [No year given]  
LUCE, Daniel [Blank] [Blank] [Blank] [Blank]  
PARRY, William [Blank] [Blank] [Blank] [Blank]  
TYNDALL, Thomas [Blank] [Blank] [Blank] 09 Jan 1799  
YORKE, Henry Redbeard [Blank] [Blank] [Blank] [Blank]  
RING, Richard [Blank] [Blank] [Blank] 06 Mar [No year given]  
BASCOMB, John [In 2nd Register] 45 Mercer Dorchester 01 May [No year given]  
GROVES, Charles [In 2nd Register] 44 Cordwainer Dorchester 06 May 1801  
MALLINSON, William 36 Corp R.H.Guards Dorchester Barracks 09 Nov 1802  
EVANS, William 24 Corp R.H.Guards Dorchester Barracks 09 Nov 1802  
HERVEY, James 26 Private R.H.Guards Dorchester Barracks 09 Nov 1802  
GUMMER, William 40 Merchant Bridport 19 Jan 1803  
KUSE, Thomas 35 Merchant Bridport 19 Jan 1803  
PAINTER, John 30 Merchant Clk Weymouth 05 May [No year given]  
BRAGG, John 35 Taylor Weymouth 05 May [No year given]  
READER, John William 25 Officer in the German Legion Dorchester Barracks 08 Aug 1804  
SCOTT, George Peace [In 2nd Register] 30 [Blank] Dorchester [Blank] Admitted as a member 6th Nov 1805
GOODRIDGE, James [In 2nd Register] 30 Printer Dorchester [Blank] Admitted as a member 6th Apr 1808
VIE [or NIE] , Henry 30 Surveyor Dorchester 01 Apr 1812  
HANLON, Daniel 32 Taylor Dorchester [Blank] Admitted as a member 1st Apr 1812
ARNOLD, William 26 Watchmaker Weymouth [Blank] Admitted as a member 1st Apr 1812
ZILLWOOD, William [In 2nd Register] 35 Schoolmaster Dorchester 03 Feb 1812  

REGISTER 1813-1836
EAMES, Thomas [In 1st Register] 1777 - June 5 28 Yeoman Fordington Accounts annotated Sep 1817 "Withdrawn"
SHITTLER, Robert [In 1st Register] 1793 - {Blank] Maltster Dorchester Last Entry Dec 1820
BASCOMBE, John [In 1st Register] 1799 - May 1 45 Mercer Dorchester Accounts annotated March 1817 "Withdrawn"
GROVES, Charles [In 1st Register] 1801 - May 6 44 Victualler Dorchester Last Entry Dec 1817
SCOTT, George Peace [In 1st Register] 1805 - Nov 6 30 Innholder Dorchester Accounts annotated Dec 1819 "Withdrawn"
OLIVER, William N. K. [Blank] Innholder Dorchester Accounts annotated Dec 1815 "Resigned"
ASH, Joseph N. K. [Blank] Hatter Dorchester Last Entry Dec 1820
LOCK, William N. K. [Blank] Butcher Dorchester Last Entry Dec 1820
GOODRIDGE, John [In 1st Register] 1805 - Apr 6 30 Banker's Clerk Dorchester Accounts annotated Dec 1815 "Withdrawn"
GREGORY, John [In 1st Register] 1779 - June 16 28 Tiler Dorchester Last Entry Dec 1820
ZILLWOOD, William (Junior) [In 1st Register] 1812 - Feb 3 35 Schoolmaster Dorchester Accounts annotated Mar 1818 "Dead"
SPENCER, William 1813- Dec 8 [Blank] Attorney Dorchester Last entry Dec 1820
NORTON, John Howe 1814 - Feb 2 28 Vet Surgeon Weymouth Last Entry Jun 1814
PETT, John 1814 - Feb 2 50 Grocer Dorchester Last Entry Dec 1815 annotated "Resigned"
CUST, Joseph 1814 - Feb 2 45 Yeoman Fordington Last Entry Dec 1820
WRIGHT, John 1814 - Oct 5 50 Gentleman Charminster Last Entry Dec 1815 annotated "Resigned"
LAKE, Robert 1814 - Nov 23 25 Butler Kingston Last Entry Sep 1814?
LOCK, Thomas 1815 - June 7 42 Gentleman Dorchester Last Entry Dec 1820
SHEPHERD, Thomas 1815 - May 4 25 Lieutenant R.N. Bridport Last Entry Mar 1815?
FRAMPTON, George 1815 - Nov 1 38 Frampton? Dorchester Last Entry Dec 1817
FUDGE, Richard 1815 - Dec 27 38 Butcher Dorchester Annotated against Dec 1815 "Rejoined" - Last entry Dec 1818
TOUGH, George 1815 - Dec 27 [Blank] Yeoman Fordington Last Entry Dec 1820
ARDEN, George 1817 - June 25 [Blank] Attorney Weymouth Annotated Jun 1818 "Withdrawn"
STONE, John 1817 - July 2 [Blank] Yeoman Frampton Last Entry Dec 1820
CURTIS, Thomas 1817 - Sep 3 [Blank] [Blank] [Blank] Last Entry Dec 1820
TREN or TREW, George 1818 - Apr 23 [Blank] Grocer Romsey Last entry Dec 1818 - C Written in Red ink is "Erased by order of the Grand Lodge 1st Dec 1830"
FRAMPTON, George 1820 - Jan 12 [Blank] Merchant's Clerk Fogo Newfoundland Last Entry Mar 1820

Dorchester - Durnovarian Lodge Masonic Hall
Picture taken Sunday 1 Apr 2012 ©Chris Talbot - Creative Commons Licensed
In 1834 The Lodge of Faith & Unanimity was formed in Dorchester and consecrated on 21st August that year. They met in a new building situated on the corner of Allington and West Back Street (Now called Princess Street). It cost 468.3s. 1d and is shown in the picture above.

Genealogical Notes:-

(1). The KINGS ARMS HOTEL No. 30 and 30A High East street Dorchester with Stables and outbuildings which backs onto Friary Lane. This building was Grade II listed on 8th May 1950 when it was described as being of "Late C18 or early C19".

Early references located to 'The Kings Arms':-
    (1.1) 1737 Municipal Records of Dorchester Page 694 Burgage Rate for Parish of All Saints Dorchester 1737 paid by Elizabeth Battin for her house (The King's Arms)

    (1.2) 1764 Militia Listing For Dorchester dated 6th Oct 1764 Meeting adjourned to re-convene at The Kings Arms in Dorchester on 13th Oct 1764

    (1.3) bef 1767 From a Settlement Examination dated 7th April 1781 we know that William CHRISTOPHER (1745-1802), who was born in Fordington, worked for Mr Bryar at the Kings Arms in Dorchester as a chaise driver in the mid 1760's. We know it was before he obtained employment in Blandford which occurred about 4 years before he married Mary King at Blandford Forum on 3rd June 1771 so was before 1767.

    (1.4) 1771 Map of Dorchester - The protrusion of the Porch and Bay windows in the 2 floors above is clearly shown opposite All Saints Church in High East Street

    (1.5) 1796 Militia Listing For Fordington (Same venue for Dorchester listings): Appeals against being listed were to be heard at The Kings Arms in Dorchester on Saturday 23rd Jan 1797

    (1.6) 1813 4th Nov : Advert in the Taunton Courier placed by Mr and Mrs OLIVER of the Kings Arms Dorchester - repeated 15th Sep 1814

    (1.7) 1830 Pigots Directory Dorchester:- INNS: Referred top as the Kings Arms Inn (& posting house) in High East Street and run by Francis Oliver. COACHES: used the Kings Arms every day as a pick up point

    (1.8) 1832 6th Oct : Hampshire Advertiser and others : Election of Christopher ARDEN as Mayor reported with reception dinner held at the Kings Arms

    (1.9) 1839 Robert's Directory Dorchester:- RESIDENTS: Oliver Francis High East street Kings Arms Hotel, commercial Inn and Posting House CARRIERS: Still being used by coaches as a pick up point

    (1.10) 1841 Census:- Francis Oliver aged 50 recorded as a Publican resident in High East Street with his wife and 2 children + 14 servants

    (1.11) 1843 2nd Oct - a Henry Simmonds a post boy resident at the Kings Arms Dorchester married in All Saints Church

    (1.12) 1851 Census 30th March All Saints Parish William Manley aged 50 with his wife are described as Hotel keepers of The Kings Arms Hotel at 40 High East street with 11 servants and strangely their children are recorded in St Peter's Parish again in High East Street

    (1.12) 1852 1st May : Sale of Freehold Estates inc Kings Arms Hotel reported in Daily News London Thursday March 25th Issue 1822

    (1.13) 1852/3 Slater's Director of Dorchester :- INNS "Kings Arms Inn" William Manley, High East Street.

    (1.14) 1853 23rd March a Richard DYKE is described as a 'boots' at the Kings Arms in Dorchester on the baptism of his son at All Saints church

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