The three main Parish Churches in Dorchester are
St Peter's, Holy Trinity
(See below) & All Saints

They are of very ancient foundation being as old as the introduction of Christianity in the Kingdom of the West Saxons in the 7th Century. Further more detailed background is freely available from the book 'The History of Dorchester' by James Savage which was published in 1837. A full transcription can be viewed at google books. Most of the text given below however has been transcribed from John Hutchins book 'The History and Antiquities of the County of Dorset'. I have taken the liberty of adding some pictures which relate to the text and cross referencing to other information on this site.
Though St Peter's is the largest and the principal church in the town, it is only a chapel to Holy Trinity church, and has been since 1303, and perhaps even before that; yet there are two instances in the Sarum Registers when the king presented this as a distinct Rectory. From the municipal records of Dorchester in 1657, and a legal case that arose in 1826, it is clear that the two churches were united and this for example was why the Rev. John White was appointed by the King to Holy Trinity in 1606 but often preached from the pulpit and, was eventually buried in the south porch of St Peters church in 1648. Michael Russell OPC for Dorchester

The History and Antiquities of the County of Dorset
(3rd Edition published 1868 - pages 334 to 409)
by John Hutchins -- Pages 389-407
Part 25

(3rd Edition published 1868)

The Parish of Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity Church Dorchester

The Parish of Holy Trinity contains the West Street, from 'Trinity Church' on one side, and the 'Crown Inn' opposite to it, to the west end of the town inclusive; also the 'Back Lane', part of which is parallel to West Street, the other to South Street: also Pease or Sheep Lane, and the ancient parish of Frome Whitfield.

The Church says Hutchins, "stands at the lower end of the west street, not far from St Peter's. It is not a very large nor ancient fabric, consisting of a body supported by five arches on each side, and a south aisle of equal length and height. The chancel is divided from the body only by rails, and stands in the middle of the body and aisle. The tower containing five bells, is adorned with battlements and pinnacles, but is low, and probably not raised since the fire of 1613, in which the church is thought to have been consumed. The south aisle was built about 1612 (after the union with Frome Whitfield the parishioners being too numerous for the church), at the expense of "241 13s It appears by the church book that £211. 19s. 6d was given by the inhabitants and neighbouring gentry. The whole church is very neatly pewed and adorned; has an handsome pulpit and gallery, and altar-piece with the decalogue , &c"

The church was rebuilt ad enlarged in the year 1824, when Robert Gerard DAVIS and John TULLIDGE were churchwardens. The interior is without any architectural pretensions according to the present revived taste. It is a plain quadrangular building with a long narrow window of three lights at the east and west ends, and galleries run the entire length on each side and across the west end. There are four two-light windows in each of the side walls, which have buttresses between them exteriorly, terminating in crocketed pinnacles. In the place of a tower at the west end are two octagonal turrets. There is an ancient font, the bowl and stem of which appear to be of Norman character.

In this church were fraternities dedicated to the Blessed Virgin, to the Holy Trinity, and Corpus Christi. 20 Richard II (1). a grant was obtained to found a fraternity dedicated to the Blessed Virgin here.

It was probably identical with the chantry of the Blessed Virgin Mary founded" says Hutchins " according to some records, by John SEYWARD, 1 Henry IV" (2) John SYWARD died previously to this date, but the chantry was founded by his executors. His will is enrolled in the Dorchester Domesday Book :-
    At the court held at Dorchester, Feb 3, 22 Rich II (1399) (3) appeared Robert GELLE Clerk , John GOVYTZ and Robert VEEL, executors of the will of John SYWARD senior, and made proof of the same before the bailiffs according to the custom of the same town, in which will, dated Nov 23, 1398, inter alia, is contained these words : I give &c to the abbot and convent of Cerne the estate, right, and claim which I have &c. in a messuage, with appurtenances, which I have caused to be newly built, on the ground of the same abbot and convent , in Dorchester in which Robert DEVENESHIRE and Geoffrey MOSE now dwell, near the market, to pray for my soul and the souls of my father and mother, at the discretion of the same abbot and convent . Item I give to my executors a burgage, with appurtenances in Southampton, co. Southampton, to sell and dispose, and all for the cause to establish and ordain for my soul, the souls of my father and mother and our benefactors, at their discretion". He also gave the same Robert, John and Robert, to the same uses 20s annual rent out of a tenement which Henry ESTAFELD and Alice his wife held, and 4s annual rent of a tenement which Margaret FROME held in Dorchester, with all the burgages, lands , and tenements, rents, and services, &c. which he had in Dorchester and Melcombe Regis. [Note:- See Charter 41]
By letters patents, tested at Westminster March 4th, 2 Hen IV (1401)(4). licence was granted to Robert GELL clerk, John GOVITZ, and Robert VEEL, to alienate in mortmain to John DUDDILL and John BLOUNT, bailiffs of the town of Dorchester, five messuages and 11 a (acres) of land, with appurtenances to have and to hold to themselves and their successors bailiffs of Dorchester , to procure a certain chaplain to celebrate divine offices for the good estate of Elizabeth, who was the wife of John SYWARD Senior, of John SYWARD Junior and Joan his wife, whilst they shall live, and for their souls when they have departed from this light; also the souls of the aforementioned John SYWARD Senior and and of Katherine late his wife, and of Roger SYWARD, father of the same John SYWARD Senior, and for the souls of all the faithful deceased, according to the ordination of the same Robert, John GOVITZ, and Robert, in this behalf made in the church of the Holy Trinity in Dorchester, for ever.[Note:- See Charter 57]

By Charter dated at Dorchester on Monday next after the Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Mary, 1 Hen VI. (1423) (5) John MORTON clerk , John JURDAN, of Wolverton, and Robert MOSE, of Dorchester (executors of the will of Robert GRENELEFE alias BAKER , granted to John ARTOUR of Dorchester, Baker , and Matilda his wife, 2a (acres) of arable lying in the "west walls" of Dorchester , one of which lies between the land of the chantry of John SEWARD on the west, and the land of the rector of Holy Trinity of Dorchester on the east, and the other acre lies between the land of Thomas FARYNGDON on the north , and the land of John JEWES on the south [Note:- See Charter 367]

By Will dated Aug 20, 10 Hen VI AD 1442? (Actually 1432 (6)) Agnes who was the wife of William NAGARD, bequeathed her soul to God, and her body to be buried in the church of Holy Trinity of Dorchester; to the fabric of the church of Sarum 12d; to the rector of the church of Holy Trinity aforesaid, for tithes forgotten, 6s; to Thomas PYVET, chaplain, iijs. ivd (i.e. 3s 4d). Item, I give and leave to Thomas BUDDE one of my tenements in Dorchester, situate on the south side of the lane called Pyse [Pease] Lane, between the tenement of the rector of the Holy Trinity aforesaid on the east, and the tenement of the Fraternity of the Blessed Virgin in the church of St Peter of Dorchester aforesaid on the west, so that the said Thomas shall pay, or cause to be paid, annually at the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel, to the rector of the church of the Holy Trinity aforesaid xxid during the life time of the said Thomas , for a rogation for the souls of the aforesaid William NAGARD and Agnes his wife (testatrix), of William their son, and John HANLE; and furthermore, she directed the said Thomas BUDDE, his heirs, feoffees, or assigns to dispose of the said tenement to the best advantage, and to distribute in the best manner the money thence arising for her soul, the souls of the said William her husband and William their son, and for the souls of all the faithful deceased. She also gave and left to the same Thomas BUDDE and Robert STOURY a tenement, situate on the south side of the West street, in Dorchester, conjointly to sell the same to the best advantage, and employ the money thence arising in holding an anniversary, and celebrating divine offices by the chaplains of the church of Holy Trinity aforesaid, whilst the same money shall last, for the souls of William late her husband, for her own soul, and the souls of all her parents and benefactors, and of all the faithful deceased; and she left the residue of her goods to the same Thomas and Robert, to be disposed of to the same uses. [Note:- See Charter 459]

Philip HELYER, of Dorchester, by will dated April 6th, 1441, bequeathed his soul to Almighty God, and his body for sepulture in the church of the Holy Trinity of Dorchester; to the fabric of the church of the Blessed Mary of Sarum 6d.; to the fabric of the church of Holy Trinity aforesaid 16d; to the Fraternity of the Holy Trinity in the same church 12d; to the Fraternity of the Blessed Mary in the same church 12d; to the rector of the same church 12d., &c. &c. . [Note:- See Charter 487]

In the chantry roll the chantry of the Blessed Virgin Mary was valued at 6 15s 2d out of which rents resolute were paid 13s. There was then no incumbent, but in the Sarum registers is a list of nine chaplains or wardens of the chantry of John SYWARD, at the altar of St Mary in this church, from 1403-1541. These were presented by the bailiffs of the town.

2 Edw. VI. (1548)(7) the King granted to the burgesses of Dorchester and their successors a messuage and lands, and twenty-two messuages, burgages, and gardens, belonging to this chantry, amounting to £6. 9s. 3d for £149. 11s. 8d

11 Eliz. (1568-1569) (8) five tenements and eleven acres of land in Dorchester, belonging to a chaplain in this church, in the occupation of the bailiffs, were granted for 21 years to John HERBERT

Thomas WARYN [WARRIN] rector of the Holy Trinity leaves by will 1441, hereafter given, 3s.4d. to the fraternity of Corpus Christi in this church . [Note:= Link to transcription to the Will of Thomas WARYN]
Monumental Inscriptions

1. Sacred to the memory of John COX esq. for many years partner in the Old Bank of this town, who departed this life August 1st 1842 aged 37 years. Erected by his widow. [Note:- Link to burial and more information about John Albion COX (1806-1842) also transcription of his monumental tablet and his marriage and children]

2. Sacred to the memory of Mary BRYER, born October 15th, 1771, died March 9th 1853; also of the Revd Edmund BRYER, BA brother of the above, born 16th Nov 1775, died 8th April 1854 [Note:- Link to entry in Monumental Inscriptions file and burials at HT of Revd Edmund BRYER (1775-1854) at burial 91 and Mary BRYER (1771-1853) at burial 52]

3. Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth BANGER, relict of William BANGER, esq of Ilminster, in Somersetshire, who died on the 23rd day of December 1842, aged 92 years. Also of her nephew Thomas BOWER esq an old and much respected inhabitant of this parish, who died on the 10th day of September 1842, aged 64 years. Also of Edward Owen PAYNE, son of Capt. Charles Frederick PAYNE, R.N. and Elizabeth PAYNE niece of the above Elizabeth BANGER, who died February 14th 1843, aged 29 years. [Note:- Link to entry in Monumental Inscriptions file ]

4.To the memory of the Revd Nathaniel TEMPLEMAN, who was Rector of this parish and held the living of St Peter's in this town with it for thirty years. He died on the 8th of June 1813, aged 87, and was buried at Long Bredy, of which parish he was also Rector. [Note:- Link to entry in Monumental Inscriptions file ]

5. Sacred to the memory of Joseph FRITH, esq formerly quartermaster in the Royal Horse Guards Blue, and for upwards of 24 years adjutant of the Queen's Own Regiment of Yeomanry cavalry, who died June 30th 1855, aged 61 years. Also of the following sons and daughters of the above and Mary his wife. Joseph Henry FRITH, a lieutenant in the Bengal Army, who died June 15th 1853 aged 28 years. Henry William FRITH, a deputy assistant commissary general, who was killed in action at Malageak, on the west coast of Africa, may 20 1855, aged 28 years. Sarah Louisa FRITH who died February 4th 1843 aged 12 years. Lucy FRITH, who died April 7th 1851, aged 18 years,. George Hippon, Mary, and Sarah who all died in infancy. erected by the widow and mother of the above. [Note:- Link to entry in Monumental Inscriptions file ]

6. "Sacred to the memory of William Mitchell FRITH, assistant surgeon, HM 54th Regiment, who died on the 7th March 1856, whilst on service with his Regiment at Gibraltar, aged 27 years. This Tablet was erected by Colonel William Yorke MOORE, and officers, non-commissioned officers and privates of his regiment as a mark of their esteem" (with coat of arms) Arms: Gules, a cross voided between four cross- crosslets fitchee or. Crest : A lion counter passant or.

7. In memory of Henry John RICHMAN, clerk,LLB many years Master of the Grammar School in this town, and subsequently Rector of this parish, who was killed by the fall of a stack of chimneys during the storm of Novr 23rd 1824. His mortal remains and those of his wife (whose death was occasioned by the same awful catastrophe) were interred in the burial place of his family in Christchurch, Hants".

8. Near this place are interred the remains of William BOWER esq; for many years an alderman of this borough, deputy lieutenant of the county of Dorset, and Lieutenant colonel of the Dorset Volunteers. He died on the 27th March 1829, aged 83". Arms: Sable, three talbots heads couped in chief argent. Crest A talbots head. [Note:- Link to more information about William BOWER (1747-1829) gentleman and the marriage of his father Edmund BOWER at St Georges Church in Fordington to his mother Elizabeth Shorto on 26th Jan 1740/1]

9. In a vault near this spot are deposited the remains of Sarah, wife of William HENNING, esq of Frome, in this parish, who departed this life Feb 8th 1825, aged 56. Also in the same vault lie also the remains of the above mentioned William HENNING, who resided at Frome upwards of 70 years, and departed this life on the 26th day of March 1842, in his 82nd year". [Note:- Link to burial of Sarah HENNING and marriage to William HENNING (1760-1842) ]

10. Sacred to the memory of Thomas Gould READ, esquire, many years alderman of the borough who departed this life the 22nd January 1835, aged 76 ". [Note:- Link to more information about Thomas Gould READ (1759-1835) 4 times Mayor of Dorchester]

11. "In memory of William BRIDGE, esq; who departed this life the 26th of April 1858, aged 62 years". [Note:- William Bridge (1795-1858) was buried at the Civic Cemetery in Dorchester ]

12. To the memory of Rev George WOOD MA (1774-1847), formerly of Oriel College Oxon. He was Rector of the parish during twenty three years, having in the earlier part of his life held successively the livings at Martin's Town and Cann St Rumbold, near Shaftesbury. He departed this life August 21st 1847 in the 75th year of his age. Also of Betsy WOOD wife of the above, who died the 7th day of December 1855, in her 83rd year".

13. To the memory of John James LAMBERT, Esq of Dorchester, who departed this life on Saturday May 10th 1856, in the 63rd year of his age. This tablet is erected as a tribute of affection by his son, Francis Henry [Note:- Link to entry in Monumental Inscriptions file ]

14. "In memory of Christopher COOPER M.D. who departed this life July 30th 1842 aged 69". [Note:- Link to summary of his will and more information ]

15. "Sacred to the memory of John CROUCH esquire one of the aldermen of the corporation of Weymouth, who departed this life the 4th December 1817, aged 79. Also Elizabeth his wife who died the 21st March 1814 aged 61. [Note:- Link to burial of Elizabeth CROUCH ]

16. "Near this monument is interred the remains of Samuel RICKWOOD, who died February 15th 1762, aged 74 years; Sarah his wife, died September 10, 1763, aged 75 years. Samuel their son, died Dec 18, 1788, aged 75 years. Elizabeth, his wife, died April 17th, 1803, aged 70 years, and Samuel their son, died some years before in infancy. [Note:- Link to entry in Monumental Inscriptions file and more information about his family]
The following appeared in the last edition of this work:

"To the pious memory of Dorothy TURNER, widow, late of this town. She died 9 Nov 1718, aged in years, but much more in piety and virtue. Near this place also lieth the body of Katherine ROSE widow of Thomas ROSE, late of this town MD. They were the only surviving sisters and coheirs of John HURDING, of Longbredy in this county, esq; by whose death that ancient and religious family was extinct" (Hutchins adds a list of burials in this parish that Thomas ROSE MD was buried in 1700, and Mrs Catherine ROSE was buried in 1709).
On a Tablet of wood in gold letters:
Dedit ille cœcus,
At vos accipite oculati.

To the memory of Mr Edward DASHWOOD, of this parish of Holy Trinity, who by his last will and testament gave to the poore of the three parishes within this borough of Dorchester, of which he was thrice maior [mayor] 50l [pounds]; the profit thereof to be annually and equally divided between them the 9th day for March ever; and also to the poore of West Stafford 10l [ten pounds], the profit thereof to be distributed amongst them on the same day.
Ob: quinto id Feb: (5 Feb) 1666, aetatis suae [his age] 78 Feneratur Dominjo, qui pauperis miseretur".

[Note:- Also recorded in Holy Trinity Memorials file - See transcription of the will of Edward DASHWOOD (d1666/7) merchant of Dorchester dated 27th Jan 1666/7 and genealogical notes for more information]
"Near the former, on another tablet".
" The benefactors of the parish of the Holie Trinity in Dorchester:

Henry EDWARDS, deceased August 1610 [Note:- buried HT 17th Aug 1610] , gave 40s a-yeare, to the poor for ever, out of his land in Pease Lane.
John PERKINS. deceased Nov. 1640 [Note:- parish registers not survived for 1640], gave 10l [i.e. £10 ] a-year, to be paid out of his land in Dorchester, whereof 5l [i.e.£5 ] to an assistant minister, and £5 to the hospital.
Julian PERKINS, deceased Jan. 1658 [Note:- buried HT19 Jan 1657/8] , gave 100l {i.e. £100 ] to the poor of the three parishes, the profit thereof to be paid the 25th day of March for ever.
John CHURCHILL, deceased [Note:- buried HT 15th June 1672], gave 10l [i.e. £10 ] to the poor of Trinity parish, the profit whereof to be disbursed to the poore once every yeare".
In 1788, a plain white but neat white marble monument was erected against the north wall of the church, with the following inscription, written by himself:

"Near this place lie the remains of William CUMMING MD Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, and of the Societies of Antiquaries of London and Edinburgh, who practiced physic in this town and county during the space of 49 years, and who desired to be buried in the churchyard rather than the church, lest he, who studied whilst living to promote the health of his fellow citizens, should prove detrimental to it when dead. He was born at Edinburgh September 30, N.S. 1714. He died March 25. 1788".

"Dr CUMING was son of James CUMING, an eminent merchant in Edinburgh (who died 1736), by Margaret, only daughter of George HEPBURN, merchant in the same city. Of their eight sons only three arrived at man's estate, and of these William was the youngest, and was born in 1714. He was educated at the High School, Edinburgh; and at the age of thirteen removed to the tuition of Mr Alexander MOIR, who had resigned his professorship of philosophy in the University of Aberdeen, and retired to Edinburgh. With him young Cumings continued four years; and before he was eighteen applied himself to the study of physic. In 1735 he visited France, and resided about nine months at Paris, improving himself in anatomy in the Hotel Dieu. In 1736 he attended the venerable Boerhaave's lectures at Leyden, whence the death of his father soon recalled him, and he resided in his native city about one year and a half. In 1738 he came to London, and by the advice of his friend Fothergill settled in Dorchester, where he soon formed such respectable and valuable connections that no solicitations could afterwards draw him to the capital. In 1752 he received a diploma from the University of Edinburgh, and was soon after adopted as a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians in that city. In 1769 he was admitted a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London; and in 1781 chosen, without his knowledge, an honorary member of that in Scotland. The doctor enjoyed a good constitution which he inherited from his parents; the tenderness of his eyes was through life the greatest obstacle he had to struggle with. In his retirement he afforded a pleasing instance that virtue and probity, whether glowing in the public walks of life, or calmly shining only in the private avocations of retirement, will ever be courted and admired. The surviving companions of his youth remained the friends and correspondents of his advanced years, and those who consulted him professionally continued to visit, and occasionally to consult him and though retired from active business, and almost wholly confined within doors, he enjoyed the singular satisfaction not to be forgotten, but to be visited by persons the most respectable in the country for probity, rank, and fortune" (See Lettsome's Life of him pages 210-223)

Here he lived, exercising the duties of his profession for more than forty years, with the greatest ability and success. It may be truly said of him, that he possessed in an eminent degree all the virtues that adorn either the head or the heart. He was a universal scholar, a sincere friend, a well-bred and pleasing companion, and, with till more valuable, a real and practical Christian. In short , he was a person in whose praise it was impossible to say enough.

The interest Dr CUMING took in the first publication of this History has been gratefully and handsomely acknowledged by its author in the close of his Preface. "Mr HUTCHINS, after thirty years close application in compiling this work, gave out proposals for its publication, but, as he was a reserved man, and but little known, they found not the reception they merited. A concurrence, however, of some accidental circumstances soon afterwards proved favourable to him, and he met with support from several gentlemen of fortune and distinction. To these Mr CUMING gave his aid, and at a very numerous meeting of the first persons of the county of rank and property, assembled at the summer assizes 1770, it was agreed to encourage the publication; and so general was the doctor's reputation, that he was unanimously requested to undertake the care of the publication. In this work his leisure hours during the next four years were employed, and with the assistance of his ingenious and learned friend Richard GOUGH, of Enfiel, esq author of the British Topography, it was offered to the public in the year 1774. That publication gave it a very favourable reception and it daily rose in value and reputation (ibid p 218)
The REGISTER begins in 1559. In it is inserted the following memorandum:-

1651, Aug 22. At night there was great thunder and lightening, such as has not been known by any living in this age; and there fell with it a great storm of hail, some of the stones of which were seven inches about, with abundance of rain, and it continued all night and a great part of the next morning, till eight of the clock. That same day were Mr LOVE and Mr GIBBONS beheaded.

1653: Humphrey, son of Mr Humphrey HULL [Note:- Not located in Baptism Register]

1671 [1691] : John son of William CHURCHILL Esq [Note:- typo in year - should be 1691 as baptised HT 18 Nov 1691 ]

1693: William son of William CHURCHILL Esq [Note:- baptised HT 08 Jan 1693/4 ]

1700: Susanna, daughter of Francis TUTHILL, M.D. [Note:- baptised HT 26 Sep 1700]

1714: John son of James RICHARDS [Note:- baptised HT 25 Mar 1714]

1717: Joseph, son of Mr Joseph DAMER, March 15 [Note:- baptised HT 15 Mar 1717/18 ]

1738: William, son of William CHURCHILL, esq 15 Sep [Note:- baptised HT 15 Sep 1738]

1655: Christopher BATTISCOMB esq of Symondsbury, and Mrs Mary STARRE, of this parish [Note:- Married HT 18th Sep 1655]

1656: Mr George DAUBENEY and Mrs Katherine FRAMPTON [Note:- Married HT 14th Oct 1656]

1657: Mr George TURBURVIL, of Winterbourne, and Mrs Elizabeth LEWEN, of this parish [Note:- Married HT 15th Sep 1657]

1660: Mr Sam. SIMMS and Mrs Kath. HULL [Note:- Married HT 17th July 1660]

1664: Henry HENLEY, esq and Mrs Mary BULKELEY [Note:- Married HT 31st Jan 1664]

1674: Mr John GOLLOP and Mary, daughter of Philip STANSBY [Note:- Married HT 28th May 1674]

1693: Christopher PITT, M.D. and Mrs Elizabeth BACKWAY [Note:- Married HT 25th April 1693]

1722: William ROBINS, esq co. Gloucester. and Dorothy BACON of Bubdown [Note:- Married HT 22nd Sep 1722]

1661: Mr HERNE, a minister [Note:- Buried at HT 5th Nov 1661]

1667: Mary, wife of Mr Walter FRY? [Note:- Buried at HT on November 10th 1667 as Mary wife of Mr. Walter FFOY ]

1669: Elizabeth, wife of Mr Robert NAPIER [Note:- Buried at HT 27th July 1669]

1688: Mrs Anne ROSE [Note:- Buried at HT 24th Sep 1688]

1693: Mr. Joshua CHURCHILL [Note:- Buried at HT 08 Jan 1693/4 Link to more information about the Rev Joshua CHURCHILL (1627-1693/4) who was vicar of St Georges Church in Fordington from 1656 until 1662 when he was ejected]

---: Mrs Elizabeth CHURCHILL, widow [Note:- Buried at HT 08 Jan 1693/4]

1700: Thomas ROSE M.D. [Note:- Buried at HT 13th Apr 1700 where more info about him is available]

---: Mr Henry WILLIAMS [Note:- Buried at HT 14 Feb 1700/1]

1704: Mr Francis TUTHILL, gent [Note:- Buried at HT 1st Sep 1704]

1709: Mrs. Catherine ROSE [Note:- Buried at HT 17th Nov 1709]

---: Mr Abraham TEMPLEMAN [Note:- Buried at HT 11 Mar 1709/10]

1712: Mrs Elizabeth PLEA, widow [Note:- Buried at HT 6th June 1712]

1718: Mrs. Elizabeth TURNER, widow [Note:- Buried at HT 14th Nov 1718]

1719: George FRAMPTON, gent [Note:- Buried at HT 24th Sep 1719]

The ancient patron was the Crown. It is thus mentioned in the Tesa de Neville (page 167) "The church of the Holy Trinity is in the gift of the King, and Master Alexander de Dorset holds the same by the gift of King John, value 10 marks". It is now vested in trustees of the school and almshouse. The parish of Frome Whitfield was annexed to it 7 Jac I (1610).
    Valor . . . . . . . . . . .12 marks
    Present Value . . .17. 8s 8½ d
    Tenths . . . . . . . . £1. 14s 10¼ d
    Bishops procurations . . . 0. 2s 10d.
    Archdeacons procurations . . . 0. 11s. 6d
The return to the commission, 1650, for Holy Trinity parish, was, they had a parsonage 130 per annum, out of which is paid to the school and almshouse 30 per annum, and in other rates and taxes 10 per annum. Mr Stanley GOWER, minister. No Chapel belonging to the parish; no parish church fit to be united; no chapel to be taken way, nor any village that wanteth a new church.

The Feoffees of the parsonage of the Holy Trinity in 1790 were David Robert MICHEL, esq. William DAVIS, Robert LAMBERT, Richard COZENS, Robert STICKLAND, John GOLLOP, M.D. John TEMPLEMAN, George CHURCHILL, esq. Christopher ARDEN, Charles WHITE, James CHAFFEY


Parochia Sanctæ Trinitatis in eodem. Richardus Tyte, Galfridus Joup, Johannes Rofout, Stephanus Wydecoumbe, parochiani ibidem jurati presentant quod ecclesia predicta taxatur in viii li. Et quod ix pars garbarum, vellerum et agnorum valet per annum xiij s. iv d. et sic minus taxæ xi marcas, eo quod proficuum dictæ ecclesiæ consistit in dominicis terris rectoris ut de dote ecclesiæ, et in decimus lini, canabi, oblationibus et obventionibus, decimis mercatorum, et aliis minutis decimus.
Summa ixnæ" partis xiij s. iv d.

Alexander de Dorset, inst. temp. King John -- This priests name occurs in the close roll of King John . "The King to the Barons of the Exchequer, &c. Allow the executors of the will of my Lord of Canterbury, against the debt which he owes us, £260. sterling, which they paid into our chamber, on Monday next, before the feast of St. Margaret, in the 7th year, &c., by the hands of Alexander de Refham, Alexander de Dorset, and Richard de Bellhus, &c. &c. Witness myself, at Rocheste, July 19".

Ralph de Odyham, pbr [alias to the chapel of St Peter tanquam ad matricem ecclesiam]. He brought an inquisition 13 Nov 1302, by which clearly appeared that the chapel of St. Peter was dependent on the church of Holy Trinity, and was admitted 8th Sep 1302, it having been put in commendam for six months (Reg. Gaunt).

John de Ayremynne, clerk, on the resignation of Will, de Ayremynne, 17 cal.April, 1305. (Reg. Gaunt)

William de Ayremynne, clerk, on the resignation of John de Ayremynne,on the nones of May 1306 (Ref Reg.Gaunt)

Alan de Cancia, clerk, on the resignation of W. de Ayremynne, instituted 6 cal. March 1312, (Ref Reg.Gaunt) occurs 1321

John de Warblynton, clerk, on resignation of de Smereden, the last rector, inst, cal. March 1334 (Ref. Mortival)

Walter Swaine, clerk, on the death of Warblynton, instituted 19th Oct 1348 (Ref Wyvil)

Simon Macy de Clifton, clerk, on the dismission [i.e. resignation] of Swaine, inst 29 May 1349 (Ref Wyvil)

Jeffery de Hardwick, on the death? of Macy, inst 7th Nov 1350.

Robert de Cherlton, exchanged with John Robekyn, Rector of Tadmerton, diocese of Lincoln, instit 7th Feb 1362 (Ref Wyvil)

John Rouland, on the death of Robekyn, 27th April 1379.

William Totell, pbr, presented to this rectory with the chapel of St Peters annexed, on the death of Rowland . Instituted 29th Sept 1384, (Ref Erghum) exchanged with next.

William Holym, vicar of Wethernese diocese of York, presented to this rectory, with the chapel of St Peter annexed , Instituted Oct 31st 1385, exchanged with next.

Peter Mighel, rector of Pulham in Norfolk, presented to this rectory, and chapel of St Peter annexed, instit 30th Nov 1385 exchanged with next.

John Rygges vicar of Cranborne, instituted 1st May 1393.

Thomas Waryn, clerk presented to this rectory, with the chapel of St Peter annexed inst 30th May 1420. (Ref Chandler)
    Link to transcription of his will also provided by John Hutchins as a footnote
William Wotton, clerk inst 16th Dec 1441 (Ref. Ayscough)

Richard HYLL, clerk instituted 12th Oct 1475. (Ref Beauchamp)

John Ap - Harrys Priest instituted 31st May 1485 (Ref Langton)

Robert Gaskyn, pbr on the resignation of Ap-Harrys Instituted 27th Dec 1504 (Ref Audley).

John Glynne, bachelor in decrees, presented, on the death of Gaskyn, to this rectory, with the chapel of St Peter annexed instituted 3rd June 1524.

William Tresham Occurs 1534.

William Bryce pbr on the resignation of ...... instituted 13th May 1540:

Nicholas Knewstubb instituted 1543.

William Woodman instituted .......

Edward Doughty, inst. 1580

Richard Johnson, inst. 1585.

John White, inst. 1605 See an account of John White in Fuller's Worthies, 1811, vol ii. p 233, under Oxfordshire

Stanley Gower, rector 1650 [Rev. Stanley Gower BA (1603-1660) Notes also provided by JH have been incorporated into the account of his life - follow link]

George Hammon, admitted 1660, ejected 1662.[George HAMMOND MA (1620-1705) Notes also provided by JH have been incorporated into the account of his life - follow link]

John Knightsbridge, 30 June 1663 [i.e. John KNIGHTBRIDGE BD (1620-1679) - follow link for more information]

Samuel Rayner , M.A. 6 Oct 1670 He published a sermon preached at the funeral of the right Honourable Denzil Lord Holles, &c., from Isaiah iii, 1-3. 4 to. 1680. [i. e. Samuel REYNER MA (1623-1704) - follow link for more information]

Sam. Conant, inst 1704 or 5, resigned 1706 [i.e. "Samuel CONANT MA (1677-1706) - follow link for more information - he died of TB in 1706]

William Leigh, D.D., also rector of Litchet Matravers, inst 1707, ob. 4th Jan 1752 [i.e. William LEIGH BD DD [1677-1752] - follow link for more information]

John Hubbock M.A. rector of Batcomb and Downfrome, prebendary of Chichester, schoolmaster here, official of the Bishop of Bristol, inst. on the death of Dr Leigh, 12 May 1752; ob. at Bath, 20 Feb 1781, aged 69. [i.e. John HUBBOCK MA [1712-1781] - follow link for more information]

Nathaniel Templeman, M.A., rector of Almer, vicar of Lothers, and rector of Anderson (1791), all in this county, inst. 20 July 1781 on the death of John Hubbock, ob 7 jun 1813, aged 87. [i.e. Rev. Nathaniel TEMPLEMAN MA (1727-1813) - follow link for more information]

Henry John Richman B.C.L. Corpus Christi Coll. Oxford, inst. 1813 on the death of Templeman; died Nov. 28 1824, aged 74 [i.e. Rev. Henry John RICHMAN (1756-1824) - follow link for more information] - His death was awfully sudden, being occasioned by the falling of a stack of chimneys through the roof of his house during the storm of 1824. A few minutes before six o'clock am a tremendous crash was heard, and the other inmates of the house immediately hastened to the bedroom of Mr Richman, but could not open the door. A surgeon residing in the same street was instantly called, and, on his entering the bedroom with other persons, they discovered a mass of rubbish on the bed, on the removal of which appeared the lifeless bodies of the venerable rector and his wife, who had both been suffocated. No wounds were discovered on either, and their deaths seem to have been instantaneous. Mr Richman was born at Christchurch, Hants, educated at Winchester College, and resided for some years at Poole. On the resignation of the Rev John Cutler he was elected master of Dorchester Grammar school, which office he held twenty three year, and greater part of the time officiated as curate to his predecessor in this rectory.

George Wood, M.A. Oriel College, Oxford, inst. 1824, on the death of Richman; died 1847 [i.e. Rev George WOOD (1773-1847) - follow link for more information]

William Buller, M.A. Were Coll. Oxon. Inst. Feb 22nd 1848. [i.e. Rev William BULLER MA (1799-1862) - follow link for more information]

James Fisher, M.A. Worcester Coll. Oxford, inst. Oct 15 1855, on the cessation of Buller [i.e. Rev James FISHER MA (1825-1870) - follow link for more information]
CHURCH ESTATE Parish of Holy TRINITY {Extracted from Page 401 of The History and Antiquities of the County of Dorset]

The origin of which is unknown, consists of the rents and fines of certain premises, in Dorchester, eight in number, leased for lives, which rents, &c. are applied to the purpose of a church rate.

Henry EDWARDS by will dated 13 Aug 1610 [actually 8th] , charged the sum of 40s annually upon a certain tenement in Dorchester, the same to be yearly distributed for ever by the discretion and appointment of the church wardens and overseers of the poor of the same parish, to be paid on the feasts of St Thomas and St. James the Apostle, by equal proporttions.

Humphrey JOLIFFE of Dorchester gave an annuity of Four marks, to be issuing out of a certain premises in Dorchester, for the relief of the poor; but the charity has not been distributed for many years, neither does it appear in the returns of 1786.

William CHURCHILL, by will dated 19th April 1639, gave unto the poor of Trinity parish 10, which seems eventually to have been paid into the cash of the Hospital. It is mentioned in the returns of 1786 as producing 10s per annum. [Note:- No Burial or Will located]

John SAMWAYES, by will dated 28th April 1738, charged his dwelling house in the parish of the Holy Trinity in Dorchester, with the payment of £5 a year for ever to the intent that every two years £10 should be laid out in clothing and binding out apprentice a child of some poor inhabitant of the parish of Holy Trinityor St Peterin Dorchester, such as his nephew Richard SAMWAYS, or such other person who should be seised of the freehold of the said house, and his honoured friend William BOLETH , of Kingston-Upon-Thames and John DAMPER of Dorchester and their respective heirs, together with the minister of Holy Trinity for the time being, who should be resident on his benefice, or the major part of them, should appoint; and he direfcted that if he had any poor relationwho should be willing to accept the said charity he should have a preference. [Note:- No Burial or Will located]
Genealogical Notes:-

(1). The 20th year of the reign of King Richard II ran from 22nd June 1396 to 21 June 1397

(2). The 1st year of the reign of King Henry IV ran from 30th Sep 1399 to 29th Sep 1400

(3). The 22nd year of the reign of Richard II ran from 22nd June 1398 to 21 June 1399

(4). The 2nd year of the reign of King Henry IV ran from 30th Sep 1400 to 29th Sep 1401; See also Charter 57 in the Municipal Records of Dorchester. Here and in other charters the clerk is referred to as Robert BELLE not Robert Gell.

(5). The Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary also known as Candlemas was held on the 2nd of February. The first year in the reign of Henry VI ran from 1st September 1422 to 31st Aug 1423

(6). The 10th year of the reign of King Henry VI ran from 1st Sep 1431 to 31st Aug 1432 so the correct year is 1432 not 1442.

(7). The 2nd year in the reign if King Edward VI ran from 28th Jan 1547/8 to 27th Jan 1548/9

(8). The 11th year in the reign of Elizabeth I ran from 17th Nov 1568 to 16th Nov 1569

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