Holy Trinity Church Dorchester
Monumental Inscriptions

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Transcribed by Michael Russell OPC June 2015 [ 59 Individuals]

Holy Trinity Church - Dorchester

Note:- Exact wording is given on all memorials, which are in double commas, in most instances with obliques"/" indicating the end of lines. There have been three churches, possibly four, on the present site of Holy Trinity church in High West Street, Dorchester. The present church was made redundant by the Church of England in 1976 and transferred to the Roman Catholics, but there are still some interior memorials there of the Church of England era with one Roman Catholic addition.

The First Church
was probably built in mediaeval times, and was demolished in 1824. Hutchins 'History of Dorset' (1st edition 1774), vol 1, p391 gives a description of this church and also records three memorilas inside it, which were probably discarded in 1824. Hutchins 'History of Dorset' (2nd edition 1803) adds two more memorilas, one of which WILLCOX of 1780, seems to have also been discarded in 1824, whilst the other to CUMINGS of 1788, was only discarded from this church in 1976. Hutchins says that a south isle was added to the church in about 1612 to accommodate the inhabitants of Frome Whitfield, a formerly independent parish to the north of Dorchester which was combined with Holy Trinity, Dorchester Parish in 1610. There was a mediaevil church at Frome Whitfield, but this was abandoned and ferll into a ruinous condition sometime between 1503 and 1549.

The Second Church
was built in 1824 but demolished in 1875. Hutchins 'History of Dorset' (3rd edition 1863) vol 2, pp 390-391 gives a description of this church and also records sixteen memorials there., some of which, postdating 1803, were almost certainly in the first church. Of these ??? were discarded in 1976, six were discarded before 1970 perhaps as early as 1975-6. Two memorials inside this church were omitted by Hutchins, but recorded by RCHM as being in the third church in 1970 and destroyed in 1976.

The Third Church
was built in 1875-6 and still exists. As stated above, this was closed by the church of England in 1976 and transferred to the Roman Catholics. There are still some Church of England memorilas inside the church, incorporated in stained glass and in a screen and cupboard. There is only one memorila added by the Roman Catholics, a figure of Jesus Christ with inscription in 1909, transferred from the former church, which was about 200 meters south west on the south side of High West Street. Ten memorilas recorded by Hutchins 'History of Dorset' (3rd edition 1863), plus two others (as above) were transferred to the third church. These together with tow more recorded in a faculty of 1958, were destroyed by the Roman Catholics in 1976. A Church guide of about 1970 stated critically that this church was plastered like wallpaper with excessive numbers of memorials which were distracting to worshippers. The look of the church interior is, no doubt, now much improved by their removal.


The present church comprises a chancel, nave, south choir aisle (now a chapel to the Virgin Mary), south nave aisle and north nave aisle. The entrance is at the west end of the nave. The church has no tower. There is an organ and large vestry (built 1968) on the north side of the chancel. There are no memorials in the chancel and the south choir aisle.

1. Stained glass window. "Remember Charles Rowland Haydock HILL"/ priest, Canon of Sarum, for 13 years/ the loved Rector of this parish/ Obit 15th July 1911"

2. Inscribed in several panels of a wooden screen which extends along the west wall including entrance doors, are lists of Rectors of Holy trinity dorchester between 1302 and 1964+ (names not recorded). However below these is inscribed on a molding "In commemoration of the sexcentenary of Dorchester Trinitatis, this memorial tablet is placed in memory of the Rev. John WHITE, who for 45 years was Rector of Holy Trinity & St Peter's, Dorchester, by members of the Holy Trinity Church & those who revere his memory in Dorchester Massachusetts, 1902".

3. Inscribed on two panels of a large cupboard placed near the above mentioned screen, though not connected to it (mentioned in an "Inventory of Church contents of 1976 amongst parish records as being Church of England left"in Situ" for the Roman Catholiocs)" In memory of Charles Curtis BROWN, churchwarden of this parish 1916-1950, and of his wife Clara Annie, died 26th August 1964, aged 82 years.

South Nave Aisle:
4. Stained glass south window "To the Glory of God and in affectionate/ rememberance of Arthur Henry LOCK, for some/ years churchwarden and a feoffee of this/ paris, Mayor of Dorchester MDCCCLXXXVII-IX (1887-9)/ This window has been dedicated by his/ family and friends, born XV April / MDCCCXLV (15. April 1845), died VI Novemeber MDCCCC(6 Nov 1900) ".

5. Stained glass south window. "To the Glory of God and in affectionate/ rememberance of Leonard Tabor FISHER/ this window has been dedicated by his parents and friends, born XIII December/ MDCCCLXXXI (13 Dec 1881), died X August MDCCCC (10 Aug 1900)".

North Nave Aisle:
6. Small brass plate fixed to base of a figure of Jesus Christ, in niche at east end. "Pray for the soul of Rev. W.WILLIAMS, who died on 27 December 1909". (this is clearly Revd. Walter WILLIAMS, Roman Catholic priest of Dorchester, given in Kelly's Directory for 1907).

7. Stained glass north window: "To the glory/ of God &/ in loving memory/ of Catherine Eyre/ WILLIAMS, born August 2nd 1820/ died Dec 29th 1903".

8. Stained glass north window: "To the glory/ of God and in/ memory of Martha Mary/ widow of Giles SYMONDS/ who died June 1st 1916


No's 9 to 21 are recorded in brief in "Royal Commission on Historical Documents", South East Dorset vol.2. pt1 (1970) p 107 as being in this church in 1970. Of these nos 9 to 14 and 17 to 21 are recoded in greater detail in Hutchins "History opf Dorset" 2nd and 3rd editions. Nos 22 and 23 are mentioned in a minor faculty approving their erection in 1958 in the parish records. PE/DO/HT ? 2/6.

9. "Black an white marble Tablet with a draped urn, on south wall". In a vault near this spot are deposited the remains of Sarah, wife of William HENNING, esq of Frome, in this parish, who departed this life Feb 8th 1825, aged 56. Also in the same vault lie also the remains of the above mentioned William HENNING, who resided at Frome upwards of 70 years, and departed this life on the 26th day of March 1842, in his 82nd year". [Note:- Link to burial of Sarah HENNING and marriage to William HENNING (1760-1842) ]

10. "Black an white marble Tablet, on south wall". "To the memory of the Revd: Nathaniel TEMPLEMAN, who was Rector of this parish and held the living of St Peter's in this town with it for thirty years. He died on 8th June 1813, aged 87, and was buried at Long Bredy, of which parish he was also Rector." [Note:- Link to more information about Revd Nathaniel TEMPLEMAN MA (1728-1813) ]

11. Black and white marble tablet with draped urn against a pyramidical backing, on west wall, "Sacred to the memory of John CROUCH esquire one of the aldermen of the corporation of Weymouth, who departed this life the 4th December 1817, aged 79. Also Elizabeth his wife who died the 21st March 1814 aged 61. [Note:- Link to burial of Elizabeth CROUCH ]

12. White marble sarcophagus-shaped tablet on black marble backing, on west wall. "Sacred to the memory of Thomas Gould READ, esquire, many years alderman of the borough who departed this life the 22nd January 1835, aged 76 ". [Note:- Link to more information about Thomas Gould READ (1759-1835) 4 times Mayor of Dorchester]

13. White and grey marble Tablet with a shield of arms on die of stele, on wesdt wall". Near this place are interred the remains of William BOWER esq; for many years an alderman of this borough, deputy lieutenant of the county of Dorset, and Lieutenant colonel of the Dorset Volunteers. He died on the 27th March 1829, aged 83".
    [Note:- William BOWER (1746-1829) was the third child from the marriage of Edmund BOWER to Elizabeth SHORTO at St Georges Church in Fordington on 26th jan 1740/1]
14. "Tablet on the west wall". "To the memory of Rev George WOOD MA (1774-1847), formerly of Oriel College Oxon. He was Rector of the parish during twenty three years, having in the earlier part of his life held successively the livings at Martin's Town and Cann St Rumbold, near Shaftesbury. He departed this life August 21st 1847 in the 75th year of his age. Also of Betsy WOOD wife of the above, who died the 7th day of December 1855, in her 83rd year".

15. Floorslab (although I state this was removed in 1976. It probably wasn't, but it is now hidden under a carpet). " F.A.GARLAND, 1841" (PR: clearly Frances Ann GARLAND" buried 17th April 1841 aged 24.

South Choir Aisle:
16. "Marble Tablet in gothic stone frame" "George STICKLAND, 1824, and Fanny, his wife, 1825 (P.R.: clearly George STICKLAND" buried 16 Jan 1824, aged 62; and "Fanny STICKLAND" buried 5 Aug 1825, aged 59).

South Nave Aisle:
17. "White marble Tablet on black marble backing, on south wall" . "Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth BANGER, relict of William BANGER, esq of Ilminster, in Somersetshire, who died on 23rd December 1842, aged 92 years. Also his nephew, Thomas BOWER esq; an old and much respected inhabitant of this parish, who died on the 10th day of September 1842, aged 64 years. Also to Edward Owen PAYNE, son of Capt: Charles Frederick PAYNE, R.N. and Elizabeth PAYNE, neice of the above Elizabeth BANGER, who died Februiary 14th 1843, aged 29 years.

Old Bank - 1 & 2 High West Street Dorchester
[Link to Article Jo Draper - Dorset Life - Sep 2013]

18. "Tablet on south wall". "Sacred to the memory of John COX, esq: for many years partner in the Old Bank of this town, who departed this life August 1st 1842, aged 37. Erected by his widow".

19. "White and grey marble Tablet with reeded frame and pediment, on west wall". In memory of Henry John RICHMAN, clerk,LLB many years Master of the Grammer School in this town, and subsequently Rector of this parish, who was killed by the fall of a stack of chimnies during the storm of Novr 23rd 1824. His mortal remains and those of his wife (whose death was occasioned by the same awful catrastrophe) were interred in the burial placce of his family in Christchurch, Hants".

North Nave Aisle:
20. "Rectangualr white marble Tablet with inlaid green marble border, on west wall" (in church demolished in 1824 this "was erected against the north wall of the church). "Near this place lie the remains of William CUMMING MD Fellow of the Royal college of Physicians of Edinburgh, and of the Societies of Antiquaries of London and Edinburgh, who practiced physic in this town and coun ty during the space of 49 years, and who desired to be buried in the churchyard rather than the church, lest he, who studied whilst living to promote the health of his fellow citizens, should prove detremental to it when ded. He was born at Edinburgh September 30, N.S. 1714. He died March 25. 1788".

21. "White sarcophagus-shaped Tablet on grey marble backing, on west wall". "In memory of Christopher COOPER M.D. who departed this life July 30th 1842 aged 69".[Note:- Link to summary of his will and more information ]

22. "Placing at the back of the north aisle ... An oak literature table to bear an inscription to the memory of Haroild Stevenson BAILEY, deceased (Minor Church Faculty, dated 31st March 1958)

23. "Erection on the wall of the south-east aisle a tablet of Portland stone bearing an inscription to the memory of Richard GARLAND, Brigadier deceased (Minor Church Faculty, dated 31st March 1958)


The old churchyard to the north of the church was cleared of memorials at some unknown date and made a public gardens (probably in 1968 when the large vestry was extended into it). There is no record of tombstones which may have existed here. On the south exterior wall opf the church facing High West Street, is a 1914-1918 War Memorial, the names on which I have not recorded, as they are already included in the book "10,000 Fallen Remembered on Dorset War Memorials" M.Monk (2000). In the public gardens north of the church are the following two memorials:- [Note:- Link to more information about WWI memorial at HT]

24. Stone inset in exterior north wall of the church, beside an ornamental iron gateway. "This gateway was erected in memory of Arthur Harold ANGELL 1883-1954, Churchwarden 1938-1952".

25. Small brass plate on wooden bench (no date, probably c 1968). "This churchyard was restored in memory of Ada Gordon PEARSE and of her son Hugh Armine Wodehouse PEARSE".


Recorded in the First Church by Hutchins' "History of Dorset", 1st and 2nd editions, 1774 and 1803. Probably destroyed when the first church was demolished in 1824.

26. On the south wall of the body, near the east end, a mural monument of white marble". "To the pious memory of Dorothy TURNER, widow, late of this town. She died 9 Nov 1718, aged in years, but much more in piety and virtue. Near this place also lieth the body of Katherine ROSE widow of Thomas ROSE, late of this town MD. They were the only surviving sisters and coheirs of John HURDING, of Longbredy in this county, esq; by whose death that ancient and religious family was extinct" (Hutchins adds a list of burials in this parish that Thomas ROSE MD was buried in 1700, and Mrs Catherine ROSE was buried in 1709).
    [Note:- Dorothy TURNER nee HURDING (d.1718) was the daughter of John HURDING of Long Bredy (d.1677) and Anne daughter of Maximillian MOHUN of Fleet in Dorset and her pedigree is given on page 36 of the Visitation of Dorset in 1677. She married John TURNER on 16th Sep 1677 at Wootton Glanville in Dorset. Dorothy was buried at Holy Trinity Church on 14th Nov 1718 and left a Will dated 11th Aug 1718 which was proved 08 Dec 1718 with many bequests to family and friends ]
27."South side of the Church, near the door, on a tablet of wood in gold letters "2 lines of latin eulogy), To the memory of Mr Edward DASHWOOD of this parish, who by his last will gave to the poore of this parish, within this borough, of which he was thrice mayor fifty pounds; the profit thereof to be annually and equally divided between them the 9th March for ever; and also to the poore of West Stafford ten pounds, to be distributed amongst them on the same day. Ob: quinto id Feb: (5 Feb) 1666, aetatis suae 78 (with one line of eulogy)".

28. "Near the former, on another tablet". " The benefactors of the parish of the Holy Trinity in Dorchester. Henry EDWARDS, deceased 1610 [Note:- buried HT 17th Aug 1610] , gave 40s per annum, to the poor for ever, out of his lands in Pease Lane. John PERKINS. deceased 1640, gave £10 a year, to be paid out of his land in Dorchester, whereof £5 to an assistant minister, and £5 to the hospital. Julian PERKINS, deceased 1658 [Note:- buried HT19 Jan 1657/8] , gave £100 to the poor of the three parishes, the profit thereof to be paid the 25th day of March for ever. John CHURCHILL, deceased, gave £10 to the poor of the parish, the profit thereof to be disbursed to the poor once every year".

29. In the Vestry room at the west end of the church, just within the door", "Sacred to the memory of/ William WILCOX, esq:/ formerly quarter master in the royal regiment/ of horse guards/ in which, during the space of fifty years/ he served abroad and at home/ with well merited reputation/ He was a diligent officer, of distinguished courage/ deservedly respected by all who knew him/ of social and benevolent disposition/ an honest man/ He died October the 17th 1780/ in the 84th year of his age".

30. "On the arch in the belfry are engraved on the left hand side". "John SIMMONDS, 1675". "On the right side", "Thomas SIMMONDS, 1675" (I did not search for these in the burial registers, as I think these are probably the names of stonemasons or bellfounders undertaking some repairs in 1675).

Recorded in the Second Church by Hutchins "History of Dorset", 3rd edition, 1863. Probably destroyed when the second churchj was demoloished in 1874/5

31. Sacred to the memory of Mary BRYER, born October 15th 1771, died March 9th 1853. Also of the Revd: Edmund BRYER, BA brother of the above, born 16th November 1775, died 8th April 1854. [Note:- See Revd Edmund BRYER BA (1775-1854) burial entry No. 91 HT 1854 for more information]

32. ."Sacred to the memory of Joseph FRITH, esq: formerly quartermaster in the Royal Horse Guards Blue, and for upwards of 24 years adjutant of the Queens Own Regimenty of Yeomanry Cavalry, who died June 30th 1855, aged 61 years. Also of the following sons and daughters of the above and Mary his wife.: Joseph Henry FRITH, Lieutenant in the Bengal Army, who died June 15th 1853 aged 28 years, Henry William FRITH a deputy assistant commissary general, who was killed in action at Malageak, on the west coast of Africa, May 20 1855, aged 28 years; Sarah Louisa FRITH, who died February 4th 1843, aged 12 years ; Lucy FRITH, who died April 7th 1851 aged 18 years; George Hippon, Mary and Sarah who all died in Infancy. Erected by the widow and mother of the above.

Note:- Joseph FRITH (1795-1855) His family surname was often also recorded as FIRTH and is recorded as such on 5th April 1831 when he was appointed Adjutant of the Dorchester Regiment of Yeomanry. In 1841 he was living in Winterborne Steepleton but by the 1851 Census he had living in High West Street in Dorchester it is evident that he came from Yorkshire but the exact parish is simply recorded as Not Known. His wife Mary (b. 1795) was a native of Berkshire again the parish recorded as not known. They had 7 children that I know of :-
    (1). Mary [Hannah?] Frith born circa 1817-1820 Recorded as Mary Firth and living with her parents at Winterbourne Steepleton aged between 20 and 24 in 1841 but born ten years before Henry William? - no relationships given in 1841 - but a Hannah the daughter of Joseph Firth married Isaac Brampton at HT Church in Dorchester on 13th Aug 1844 with Joseph and Mary Firth both acting as witnesses.
    (2). Henry William Frith (1827-1855) born in Middlesex a deputy assistant commissary general, who was killed in action at Malageak, on the west coast of Africa, May 20 1855
    (3). Sarah Louisa Frith (1831-1843) who died February 4th 1843, aged 12 years buried at Dorchester 9th Feb 1843
    (4). Lucy (1833-1851) bap Winterbourne Steepleton Dorset 1st Feb 1833 and who died April 7th 1851 aged 18 years; buried at HT Dorchester 12th April 1851
    (5). Joseph Henry Frith (1835-1853) Lieutenant in the Bengal Army, who died June 15th 1853 aged 28 years,buried at HT Dorchester 20th Jun 1853
    (6). Robert Francis Frith bap Winterbourne Steepleton Dorset 29th Dec 1835
    (7). George Hippor Frith (1840-1841) bap Winterbourne Steepleton Dorset 7th Aug 1840 and buried there 1st May 1841
33. "Sacred to the memory of William Mitchell FRITH, assistant surgeon, HM 54th Regt who died on the 7th March 1856, whilst on service with his Regiment at Gibraltar, aged 27 years. This Tablet was erected by Colonel William Yorke MOORE, and officers, non-commissioned officers and privates of his regiment as a mark of their esteem" (with coat of arms)

34. "In memory of William BRIDGE, esq; who departed this life the 26th of April 1858, aged 62 years". [Note:- William Bridge (1795-1858) was buried at the Civic Cemetery in Dorchester ]

35. "To the memory of John James LAMBERT, Esq of Dorchester, who departed this life on Saturday May 10th 1856, in the 63rd year of his age. This tablet is erected as a tribute of affection by his son, Francis Henry".
    [Note:- John James LAMBERT (1793-1856) was the son of Robert and Sibella Lambert and propbably baptised in the second half of 1793 when the parish register is not complete. John married Elizabeth DAVIS after agreeing to a marriage settlement at her church in Winterborne Abbas in Dorset by licence on 25th Jan 1820. They had the following children (1) Francis Henry Lambert born about 1826 was not baptised at HT Church in Dorchester until 27th Jan 1831 but was the main beneficiary under his fathers will. (2) Frances Lambert was born at Cheltenham in Gloucestershire around the year 1826 and living at home with parents aged 25 unmarried in 1851. She was left £50 by her father and his piano forte and told that he expected Elizabeth to provide for her future out of the marriage settlement between him and her mother (3) Ellen Lambert bap at HT Church Dorchester on 18 Aug 1828 and buried there aged 1 year 6 months. (4) Robert William Lambert bop HT 12th May 1837 . In the 1841 and 1851 Census returns he was living in High West street and in 1851 gave his place of birth as Dorchester. John James Lambert was buried at Holy Trinity Church in Dorchester on 16th May 1856 and left a will proved 8th Dec 1856 in which he reveals a bitter family dispute resulting in two chancery suits.].
36. "Near this monument is interred the remains of Samuel RICKWOOD, who died February 15th 1762, aged 74 years; Sarah his wife, died September 10, 1763, aged 75 years. Samuel their son, died Dec 18, 1788, aged 75 years. Elizabeth, his wife, died April 17th, 1803, aged 70 years, and Samuel their son, died some years before in infancy.
    [Note:- Samuel RICKWOOD (1688-1762), a saddler by trade, married at St Peters Church in Dorchester to Sarah TEMPLEMAN on 2nd May 1717. Samuel took on apprentices to help run his business :- on 26th Aug 1717 he he paid the duty due for indentures with Joseph the son of Judith MUSTON of Blandford and on 29 Oct 1720 Susannah daughter of Peter SLADE of Broadwey Dorset Yeoman. They had the following children:- (1) Samuel RICKWOOD bap St Peters Church in Dorchester on 24th April 1718 and (2) John RICKWOOD bap StP 18th Feb 1719/20 and buried at Holy Trinity Church Dorchester on 28th Apr 1724. (3) Sarah RICKWOOD bap Holy Trinity Church in Dorchester on 7th March 1722 and buried there 18th May 1724 (4) Thomas RICKWOOD bap HT 14th Apr 1726 (5) John RICKWOOD bap HT 5th Aug 1729 and buried there 17th March 1729/30. (6) Mary RICKWOOD bap HT 25th Nov 1731 and buried there 21st Feb 1731/2. - Samuel senior was buried at Holy Trinity Church on 18th Feb 1762 and left a Will in which he leaves bequests to his 2 surviving sons Samuel and Thomas and his aged wife. Sarah RICKWOOD (1688-1763) was buried at HT on 15th Sep 1763 ]

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