Thomas Grigg (1857-1932)

Photographer of Dorchester

Compiled by Michael Russell OPC for Dorchester April 2011 (Last updated August 2015)
[I am particularly grateful to the assistance given to me by Jenny Davis for the background information supplied on their lives at Combe St Nicholas]

St Nicholas’s Church - Combe St Nicholas

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Ancestry (1)

Thomas Grigg (1857-1932) was the grandson of an agricultural labourer George Grigg (1775-1876) who was born at ' Isle Abbotts' in Somerset circa 1775. George married Thomas's paternal grandmother Elizabeth Slade (1783-1867) in Combe St Nicholas on 9th December 1807 and they settled in the village to raise a family of nine children between 1809 and 1828. George lived to be over 100 years old and newspapers for 4th September 1875 reported "that he was still able to reap wheat in his sons ground the other day" (8).

George and Elizabeth's eldest son Thomas Grigg (1809-1880), baptised at Combe St Nicholas on 2nd Dec 1809, had moved by 1841 to live in Dorchester where he initially worked as a groom. Their second son (and 6th child) was George Grigg (1820-1896), our photographers father, who was baptised in the parish church on 23 Jan 1820. His father married his mother Sarah Stewart a native of Southampton in Combe St Nicholas on 20th March 1845. She was the daughter of George Stewart, a wool sorter by trade, and his wife Elizabeth who lived close by at Higher Wadeford. George and Sarah also raised a large family of nine children in Combe St Nicholas, our Thomas being their 7th child. George after his marriage worked as a labourer for a local clothier and in his 60's became a wool dyer whilst Sarah made stays to supplement their income. His father who had worked hard all his life died at the age of 76 in Combe St Nicholas on 27th December 1896 leaving an estate of £98 14s 6d. (7/2)

Thomas Grigg (1857-1932)

Thomas, like his father before him, was born in Coombe St Nicholas just 2 miles (3.2 km) northwest of Chard in Somerset and baptised in the local parish church on 12 April 1857 (6/3). By the age of 14 however he is already living with his uncle Thomas Grigg (1809-1880) who as explained above had moved to Dorchester by 1841 and by 1859(3) was running the Great Western Hotel in West Fordington. Throughout the period 1859 to 1870 Jury Lists (4) give his uncles address as the 'Nursery' and occupation as that of Innkeeper at the hotel. Unfortunately Thomas did not marry until he was 48 and his bride Mary Ann GILLARD a native of Moreton in Dorset was his contemporary and past child bearing age (6/4). The census returns show that Thomas was already employing people to help run this large Hotel, and given that George & Sarah had 8 other children to feed, it made a great deal of sense for them to take Thomas under their wing. This impressive hotel was situated right next to the Militia Barracks at the end of Dorchester High Street and must have been a far cry from the much quieter life he had experienced as a young child in Combe St Nicholas. No doubt this change in his circumstances raised his ambitions.

    According to the back of the photograph shown below the photographic business run by Thomas was established in 1875 although the earliest reference that I can find to our Thomas Grigg as a photographer is in Kelly's Directory for the year 1889. Certainly photography was well established and had a high profile in Dorchester by 1875 due mainly to the commendable work undertaken into carbon printing by John Pouncy (1818-1894) another native of Dorchester. By 1875 his son Walter Pouncy (1844-1918), had already taken over running the Pouncy photographic business which was situated at 38 High West Street. Walter aged 31 was still a young man and undoubtedly would have been an inspiration to Thomas if he was still in Dorchester at this date.
Information about Thomas during these early years is difficult to come by, but his uncle described as 'Thomas Grigg Gentleman of Fordington' died at the age of 71 on 28th Feb 1880 leaving his wife Mary Ann an estate of just under £2,000, a considerable amount of money.(7.3) Probate was granted to the executors of his will being Mark Pilley a boot and shoe maker of Dorchester and Thomas Grigg of Horton in the County of Buckingham a grocer and his nephew. I have no information as to why he went to Buckingham. His uncles death however seems to have drawn him back to Dorchester presumably to support Mary as in April the following year in the 1881 census he is shown as resident at 34 South street and his aunt Mary Ann was a lodger just down the road at number 14. Thomas's occupation given in that census is that of licensed 'victualler' a description often attributed to his uncle in the past so he seems initially to have taken over the licence and carried on at least part of the business. Jury lists from 1881-1886 all refer to him as an Inkeeper at 34 South street. By the time of the next census on 1891 Mary has moved in with Thomas and his family and when she dies in 1893 she only leaves effects totaling £44. 14s 1d so it looks like his uncles wealth was used in establishing his photographic business. Jury lists from 1894 to 1898 all refer to him as a Photographer operating at 3 East Parade.


Throughout this period it seems highly likely that Thomas returned to Somerset from time to time to see his parents and siblings as only two years after his uncles death, he married in Combe St Nicholas on 1st February 1882 to Bessie Owsley (b1858) a native of Ashill in Somerset (1 & 6/5). Bessie was the daughter of George Owsley (1830-1861) a master baker and at one time an innkeeper. With his wife Mary Ann (1827-1862) (nee Dyer) they produced four children, Arthur William (1856-1930); Bessie b.(1858), and twins Dorcas Jane and Walter Harry (b. Aug 1860). Her father George Owsley died on 10th Oct 1861 and her mother followed 3 months later on 8th Jan 1862 leaving them as orphans with an estate between them of under 100. It's not clear what happened to the children but at least one (Walter) ended up in an orphanage in Bristol. By 1881 however Bessie aged 22 is working in the hamlet of Wadeford still within the parish of Coombe St Nicholas with her older brother Arthur William already at the age of 24 a master baker. The picture below shows their bakers cart circa 1940.

The Owsley Bakers House (Shop) and Cart (9)

For more pictures See 'The Old Parish' via this link

Thomas & Bessie soon produced the following children all born in Dorchester:-
    (1) Thomas Arthur Grigg (1883-1915) (6/8) In 1901 living with his parents at 54 Icen way aged 18 he has a job locally as a reporter. In continued as a journalist marrying Evelyn Couling in 1910 at Upton upon Severn in Worcestershire. (6/14) Unfortunately he died at the age of 32 on 28th Nov 1915 at which time they were living at Hill View, Kings Road, Sherborne in Dorset. (7/5)

    (2) Bessie Mary Grigg (1885) (6/9) She married when she was 26 to Ebenezer Beck a post office clerk on 20th Oct 1910 and moved to 2 Essex Road, Basingstoke to live.

    (3) George Ernest Grigg (1886-1887) (6/10) Died an infant (6/11)

    (4) Lillie Georgina Grigg (1890-1978) (6/12) Died a spinster at Poole in 1978

    (5) Rena [Reina] Emma Grigg (1891-1930) (6/13) at the age of 19 she was working in a store in Bournemouth in the hosiery dept. She remained a spinster and died at 1 Pine Villa Noel Road Wallisdown Dorset on 12th Sep 1930 at Boscombe Hospital in Bournemouth. Administration of her estate of £252.12s.3d was granted to her mother Bessie Grigg on 26th Nov 1930

    (6) Walter Charles Grigg (1893) (6/14) he was baptised at St Georges Church Fordington 10th Feb 1893 and at the age of 18 was an ironmongers apprentice .

Thomas GRIGG died at the age of 75 in the registration district of Poole in Dorset in the year 1932 (6/18).

Photographs by Thomas Grigg (1875-1927)

I have so far only recovered 20 of the thousands of photographs taken by Thomas Grigg in Dorchester. If you have one buried in your family album I would love to add it to those shown below. Please make contact using the email address shown on the home page.

Dating his Photographs: This is particularly difficult as he started his business using his home address but also later rented property which he used for a studio. I have used census returns, electoral registers and jury lists to identify where he lived, and trade directories for where he was operating his business. As far as I can tell he operated from his home until he set up a separate studio, in High East Street which appears to have happened sometime between 1896 and 1903.

Date Range & Reasoning: (Note:- I am quite happy to be corrected by anybody with more knowledge or information)

1875-1880: See Photographs (12 to14 below) where Thomas Grigg claims he established his photographic business in 1875 when he was just 18 years old. He may well have become interested in photography from an early age because of the activities of John Pouncy (1818-1894) . We know from probate of his uncles will that he was living in Horton in Buckingham working as a grocer in 1880. If he was selling photographs at all it appears to have been only a sideline. It's interesting that as far as I can tell he only starts to claim he established his business in 1875 around the end of the century, so perhaps a bit of poetic licence. Thomas returned to Dorchester in 1880 upon the death of his uncle, who left a considerable fortune to his widow Mary Ann.

1880: The photograph below has kindly been donated to the site by Noland West (July 2015) for which I am particularly grateful, first of all because it depicts a known person, his maternal great grandmother Betsey SPICER (1843-1897). I have provided a link to her marriage where more background information about her is available. Betsey looks to be in her late thirties so I have tentatively dated it to be around 1880 which would be when Thomas Grigg first returned to Dorchester after his uncles death. If so it's one of the very first known photographs that he produced in Dorchester and the reverse of the card seems to have a naivety about it compared to later cards which is perhaps in line with first attempts at production. It's possible that Betsey is in mourning and the nearest close death in her family would be that of her mother Mary Clark nee Blackmore who was buried at St Georges Church on 25 Oct 1882, suggesting it might be dated slightly later.

The reverse of the card however is very interesting as it is the only cabinet cards (carte de viste) to emerge so far which states he was of Fordington and Dorchester. The reference to Fordington is because he grew up with his uncle and they lived in the 'Great Western Hotel' next to the military barracks in West Fordington. I can find no trace of them living at this address after his uncles death on 28th Feb 1880. In deed both Thomas and Mary Ann are living in South Street by 4th April 1881. It is also clear that the card which he has used to print the photograph dates from even earlier as he has added a sticker with his name 'T.GRIGG, and underneath FORDINGTON' rather than produce a new card. So out there somewhere there are at least a few photographs that pre-date even this one. Noland West has been able to remove this sticker and has also provided an enlarged snippet of the section underneath which I have reproduced below. It is just possible to see the word 'Hotel' at the end and the last few letters of the word 'Western' before it. Clearly this originally stated 'The Great Western Hotel'.

First Photographs taken at his home:

Betsey SPICER nee CLARK (1843-1897) (taken c1880)
Pictures Noland West July 2015


Enlarged snippet showing underneath the 'T. GRIGG' sticker

1881-1883: We know from the 1881 census that Thomas was living at 34 South Street from before April that year until at least 1886 but he is described (as was his uncle) as a victualler or Innkeeper, not a photographer. He was clearly however also operating as a photographer from this address as he produced many cabinet cards (carte de viste) like the ones shown (at 1, 2 & 5 below) with just 'South Street' as his address.

1884-1887: He then adds in the street number making it '34 South Street' some time later (See picture left which is displayed with the kind permission of Andy Miller  and is displayed on 'Flickr' © all rights reserved). As you would not start using the full street address and then truncate it, I have assumed that cards with just 'South street' as the address date from 1881-1883 and those with '34 South street' to 1884-1887.

1888-1892: From Jury Lists we know Thomas moved into '35 South Street' in 1888 and this is confirmed by Kelly's Directory for 1889 which gives us our earliest reference to his photographic business. He is still there in the 1891 Census (See cards 3 & 4 below)

1893-1898 - We also know he was living at '1 East Parade' in 1893 when his son Walter was baptised and at '3 East Parade' by 1894, and he is listed in Kelly's 1895 Directory as a photographer at this address but so far I have not located any photographs showing East Parade.

1901-1905 - Jury lists and the 1901 Census show that Thomas was living at '54/55 Icen way' between 1901 and 1905.

1906-1927 - He moved to live at '43 High East Street' Dorchester in 1906 and Kelly's Directories for 1911, 1915, 1920, and 1927 all show this address.

His Studio - 12 High East Street (1900-1903): 13 High East Street (1903-1915) & 25 High West Street (1916+)

From the addresses on the back of his photographs we know that his studio was at number 12 High East Street by 1900 (See card 12 below) and at 13 High East Street from about 1903 (See card 13 below) when he seems to have had another studio at 25 High West Street. From census returns, electoral registers and jury lists that Thomas Grigg never lived there. Numbers 12 and 13 High East street are both on the south side of the road right where 'Icen Way' joins High East street. Number 12 is on the east corner nearest to Fordington High Street and number 13 on the west corner nearer to All Saints church. We know that number 12 High East Street was continuously occupied from 1885 by the master cooper William Henry CROCKER (1831-1900) and from his probate record that he remained there until his death on 2nd April 1900. William Crocker was pre-deceased by his wife Rhoda and all his children were grown up so the premises were let, and from card 12 below, it appears that it was let to Thomas Grigg as his studio. Kelly's directory for Dorchester for the year 1903 shows 'Charles Crocker cooper to be at number 12 and Thomas Grigg to have crossed the street and operating his studio from number 13. Charles Crocker was the son and executor of William Henry Crocker and actually a butcher by trade. He was living at 10a High West Street where he also had his butchers shop. His younger brother William Henry Crocker junior was an innkeeper at this date running the White Horse Inn at 33 Colliton Street so presumably the family were still running their fathers coopers business. Prior to 1903 number 13 had been in the possession of George and William MORTON Boot & Shoe Manufacturers.

Card 13 which appears to date from 1903 is of interest as it shows that in addition to 13 High East Street he now has premises at 25 High West Street. He seems to have taken advantage of a vacant property as it was occupied by Thomas Rogers a cabinet maker in the 1901 census and not listed in the census for 1911. Kelly's directory of Dorchester in 1915 only refers to his home address of 43 High East Street.

Photographs taken at his home:

(1). Boy in Fancy Dress as Robin Hood or William Tell (taken c1881-1883)
Picture Michael Russell OPC for Dorchester & Fordington


(2). Ellen Trevett (taken c1881-1883)
Picture © Rachel Mayers (nee Trevett)

The picture below is thought to have been taken around 1883 and to be of Ellen Trevett who was born in the 2nd qtr of 1868 and baptised at Winterbourne Steepleton (about 3 miles west of Dorchester) on 23rd August that year making her about 14 years of age. She was the daughter of Henry & Matilda Trevett and went into service woking as a domestic cook in Wyke Regis by 1891.


I am grateful to Paul WOODROW of Kingston, Ontario, Canada for this photograph which he believes to be of Isabella Lee of Puddletown. It is slightly later than the photograph above as Thomas has added the number 35 to his address in South Street which seems to fit reasonably well with Paul's original estimate of 1892. The reverse of the card however carries the same design as that above so I think it's slightly earlier perhaps 1888-1889 as we now know this external design was changed whilst Grigg was still at this address. See next photograph.

(3). Isabella LEE of Puddletown (taken c1888-1892)

Picture Paul Woodrow Kingston Ontario Canada

Paul comments:- "Although the person in the photo is not identified, I believe it is Isabella LEE. She was a daughter of Richard & Tamar Mayers, and was born in Puddletown in 1826. She married Harry WOODROW in Puddletown in 1846, and had a total of 13 children up to 1865. Her husband Harry died in 1872 and in 1879 she married James LEE in Puddletown. This family was still in Puddletown in the 1881 and 1891 census. James' death is listed in the first quarter of 1892.

Isabella's son, Henry Mayers WOODROW, born in 1848 in Puddletown, emigrated to Canada in 1872 and lived the rest of his life in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He was my great-grandfather (making Isabella LEE my great-great grandmother). Since the photo of "Isabella LEE" was in the WOODROW family photo album in Toronto, and with Henry's Dorset roots, I believe this woman is his mother. Isabella died in 1913 in Bridport, Dorset.

Based on the address of Thomas Grigg's studio (35 South Street, Dorchester), this photo was probably taken between 1889 and 1895, when he moved to 3 East Parade. Since Isabella appears to be in mourning, perhaps this narrows the date down to 1892 (following the death of her husband, James LEE)"

(4) Charles MARTIN & Sarah Bilke PITFIELD (taken c1888-1892)

This photograph has kindly been provided by a descendant Roy Martin and shows Charles Martin (1849-1919) who was a coach smith by trade with his wife Sarah Bilke Pitfield (1849 -1919). They married in St Georges Church Fordington on 24 Oct 1875 and Sarah's left hand is on top to show her wedding ring and married status. Link to more information about their family.
More photographs of Sarah's family are given below.

Note design round the outside of the reverse of the card has changed indicating a slightly later date than the card above. Perhaps 1890-1891
(Picture Roy Martin)

Pitfield Family Photographs
Pictures Michael Pitfield 2013

Below are some photographs taken by Thomas Grigg of members of the Pitfield Family and we would appreciate help in trying to identify who they are. If you can help please make contact either direct to or myself using my email address which is given at the top of the home page of the website.

(5). A Young Girl (taken c1881-1883)
The 'Cabinet' card was a style of photograph which was universally adopted for photographic portraiture in 1870. This picture of an unknown young girl dressed in her Sunday best dates from between 1881 and 1883 because of the 'South Street' Address on the back of the card. I would guess she is about 5 years old.


(6). Married Lady (taken c.1895-1901) and (7). Gentlemen (taken c1886-1890) - Pitfield Family
These Cabinet Cards have nothing on the back and are only displayed together because the photographs feature the same sofa and may have been taken at a similar date. I am no expert in dating cards from period dress and quite prepared to be corrected by someone who actually knows what they are doing. I am using as a rough reference guide the publication 'Costume 1066 to the present' by John Peacock. (6). The Lady's tight fitting jacket and colar with a broach suggests 1895-1901. She is married as she appears to be wearing an engagement and wedding ring on her left hand which is presented in this way to show her married status. (7). The Man's Bowler hat with a curled trim, single breasted jacket fastened by the top button, a bound edge to the jacket with cuffs suggests a slightly earlier date of 1885-1890. There is no evidence that he was married. This card is unusually coloured light blue (although this is not clear from the image) and Blue on the reverse.


This photograph is known to be of (8) George PITFIELD (1844-1917) who was Innkeeper at the Bull's Head on Fordington Hill for 20 years from 1877 to 1897. Photographs with the black surround on the front are usually blank on the back as is this one. The High East Street studio was at 13 High East Street and my wife thinks he looks to be in his mid 50's which would date the photograph to (taken circa 1900)

George PITFIELD (1844-1917)
Innkeeper of the Bull's Head - Fordington Hill

(9). Young Man (taken c.1890-1895) and (10). Young Man (taken c1885-1890)- Pitfield Family
(9) These Cabinet Cards have nothing on the back. Winged colars seem to have been popular 1885-1890 but still in use through to 1910. Winged colars with silk neck ties possibly 1890-1895. (10) I wondered whether the white colar suggested that he had joined the church as it does not appear to be a fashion statement around this time. I could not however identify a suitable candidate with the surname of Pitfield but of course he may have married into the family. Silk Cravats with a pin certainly were in fashion in 1885-1890 but a handkerchief in the pocket might be more 1901-1905


(11). Trevett Family (taken c.1895-1901)

Another picture of one of the children of Henry & Matilda Trevett (See picture 2 above). The family moved from Winterbourne Steepleton to Nether Cerne (about 4 miles north of Dorchester) to live and this is a picture of one of their younger sons

Photographs taken at his studio

The only evidence we have for his studio is the entry in Kelly's directory for 1903 and the address given on the back of the following four photographs which refer to both 12 and 13 High East Street. We know from census returns, jury lists and electoral and parish registers that Thomas GRIGG never lived here.

(12) Albert Ernest MARTIN (taken c1900)

The photograph below has kindly been provided by Roy Martin and shows Albert Ernest Martin (1883-1917) of St Peters Parish in Dorchester, probably around the age of 17 in the uniform of the Victoria Hotel where he worked in Weymouth. Unfortunately like so many of his generation he joined the army in 1914 (serving during the 1st world war in the 6th Battalion of the Dorsetshire Regiment - Regtl No. 3/7431) and was killed on 14th May 1917 in Flanders France still at the young age of 34. Link to more information about his family. The address is given as 12 High East street.


(Picture Roy Martin)
(13). Robert BLANDAMER (taken circa 1903)

The photograph below has kindly been provided by Yvonne Lot and shows Robert BLANDAMER (1870-1946) of Holy Trinity Parish in Dorchester. Link to more information about his family. The address of Thomas Grigg's Studio on the back of the photograph is given as '13 High East Street'. We know for sure that Thomas Grigg was operating from this address from 1903 as he is shown in Kelly's Directory for that year. Prior to 1903 we know that '13 High East Street' was a Boot and Shoe manufactures run by George & William Morton. Robert Blandamer grew up at Middle Farm in West Fordington until his father died in 1886 when his mother moved the family 7 miles east of Dorchester to live in the small village of Moreton. Robert married in Basingstoke in June 1903 when he was 33 years old but brought his bride to live at Moreton where they raised a family of 3 girls. It seems likely that this was when the photograph was taken as he appears to be about the right age. Another address is also provided on the card of 25 High West Street which indicates some prosperity as Thomas Grigg now has a second shop at the more prestigious end of the High Street. He seems to have taken advantage of a vacant property as it was occupied by Thomas Rogers a cabinet maker in the 1901 Census and not listed in the census for 1911. Kelly's directory of Dorchester in 1915 only refers to his home address of 43 High East Street.

( Pictures by kind permission of Yvonne Loat.)

Surprisingly I purchased this photograph from a dealer in Victorian photographs in Cyprus which just goes to show the power of the internet. Her wide brimmed hat, the bow with a brooch at the neck, cotton blouse, deep waiste and gloves all suggest the turn of the century. She appears to be young and unmarried. Prior to 1903 Thomas Grigg was at number 12 High East Street and the inclusion of 'Icen Way', which was his home address from 1901-1905 suggests that it was produced between 1903 and 1905.
and he has become an 'Artist to H.M.Government'.
(14). An Unknown Young Lady - (taken circa 1904)

Picture Michael Russell OPC for Dorchester & Fordington

(14b). Frances Ann BALLARD nee SPICER- (taken circa 1904/5)

Frances Ann SPICER (1868-1940) was the eldest of seven children from the marriage of John SPICER to Betsey CLARKE at St Georges Church in Fordington on 17 Apr 1868. She married in 1893 to Robert BALLARD a Corporal in the Royal Horse Artillery stationed at Fordington Barracks

Pictures Noland West July 2015

(15). A young man from the FARNHAM Family


(Picture Linda Ferguson-Stuart)

Other Photographs taken by Thomas GRIGG (16-18)

Picture 18 has on the reverse the address "Durnovaria", Icen Way, 13, High Est Street, Dorchester.

Genealogical Research Notes:-    [If anyone has any more information, particularly about his role as 'Artist to H.M.Government' can more accurately date the photographs, or possess copies of any of this documentation please make contact as it would help add to our understanding of his life and help verify facts]

(1). Most of the Information about the life of the Grigg & Owsley families in Combe St Nicholas has been provided by Jenny Davis who has a particular interest in the village.
(2). Located in the following Census Returns:-
    1851 31st March: Holy Trinity Dorchester - High West Street: Thomas Grigg (his uncle) unmarried age 43, a servant (groom) to John Lambert a landed proprietor, born Combe St Nicholas HO107; Piece: 1858; Folio: 80; Page: 21. George Grigg (his grandfather) Combe St Nicholas Head Married age 73 Ag Labourer born Somerset Isle Abbots with wife Elizabeth and son John.
    1861 8th April: Combe St Nicholas, Somerset: Thomas Grigg son age 4 scholar; born Coombe St Nicholas (father George age 39 wool dyer) RG 9; Piece: 1635; Folio: 7; Page: 7
    1861 8th April: Great Western Hotel West Fordington, Thomas Grigg (his uncle) Head age 50 Hotel keeper born Chard, with Mary Ann wife age 50 born Moreton Class: RG 9; Piece: 1354; Folio: 72; Page: 25
    1871 3rd April: Great Western Hotel West Fordington; Thomas Grigg; nephew; unmarried age 14; scholar; born Combe St Nicholas Somerset (with uncle) RG10; Piece: 2011; Folio: 44; Page: 6
    1881 4th April: 34 South St, St Peters Parish Dorchester; Thomas Grigg; head unmarried; age 24; licenced victualler; born Combe St Nicholas RG11; Piece: 2110; Folio: 84; Page: 9;
    1881 4th April: 14 South St, St peters Parish Dorchester; Mary Grigg, Lodger, Widow, age 72, no occupation, born Dorset Moreton
    1891 6th April: 35 South St, St Peters Parish Dorchester, Bessie Grigg head, married age 32, wife of a photographer; born Ashill Somerset with children Thomas A age 8; Bessie MA age 6; Lillie G age 1 m and aunt Mary Ann Grigg a widow age 83 living on her own means - Thomas is absent & I cannot locate him elsewhere but presumably away working.
    1901 1st April: 54 Icen Way, All Saints Dorchester; Thomas Grigg; Head; married age 44; Photographic Artist born Combe St Nicholas Somerset with Bessie age 42+5 children; RG13; Piece: 2001; Folio: 17; Page: 25
    1911 2nd April: 43 High East St; Thomas Grigg Head married male age 54 photographic Artist born Combe St Nicholas Somerset; Bessie Grigg wife married female married 29 years aged 52
(3) Located in the following Street directories:-
    1859 Post Office Directory: (at Historical Directories on Line) Thomas GRIGG (his uncle) Great Western Hotel
    1865 Harrod's Directory: Thomas GRIGG (his uncle) Great Western Hotel near railway station
    1875 Post Office Directory: Thomas GRIGG (his uncle) Great Western Hotel
    1889 Kelly's Directory : Thomas GRIGG, 35 South Street, Photographer,
    1895 Kelly's Directory: Thomas GRIGG Photographer 3 East Parade,
    1903 Kelly's Directory: Thomas GRIGG Photographer, 13 High East Street
    1911 Kelly's Directory: Page 89 Thomas GRIGG Photographer, 43 High East St; also listed under 'Photographers' page 353
    1915 Kelly's Directory: Page 88 Thomas GRIGG 43 High East St; Photographer : Also Page 274 Thomas A. GRIGG (his son) Hill view, King's Road, Sherborne
    1920 Kelly's Directory: Thomas GRIGG 43 High East St; Photographer
(4) Located in the following yearly listings as qualified to serve on a jury:- (not all jury lists have survived)
    1859-1870 inc. Nursery Fordington Thomas GRIGG (his uncle) Innkeeper, Poor Rate
    1882 - 1886 inc. St Peters: Thomas GRIGG, 34 South Street, Innkeeper, amount 20
    1894 Fordington: Thomas GRIGG, Photographer, East Parade Freeholder, amount assessed to the poor rate £14.10s
    1895 All Saints: Thomas GRIGG, Photographer, East Parade, Freeholder amount £14.10s
    1897 -1898 inc. All Saints: Thomas GRIGG, Photographer, 3 East Parade, Freeholder, amount 14.10s
(5) Located in the following electoral registers:- (not all registers have survived)
    1888 - 1889 inc: number 663 Thomas GRIGG, 35 South Street, Dwelling House
    1901 - number 109 Thomas GRIGG, 57 Icen Way, Tenement
    1902 - number 145 Thomas GRIGG, 54 Icen Way, Dwelling House successive, qualifying property 57 & 54 Icen way
    1903 - 1904 inc: number 115 Thomas GRIGG, 54 Icen Way, Dwelling house, qualifying property 54 Icen Way
    1908 - 1921 inc: number 74 Thomas GRIGG, 43 High East St, dwelling house, qualifying property 43 High East St
(6) Birth Marriage and Death Registrations:
    6.1 Death of grandfather George Grigg (1775-1876) GRO 1st qtr 1876 age 100 Chard dist Somerset Ref 5c/350
    6.2 Marriage of his grandparents George Grigg to Betty (Elizabeth) Slade Pallots marriage index 1807 Combe St Nicholas dates from Jenny Davis
    6.3 Birth Thomas GRIGG (1857-1932) GRO 1st qtr 1857 Chard Registration district Ref 5c/501 baptism from Jenny Davis
    6.4 Marriage of his uncle Thomas Grigg to Mary Ann Gillard on 26th Oct 1857 at Holdenhurst Hants father George Grigg her father William Gillard CLDS Film 1041171 IGI
    6.5 Marriage of Thomas Grigg (1857-1932) to Bessie Owsley GRO 1st qtr 1882 Chard district Somerset Ref 5c/600
    6.6 Death Mary Ann Grigg GRO 1893 age 84 Dorchester district Ref5a/235. Note:- would have been buried in the civic cemetery at this date. Records not available
    6.7 Marriage of Rosanna Gillard to Stephen Stevens GRO 2nd qtr 1871 Wareham district Ref 5a/559
    6.8 Birth Thomas Arthur Grigg GRO Dorchester District 1st qtr 1883 Ref 5a/349
    6.9 Birth Bessie Mary A Grigg GRO Dorchester District 2nd qtr 1884 Ref 5a/352.
    6.10. Birth George Ernest Grigg GRO Dorchester District 1st qtr 1886 Ref 5a/339
    6.11. Death George Ernest Grigg GRO Dorchester District 3rd qtr 1887 aged 2 years Dorchester district Ref 5a/191
    6.12 Birth Lillie Georgina Grigg GRO Dorchester District 4th qtr 1889 Ref 5a/341
    6.13 Birth Rena Emma Grigg GRO Dorchester District 3rd qtr 1891 Ref 51/319
    6.14 Birth Walter Charles Grigg GRO Dorchester District 1st qtr 1893 Ref 5a/314 also baptised Fordington St George Church 10th Feb 1893 residence 1 East Parade fathers occupation photographic artist
    6.15 Death Thomas Arthur Grigg Sherborne Burial Register Entry 907 resident Kings Road, buried 3rd Dec 1915 aged 32 years Rev C.O.Rockett
    6.16 Marriage Thomas Arthur Grigg to Evelyn Couling GRO 4th qtr 1910 Upton upon Severn Worcestershire Ref 6c 559
    6.17 Marriage All Saints Church Dorchester Marriage Register: Image - Entry 368 after Banns 20th Oct 1910 Ebenezor BECK age 27 a bachelor a P.O. Clerk resident Basingstoke, father James Beck a labourer married Bessie Mary GRIGG age 26 a spinster no occupation resident All Saints Dorchester father Thomas Grigg photographer both their signatures witnesses Thomas Grigg and Benjamin Gates
    6.18 Death Thomas Grigg GRO 1932 age 75 Poole district Ref 5a/261
(7) National Probate Records:
    7.1 William Henry CROCKER of 12 High East St Dorchester cooper died 2 April 1900 Probate Blandford 7 June to Charles Crocker butcher effects £1,277.19s.9d
    7.2 National Probate Register for 1897 - George GRIGG of Combe-St-Nicholas Somersetshire labourer died 27 December 1896 Probate Taunton 19 January to John BROWN gentleman Effects £98 14 6d
    7.3 National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations),1861-1941 Record for Thomas Grigg 1880 Personal estate under £2,000: 12th March. The Will of Thomas Grigg late of Fordington in the County of Dorset Gentleman who died 28th February 1880 at Fordington was proved at Blandford by Mark Pilley of Dorchester in the said County Boot and Shoe maker and Thomas Grigg of Horton in the County of Buckingham Grocer the nephew the executors. NOTE:- His uncle seems to have had a number of nephews; for example in the 1871 census an older nephew, John Barber was also staying with him in Fordington
    7.4 National Probate Register Mary Ann Grigg of Childe Okeford Dorset Widow died 17th March 1893 at Dorchester administration with Will Blandford 10th July to Rosanna Stevens (wife of Stephen Stevens) Effects £44.14s.1d
    7.5 National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations),1861-1941 Record for Thomas Arthur Grigg of Hill View Kings-road Sherborne Dorsetshire journalist died 28th November 1915 Probate at Blandford 29th December to Evelyn Grigg Widow and Garnet McDaniel Ingram Accountant Effects 461.0s 8d
    7.6 National Probate Calander 1930 Reina Emma of 1 Pine Villa Noel Road Wallisdown Dorsetshire spinster died 12 Sep 1930 at Boscombe Hospital Bournemouth Administration o granted at London on 26th Nov to Bessie GRIGG (wife of Thomas GRIGG) Effects 252. 12s. 3d
(8) Isle of Man Times & General advertiser 4th Sep 1875, Issue 749: Also Dundee Courier & Argus Issue 6901 and many others including the Preston Guardian.

(9) This photograph is reported on the web to be circa 1940 but Jenny Davis (who lived in the village) and I both think this dates much closer to the start of the century circa 1904?

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