Will of Nicholas PURCHASE (d.1620)

Baker of Dorchester

Will dated 12th March 1619/20 - Proved PCC 11/135 on 27th May 1620

Transcribed by Michael Russell OPC Dorchester - February 2012

12th March 1619

The Will nuncupative of:

Nicholas PURCHES [PURCHASE] of Dorchester in the County of Dorset Baker, made and declared the date and year abovesaid, I in the presence of us whose names are hereunder written

First: he commends his soul to God and his body to be buried as near to his wife as may be

    And: he giveth to the church of Trinity in Dorchester five shillings.
    And: to the poor of the same parish five shillings a quarter for a year

Item: he giveth his lands of Inheritance unto his son Joseph PURCHES (2), Also he gives to him his lands in Fordington Field which he holdeth by lease of Sir George TRENCHARD Knight to hold for term of his life.

    And: after his decease the same to remain unto his daughter Elizabeth CORBIN wife of Henry CORBIN (1) for term of her life

Item: he giveth unto the same Elizabeth the easter garden plot behind his Mault House To hold the same for the term of her life. If the term of years which hath in the same shall so long continue paying tweleve pence rent to his executors

    Also: he giveth unto her twenty pounds to be paid within one year after his decease and one bed which he lyeth upon with all the furniture thereunto belonging and three silver spoons
    Also: his Will and meaning is that his Executors shall within one year next after his decease give suficient security unto his Overseers for the payment of Twenty Pounds to be employed for the benefit of his daughter Jane now wife of William WINSOR (3) during her life and after her decease the same twenty pounds to be distributed amongst such ofher children as shall be then living

Item: he giveth to Nicholas WINSOR son of the said William WINSOR Ten Pounds to be paid unto him at his age of one and twenty years, and if he die before then the same to remain unto his executors

    Also: he giveth unto every one of the children of the said Jane now living forty shillings a piece
    And: to Jane PERRYN the daughter of Raphe PERRYN and Margaret (4) one of the daughters of the said Nicholas PURCHES [PURCHASE] forty shillings

Item: he giveth to Henry CORBIN his white silver bowl

    Also: he giveth unto the said Jane a bed with all the furniture thereunto belonging and the bedstead in the chamber at the Fayerhead?
    Also: he giveth unto her his great brass kettle
    Also: to Thomas WINSOR and Joane (5) his wife twenty shillings a piece and the use of a bed and other furniture which was sometimes the goods of Richard PURCHASE for the term of the life of the said Joane And after he giveth the same to her son John PURCHASE

Item: to Nicholas PURCHASE son of Joseph PURCHASE his guilt bowl and three silver spoons

    Also: he giveth unto St Peters Church in Dorchester five shillings
    And: to the School there five shillings
    And : to the Kinswomen of the Alms House five shillings a quarter for one year

All the Residue: of his goods and chattles he giveth to his son Joseph whom he maketh his sole executor, And Ralphe KELLMAYE of Fforson? and Thomas READE of Dorchester his Overseers Published and acknowledged byb the said Nicholas PURCHAES {PURCHASE] to be his Last Will and Testament in the presence of us Hum: [Humfrey] JOLIFFE and Thomas READE

PROBATE [Approximate transcription from Latin]

This written testament was proved at London before the venerable John Benet WHITE doctor at Law Prerogative Court of Canterbury on the 27th day in the month of May one thousand six hundred and twentyby Joseph PURCHASE deceased executor to whom administration is granted

Genealogical Notes:-

(1). Henry CORBIN (1564-1654) a widower & Elizabeth PURCHASE his daughter were married at Holy Trinity Church Dorchester on 05-Sep 1614. Henry was buried at HT on 24th Aug 1654. Link to Transcriptions of his Will, Inventory of their goods and Letter of Administration for his estate - Elizabeth buried HT 3rd Dec 1661.

(2) Joseph PURCHASE (d.1638)his eldest son married Elizabeth HASELBURY at Holy Trinity on 09-Nov 1618. See his marriage for list of their children.

(3) William WINSORE & Jane PURCHASE his daughter were married at Holy Trinity on 03-Jun 1602

(4) Ralphe PERIN & Margret PURCHASE his daughter were married at Holy Trinity on 10-May 1610. See marriage for more comments about the family. Regarding their daughter - 'Joane' and 'Jaine' appear to be interchangable names in the 16th century and I have come across this several times before, but this is a good example. The baptism of their daughter is very clear as Joane but she is referred to as' Jane the daughter Margaret by Ralph' in the above Will. We know for certain that they only had two children, William who was baptised 9 months after they married, and Joane baptised just under 12 months later on 12th March 1611/12. As Margaret died 3 days after Joane's baptism it seems as was so often the case that there were complications from her giving birth to Joane. It does however make it clear that this is the child referred to in the Will. Margaret having died she does not of course get a bequest, and Ralph PERRYN was a wealthy man in his own right so the bequest acknowledges Jane (who was still only 8 years old) rather than look to secure her future.

(5) Thomas WINSORE & Joane PURCHASE were married at Holy Trinity on 24-Jan 1619

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