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Welcome! We are Todd and Jolene Auvil inviting you to browse our  Auvil-Uyehara genealogies. Because our Forest continues to grow, we hope to avoid leading you into a jungle by making navigation easier. So here is how we've mapped it:
FOREST  Overviews of our families' histories and discussions of our research
TREES Descendant outlines of our principle lineages for those who, like us, process information better visually
BRANCHES THE GATEWAY to our many family branches. Start here if you are looking for a particular family
LEAVES Index of individuals in our trees and branches sorted by surname
Also, view the GALLERY, wander through DOCUMENT pages, and read our Very Non-Professional Guide Beginner's Guide to Genealogical Research.

Our BLOG is where you'll be able to catch up on site updates, family news and information and maybe even interact with other family members. You can also subscribe to receive blog updates via web feed.

2009 UPDATE: We apologize for not tending to this website in a long time. It is updated as time permits, and as many people have been finding lately, time is very much a valuable commodity. For now, please peruse the pages here, and if you have any questions, contact us. We still answer email.

Our gratitude for bearing with us as we continue to add to this site.



AUVIL: The transfer of information from Catherine Auvil's former website is complete! You can view it by clicking HERE.

GENERAL: Although far from complete, each major family branch now has its own unique gateway. Click on The Branches to view each family.

For our ancestors and descendants, for our immediate and extended families, and especially for my grandmother, Gladys Yuk Ung Chong Tanigawa, who taught me the value of knowing family. And she said, "It's not too late; tell the world, tell the world what happened to her." And I take her mandate to be the one that is in my heart, the one that I should follow.  Amy Tan