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     This site was designed to publish genealogy resources we have. These are mostly church records of my grandfather, Rev. Maxwell W. Rice, who began his career as a curate at St. George's in NYC, then went to Utah as a missionary in 1908 and served there until 1918, mostly in Garfield and Salt Lake City. While there he met and married my grandmother, Alice Marion Monger. In 1918 they moved back east and he took over at Zion Church in Wappinger's Falls, NY. He finished his career in Dalton, Mass., where he worked until retirement.

     Most of the records published here are from Utah, though some are from St. George's and Zion. Most of the latter I have omitted as many of the people are probably still alive.

     Also included in this site is my own ancestry and genealogical information, my great-grandfather's diaries from the years he was a professor at UVM and Williams College, my great-uncle Roger's account of growing up in Williamstown, some information on Vermont I have acquired from my parents, and information acquired through my genealogical research. Ted Rice, Sunday, May 25, 2003

     If you find errors or problems, please e-mail us about them.

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Genealogy Resources

General Resources

  1. Contact Information
  2. Theodore Rice's Ancestry ( abbreviated html version of Ted's ancestry )
  3. Richard M. Rice's Obituary
  4. Rev. M.W. Rice's Book of Births, Marriages, and Deaths (Jan.-Mar. transcribed so far. Last updated Sunday, January 15, 2006)
  5. War Letters (Scans of letters written from Service men and women to Rev. M.W. Rice, Rector of Zion Church, Wappinger's Falls, NY in WW1 and WW2. Last updated Saturday, June 01, 2002)

Rice Information from Massachusetts ( Conn. & Vt. also)

  1. Growing Up in Williamstown, Mass., 1883-1898, by Roger L. Rice
  2. Diaries of Prof. Richard Austin Rice. 1878 - 1887 (1878-81 transcription completed, working on 1882. Last updated Sunday, November 21, 2004). Other information on Professor Rice may be found at the Williams College Archives.
  3. The Will of Isaiah Rice - 1783
  4. The Rawson Letter - 1876

Information from Utah

  1. The "Priest's Private Record" of the Rev. M.W. Rice (baptisms, confirmations, and marriages completed, burials beginning to be transcribed. Last updated Wednesday, October 02, 2002)
  2. Utah Boy Scouts (with photos) = 1911-1918
  3. The Incident of the Injured Greek (Utah, 1912)
  4. Can you identify these photographs?

Information from Rochester and Bethel, Vermont

  1. 1869 Maps of Bethel and Rochester, Vermont
  2. 1927 White River Valley Telephone Company Directory for Bethel, Randolph, Orange County called from Randolph, Rochester, Pittsfield, Gaysville, South Royalton, Strafford, and West Hartford.
  3. Diaries of Mary F. Pember for 1905-6, 1908, and 1922


  1. Eames Cemetery at the Junction of Routes 8 and 9 in Searsburg, Vermont

Foster and Groesbeck Information

Washington, Rensselaer and Montgomery Counties, NY

  1. Partial map of early Montgomery County with Land Patents and Lot Divisions shown. Large graphics, slow loading.

Deeds and Wills

  1. Deed to a parcel of land on the north bank of the Hoosac River from Peter and Elizabeth (Fonda) Viele of the Town of Cambridge, Washington County, NY. to William N. and Alida (Viele) Groesbeck in 1796.
  2. Deed to two parcels of land in the Claus patent north of Mayfield, Montgomery County, NY to William N. Groesbeck from Peter and Helena Hallenbeck in 1804.
  3. Will of Nicholas Groesbeck, White Creek, Washington County, NY, 1821. (This is the Nicholas first married to Gertrude/Charity Waldron, second to Sarah Van Woert, and father of William who married Alida Viele.) High graphics, slow loading!
  4. Deed to a parcel of land in Salem, Washington County, NY from George and Adelia Roberson to Daniel A. Foster in 1865.


  1. Record of the Grousbeck-Day Family by Gertrude Lilias Grousbeck Barnett, Creswell, Oregon 1910.

Material from Mrs. Hazel Kennedy's genealogy work.

  1. Will of Adam Spoonamore, Lincoln County, Kentucky. Drawn up 10 October 1822, probated 9 December 1822.
  2. Will of David Spoonamore, Lincoln County, Kentucky. Drawn up 19 July 1880, probated 7 November 1887.

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