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George Fox, chr 1622, New Kent, Surrey, VA; s/o John FOX, b about 1602 Wapping Wall, Stepney Parish, Middlesex, England & Elizabeth CONVERS, b about 1600 England - submitter Joleen

George Fox, 7/1624 Eng-1/13/1691 Eng m.Margaret Fell -sub:

George Fox, m.1646 Dorothy KEKEWICH - sub:

George Fox, b.2/6/1662 - sub:

George Fox, b.1693 Austell m.1726 Anna Debell - sub:

George Fox, 1696 VA m.Mary FOX - sub:

George Fox, 11 Jan 1700, Horninghold Leichester Co, England, 1754 - submitter Bob & Wanda Deitemeyer

George Fox, (1702 VA-1754) m.1725 Mary - sub:

George Fox, b.11/23/1716 - sub:

George Fox, m.1719 Mary BEALING sub:

George Fox, d.8/12/1719 - sub:

George Fox, I received this information that my 7th great grandfather may be George FOX who came over from England to NJ 1729. He had a son named John who had a son named John & he had a son named John who migrated to Fairfield Co, OH, where he married Nancy JULIEN and was murdered in 1856.submitter:Marie Hayden,

George Fox, 1734, New Jersey, 1760 - submitter Bob & Wanda Deitemeyer

George Fox Jr, (1734 NJ-6/1760NJ) m.1752 Rachel? - sub:

George Fox, 1734 NJ d.1760 m.Elizabeth HOPPOCK - sub:

George Fox, 4/7/1746-10/31/1788 m.5/29/1766 Jane Gotue- sub:

George Fox, b.1765 Germany d.MD - sub:

George Fox, d in Hunterdon Co, NJ, c 1750 - submitter Mary E Chapman.submitter:

George Fox, d.1750's m. Mary ? - sub:

George Fox, 1753-1815 - sub:

George Fox, d.4/27/1754 m.Mary? - sub:

George Fox, b. 1765 in Germany; d. ? in Frederick County, Maryland?

George Fox, b about 1783-1789, King William, VA; s/o Thomas FOX, b 1750, King William, VA & Leah LIPSCOMB, b 1757, King William, VA.submitter:Joleen (

George Fox, b 1783, King William, VA; s/o John FOX, b June 29, 1760, St Johnís King William, VA & Frances Wyatt WOOLFOLK, b June 29, 1762, Caroline, VA.submitter:Joleen (

George Fuchs, 1788-1856 - sub:

George Fox, 1788-1855 m.Eliz. Eshenauer - sub: LC Fox 767

George Fox, 6/7/1789 NC-7/9/1861 m.1830

George Fox, d.1797

George Fox, m.12/18/1805 Betsy Pendleton - sub:

George Fox MD, b.1806 PA - submitted:

George Fox, b 01 April 1812, Watertown, Jefferson County, New York - submitter, Ken Whitcomb

George Fox, b. ca 1820 son of Adam and Catherine FOX Luray

George Fox/Fuchs, b.abt 1820 - sub:

George (Fuchs) Fox, b.October 04, 1822; d.March 27, 1897 Kurchenlamitz, Bavaria, Germany; m.Christiana (Richard Fox)

George Fox, b. 1828 in Tennessee d. ? Son of Johnny FOX and Nancy COOK.submitter:Dallas Fox (

George Fox, 1829, Ohio - submitter: Bob & Wanda Deitemeyer

George Fox, son of llen FOX nd Sarah Abbye (Abba) DRAKE;b. 17 May 1831, prob. Kortright, Delaware, NY;d. 9 Apr 1900, ? (Michele Hassell)

m. Martha CUMMINGS, 19 Oct. 1865, DeKalb Co., IL

George Fox, b.1835 - sub:

George Fox, b. 1841 Perry Twp Greene Co PA; s/o Joseph Fox & Elnora "Elsey" Haines

George Fox, m.Margaret KRAMER, Hancock Co, Ohio, 17 May

George Fox, b.8/1850 PA - sub:

George Fox, b 1851, KY, s/o John Henry FOX and Sarah JOHNSON; paternal grandson of Johnny FOX and Nancy COOK; m, Mary Jane REYNOLDS, 1875.submitters:Dallas Fox ( & Marvin Gabbard (

George Fox, b.abt 1852. s/o John Fox (b.abt 1805 NC) and Margaret ? (b.abt 1817 TN)

George Fuchs/Fox, born in Sullivan, Wisconsin, 21 Nov 1852, died 14 July 1922 in Rice Lake, WI; son of Michael and Appolonia; m Katherine DVORAK, 23 Nov 1880 in Watertown, WI - submitter:Michael Fox

George Fox Jr, b.1852 PA - sub:

George Fox, b 15 Mar 1854, TN; s/o William FOX and Anna ELLIS - submitter: Sherry Lee

George Fox, b abt 1854 Germany; m. Mary Opferkuch Johnston (widow)1890, Toronto,

George Fox, 1854 IL - sub:

George Fox, b.abt 1855 TN source:1880 census Fremont Co IA

George Fox, b.1857 - sub:

George Fox, b. 1859,PA son of Albert & Caroline "BALL"

George Fox, m.1/5/1859 Mary Davis - sub:

George Fox, b.11/1/1863 IRE - sub:

George Fox, b. 1864 prob. Belmont Co., OH; s/o Thomas J. FOX and Elizabeth (Grimes) (John Marler)

George Fox, b. 1866 d. February 20, 1925 - buried Manteca Union Cemetary lot # 96 Manteca,

George Fox, b.abt 1867 - sub:

George Fox, b. 1871 WI - sub: Kathleen_O'

George Fox, born 17 Jan 1886 in River Falls Wis. Died 6 Jun 1969 in Barron Co.Wis. He was the son of George and Katherine Fuchs/ (Michael Fox)

George Fox, b. 6/15/1887 d. ? Son of Fountain FOX and Sarah Jane HELTON.Submitter:Dallas Fox (

George Fox, b. ? (possibly 1889) in Garland Co., AR; d. unknown date and place; more than likely he died in Arkansas and was a Minister at the time of his passing; Son of Elijah Fox and Martha Ellen (Ratliff) Fox.Submitter:Mary Jane Moore (

George Fox, b. 1890 in Owsley County, Kentucky Son of George W. FOX and Lucinda BISHOP.Submitter:Dallas Fox (

George Fox, s/o Adonigah FOX and Martha LEGER, b March 1892 in Knox Co, KY, m Sarah BEGLEY.submitter: Vern Smith

George Fox, b. Garland Co., AR (prior to 1893); d.unknown; Father:Elijah Fox, Mother: Martha Ellen (Ratliff) Fox.Submitter:Mary Jane Moore (

George Fox, b. b. ca 1894, child of William L. Fox/Phebe Corwin Tuthill.

George Fox, (1908-1910)- sub:

George Fox, m.4/15/1915 Pearl Atchley.sub:

George Fuchs, s/o Albano FUCHS & Gini.Submitter:David Lewis Ramage (

George Fox, s/o Thomas and Chloe FOX. h/o Laura Vibbert.-Submitter:

George Fox, m. Mary ?? - sub:

George Fox, m.Julianna WIGLE -sub:

George Fox, b.VA? - sub:

George Fox, d.1816; m.Frances James
George Fox, b.1799, Gonvena; m.Rachel Collier Hingston
George Fox, d.1724
George Fox, d.1811
George Fox, b.25 Jul 1693, Austell, Cornwall; d.1756; m.Anna Debell
George Fox, b.1782; d.1858; m.Eleanor Rawes
George Alexander Fox, d.18 Dec 1876; m.Marian Nicholson
George Croker Fox, b.2 Jun 1752; d.31 Dec 1807; m.Catherine Young
George Croker Fox, b.28 Feb 1847; d.26 Feb 1902; m.Ada Mary Wake
George Croker Fox, b.28 Oct 1871; d.29 May 1934; m.Cecilia Hart Rogers
George Croker Fox, b.15 Jan 1785; d.1 Jul 1850; m.Lucy Barclay
George Croker Fox, d.1834
George Croker Fox, b.23 Jun 1728 Falmouth, Cornwall; m.Mary Were
George Croker Fox, b.13 Oct 1858; d.19 Mar 1911
George Croker Fox, b.7 May 1883
George Desmond Fox, b.25 Aug 1925; d.24 Mar 1926
George Edward Fox, b.1826; m.Jane Wakefield Richardson
George Frederic Fox, b.21 Feb 1822; m.Sarah Anne Newsom
George Frederic Fox, b.24 May 1817; m.Ellen Simpson
George Frederic Fox, b.1867
George Gerald Fox, b.21 Jan 1851; d.1886
George Henry Fox, b.1823; d.1824
George Henry Fox, d.1863, Adelaide, Australia
George Henry Fox, b.27 Sep 1845, Falmouth, Cornwall; d.13 Jan 1931; m.Rachel Juliet Fowler
George Howard Fox, b.20 Aug 1936
George Hubert Fox, b.11 May 1899; m.Marianne Winkelstein
George Newberry Fox, b.25 Mar 1906; m.Margaret Alan Crook
George Phillip Fox, b.26 Mar 1790; d.2 Oct 1854
George Prideaux Fox, b.1855; d.1860
George Romney Fox, b.5 May 1898; m.Barbara Muriel Twite
George Smith Fox, m.Jane (Hans A.M. Weebers)

George A. Fox, b: abt 1853,

George A. Fox, b. 1872,PA d. 1965,PA son of David L. & Mary "BRYAN" Fox
George A. Fox, b.11-27-1918, d. 1986, Miss;son of GEORGE & IRENE "FRITZ" FOX.
George A. Fox, b. 1942, PA,living; son of GEORGE A. & AGNES "DULLEN"

George Alphonse Fox, b. 1894 Oakville, Plequemine Parish, LA, d. 1968 s/o George Edward Randolph FOX and Corinne Ann COCO. m.Beulah Cecile (Walter Gaddis) &

George Augustus Fox, b 23 Oct 1856 Sterling Twp, Illinois; d 6 Jan 1933 Quimby, Illinois; s/o Robert FOX and Lutetia ???; m. Mary Susan Wright; children Robert and Vera Estella.submitter:Delleen Starner" (

George B Fox, born 17 Jan 1886 in River Falls, WI, died 6 June 1969, Barron County WI; son of George and Katherine FUCHS/FOX. submitter Michael Fox

George Butler Fox sub:

George C Fox, b abt 1859; s/o Marcellus FOX & Mary ? - submitter Sherry Lee

George C. Fox, b.Dec. 15, 1878; son of John W. Fox/Martilia C.

George Croker Fox, (c1752-1807) m.Cath.Young - sub:

George Croker FOX, m.Mary Bealing - sub:

George Croker Fox, m.1749 Mary Were - sub:

George D Fox, b.1817 - sub:

George D Fox, b.3/21/1834 IN d.6/18/1849 IN -Submitter:Karyl(Ettinger) Heiden

George D. Fox, b. 1849 in Oneida County, NY; d. 1921 in Lee, NY s/o unknown.Submitter:Linda Coe (

m. Maria OLCOTT, date & place unknown

George D Fox Jr b.1926 TN - sub:

George D Fox b.1925 KY - sub: Joanna Houck

George Dale Fox, b. 2/16/1957 d. 2/27/1957 in Indianapolis, Indiana.Submitter:Dallas Fox (

George "Dewey" Fox, b.1900 TN - sub:

George Edward Fox M.D., b.1864 d.1939 - sub:

George Edward Fox, (1867-1934 ME) - sub:

George Edward (Thomas) Fox, b.1876 L&A Co. ON Canada; d.?; s/o Albert Fuller Fox and Mary Jane Lester; m. Eliza Jane (Jennie) Conway (b.1883 d.?) (Rob & Lynne Fox)

George Edward Fox, b.8/6/1913 CAN - sub:

George Edward Randolph Fox, b. 1863, d. 1939 s. David Raymond FOX and Blanche Tryphena HOLDER;sp. Corinne Ann

George F Fox, m Ellen CLARKE in 1831 in KY, d before 1847; s/o Morris and grandson of Amos; he was probably born in VA. submitter Mary E Chapman

George F. Fox, b. circa 1869 in Oneida County, NY (assumed); d. when unknown in Rome, NY; s/o George D. & Maria (OLCOTT) FOX; m. unknown.Submitter:Linda Coe (

George F Fox, b.?1875 m. Frances Kane - sub:

George F. Fox, b. 11/1/1883 Ireland; Parents John Fox/Hannah McAuliffe Worcester MA and Providence

George Francis Fox, 1842-1906 m.Eliz. Meyers Lauman - sub: LC Fox 767

George Harrison Fox, b. Nov 1870, m. Jennette ____; child of Henry Fox/Louisa Jarves. submitter

George Henry Fox, b: 1819, Lowell MA, m:

George Henry Fox, b. 4/15/1837 in NY; d. unknown; married:Catharine Cine abt 1843; Father:Thomas Fox, Sr., Mother:Mary Elizabeth Pryer.Submitter:Jeff and Marcy Yates (

George Henry Fox, b: 1852, Lowell

George Henry Fox, b.1883 - sub:

George Hill Fox, b.1851 MS m.Frances P. Miller - sub:

George Jacob Fuchs, (ca 1801 Bavaria-2/28/1858)m. Mary Katherina Submitter: Eva Gentry

George K Fox Jr, Obit 12/23/1872 source: VA Herald sub:

George L Fox, m.Lillie W ? - sub:

George L Fox, m.Estella Carpenter Kerns - sub:

George L (Jim) Fox, b 1903, KS or CO - submitter: June Johnson

George Lesley Fox, b.abt 4/1879 CAN - sub:

George Lewis Fox, aka Jim FOX, b. 1903 CO; d. 1976 San Pablo, CA; s/o George W. FOX and Viola J. (June Johnson)

George Lowry Fox, b. 15 Mar 1854 in Cocke County TN. so William Fox and Anne Ellis

George M Fox, m.Sarah BROWN - sub:

George Mathias Fox, b.January 17, 1854; d.August 20, 1858 Pittsburgh, (Richard Fox)

George McCellan Fox, b April 10, 1880, Mercer Co., NJ, d. young, son of Edward D. FOX & Annie L.

George P Fox, b.1796 MD d.1850's MD - sub:

George P Fox, sex M, b 31 Aug 1867, KY; d Jan 1868; father, William Pleas FOX; mother, Ella Catherine CHARLES -submitter: Miri

George Russell Fox, b.1871 - source: 1850 Cocke County TN census -

George S. Fox, b.1853 L&A Co. ON Canada; d.?; s/o Thomas Dudley Fox, Sr. and Mary Elizabeth Sweet; m.Jane Wilkins (b.1858 d.?) (Rob & Lynne Fox)

George Stephen Fox, 1905 Va-1977 m.Lucille F. Stowere - sub:

George Thomas Fox, b.1860 IL - sub:

George Thomas Fox, no data - sub:

George W Fox, b 3 May 1792, Madison Co, KY; d 31 Dec 1863, Christian Co, KY; m 2 Jan 1820, Mariah TRIBBLE, Madison Co, KY; parents, Samuel FOX, b Hanover Co, VA and Rhoda PICKERING -submitter

George W Fox, b.7/9/1827 -

George W Fox, b.2/24/1838 NJ d.>1907 - sub:

George W Fox, b.1850 - sub:

George W. Fox, b. 1/16/1854 d. ? in Jackson, County Son of Samuel L. FOX and Ruth BARNES.Submitter:Dallas Fox (

George W. Fox, b. 9/30/1858 in Owsley County, KY d. 1950 in Clay County, KY. Son of Isaac A. FOX and Almarinda GRIFFITH.Submitter:Dallas Fox (

George W Fox, b 1868, Mexico,Audrain Co.,MO; d. about 1930, CA; s/o Taylor and Dinisha FOX.submitter:June Johnson (

George W Fox, 1870- 1908 m.Mlindy Owens - sub:

George W. Fox, b. 1/5/1878 in Arkansas d. 10/28/1960 in Waynesville, Ohio Son of Shadrach FOX and Polly Ann AMIS.Submitter:Dallas Fox (

George W Fox, m.Nancy Ann Carlisle - sub:Lisa Brown

George Washington Fox, (ca 1795-1864 LA) m.Sarah Ann Herrington Submitter:Margie N. Weimer

George Washington Fox, (1829-5/7/1864 LA) m.1847 Caroline? - Submitter:Margie Epperson Weimer

George Washington Fox, b.1833 CT - sub:

George Washington Fox, b.10/13/1835 TN d.4/12/1923 TN m: Martha Eliza Jane Taylor - sub:

George Washington Fox, b. 7/19/1841, Clay Co, Indiana; d. 3/26/1863 in MO during Civil War. Son of James Kellogg Polk Fox and Rebecca Adriana Wills Fox.Submitter:Lois (

George Washington Fox, b.1846 m.12/20/1866 LA Dorcas Suddarth H - Submitter: Mrs. Margie N. Weimar

George Washington Fox, (7/13/1857 TN-1926) - sub:

George Washington Fox III, b.1858 LA -Submitter:Margie N. Weimer

George Washington Fox, b 1/5/1878 Owsley Co, KY, d 10/28/1960 Waynesville, OH; s/o Shadrach FOX and Polly Ann AMIS.submitter: Dallas Fox

George Wesley Fox, 1835-1905 Augusta/Greenbrier, VA. s/o William C. Fox and Mary A. Burgess.submitter:David D.

George William Fox, b.1903 - sub: djohnson@ca.uky.EDU

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