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Mary Fox, daughter of George FOX/FUCHS & Annie; m. Unknown

Mary Fox, died (Julesburg, KS) married Prindle.Submitter: Betty (

Mary Fox, b. Wapping Wall, Stepney Parish, Middlesex, England; daughter of John FOX (b. about 1602, Wapping Wall, Stepney Parish, Middlesex, England) and Elizabeth CONVERS (b. 1600-10, England)

Mary Fox, b. abt 1615 in Lutford, Hertfordshire, England; m. Thomas

Mary Fox, b: 1642, MA; d: 1642,

Mary Fox, b. 18 Jul/Sep 1642, CONCORD, MIDDLESEX, CT; d. Oct 1642, CONCORD, MIDDLESEX, CT; d/o Thomas FOX and Rebecca &

Mary Fox, daughter of Thomas FOX and Hannah BROOKS; b. 1653, CONCORD, MIDDLESEX,

Mary Fox, b: 1673, MA; m: Peter HARWOOD, 1700; d:

Mary Fox, b.1686; d.1759; m.Andrew (Hans A.M. Weebers)

Mary Fox, b. ca 1709; d.1769 (Kingwood, Hunterdon, NJ); m. to George

Mary Fox, daughter of Isaac FOX and Mary JONES; b. 1710, MONTVILLE, NEW LONDON, CT; d. ?; m. Samuel BORDEN,

Mary Fox, b.26 Feb 1710; m.John (Hans A.M. Weebers)

Mary Fox

Mary Fox, b: 06 Jan 1739/40,

Mary Fox, b.19 Mar 1740; m.Peter (Hans A.M. Weebers)

Mary Fox, b. Nov 28, 1747, Mecklenburg Co., VA; daughter of Richard FOX (Lt. Col.) (b. 1701 VA) and Hannah WILLIAMSON (b. Nov 23, 1714, VA); m. Luke MATHEWS (b. Mar 15, 1739, Murfreesboro, TN)

Mary Fox, born ca. 1750-1760 in HUNTERDON CO., NJ.; family may have come from SCOTLAND; married William AGLER in NJ. ca. (Colleen Eagan)

Mary Fox, b.13 Jun 1750; d.26 Feb (Hans A.M. Weebers)

Mary Fox, b.1751 Surry Co. VA; m. Samuel (Becky Fox De Baun)

Mary Fox, b.PHILA,ca 1754; m. Koster; d/o Philip and Amelia Fuch/

Mary Fox, b: 17 Apr 1754,

Mary Fox, b. 1756, King William, VA; daughter of Thomas FOX (b. 1750, King William, VA) and Leah KIPSCOMB (b. 1757, King William, VA); m. ? DEGGE (b. about 1752, probably King William, VA)

Mary Fox, b. 1763 (Loudon Co, VA); d/o Christiana BONHAM and Absalom FOX (Warren Co. OH)

Mary Fox, b.1763; d/o Annie COMBS and Amos

Mary Fox, b. 1768, Spotsylvania, VA; daughter of Thomas FOX (b. 1711, Spotsylvania, VA) and Philadelphia CLAIBORNE (b. 1734, probably Spotsylvania, VA)

Mary Fox, b. 1772-80 Richland Dist, SC; daughter of William FOX (b. 1736-43, Craven District, SC) and Sarah CARROLL (b. 1736-48, Craven or Richland District, SC); m. ? POWELL (b. 1768-76, Craven or Richland Dist., SC)

Mary Fox, b.20 Sept 1789; d. 16 Aug 1833; do Sarah SUTTON and David FOX (Warren Co, OH); m. Joseph

Mary Fox, b. 1795, Rose Garden, King William, VA; daughter of Nathaniel FOX (b. 1763, King William, VA) and Mary Carver KING (b. about 1767, probably King William, VA); m. Bowler F. COCKE (b. about 1791, probably Rose Garden, King William, VA)

Mary Fox, b: 07 Aug 1803,

Mary Fox, b.29 Dec 1803; d.19 Sep 1863, Liskeard; m. Edward Anson (Hans A.M. Weebers)

Mary Fox, b. Dec 1, 1816 in E. Huntingdon Twp, Westmoreland Co, PA; daughter of Christian and Elizabeth (Funk) FOX; m. Jacob Overholt in 1836;nine children; d. August 20, 1895 in Westmoreland Co,

Mary Fox, b.15 Oct 1816; d.12 Mar 1910; d/o Sarah McFARLAND and Absalom FOX; m. Bonham FOX (cousin)

Mary Fox, b. bet 1825-1830 in TN; d. ?; Child of Gideon FOX (1805-1881) and Eunice BENNETT (b. 1803, d. bet 1850-1855); Mary married William JONES 20 Dec 1849 in Marshall Co.,

Mary Fox, b. Co. Limerick IRL in 1826; Immigrated to NYC in 1850 aboard the ship the Philadelphia; married Robert V O'Donnell c.1850; came to Chicago where she died in

Mary Fox, b.11 Aug 1835, Falmouth; d.3 Aug 1892, Brighton; m.Sir Joseph Whitwell (Hans A.M. Weebers)

Mary Fox, b. 1835 IL to John Fox and

Mary Fox, b.1836

Mary Fox, b. 1837 Gibson County Tennessee; Daughter of William Fox & Mary

Mary Fox, b. 1839,PA to ALBERT & CAROLINE FOX; d.?

Mary Fox, daughter of Allen FOX and Sarahn Abbye (Abba) DRAKE; b. 23 Mar 1840, DELHI, HAMILTON, OHIO (?); d. 1 Sep 1927, COLO, STORY, IOWA; m. Willim Stevens MORGAN, 8 Sep 1861, FRANKLIN, DEKALB,

Mary Fox, born 3 Sep 1844; birthplace unknown; Married William Alonzo Galloway 4 Oct 1864 in IL; Mary died 23 Feb 1893 Elgin, Union, (Arleta Galloway)

Mary Fox, b. 1845; Daughter of Johnson Monroe Fox & Nancy

Mary Fuchs, d/o Michael & Appolonia; b. abt. 1851 in BAVARIA; Married to August Behrend 15 Nov 1869 in Jefferson, WISCONSIN; d. ????

Mary Fox, b.approx.1852 in Ontario, CANADA; m. Wm. N. ROBINSON; d/o James FOX and Mary Jane ACHESON; Sister of Alice, John and (Grace DeBiasio)

Mary Fox, (Hans A.M. Weebers)

Mary Fox, b. 22 Oct 1853; d/o Mary FOX and Bonham FOX; (buried in Hillsdale, MI)

Mary Fox, Abt 1854; dau of Wm C/Mary Burgess

Mary Fox, d/o Robert and Lutetia FOX; born in Illinois

Mary Fox, b.14 Mar 1862; d/o Joanna FOX and Johnathan FOX; m. Theodore

Mary Fox, b. 1866, Pottawattamie, IOWA; d. ??; daughter of Basel FOX and Amanda BELL; spouse: ___

Mary Fox, b. 11-4-1873; d. 11-14-1905; wife of Edward Lee Fox (b. 1876-1943)

Mary Fox, b.1898 Lennox & Addington County, Ontario, Canada; d.?; d/o Shirley Fox and Sarah Adelia (Rob & Lynne Fox)

Mary A. Fox, B. 1 Nov. 1833 near Fannettsburg, Franklin Co. PA; D. 12 Feb. 1838 probably Stark County Ohio; d/o Reuben FOX and Jane

Mary A. Fox, b. 3/17/1862 in Clay Co, Indiana; d. before 1901; m. HICKMAN, Al; d/o FOX, James Kellogg Polk & WILLS, Rebecca Adriana.Submitter:(Lois)

Mary A. Fox, b. August 1889 in Lincoln, Logan Cty., Illinois; d. ?; Dau. of George Thomas Fox and Martha

Mary A. Fox, b.8 Dec 1898 Washington Twp, Hancock Co,

Mary Adelia Fox, b. 2-5-1908, PA to GEORGE & IRENE FOX; d.

Mary Alice Fox, b. 1877; Daughter of John W. and Emma Jane FOX in Luray, Page Co.

Mary Ann Fox, b.1775; m. James Gill in SC; d/o Jacob and Martha Huddleston Fox.Submitter:canteista58

Mary Ann Fox, b.17 Mar 1786 Reading (Berks Cty),

Mary Ann Fox, b. abt. 1813; JOBE; m. John Wesley FUQUAY (1st wife) 23 July 1833, BULLITT CO., KY; d. Unknown; Parents (Pat Settle)

Mary Ann Fox, b.3 Apr 1821 Ohio or

Mary Ann Fox, b. 6 Nov 1837 in TN; d. 14 May 1881 in Marshall Co., TN.; Dau. of Pervines FOX, Sr. (1810-1887) and Narcissa BENNETT (1809-1848); Mary Ann married Frances Marion Wheatley in Mar 1855 in Marshall

Mary Ann Fox, b.14 Jun 1853

Mary Ann Fox, b. ca 1859; d. 15 Apr

Mary Anna Fox, (Hans A.M. Weebers)

Mary Anna Fox, b.25 Sep (Hans A.M. Weebers)

Mary Anne Fox, b.1892; d.1934; Daughter of Ulysses S. Grant Fox & Sarah Elizabeth Knight; married: John

Mary Barron Fox, b: 1788, MA; m: Nathaniel Freeman, 1809; d:

Mary Brafford Fox, Born: 23 Jul 1887; Barbourville, Knox Co., KY; Died: 21 Oct 1957; London, Laurel Co, KY; Father:William Pleas Fox; Mother:Ella Catherine Charles; Married: Robert Frederick Reiser; 11 Sep 1902; Corbin, Whitley Co.,

Mary Bronough Fox, b. about 1796, Stafford, VA; daughter of John FOX (b. 1770, Spotsylvania, VA) and Ann THRELKELD (b. 1772, Stafford, VA); m. William, M. CRAIG (b. about 1792, probably Stafford, VA)

Mary Brown Fox, b.1787; d.1863; m.Charles Louis (Hans A.M. Weebers)

Mary C. Fox, b. about 1850 in Westmoreland Co, PA; daughter of David F. and Lucy (Stillaman) FOX; d. after

Mary Catherine Fox, (Hans A.M. Weebers)

Mary Catherine Fox, (Hans A.M. Weebers)

Mary Catharine Fox, b.10 Oct 1852

Mary Cecilia Fox, b.13 Sep 1853, (Hans A.M. Weebers)

Mary Claiborne Fox, b. 1720-1745, Brunswick, VA or SC; daughter of William FOX (b. about 1710, King William, VA) and Sarah AVENT (b. 1698-1710, probably Sussex, VA); m. ? JOHNSON (b. 1710 or 1741, Brunswick, VA)

Mary Coleman Fox, b. 1796, King William, VA; daughter of John FOX (b. June 29, 1760, St. John's King William, Co., VA) and Frances Wyatt WOOLFOLK (b. June 29, 1762, Caroline, VA)

Mary E. Fox, Daughter of Enoch Daniel Fox & Nancy Elizabeth

Mary E. Fox, b. Mar. 1, 1876, NJ?; daughter of Charles Hinkle FOX & Emma THOMAS; married William J. Davison of Albany

Mary E. Fox, b. 20 July 1877, KY; d. Unknown; d/o Alfred James FOX and Mary Elizabeth (Pat Settle)

Mary Eliza Fox, b: December 23, 1821 in Greene County, Pennsylvania; d: October 01, 1909 in Duck Creek, Ritchie County, West Virginia; married January 16, 1845 in Ritchie County, Virginia, James Larkin Cunningham (b: October 24, 1824 in Virginia d: October 10, 1887 in Duck Creek, Ritchie County, WV, Father: John V. Cunningham Mother: Sarah King) (Susan Bedson)

Mary Elizabeth Fox, b.24 Mar 1799 Lancaster Co,

Mary Elizabeth Fox, b. 1822, VA; daughter of Joseph FOX (b. 1785, King William, VA) and Elizabeth Darrell FOX (b. 1785, King William, VA)

Mary Elizabeth Fox, b.1834; (Hans A.M. Weebers)

Mary Elizabeth Fox, b.VanWert Co.OH 1848 d.VanWert Co.Dec.27,1902 d/o Otho FOX & Susan RITTNER m. John D. FOWLER Jan.19,1869-Submitter: Lily (

Mary Elizabeth Fox, b. 9-17-1870 Wright County, Mo.; d. 9-26-1950 Howell County, Mo.; Married John William KARR on 9-5-1889 at J.W. FOX Residence (b. 9-13-1868 d. 11-19-1933); both are buried in HALL Cemetery in Howell County Mo.; her parents are Joseph William Fox & MArtha Ann

Mary Elizabeth Fox, b. 12/29/1880 in Arkansas; d. 3/16/1882 in ?; Daughter of Shadrach FOX and Polly AMIS.Submitter:Dallas Fox (

Mary Elizabeth Fox, b. 1884, LEE or OWSLEY CO., KY (?); d. (?); Mary went by the nickname of Liz; Liz is the daughter of Harvey and Sarah Ann CAUDILL FOX; She is the granddaughter of John Henry and Sarah JOHNSON

Mary Elizabeth Fox, born: Jun 5, 1889; death Nov 8, 1983; Buried in Monacacy Cemetery Montgomery County

Mary Elizabeth Fox, b.24 Jan 1904; d/o Grace HOBSTETTER and Fredrick

Mary Elizabeth Fox, (Hans A.M. Weebers)

Mary Ella Fox, born August 29, 1885; daughter of Charles and Mary Lincks Fox; married CLOSS, Ralph J. February 09, 1910; died October 21,

Mary Frances Emaline Fox, (dau of Henry FOX and Nancy BELL); b. 1876, TENNESSEE; d. 1935 probably TENNESSEE; m. Joe David MOORE; Known child is Kathleen Ruble

Mary Gertrude Fox, b. July 6, 1864 in APANOOSE CO., IOWA to John Fox born in OHIO and Sarah Jane BOYLES; died July 29, 1943 in OKLAHOMA CITY; A resident of OK City, she was a retired teacher,

Mary Hapock Fox, b. 10 April 1870, TX; d. 25 April 1871 TX; daughter of John Lihue Fox (b. 1839 TN) and Nancy Charlottia Brown (b. 1839, NC)

Mary Helen Fox, b. 26 Oct

Mary Helen Fox, b. 4 Nov 1922 in Hamilton, OH; d. Aug. 1986; Married Clarence RUOFF; Daughter of James Lattie FOX and Nellie

Mary Irea Fox, d/o Lucy HARDY and Amos FOX; m. Charles

Mary J. Fox, b. 5 Oct 1849 Platte City, Platte Co., Missouri; daughter of John James Fox and Mary J.

Mary Jane Fox, b. Abt.1837 in MI; d. 1906 in Marengo Twp. (Calhoun Co.), MI; buried in Marengo Cem, Marengo, MI; m. 1st Michael Weaver 3/22/1856 in Olivette (Eaton Co.), MI m . 2nd Alexander Adams 3/16/1882 in Calhoun Co., MI; father:Thomas Fox, Sr. & mother: Mary Elizabeth

Mary Jane Fox, b.2-2-1848 Gibson County, Tennessee; d. 1-2-1917 Howell County, Mo.; Daughter of Enoch Fox & Tabitha Dorcas Fox; married James Knox Polk Ledbetter on

Mary Jane Fox, married John Wright on 10-16-1889 in Howell County, MO.; Daughter of Allen Esau Fox & Mary E.

Mary Jane Fox, "Janie" (will) "Polly" (bible); b. 24 Dec. 1832, TN; m. William Hambrick (will) prior to 1869; daughter of Robert A. Fox (b. 1801, TN (bible)) and Mary Reed. (b. 1809, TN (bible))

Mary Jane Fox, b: 25 Nov 1848, Dracut

Mary Jane (Jennie) Fox, born October 10, 1857; daughter of Louis and Magdalena Hahn Fox; married STEWART, John; died August 10,

Mary Jane Fox, d.21 Oct 1919; m.Alfred Lloyd (Hans A.M. Weebers)

Mary Jeffries Fox, b.5 May 1822 Lawrence Co. MS; d. 6 Jan. (Becky Fox De Baun)

Mary Kate Fox, b.1848; d.Feb (Hans A.M. Weebers)

Mary Kendrick Fox, b. about 1768, Mecklenburg, VA; daughter of William FOX (b. Feb 13, 1732, Surrey, VA) and Mary KENDRICK (b. April 12, 1738, Isle of Wight, VA)

Mary Lois Fox, b. private, still living; d/o William Andrew & Mary Catherine (ECKES) FOX; m. Pietro "Peter" Antonio

Mary Lucille Fox, b. private, still living; d/o Benjamin Franklin & Viola (WEBB) FOX; m. Percy

Mary Margaret Fox, b.Oct.17,1868 Braxton Co.,WV; d.Sept.22,1936; marr. Fleetwood Riddel Sept.29,1894 Charleston,Kanawha Co.,WV; dau.of Arthur Wellinton FOX and Elizabeth

Mary Margaret Fox, dob between Oct-Dec 1879 in RENVILLE COUNTY, MINNESOTA; d/o Mathew and Margaret Regan Fox; Became a nun (Sister Lourdes); dod Jan 3, 1938 in LEWISTON,

Mary Martha Fox, b.6 Mar. 1849; d.14 June 1928; m. Joshua Stuart; d/o of Benjmain and Francis Fox in

Mary Naomi Fox, b.8-16-1925; d. 6-18-1976; Daughter of Joel Vest Fox & Parzettie

Mary Plina Fox, b.20 Jan. 1897; d.7 Jan. 1939; m. Alvin Lenord Tindle in MS; d/o of John H. Fox and Appalonia

Mary Polly Fox, b. 1775, King William VA; daughter of Thomas FOX (b. 1750, King William, VA) and Leah LIPSCOMB (b. 1757, King William, VA); m. William RING (b. Oct 5, 1758, Kent ENGLAND)

Mary Polly Fox, b. 1785, Green Co., RN; daughter of Andrew FOX (b. about 1755, Culpepper, VA) and Sarah (b. about 1759, VA); m. Simeon BROYLES (b. 1779-1781, Culpepper Co., VA)

Mary Priscilla Fox, b.9 Mar 1900; m. Howard (Hans A.M. Weebers)

Mary Russell Fox, b.30 Oct 1926; d/o Helen COERVER and Burwell

Mary Ruth Fox, (Hans A.M. Weebers)

Mary Scott Fox, b. about 1809, Mecklenburg, NC; daughter of Stephen FOX (b. 1774, Spotsylvania, VA) and Elizabeth HERNDON (b. about 1778, probably Spotsylvania,

Mary Susan Fox, b. Oct 9, 1853 in Monroe Co., KY; d. Jan 21, 1932 in Monroe Co., KY; dau. of John FOX and Elizabeth ISENBERG; married William Tolbert TURNER Oct. 18. ?

Mary Theodora Fox, b.22 May 1861; m. Herbert Athelstan (Hans A.M. Weebers)

Mary Theresa Fox/Fuchs, daughter of Carl FOX/FUCHS & Elizabeth HOFFMAN; b. 15 June 1849 Phila.,Pa.; d. 11 February 1888 Phila.,Pa.; m. August Justin

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