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Mayflower - A Prosperous Wind - By Dr Mike Haywood
Mayflower - A Prosperous Wind - Close-up By Dr Mike Haywood
Mayflower - The Wind Freshens - By Dr Mike Haywood
Pilgrim overboard
"A Prosperous Wind"
"The Wind Freshens"
"Pilgrim overboard"
The main beam bowed and cracked - By Dr Mike Haywood
Mayflowers End - By Dr Mike Haywood
Howland Overboard - By Dr Mike Haywood
Mayflower-in-riptide-off-Mo. - By Dr Mike Haywood
"The Main Beam Bowed and Cracked"
"Mayflowers End"
"Howland Overboard"
Mayflower's-Dawn - By Dr Mike Haywood
Capt Miles Standish - By Dr Mike Haywood The-Pilgrims-Landing,-Nov - By Dr Mike Haywood .
"Mayflower's Dawn"
"Capt. Miles Standish"
"The-Pilgrims-Landing,-Nov" .

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Paintings by Dr. Mike Haywood
Used With Permission

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