Plumstead Genealogy and associated families

Ancestors of Forrest Gene PLUMSTEAD Sr

Quaker Healds

Certificates of Removal, [1682-1750] Philadelphia Monthly Meeting

. . .Ireland. From Edenderry Mtt., King's Go.,Ireland, dated 11 mo. 28 [year not given]. Some of the sigbers: Wm Chandlee Jr. and Nath. Chandlee.

Margaret Bye and two daughters, Certifcate from Horsleydown Mtg., England, received 4 mo. 27, 1701.

John Pickott, or Piggott, unmarried, "who some time resided amongst us here & lately removing himself into Philadelphia," desires a certificate. From Mo. Mtg. at West River, Maryland, dated 11 mo. 29, 1702-3. Marriage to Alice Ranier authorized 8 me. 27, 1704.

Elizabeth Green, unmarried, "lived here in this City several years." From Mtg. at Dublin, Ireland, dated 11 mo. 26, 1702. Received 4 mo. 25, 1703.

Robert Finley, "who hath been a Captive in Barbary Nineteen years and convinced there Sixteen years, before he was redeemed from thence by friends. Hath since his redeption mostly had his Residence when in England in & about this City." Unmarried. From Two Weeks' Mtg. at Bull and Mouth, London, England, dated 1 mo. 22, 17023. Received 6 ino. 27, 1703.

Rachel Cumberlidge, from London, England, received 4 mc. 20, 1702.

Samuel Held, [Heald] and wife, Mary,

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both born of believing parents., from Mo. Mtg. held at Morley, Co. of Chester, England dated 10 mo. 8, 1702. Joan Held, a signer. Received 5 mo. 30, 1703.

Thomas Iredell, a young man, unmerried, from Mo. Mtg. at Pardsay Cragg, in Cumbenland, England, dated 6 mo. 27, 1700. Received 8 mo. 29, 1703.

Richard Robinson, unmarried, leather dresser, "hath been a Captive in barbary four years and convinced of truth thear about fourteen mouths before he was redeemed thence by friends: and since his Redemption when in England had his Residence in and about this City." From Two Weeks' Mtg. at Bull and Mouth, London, England, dated 1 mo. 22, 17023. Received 9 mo. 26, 1703.

Richard Webb, of City of Gloucester, England, and family, from Quarterly Mtg. at Naylsworth, County of Gloucester, England, dated 6 mo. 27, 1700. Original certificate. Received 12 mo. 28, 1700.

Peter Stretch, wife and family, from Mo. Mtg. at Leek, Staffordshire, England,dated 10 mo. 3,1702. Received 6 mo. 27,1703.

Margery Keith, unmarried, from Bridgetown Mo. Mtg., Barbadoes, dated 3 mo. 28, 1702. John Beek, at our last Mo. Mtg., desired a certificate for his sister Margery Keith

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