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Ancestors of Forrest Gene PLUMSTEAD Sr

Quaker HOBSONs

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Plymouth Monthly Meeting OH

____,__,__. Samuel & Ann
....Ch: Maryanne b 1855,8,22
........Adalize. b 1857,4,22
1856,03,13 Unity d ae 44
1857,12,02 John W., s Stephen & Lydia,
....Washington Co.,O.; m in Plymouth MH, Mary
....Ann HEALD, dt Levi & Lydia, Washington
....Co.,O., d 1871,10,20 (G-G-Grandparents)

1858,04,28. Belinda H. m Lindley M. FOWLER
1859,01,18. Linneaus., s John W. & Mary, b (G-Grandfather)
1861,11,27. Phebe W. m Chalkley T. FOWLER
1862,03,26. Belinda S. m John SCHOFIELD
1862,09,24. Benjamin J., s Thos. & Unity,
....Washington Co., O.; m in Plymouth MH, Martha
....E. MARSHALL, dt John & Ann, Washington Co.,
....O., d 1881,2,1 ae 37
....Ch: Emma b 1864,9,7 d 1868,8,14
........Thomas Alden b. 1868,11,12
........Arthur Brunson b. 1871,3,16
........William C. b. 1874,11,10
....Benjamin J. m 2nd 1852,8,31 in Southland MH,
....Sarah A. DEAN, dt Jonathan & Elizabeth
....Washington Co., O.
....Ch: John A. b 1887,8,4
1864,02,26 Thomas C., s John and Rebecca, d ae 20
1866,10,24 Mary Ann m John S. DEAN
1874,03,26 Belinda m Joseph BINNS
1875,08,24 Dorothy m John F. STRATTON
____,__,__ William & Elizabeth
.....Ch: George W. b 1886,05,15 d 1896,08,26
1879,11,26 Mary S., dt Andrew & Ruth STANLEY
....d ae 57
1882,07,27 Thomas s John & Belinda Washington Co.,
....O.; m in Southland MH, Eliza A WORTHINGTON, dt
....Wm & Elizabeth, Washington Co., O.
1891,08,27 Thomas Alden s Benjamin J. & Martha
....Washington Co.,o.;m Southland MH, Tracy Ann
....DAVIS, dt Jehu & Ruth, Washington Co.,O.
....Ch: Emma
........Gertrude b 1893,02,20
........Emmerson b 1895,04,06
1893,03,20 Rebecca, John NAYLOR d ae 84
1893,06,30 Stephen, s John & Belimda, d
1893,07,07 Lydia, dt John & Jane MOTT d ae 79
1893,11,05 John d ae 85

1852,07,19 Thomas & w Unity, & child Benjamin
....J.,Mary,Dorothy,John A. & Belinda, rocf Smithfield
....MM, O., dtd 1852,4,19
1854,10,23 Samuel N gct Carmel MM.,O., to m Anna M KEALD
1855,03,19 Anna M rocf Middleton MM, O., dtd 1855,02,08
1857,08,17 Thomas gct Salem MM, to m Mary STANLY
1858,03,22 Mary S. rocf Salem MM, dtd 1858,02,21
1863,08,17 Samuel N. & w Anna M. dis disunity
1864,11,21 James dis mcd
1866,08,20 Mary J. dis jG
1867,06,17 Rebbeca Jane Ellis (form HOBSON) dis mcd
1869,04,19 John W. dis disunity
1870,12,19 William dis mcd
1872,06,23 John A. gct Flushing MM, O., to m Martha H. BRANSON
1873,11,17 Mary Ann Lovell (form HOBSON) dis mcd
1874,02,23 Marrianna Lovel (form HOBSON) dis mcd
1874,04,20 John A. gct Flushing MM, O.
1877,07,23 Elizabeth J. (form FOWLER) con mcd
1877,11,19 Joseph G. dis mcd
1880,10,18 Adaliaza Lovel (form HOBSON) dis mcd
1883,08,20 William rst rq
1887,02,21 Linneaus D. dis mcd
1891,06,22 Lena M. & Stephen J., Ch Wm & Elizabeth, recrq

Short Creek Monthly Meeting OH

1807,05,21 Francis, s Joseph & Ann, Jefferson Co., O.; m in Short Creek MH, Grace MICHENER, dt
....John & Martha, Jefferson Co., O.
1807,11,26 Ann m Isaac BOWMAN
1818,04,28 Joseph P., s Wm., d bur Richmond
1828,12,09 Joseph d ae 82 bur Richmond
1835,09,22 Esther d ae 20 bur Richmond
1836,10,31 Esther M. d ae 20 bur Richmond
1838,10,31 Mary Ann d ae 2 bur Smithfield
____,__,__ Thomas & Unity
....Ch: Benjamin J. b 1841,07,18
........Mary J. b 1843,09,13
........Sarah A. b 1844,10,15
........Dorothy b 1847,05,14
........John A. b 1849,02,07
........Belinda b 1851,08,09
1842,06,06 Mary d ae 27
1842,10,29 Charles d ae 1
1842,11,06 Mary T., dt Wm., d bur Richmond
____,__,__ Benjamin & Sarah Ann
....Ch: Edwin T. b 1851,04,05
........Thomas C. b 1853,01,24
........Martha Ann b 1854,11,28 d 1863,11,28 d 1863,11,19 bur Cross Creek
........John A. b 1859,11,06
1851,12,19 John d ae 74 bur Cross Creek
1863,11,31 Benjamin d ae 40 bur Cross Creek

1804,05,19 Belinda & s, Joseph, recrq
1804,10,20 John rocf Redstone MM, dtd 1804,08,29
****,09,19 Jon then Michener gct Plymouth MM, to m Jane HOBSON
1853,08,23 Parker HALL gct Flushing MM, to m Rebecca HOBSON
1866,10,23 Abraham dis jg (W)
1866,11,20 Elizabeth dis disunity (W)
1874,02,24 Joseph P. Binns gct Plymouth MM, to m Belinda HOBSON
1880,06,22 Sarah Ann gct Newgarden MM (W)

Redstone Monthly Meeting PA

1795,9,25 John recrq
1795,9,25 Ann & ch Francis, Mary Agness, Joseph, Jane, Esther, Phebe & William recrq
1796,9,30 Joseph rocf Warrington MM dtd 1796,2,13
1802,4,30 Joseph & w Ann, & ch Francis, Mary, Ann, Joseph, Jane, William, Esther, Phebe & James, gct Concord MM, NW Territory
1803,7,1 John con mou
1804,6,29 John gct Short Creek MM O.

Providence Monthly Meeting PA

1802,8,21 Joseph & w Anne, & ch Francis, Mary, Ann, Joseph, Jane, William, Esther, Phebe & James, rocf Redstone MM, dtd 1802,4,30

Plainfield Monthly Meeting PA

1818,7,23 Francis & w, Grace & ch Ann, John, Martha, & Esther, rocf Smithfield MM dtd 1818,6,22

New Garden Monthly Meeting PA

Birth, Marriage, Death

Sarah Ann, dt Thomas and Unity, b 1844,10,15 d 1909,8,27 bur Winona, O.
1850,4,26 Benjamin m Sarah Ann JOHNSON


1839,12,26 Thomas rmt Unity Johnson
1840,5,21 Unity gct Smithfield MM
1850,7,25 Sarah Ann gct Smithfield MM
1880,8,26 Sarah Ann rocf Short Creek MM, O., dtd 1880,6,22
1902,11,22 Eber S. rocf Gilead MM, dtd 1902,10,14 (G)
1903,6,24 Eber S. gct Lupton MM(G)
1903,10,21 Thomas C. & w, Ann, & s Wm., rocf Mt. Gilead MM, O., dtd 1903,10,20 (G)
1905,11,22 Thomas C. & w, Ann, & s, Wm., gct Gilead MM(G)
1906,12,20 Sara Ann rmt Joseph Masters

Explanation of Abbreviations

b. born
bur. buried.
cert. Certificate: a statement issued by a monthly meeting to a person (or persons) transferring their membership to another monthly meeting. Also a marriage certificate.
ch child, children.
co chosen overseer(s): selected for an important office of responsibility in the meeting.
com complained, complained of: a person could be complained of for an act that was contrary to the rules and advices as outlined in the Discipline. Unless the member could satisfy the monthly meeting of his or her innocence or repentance, the next step was usually disownment.
con condemned: an act of confession and repentance by a member who had been "complained of" ("reported") or even "disowned" for a violation of the Discipline. When a person "condemned" his or her own misconduct, the monthly meeting might then restore him or her to membership.
d died.
dec deceased.
dis disowned, disowned for: removed from membership for violation of the rules or advices in the Discipline; does not imply exclusion from worship, but only the right to participate in decision making. Unless the person later repented and "condemned" his or her own misconduct and was later readmitted into membership, he or she would not be mentioned again in the minutes.
dt daughter, daughters.
fam family.
form formerly.
gc granted certificate: permitted to move one's membership.
gct granted certificate to: permitted to move one's membership to a particular meeting.
gl granted letter: permitted to move one's membership to a church of another denomination.
h husband.
jas joined another (religious) society (denomination).
ltm liberated to marry, left at liberty to marry: permitted to marry.
m marry, married, marrying, marriage.
mbr member.
mbrp membership.
mcd married contrary to disciple: married another Friend, but in a civil ceremony (usually resulting in disownment); sometimes used interchangeably with "married out of society" or "married out of unity".
MH meetinghouse: the church building.
MM monthly meeting: the lowest administrative unit of Friends, originally comprising of several particular or "preparative" meetings (congregations) that met together monthly to transact church business.
mos married out of society: married a non-Friend, usually resulting in disownment; sometimes used interchangeably with "married contrary to discipline" or "married out of unity".
mou married out of unity: married to a non-Friend, usually resulting in disownment; sometimes used interchangeably with "married contrary to discipline" or "married out of unity."
mtg meeting: may refer to a Friends religious service ("meeting for worship"), and administrative meeting ("meeting for business," "monthly meeting," etc.), or the congregation itself.
prc produced a certificate: transferred membership.
prcf produced a certificate from: transferred membership from one meeting to another.
QM quarterly meeting: the second administrative level of Friends, comprising of several "monthly" meetings that met together quarterly to transact church business.
rec receive, received (into membership).
recrq received (into membership) by request, rather than by transfer of membership from another Friends Meeting.
relfc released from care for: no longer under consideration for a disciplinary offense; acquitted.
relrq released by request: withdrew from membership in the Society of Friends, unless reinstated, this person would not be mentioned again in the minutes.
rem remove, removed: move or moved to another location and/or meeting.
rm reported married: the marriage certificate was not included in the minutes, but the fact that the wedding took place and the name of the marriage partner were noted.
roc received on certificate: membership transferred from another Friends meeting.
rol received on letter: membership transferred from a church of another denomination.
rolf received on letter from: membership transferred from a particular church of another denomination.
rpd reported: complained, complained of for an act contrary to the rules and advices as outlined in the Discipline. Unless the member could satisfy the monthly meeting of his or her innocence or repentance, the next step was usually disownment.
rq request, requests, requested.
rqc requested certificate: requested a transfer of membership.
rqct requested certificate to: requested a transfer of membership to a particular Friends meeting.
rqcuc requested to come under care (of a meeting): requested to be considered for membership.
rst reinstate, reinstated.
s son, sons.
uc under care (of a meeting) for membership.
w wife.
YM Yearly Meeting: the highest administrative level of Friends, comprising of several quarterly meetings that met together annually to conduct business.
The "ae" stands for some Latin term, like "aetatus" although that may not be it exactly. It means "aged" but is usually in other works abbreviated as "aet."
The "dis jG" means disowned for joining Gurneyite Friends. You may also find in the Gurneyite records "dis jW" meaning disowned for joining Wilburite Friends. This is a schism primarily impacting in Ohio. There were a number of splinter Separatist groups from what might be considered Quaker Orthodoxy.

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