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Q:How do I find what number of cousin someone else is to me and what does "times removed mean?
A:This is probably the most confusing part of Genealogy. The answer to this question lies in your grandfather's position. You need to find out what grandfather the two of you share. Then find out how many greats that grandfather is to you. The other person is your nth cousin n being how many times great your grandfather is. Now find out how many greats this grandfather is from the person you are looking for. Subtract the lower number of greats from the higher number of greats and that is the number of times removed, or how many genrations between you and the other person. Here is a chart showing those relationships, with instructions and a real life example.

Common AncestorGrandfatherG-Grandfather2X G-Grandfather3X G-Grandfather4X G-Grandfather5X G-Grandfather6X G-Grandfather7X G-Grandfather
Grandfather1st Cousin1st Cousin 1X1st Cousin 2X1st Cousin 3X1st Cousin 4X1st Cousin 5X1st Cousin 6X1st Cousin 7X
G-Grandfather1st Cousin 1X2nd Cousin2nd Cousin 1X2nd Cousin 2X2nd Cousin 3X2nd Cousin 4X2nd Cousin 5X2nd Cousin 6X
2X G-Grandfather1st Cousin 2X2nd Cousin 1X3rd Cousin3rd Cousin 1X3rd Cousin 2X3rd Cousin 3X3rd Cousin 4X3rd Cousin 5X
3X G-Grandfather1st Cousin 3X2nd Cousin 2X3rd Cousin 1X4th Cousin4th Cousin 1X4th Cousin 2X4th Cousin 3X4th Cousin 4X
4X G-Grandfather1st Cousin 4X2nd Cousin 3X3rd Cousin 2X4th Cousin 1X5th Cousin5th Cousin 1X5th Cousin 2X5th Cousin 3X
5X G-Grandfather1st Cousin 5X2nd Cousin 4X3rd Cousin 3X4th Cousin 2X5th Cousin 1X6th Cousin6th Cousin 1X6th Cousin 2X
6X G-Grandfather1st Cousin 6X2nd Cousin 5X3rd Cousin 4X4th Cousin 3X5th Cousin 2X6th Cousin 1X7th Cousin7th Cousin 1X
7X G-Grandfather1st Cousin 7X2nd Cousin 6X3rd Cousin 5X4th Cousin 4X5th Cousin 3X6th Cousin 2X7th Cousin 1X8th Cousin


1. Find the common grandfather that the two of you share.
2. Find out how many greats that grandfather is to you.
3. Find that grandfather on the horizontal part of the chart.
4. Find out how many greats that grandfather is to the other person.
5. Find that grandfather on the vertical part of the chart.
6. From there follow that horizontal line till it intersects with your grandfathers column.
7. That square tells you what cousin that person is to you and how many times removed.


President Richard M. NIXON and I share Jonas POTTS as a common grandfather
Jonas POTTS is my 7X Great Grandfather so on the top row go to the square marked 7X g-grandfather. (in bold italic)
Jonas POTTS is President Nixon's 6X Great Grandfather so go down the first Column to the square marked 6X g-grandfather.(in bold italic)
Follow the row where President Nixon's 6X g-grandfather is at until you are under my 7X g-grandfather and you will see that President Richard M. Nixon is my 7th cousin once removed.

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