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Ancestors of Forrest Gene PLUMSTEAD Sr

Favorite Links
Free Genealogy Pages, Free Census (Not a trial), Free Genealogy Program, Cemetery Lookups

Here are some good free or nearly free sites that I use all the time. Roots web Latter Day Saints Genealogy site. GEDCOM sharing site. Subscription site but there are ways you can work for research time without cash. From here you can find the internet address of any county that participates in the GenWeb project. Yes this is a subscription service but if you use their search engine it will let you look at a GEDCOM sharing database and the Social Security Death index (USA) for free. They also offer a free family tree software which I have used for over a year now without complaint.

Cemetery Lookup Sites Cemeteries in the United States, Canada and Australia Cemeteries of the United States of America - American
Find A Grave


Find Ancestral Photographs And Family History At Dead Fred

Quaker Sites

The Religious Society of Friends
The Quaker Corner

FREE Genealogy Software!

For a Free copy of genealogy software from Click here. If you have any questions please e mail me and I will try to help. I'm no expert but I have been using the program for a year and know my way around the program.


Speaking of Census here are a few sources for **Free Census ** if you find this helpful please sign up to be a volunteer transcriber. The more people transcribing the faster we will have all of the US Census available free and not have to pay subscriptions!

Rootsweb - Census - Completed Transcriptions

US GenWeb had a census project in which volunteers (Like myself) transcribe census images into text files which are posted on the web for free viewing. This project is **far** from complete, but it's worth a look. Keep coming back to it because it is updated every week. The national project manager was the only one preparing the files for uploading and she had some family emergencies last year and a back log got created. Now there are other people assisting her and the backlog is starting to get cleared up. One other link:

Rootsweb - Census - States

This is also part of the US GenWeb project and is where volunteers look to see what counties are available for transcription. If you choose a state and a year (census are taken in the US every 10 years in the year ending with a 0, Canada and UK is every 10 years ending in 1) it will show you a chart of counties. Look in the "links" column. Some of the companies which sell census CDs donate low resolution images of census. If there are some for the county and year that you are looking for there will be a link in that column. These images can be downloaded to your hard drive by right clicking on the link and clicking on "Save Picture As..." in the pop-up menu.

These are an assortment of my favorite computer and internet tools.

X-Cleaner a really neat tool for locating and getting rid of spy ware on your hard drive which is telling somebody all the sites you visit what your passwords are etc.

Mail Washer Delete Spam before it downloads from your e-mail server onto your hard drive. Also has an interesting feature where you can send the spammers a bounce message so they think you are no longer at that address.

Argali White and Yellow Great little people search engine to locate lost friends and relatives.

Editpad Lite Notepad on steroids! This small but powerfull text editor will make you forget editpad. It allows you to open as many files at one time as you wish. No file size limits! Supports many file types including HTML (I write all my websites using this.)

Web Ferret An internet search engine with a twist. The engine resides on your hard drive! I find that it gives very useful and accurate returns. I'm using it right now to verify the link provided in this section.

Sygate Personal Firewall Free firewall what can I say? It helps keep out the bad guys or at least slows them down!

Clippy You never see those annoying > quote marks and broken paragraph lines on my e-mail replys. Why? Because I use Clippy (Not the stupid little paper clip in MS Word) to strip the quote marks out and reformat the repeated stuff.

Ram Pup There are better memory management systems out there then this, but not for free.

AVG Anti-Virus The program is free the updates are free. Can't beat that price!

WS_FTP lite Free FTP program, works great!
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