Plumstead Genealogy and associated families

Ancestors of Forrest Gene PLUMSTEAD Sr

History Index

Modified Report starting from James and Ann PLUMSTEAD in .rtf format requires MS Word.
Pedigree starting from Forrest PLUMSTEAD SR in .txt format.
HEALD and ROSS Civil War" in .html format
Plumstead to Heald Revolutionary War in .html format
Heald Family History in .html and .rtf
Newspaper Article about Gustav Schroeder in .html
Newspaper Articles about Grayce's Graduation in .html
Newspaper Articles about Risser House Remodeling in .html
Presidential Connections of the Plumstead Family
Plumstead to Watt Revolutionary War in .html
J. E. Roberts - CSA Discharge and Application for Civil War Pension
Parish Records - Marriage of James Plumstead and Ann Simpson
Will and Monumental Inscription of James Plumstead
World War I Draft Registration - Homer T. Jackson

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