Plumstead Genealogy and associated families


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Do you have any maps (Present Day or Antique) that are not restricted by copyright that you would like to share. Please email them to me and I will give you credit for donating when I publish the map. Please make sure that the map is high resolution. Thank you!

Yorkshire Map NW (file size 1,087 KB) Yorkshire Map NE (file size 1,002 KB) Yorkshire Map SE (file size 906 KB) Yorkshire Map SW (file size 1,082 KB)
Central and Southern England (Kingston Upon Hull to Southern Coast file size 222 KB) Ontario, Canada (file size 146 KB) Brant County, Ontario, Canada (file size 86 KB) Ohio Counties Map(file size 198 KB)
Quaker Pennsylvania Monthly Meeting(file size 53.1 KB) Chester County Monthly Meeting(2 maps file sizes 54 and 84 KB) Bucks County, Pennsylvania 1876(file sizes 63 KB) Western Quarter Quaker Meeting Map 1776 (file size 105 KB)
Western Quarter Philadelphia Monthly Meeting (file size 359 KB) . . .

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