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Prepared By Lindel R. Frailey

The Frailey's originated in Germany or Switzerland. The Germanic spelling of the name is Froelich.
There were various spellings of the name of those who arrived in this country.
Following is a list of some of those that emigranted to this country.

Pennsylvania German Pioneers Vol. 1

List 9a. Palatinate passengers, into Philadelphia.
Ship Mortonhouse, James Coultas, Capt. from Rotterdam.
Aug. 17th 1729.
Hans Michael Frelick
Anna Maria Frekick

List 45a. Pallatine passengers from 16 years and upward on board
the Snow Molly, John Howell, Master.
From Dover Sept. 10th 1737.
John Martin Frelich.

List 52a. From Palatines, Ship Winter Galley,
Edward Paynter, Commander. Sept 5th 1738.
113 women and children. 139 men.
Johan Daniel Freyligh age 39.

List 63a. Palatines on board the Billender Thistle from Rotterdam.
Commander George Houston,
November 3rd 1738.
Christian Frolich age 17.
Anna Lysbet Frolich age 13

List 80. Ship Samuel, Hugh Percy, Commander.
Dec. 3rd 1740.
Johan Henrich Frailick age 25.

Ship, Royal Union, from Rotterdam.
Aug. 15th 1750.
Lenhart Froly.
Ship Forest, Capt. Patrick Auchterlony, from Rotterdam
and last from Portsmouth, England.
Christian Freyly. Oct. 10th 1752.

List 191. Ship Rawley, Capt. John Grove, from Rotterdam,
last from Plymouth.
Johann Gottlieb Frolich. Oct. 23rd 1752.
List 195. Ship Phoenix, Capt. Ruben Monor, from Rotterdam,
last from Cowles.
Johannes Frolich, Jacob Frolich my son.
Abraham Freyly.
List 264. Ship Sally, from Rotterdam, last from Cowles.
Phillip Frolich.

It is my belief that Johann Daniel is the ancestor that arrived on Sept. 5th 1738.

History of Berks County, Pa. shows Daniel Freilich of Amity twp. taxed in 1759. Pennsylvania Archives Vol. 18, Series 3 contains a Daniel Freyley that was taxed in Berks County, Pa. in 1767 and 1768. He was a Tinker and had 4 acres and 1 cow. Daniel Froelig was taxed in Berks County, Pa. in 1779. He was a Bucklemaster. Both were in Amity Twp. He was not on the tax list in 1780. A book of Protestants Naturalization of Pennsylvania list John Daniel Frailey from Berks County, Amity Twp. as one of those that scruple to take the oath, dated 1765.

Our Daniel Frailey showed up in Rockingham County, Virginia in 1779. The Rockingham Co. Virginia abstract of surveys for the years 1751 to 1782 contain the following: Nathaniel Scott acknowledges his deed and bargain of sale to Daniel Frailey and wife Elizabeth dated August 23, 1779. Also on page 19 Daniel Frailey bought 12 acres on Smith's Creek, adjoining McGlamires and Needham, dated January 1781. He also bought on this date with John Helfrey 66 acres on Smith's Creek adjoining Zebucon Harrison, Lanfer and Am. In the same book on page 72 it notes that Daniel Frailey bought 14 acres between Smith's Creek and Peaked Mountain, adjoining Stevens, Crider and Conrad. Some say that John Helfrey married Daniel's sister.

Daniel Frailey is on the tax list in 1784 and 1788 and there were 8 in the family, 3 males and 5 females. Daniel and his son William were in the maitia in 1788 in Capt. Josiah Harrison's Co., Rockingham County, Virginia. Daniel and his sons William and John were on the Albemarle County, Virginia tax list of 1800. The tax list shows Daniel, 1 male in the household, 2 horses and 1 slave. William, male and 3 horses. John, 1 male. This means that none of them had a son in the household.

Daniel deeded the 12 acres on Smith's Creek to his son William on August 28th 1796. William sold this land on August 27th 1808 to Sarah Johnson of Rockingham County. The transaction was recorded in Augusta County, Virginia.

From the Kentucky Land Grant Books;

Book 15 page 551 Daniel Fraley, 300 acres. Date of survey January 23rd 1807. Warren County, Kentucky. Water course Tammels Creek. Book 26 page 351 Daniel Frailey, 300 acres. Date of survey January 24th 1807 Warren County, Kentucky. Water course Little Trammel Creek.

This area became Allen County.

Daniel must have left Virginia some time before 1808 as he married Millie Miller in Sumner County, Tennessee on February 22nd 1808. It seem that John and William and 3 of their sisters moved around the same time as they were all in Warren County, Kentucky in 1810. Also living next to John was Elizabeth Frailey over 45 years old. Was this Daniel's first wife and the mother of his children?

On December 5th 1815, Daniel applied to the Kentucky land office for a land warrant. He was issued warrant no. 193 in Hopkins County, Kentucky December 30th 1815. He entered 100 acres of land on the waters of Otter Creek, beginning at a black oak, hickory and gum standing in a military line and corner of Benjamin Reynold's 400 acres survey running north 35 degrees, west 130 poles to a white oak and hickory, thence north 55 degrees east 124 poles and at right angles around to the beginning.

Daniel died a little before October 1823 as his estate was inventoried October 15th 1823. Millie his wife died prior to July 23rd 1825 as the land was sold on that date to John Johnson.

The last Will and Testament of Daniel Frailey, which is on record at the county courthouse in Hopkins County, Kentucky.

The children of Daniel and Elizabeth were William, John, Rachel, Polly, Rebecca and Elizabeth. According to the will of Daniel, Rebecca was married to a Walton. I have her as married to Rice Dalton on December 10th 1797. As there were both Waltons and Dalton in the area the Frailey's in the 1810 census. I have been unable to say for sure which is Rebecca. I have also been unable to determine the husband of Polly. He could be John Weaver.

This report on the descendants of Daniel Frailey is basically in 2 parts, that is the descendants of his sons John and William. However some of Elizabeth and Rachel's descendants are at the end of this report.

The writer spent years putting this information together, it is hoped to be of some interest.

Lindel Frailey, January 24th 2001.

Lindel Frailey passed away on 6/5/2002.
He was an avid researcher and travel around the country for 20 years researching the Frailey line.
He will be missed as a great source of information and a loving Uncle.

Jackie Harris


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