Various news articles mostly from the Daily Register, Harrisburg, Illinois
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News Articles

Angleton, Marsh Assassination Attempt

Banks, Oma Visiting on Vacation

Barger, Jewell N. Prompted To Sergeant

Banks, Otis 71st Birthday

Barnett, Ralph 31st Birthday

Barter Reunion June 1953

Baugher, Dora Visiting with brother Frederick Wood Baugher

Baugher, Grace Broken Collar Bone Mending

Belt, James  Assassinated, a Desperate Man

Belt, John W. Returns Home

Black, Marie Frailey Shop Closed for Brother Joe's Funeral

Blair, Emsley House Burns and Grandma Sarah dies in Blaze

Burklow, Leonard Promoted

Cemeteries In Shape For Memorial Day

Colbert, Grover Attends Herman Vinyard Funeral

Colbert Reunion September 26, 1948

Colbert, Joseph 17th Birthday

Cunningham, Ida Hooten Baby Shower

Dallas, A. E. Birthday, Lowell Vinyard Attends

Dann, Woodrow Promoted

Dodd, Henry Lt. Mother Sees Newsreel of Son

Dunn, Ruby Lavern Milligan Appendix

Dutton, Abner Administrator of Estate

Evans, Zachie Dale On Ship Occupying Jap Base

Ewell, Hal Wounded in Hospital

Frailey, Arthur Discharged from Service

Frailey, Charles Woodrow Lawyer

Frailey, Charles to Cowden for sister's illness

Frailey, Charles Clarrisa Holm to Care for Sick Wife

Frailey, D. F. Taxi Cab Ad

Frailey, D. F. Exchange Farm for Decatur property

Frailey, D. F. Exchange for Automobile

Frailey, Daniel Visiting

Frailey, James A. Discharged from Service

Frailey, Joseph Murray Dickerson Surety for C. L. Jones

Frailey, Joseph Murray Dickerson Injures Back in Fall

Frailey, Joseph In Hospital

Frailey, Marie Opens Beauty Shop

Frailey, Sam Robbed at Gunpoint

Frailey, Sam Farm Auction

Frailey, Sam Monthly Events November 1948

Ginger, Bryan Attends Vinyard Reunion

Gustin, Alpheus House Robbed

Gustin, Alpheus Brother visits from Michigan

Gustin, Charles On Leave

Gustin, Robert Visits Father Alpheus

Harrisburg Merchants Baseball Team, Herman Vinyard

Healy, Dorothy Colbert Baby Shower

Hooten, Drutell Attends Jean Shetler Party

Hooten, Juanita Attends Stout Wedding Shower

Hooten, Nina Church

Hooten, Nina Attends Richardson Baby Shower

Hull, Floyd Returns To Duty

Hull, Lee Roy Seaman's Training

Hull, Robert Farewell Diner

Jury List  Hooten, Partain, Vinyard, April 11, 1949

Lamar, June Farewell Party

Lanton, Grace Patton Visiting from Detroit

Ledbetter, Archie Graduates from Instrument Training

Ledbetter, Howard Letter

Ledbetter, John Eston Dies of Bullet Wound

Ledbetter, John Eston Roy Chamberlain Held in Shooting

Ledbetter, John Eston Roy Chamberlain Indicted

Ledbetter, John Eston Roy Chamberlain Trial continued to Dec

Ledbetter, John Eston Roy Chamberlain Jury Convened April 1958

Ledbetter, John Eston Roy Chamberlain Defense Rests

Ledbetter, John Eston Acquitted of Murder

Milligan, Henry Surprise Supper, JKP Milligan Family

Milligan, Ila Selling Dining Room Suite

Milligan, Jennie Seets Sick

Milligan Reunion James K.P. Milligan Family 1953

Milligan, Warren May Get Leave

Milligan, Warren E. Re-enlists

Moore, Arthur Commander of Saline Co., American Legion

Moore, Darrell On Leave

Moore, Ernst E. Brig Gen Flies First Plane to Land at Iwo Jima

Moore, Hugh Purple Heart

Morris, Joe Wounded In Germany

Oglesby, Betty Lou Vinyard In Hospital for Appendix

Out Of The Past Feb 1939 1 2

Out Of The Past Nov 1956

Partain, Bob On Leave

Patton, John Brooks On Visit from Chicago

Pierson, Nellie Notice of Claim Date

Prather, Ida Visiting in Alton

Price, Pfc James In Philippines

Social And Personal Items June 12, 1945

Stevens G. W. Dr. Arrested

Tate, Clyde Bronze Star

The Reign of Terror caused by the Hardin County Ku-Klux

Tolbert-Joiner Murder Trial Set for Apr 11, 1949, Victim Sarah Slaton-68

Unwed Mother Burns Baby In Furnace Mary Grassi No Relation

Vaughn, Ross On Leave

Vinyard, Alice 16th Birthday

Vinyard, Charles William Car Wreck

Vinyard, Clyde Mother Dies Church Cancelled

Vinyard, Clyde Ordained Minister

Vinyard, Clyde Dinner Guests

Vinyard, Elva Wright Attends Maddox Baby Shower

Vinyard, Eugene Arrested For Burglary

Vinyard, Eugene Arrested For Petit Larceny

Vinyard, Haskell Attends Schwartz Wedding Shower

Vinyard, Haskell Objects to Closing of Clark St for Highway

Vinyard, Herbert Family Birthday Dinner

Vinyard, Herbert Visits Wisconsin

Vinyard, John A. Dinner At Dorothy Hillard's

Vinyard, Kenneth Home On Leave

Vinyard, Kenneth Supper

Vinyard, Lawrence A. 2 Week Leave

Vinyard, Lucian House For Sale

Vinyard, Minnie Gibbons In Hospital

Vinyard, Mrs. Aileen Lightener Hospital Party

Vinyard, Mrs. Francis In Barnes Maternity Hospital

Vinyard, Ray Returns To Seattle

Vinyard, Ray Serves On Sturgis

Vinyard, Reunion September 2, 1945

Vinyard, Reunion August 31, 1947

Vinyard, Reunion September 3, 1950

Vinyard, Silas Alexander Slowly Improving, Daughter Visits

Vinyard, Walter Discharged From Service

Vinyard, William Discharged From Service

Vinyard, William Gdau Bitten By Rabid Dog

Womack, Omar Discharged From Service


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