St Helen's Church, Sandal Magna

St. Helen's Church, Sandal Magna

St. Helen's Church, Sandal is believed to date from circa 1091 - 1097 .
The first known patron of the church was King Edward the Confessor, although not mentioned by name in the Domesday Book, there is a reference to "two churches" which may be assumed to be
Wakefield Parish Church and St. Helen's Sandal. No trace now remains of the church mentioned in the Domesday Book, and little remains of the later church built c. 1150.
There are however sections of the piers that supported the tower showing that it still occupies the same position as in the 12th century building, which took the shape of a Latin cross with a central tower. This building with additional aisle seemed to meet the needs of the people until the 14th century when it was decided to rebuild the church. 

St. Helen's Sandal, 1999

How much of the old church was incorporated into the new structure is difficult to say for certain, we do know however that the lower portion of the original piers for the tower were retained and possibly more sections of the lower walls.
St. Helen's church has progressed through many additions of aisles and transepts through out its existence with even windows being added and removed where deemed necessary.


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