Here are some solutions to certain problems when running Viewer 4 under XP etc.

Run time error 76 followed by D:\Census\bi1881\about\1881brit.bmp
This occurs when the first regional disk has not been all copied to the D:\Census\bi1881 folder ; solution re-copy the first regional disk to the folder.

If there is still a problem ensure that the Graphic path reads-

The initial backslash (above) is important on some systems.
Run time error 339 - Failure to run viewer 4
Insert the Viewer 4.0 CD in the CD-ROM.
Double-click ‘My Computer’.
Right-click the CD-ROM drive.
Select Open.
Double-click the Windows folder.
Double-click the MDAC 2.5 SP1 folder.
Double-click the appropriate language folder (En for English).
Double-click the ‘mdac_typ.exe’ file.
An installation will run and a large button will appear. Click it to
Start the installation. 

Run time error 339 - computer is running Windows Vista and

1. Install the Resource File Viewer 4.0
2. Right-Click on the Resource File Viewer icon on your desktop and select Properties.
3. Click the Compatibility Tab
4. Put a check in the box to run in compatibility mode for: and make sure that Windows XP (Service Pack 2) is selected.
5. Put a check in the box to "Run this program as an administrator"
6. Click OK

Run time error 7 - Out of Memory
This is a known problem, something to do with the install using old information in the registry. Un-installing does not cure the problem.
There is a fix available from the LDS (go to product support - you'll need to hunt around a bit, and fill in your details). The LDS will send you ‘err7fix.exe’, which fixes the problem.

Viewer (version 3) under XP any form of search the system went into an apparent I/O loop.


The software may have been trying to update the database for some reason. To overcome the problem set all files in the Census directory to ‘read only’.


Viewer runs slowly when accessing data sets on hard disk.


Virus checker set to scan all files before opening, change virus checker settings.



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