Redmile Census 1891

Transcribed by enumerator, Tom Walter Silverwood, on the eight day of April 1891

The following has enquiry has been entered in the census folio for the above census.
Dark red text = printed form, Black text = handwritten, Italics, my addition
Dist. 21. Is Redmile, Dist 27 is Harlaxton

Enquiry Form

Room 3


3rd September

 District Grantham
Sub-District Grantham South
No. 419



I am directed by the Registrar General to request that you will insert in
the space left below for that purpose, a reply to the accompanying enquiry, and return the
Form to this Office at your earliest convenience.

I am, Sir,

Your obedient servant, 
Mr William D Jenkinson William Jenkinson ( signature )
Registrar of Births & Deaths




On comparison of the Enumeration Books with the Plan of Division
the following discrepancies have been found. Please state what
is correct.

Dist. 21. Lovett's Lane is mentioned in Plan, but is apparently not
enumerated. Baker's Lane is inserted in Enumeration Book where
Lovett's Lane occurs in the Plan of Division!

Dist. 27. "Cottages Near old Hall" occuring in Plan of Division between "Rectory" and
"Cottages on Foot Road leading to Denton" and "School House and Cottages near"
are apparently not enumerated.




  Dist. 21. Lovett's Lane and Baker's Lane are one & the same place and goes
by both names.

Dist. 27 The Enumerator informs me that the Cottages near the old Hall
are included in the list from Obelisk to Rectory.
The School House he says is described as such and Cottages Nr School House
is also in the list from Obelisk to Rectory the other Cottages \re desrcibed
Near Church yard.


(Signature) William D Jenkinson

(Date) 4th September 1891



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