A Transcript of

Sisson's Sketch of Wakefield Church.
By The Rev. J.L.Sisson, A.M. published 1824






stands in the centre of the town, near
the Market Place and at the junction
of the three principal streets, Kirkgate,
Westgate and Northgate. Till within
the last few years it was so surrounded by houses that the
whole of it could not be seen at any one point; but through
the praise-worthy exertions of the Inhabitants, these
obstacles were in the year 1821 removed, the church
yard increased in extent and surrounded by an elegant
iron railing which allows a full view of the beautiful fabric
within it.

The Church itself is a spacious and lofty structure of
Gothic Architecture, consisting of a nave, chancel, side
aisles, clere story, and two porches, one on the North,



the other on the South-side; over this latter is a small
room, now unoccupied, which used formerly to be the
place wherein the Governors of the Free Grammar School,
who are also Trustees of numerous other Charities in this
Town, held their meetings. The Tower is very large,
embattled and pinnacled, containing a Clock and Chimes,
together with a fine peal of ten bells, and having a Spire,
which is one of the loftiest in the kingdom. The chancel
door is also on the south side of the building.

This Church was given by William Earl Warren to
God and St. Pancras, and the Monks of Lewes in Sussex.
Geoffrey Plantagenet, Archbishop of York confirmed to
them the pension of sixty shillings out of it, most probably
as a compensation for releasing the advowson to the
representative of the original patron.

On the 4th of the Ides of August, Anno 1329, William
de Melton, Archbishop of York, dedicated and consecrated
the Parish Church of Wakefield, together with these
altars therein, viz.

The Great Altar to the honor of All-Saints.
The Altar on the South-side to St. Mary the Virgin.
The Altar on the North-side to St. Nicholas.
The Altar in the Middle of the Chancel to St. Peter.

Ultimo Nov. 1348. The Church being given by the
King, was by William Archbishop of York, appropriated



to the Dean and College of the Free Chapel Royal of St.
Stephen in the King's Palace of Westminster, who in
recompence of the damage done to his Cathedral Church
thereby, reserved out of the fruits thereof to himself and
successors, Archbishops, the annual pension of twenty
shillings, and to the Dean and Chapter ten shillings per

At Ripon, 2nd June 1349, William Archbishop of
York made this ordination of the Vicarage of the Church
of Wakefield, which was wont to be governed by a Rector
Secular, and appropriated to the Dean and College of
St. Stephen, Westminster, viz.

That there should be in the Church of Wakefield,
one perpetual Vicar (having the rule of souls) presentable
by the said Dean and College of St. Stephen. The portion
of whose vicarage should consist, viz.
In one competent mansion, with houses sufficient,
built at the costs of the said Dean and College.

Item, The Vicar shall have all kind of oblations offered
in the Church on principal festivals and on other days
and times of the year: and quick mortuaries.

Also, Quadragesimal Tithes and Tithes of line, hemp,
albi of calves, lambs, fowls, pigs, bees, wax, honey,
pullain, pigeons, brood-geese and swans as well in their
bodies as in money paid.



Also, of fruits and herbs; and of hay of gardens and
crofts of the whole parish. Likewise of mills then built or
to be built afterwards.
And all oblations and small tithes in whatsoever thing
consisting and belonging to the said church; together
with the tithe of wool, when it ought to be paid in money,
but not in the fleece.

Also, he shall have the whole altarage of the church
and peter-pence and the due and customary pennies for
the consecrated bread of the parishioners, together with
all oblations and obventions in espousals, purifications of
women and children, baptisms and the wax candles in the
exequies and sepultures of the dead.

But the said Dean and College shall have appropriated
to their own use, the lands, meadows and rents of their
farm, perquisites of their court, and all the tithes of garbs
and hay, and of wool of the whole parish.

Also shall have the portions of garbs and hay of the
chapel of Horbury, and Heton in the Parish of Dewsbury.

Likewise the portions of Tithes of garbs and hay of the
demesne lands in the Parish of Sandal, to the Church of
Wakefield appertaining.

Also the tithe-herbage of the woods and parks and



fallen wood; of iron and coal mines within the Parish of

And the said Vicar shall pay the procuration due to
the Archbishop or Archdeacon, of the place accustomary,
synodals and peter-pence: and shall find one Chaplain
in the church of Wakefield and another in the chapel of
Horbury, and lights and lamps as well in church as chapel.

Also shall (as oft as need requires) repair the chancels
of the church of Wakefield and chapel of Horbury, and
find books and vestments for the same and washings:
but the said Dean and College shall (if need require)
build the said chancels of the church and chapel, and
provide anew the books and vestments thereof.*

And as for the papal and regal demands, when they
occur, and the procurations of the Cardinal's and Pope's
legates and ministers, when they shall be entirely laid upon
the church of Wakefield, the said Dean and College shall
be obliged to bear.


* An alteration appears to have been subsequently made in
this part of the Archbishop's Ordination, for the lay-irnpropriators,
not the Vicar, are bound to repair the Chancel, as was decided some
years back.


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