Stories & Histories

Stories & Histories

"A Few Recolections of Brazil" &
"A Bit of Dreger Famliy History"
Stories & Historys of the Dreger Family's trip from Europe to South America and then on to the United States.

Newspaper articles, photos and stories about
Andrew Dreger Sr.'s multi-faced clock
which now stands outside of Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, California.
The Andrew Dreger Clocks
and an article "Clock with Many Faces" by Helen Johnson
"Clock of Many Faces"
Newspaper article writen by my mom Rochelle Frank.
"Time Around the World in Long Beach"
Article by Elieen Peck.

Obituaries of the Dreger and Zelmer familiesadded 7-12-2000
Transcribed by Glenn Frank from newspaper clippings in Lucile Dreger's Scrapbook.
Last will and testament of Frederick Groves
found by Harry Groves.
Funny Genealogy-related stories and quips...
Come on... we have to laugh at ourselves a little... we think it is fun to visit a cemetary

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