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The Giles Genealogical Memorial.

They resided in Wallingford, a year or two after marriage, and then removed to Boardman, Ohio. Mrs. Rebecca Webb d. Nov. 2, 1850, a. 70. Abner Webb, her husband, is still living, 1862. He was a blacksmith by trade. He and his daughter, and the three surviving sons, live together on a common stock, in Austintown, Mahoning Co., Ohio, in the northeastern part of that State. They are wealthy, and own hundreds of acres of valuable land.

Their children have been--born in Wallingford, Ct.--

  424. Vincent,7 b. July 13, 1802; m. Catharine Tere, (?) July, 1854. He died March 12, 1856. No children. He was Register of Deeds
          for Trumbull County, Ohio.

Born in (Boardman) Ohio--

  425. Louisa,7 b. July 8, 1804; m. Crowell Southworth, June, 1825. They lived together some years, and separated, having no
          children. She now lives with her father and brothers, in Austintown.
  426. Erie,7 b. May 29, 1807; unmarried; d. April 22, 1839, on board the Steamer Oronoco, (on Lake (???)?) from an injury received
          by the bursting of the boiler.
  427. Huron,7 b. July 3, 1809; unmarried; living in 1862.
  428. Ambrose Pitt,7 b. Oct. 6, 1814; unmarried; living in 1862.
  429. 430. Twin children, b. May 16, 1820; of whom one d. the following day, and the other the day after.
  431. Abner,7 b. May 11, 1821; unmarried; living in 1862.

291. NATHAN WEBB,6 (Stephen,5 Timothy,4 Benjamin,3 Christopher,2 Christopher,1) eldest son of Stephen5 and Content (Hewit) Webb; b. in Windham, Scotland Society, Ct., April 7, 1767; m. July 16, 1794, SALLY LEACH, b. 1769, dau. of John Leach of Boston. The marriage service was performed in Boston, by Rev. John Eliot of the New North Church, Hanover Street.

He came from Windham, Ct., to Boston, at the age of sixteen; became usher under the celebrated "Master Tileston," in the Eliot School, at the North End; afterwards kept a shoe-store in Boston; and was an Assessor of that City (then simply a Town) fifteen or sixteen years. The compiler remembers seeing him thus employed nearly half a century ago. He also remembers his brother Rufus [292].

He died in Charlestown, near Boston, Feb. 25, 1853. Sally, or Sarah, his wife, d. Nov. 11, 1857, a. 88 years and 4 months.

Their children, all born in Boston, were--

  432. Nathan,7 b. Nov. 17, 1796; d. Oct. 9, 1797, a. 10 months, 22 days.
  433. Sally,7 b. March 15, 1798; m. Hawkes Lincoln of Boston.
  434. Lydia,7 b. April 2, 1801; m. Charles Forster of Somerville, until 1842 a part of Charlestown; d. Sept. 2, 1827.
  435. Mary Hewit,7 b. Nov. 13, 1802; unmarried; lives in Charlestown, 1862, with her sister, Mrs. Louisa Forster.
  436. Louisa,7 b. June 27, 1804; m. Jacob Forster of Charlestown, brother of  Charles, just mentioned. She lives, a widow, in
          Charlestown, 1862.
  437. Caroline Matilda,7 b. April 13, 1812; m. Edwin Forster Adams of Boston.