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By: David Glenn   February 10, 2009

DANIEL ROSS: born February 23, 1764, Duchess County, NY; son of Daniel Ross (c 1740- c July 22, 1795) and Jerusa Howard; married Elizabeth Gilliland June 1784; one of the original settlers of Essex, NY on lands given to his wife by her father William Gilliland; had five children- Elizabeth, William Daniel, Henry Howard, Edward D., and Sara Jane; divorced Elizabeth c July 1815; Captain of Militia, Justice of the Peace, merchant, first Essex County Judge, and most prominent citizen; died at the home of his son Henry, Hickory Hill, Essex, NY March 10, 1831 at 67.

ELIZABETH GILLILAND ROSS EVERTSON: born 1764 in New York City; first child of William Gilliland (c1734-1796) and Elizabeth Phagan (c1740-1772); married Daniel Ross June 1785; had five children noted above; divorced c July 1815; married John J. Evertson by April 1, 1823; Evertson died by 1829; after Daniel’s death in 1831, she returned to her son Henry’s home, Hickory Hill, Essex, NY and died there August 3, 1847 at 83.

HENRY HOWARD ROSS: born May 9, 1790 in the Dower House, Essex, NY; third child of Daniel Ross and Elizabeth Gilliland; built Hickory Hill circa 1820; married Susannah M. Blanchard September 23, 1822 in Salem, NY; they adopted one child, a niece, Susannah Ross McLean, and had eight of their own- William Daniel, James Blanchard, Frederick Howard, John, Ellen Blanchard, Jane, Frances Jane, and Anthony James Blanchard; attorney and Judge in Essex County, was in the Essex County New York State Militia, served with distinction at the Battle of Plattsburgh in 1814, and attained the rank of General; built the Ross Family Vault 1853; died at Hickory Hill, Essex, NY September 14, 1862 at 72.

SUSANNAH M. BLANCHARD ROSS: born April 14, 1803 in Salem, NY; fifth child of ten of Anthony James Blanchard (1768-1853) and Mary Williams; married Henry Howard Ross September 23, 1822 in Salem, NY at her parents home, the Blanchard House, which still stands; their children are as noted above; was instrumental in the founding of St. John’s Episcopal Church of Essex in 1853; died at Hickory Hill February 26, 1877 at 73.

WILLIAM DANIEL ROSS: born October 5, 1830 at Hickory Hill, Essex, NY; first child of Henry H. Ross and Susannah B. Ross as noted above; served in Anderson’s Zouaves in the Civil War; died in a train accident in Washington, DC October 25, 1861 at 31.

JANE CHAMBERS FAULDER ROSS: born December 20, 1829 in England; married James Blanchard Ross (1832-1899, second son of Henry and Susannah Ross) September 8, 1855 in NY City; they had three children- Henry Howard “Harry”, Jane Faulder “Rosie”, and Susannah Blanchard “Blanche”; died March 2, 1875 at 45.

HENRY HOWARD ROSS: born May 9, 1857 in Detroit, Michigan; first child of James B. and Jane Ross as noted above; married Anna Laura Noble (1858-1886) July 7, 1881; they had one child- James Henry Howard; an attorney first in Essex with his father, then in Denver; died December 14, 1882 in Denver, Colorado at 25 having held his one day old son before he died.

REVEREND JOSHUA NEWTON FAIRBANKS: born August 22, 1829 in Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Canada; came to Essex as the Rector of St. John’s Episcopal Church in 1857; married Ellen Blanchard Ross (c 1838-1917, oldest daughter of Henry and Susannah Ross) about 1859 in Essex, NY; moved to Brandon, Vermont as Rector at St. Thomas’; died in Brandon September 16, 1871 at 42.

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