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First of all I would like to commend you for all the research you have done on the cemeteries in Franklin County. I'm sure you have spent countless hours at each of the cemeteries and it is obviously a labour of love. It has been so interesting studying the website information.

However at the Fort Covington Street, St. Joseph's Cemetery there are some of my ancestors not listed. My great-great grandparents were Peter Timmons (Sept 28, 1827 - Jan 14, 1900) and Rosa Cavanaugh (Sept 29, 1826 - April 29, 1893). On the same tombstone Maria M., their daughter, (Oct 29, 1858 - May 11, 1898) and Ella, another daughter (1863-1916) were listed. Listed as well was a grandson, Francis, son of J.P. and A.E. Timmons Mar 15, 1895 age 6 mos, 10 days.

The plot, with headstone for John P. (1860-1933) and Anna McCarthy (1866-1901) also contains footstones for Katie Timmons (1856-1939) and three of the children of J.P. and A.E. Timmons. These being Matthew (1895-1985), Rose, Civil Engineer (1897-1978) and Walter (1899-1985). Matthew has a U.S. Army plaque as well. (Sorry, but I did not take the information from it.)

As well, there are Kissane ancestors who are not listed. There is one stone entitled Shaughnessy, for Nora, Mary Sheehan, and Annie Shaughnessy but no mention of Annie's husband, Richard Brandon Kissane.

Thank you very much for you assistance in this matter. And once again, only the highest praise for the wonderful job that you are doing. Perhaps my relatives could be added to your list. Peter and Rosa's stone and the Kissane stones are on the far side of the cemetery and John P. and Anna's stone is closer to the middle.
Looking forward to hearing from you, I remain

Sincerely yours,
Patricia Mageean-Martin

P.S. I noticed in passing that JOHN O'Connor and his wife Martha, who have footstones in John O'Connor's plot, were not listed. Below is the information that is on the website for the plot. Sorry but I did not copy the dates for JOHN J. or Martha but JOHN J. also has a military plaque.

John F. 1893 - 28 Feb. 1945
Irene A. O'LEARY Wife 24 June 1895 - 19 Aug. 1960
Baby John - Aug. 1952
Mary Teresa - Nov. 1951

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