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Sister's Cemetery

Hogansburg, Franklin County, New York
Thanks to Alice for granting permission to post her work on this site!
DIRECTIONS: Behind Old St. Patrick's Cemetery is another cemetery enclosed in a grove of trees. Most of the plots are for sisters who had a convent school in Hogansburg, NY, in the late 19th and early 20th century. They were Sisters of Mercy.


NOTE: This cemetery was transcribed during the summer of 2000 by Alice Donahue.

Alice Ida   B.S.M.A.D. PD   (the meaning is unclear) born in Augusta, Georgia Mar 29, 1870   died in Hogansburgh, N.Y. Aug 17, 1906

Rose LYNCH   wife of James Brown   Nov 10, 1865   Age 60 yrs
Rev. Michael Brown   1848 - 1917

Sister M. Veronica   Sept 2, 1927

Sister M. Sacred Heart   Sept 26, 1883

Sister M. Ambrose   Feb 11, 1915

Sister M. Francisca   May 10, 1922

Sister M. J. Rachim   June 4, 1895

Sister Mary Augustine   July 6, 1895

Sister M. Raphael   July 13, 1918

Sister Mary Barbara   Sept 12, 1896

Sister Mary Borromea   Mar 3, 1897

Sister Mary Sacred Heart   Aug 1, 1905

Sister Mary Bridget   Apr 4, 1906

Sister Mary Zita   Sept 3, 1898

Sister Mary Columba   Aug 20, 1899

Sister Mary Mc Cauley   Oct 26, 1889

Sister Mary Genevive   Oct 18, 1891

Sister Mary Agnes   Apr 18, 1899

Sister Mary Gertrude   Sept 29, 1893

Sister Mary Gabriel   Nov 5, 1898

Sister Mary Immaculade   May 28, 1895

Sister Mary Mount Carmel   Sept 11, 1885
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