The Quealy Family

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By Kevin Geraghty and Shawne FitzGerald
With contributions from Tara Faricy, John Haugh and Jeanne Quealy Wilson

the quealy family

JOHN H (abt. 1780) m. Mary O'Connor (dau. of Ignatius O'Connor of Lisseycasy Co Clare)


PATRICK (1814-1886) m. Margaret Gorman ( ) buried St. Peters Cem. Mendota MN
JOHN ( - aft. 1907) m. Bridget Quinlavin
BRIDGET (1829 - 1907) Patrick Cleary (1860) buried St.Peters Credit River MN
HONORAH (1835-1907) m. Peter Cleary (1860?) buried St.Peters Credit River MN
CATHERINE (1839-1926) Michael Hoy (1860) St. Anthony Cemetery, Minneapolis

MARY (1825-1883) m. John O. Gorman ( ) (No information available)

This Quealy family is from from County Clare, Ireland. Patrick and Mary are believed to have been the first to arrive in Minnesota settling, with their families, on adjacent farms in Eagan township, Dakota County Minnesota.

Bridget Quealy married Patrick Cleary in 1860 in the log building on the Cleary homestead in Scott County, Minnesota.  The Clearys were also from County Clare.  Bridget's obituary noted that she was survived by two sisters, Mrs. Michael Hoy and Mrs. Peter Cleary, and one brother, John, living in Ireland.

Catherine and Honorah Quealy were living on the Eagan farm with Patrick Quealy and Margaret Gorman before their weddings. Catherine Quealy married Mike Hoy in Hennepin County in 1860 and settled at 703 Main Street NE in St. Anthony (now Minneapolis). It is not known when Honorah was married, but it must have been shortly after the marriage of her sisters because by the mid -1860s she was living on her husband's farm in Credit River MN.

Mary Quealy Gorman is clearly related to Patrick and she and her husband settled in Eagan near Patrick. Mary's maiden name is listed as Quealy on the baptismal certificates of six of her children. She is thought to be Patrick's sister and her husband, John Gorman, may be Margaret Gorman's brother. Mary's youngest child, David, was living on the Patrick Quealy farm in 1885.  In 1889, there was a marriage of an Ann Gorman who was a cousin of Mrs. Susan Hyland Quealy.

In 1855, Honorah Queally (1812-1872), her husband, John Haugh, and their children Edward, Michael and Margaret, arrived in Minnesota. This family first emigrated to the U.S. in 1835 and returned to Ireland that year. They came again in 1849 living in Philadelphia for two years. The John Haugh & Honorah Queally family settled in Credit River. According to descendent John Haugh, this family is also from County Clare - from the area of Haugh's Cross in Lisheencrony about 5 miles by road from Kilkee. The relationship between Honorah and the Quealys who settled in Eagan and Minneapolis is unknown.

PATRICK QUEALY (1814-1886) (Son of John H. Quealy and Mary O'Connor)
MARGARET GORMAN (1829-1884) (Parents Unknown)

By 1853, Patrick was married and living somewhere in Pennsylvania. Little is known about his wife except that she was born in Lisacasey CountyClare Ireland and her maiden name was Gorman. After the birth of their first child Patrick and Margaret moved west and arrived in Minnesota, eventually taking up a claim in Eagan Twp in Dakota Co. There were several Gorman families that also settled in Eagan and they may have been related to Patrick's wife.


John (1853-1861) buried St. Peters Cem. Mendota MN
Patrick (1855-1861) buried St. Peters Cem. Mendota MN
Mary (1857-1941) m. Richard Morrissey (1887) buried St. Peters Cem. Mendota MN
Margaret (1859-1939) m. Owen Hyland (1888) buried St. Josephs Rosemount MN
David (1863-1822) m. Susan Hyland (1889) buried Guardian Angel Hastings MN
Susan (1865-1949) m. James R.King (1892) buried St.Peters Cem. Mendota MN

Patrick's wife died in 1882 and was buried in the family plot in Mendota. Patrick died two years later and was buried with his wife. James R. King was a livestock dealer specializing in dairy cattle in South St. Paul.(obit)

JOHN ( - aft. 1907) m. Bridget Quinlavin

Patrick J. (1861-1922) m. Teresa McIntosh (?Minneapolis, MN)
Mary (1860-aft. 1905) Lisseycasey, County Clare Ireland
Katherine (abt. 1862-1946) Lisseycasey, County Clare Ireland
John ( - 1939) m. Bridget Burns (Lisseycasey? County Clare Ireland)
Timothy ( - 1929) Lisseycasey, County Clare Ireland
Sarah (?Lisseycasey, County Clare Ireland)
Thomas Francis (1876-1955) m. Julia (d. Minneapolis MN)
                    m. Mary Ann (Mamie) Duffy (Minneapolis MN)
Michael Joseph (1873-1953) m. Mary Ellen (Mayme) Shields (Great Falls? Montana)
Anna ( - 1973) m. Paddy Sullivan (Lisseycasey, County Clare Ireland)

Patrick J. and John came to Minneapolis, MN in the 1880's.  Patrick J. was a Minneapolis police precinct captain. Thomas Francis and Michael Joseph emmigrated to Minneapolis, MN in 1894. Michael moved west to Montana.  Thomas Francis worked for the Great Northern Railway.

DAVID QUEALY (1863-1922) Son of Patrick Quealy & Maggy Gorman
SUSAN HYLAND (1864-1949) Dau.of Thomas Hyland & Mary Mahoney

David was born and raised on his father's farm in Eagan MN. Being the only surviving son, David continued to operate the family farm after the death of his father. In 1889 he married Susan Hyland who was the daughter of a prominant Lakeville farmer. His sister had married Susan's brother just one year earlier. David continued to operate the farm for a few years. In the late 1890s David became Dakota County Treasurer and moved his family to the town of Hastings.

Eva (1890-1958) buried Guardian Angel Hastings MN
Mary G. (1891-1909) buried Guardian Angel Hastings MN
Marguerite (1893- 1974) m. J. W. Ralph ( ) (St. Paul 1949)
Howard P. (1894-1973) m. Gertrude Rohweider (1931 )
     buried Resurrection Cem Mendota
Irene (1896-1977 ) m. Richard M. Fitzgerald (1920) Fort Snelling Cemetery, Minneapolis
Agnes (1897-1909) buried Guardian Angel Hastings MN
Thomas (1899-1902) buried Guardian Angel Hastings MN
Lillian (1901-1902) buried Guardian Angel Hastings MN
Elberta (1903- 1970) m. S.H. Stevens ( ) (Mpls 1949)
Frank D. (1908-1968) m. Monica Kolda (Los Angelas Cal. 1958)
Raymond E (1898-1978 ) Arcadia (Baldwin Park) Los Angeles California

David and his wife are buried in the family plot in Hastings. Susan died in Los Angelas Cal. in 1949. She was survived by a sister Mrs Agnes Ryan of St. Paul. Howard eventually became a well known attorney in Minneapolis.

MARION CECILE KING (1905 - ) dau of James King & Susan Quealy
LEO A REGNIER (1899 - ) son of Joseph Regnier & Zepherine Mongeau


Rita Ann (1927 - ) m. William L. Bernard (Abt. 1925 - )
Marion King (1925 - ) m. Gregory J. Egan Jr. (Abt. 1927 - )

RITA ANN REGNIER (1927) dau. Leo Regnier and Marion Cecile King
WILLIAM L. BERNARD (Abt. 1927 - )


William Leo
Andrew King
Mary Lin



Gregory Joseph III
Leo R.
Jane Carol

This data is unverified. One source Jean Whitney Muse, a Regnier descendent. The data is posted at and One source Muse cites on her homepage is Regnier Families in North American by Rev. Martin Keith O.P. available on LDS film #1597649, Item 5. Less detailed identical data appears at RootsWeb World Connect in Dick Dutton's Master File (sources not cited). [search Mary Hoy] [search Susie Qualey] Both of these sites have extensive information about the Regnier families. See also Timothy Roebeck's history of the Michael Hoy and John M. Hoy families.

This family file contains the research notes of Mr. Kevin Geraghty with additional information from Tara Faricy, Shawne FitzGerald and John Haugh. Mr. Geraghty is researching the families and descendants of those buried at the Highland Cemetery. For more information or to contribute to Mr. Geraghty's research, please send him e-mail at

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