London Merchants 1677 - HIJ

London Merchants of 1677 - HIJ

First Name Last Name Address Occupation
Franc. Hacker   Gun yard Houndsditch  
Peter Hacker   at Paul Darby, Leadenhall street  
Mr. Hackwell   Hackney Town  
Will. Hage   George Yard Lombard Street  
John Hagshaw and Turner Suffolk Lane  
Rob. Hagshaw   White-hart Court  
Jasp. Haines   Thames street  
Roger Haley   Scot Yard, Bush Lane  
Edw. Halford   Bunhill  
Edw. Halford   Clarkenwell Green  
Edw. Hall   Gravel lane Houndsditch  
Hen. Hall   Islington  
John Hall   Fanchurch-street at Mr. Baxter  
John Hall   Islington  
Mr. Hall   at the Postern Blackwelhall Factor
Mr. Hall   Berry-street  
Mr. Hall   Chequer yard Dowgate  
Mr. Hall   Stepney  
Nath. Hallride   Winchester street  
John Halworthy   Swithins Lane near Lombard Street  
Sir Mat. Halworthy   Hackney, Spanish Walk Exchange  
Chris. Hambleton   Bush lane, Scot yard  
Rich. Hamden   at Daniel Mercer in Bartholomew Lane  
Stephen Hames   Bull and Mouth Street  
John Hamford   Buttolph-lane  
Mr. Hamle   Tooly street  
William Hamley   Thames street  
Mr. Hamoud   Fanchurch street  
Walter Hampton   Gravel lane Houndsditch  
Hen. Hamson   Bull and Mouth Street  
John Hanceouse   Berry-street  
Mr. Hancock   St. Laurence lane  
Mr. Hanes   Coleman street Blackwelhall Factor
Mr. Hanly   at Fresh-Wharf  
Rich. Hanson   Sice-lane  
Rob. Hanson   Sice-lane  
Mr. Hantborow   Broadstreet  
Mr. Hanwock   Budge-row  
Ralph Hanwock   Waping  
Hen. Harbin   Mark-lane  
John Harbin   Great Saint Hellens  
Mr. Hardwick   Loathberry  
Ralph Hardwick   Grace-church Street  
Tho. Hardwick   London Wall near Broadstreet  
Thom. Hardwick   Hackney, Spanish Walks  
Will. Harlman   at Mr. Cha. Cotcelus in Waping  
Tho. Harrington   Mark-lane
Hen. Harris   Saint Dunstans hill
Edw. Harrison   Roodlane
John & Will. Harrison   Clements-lane
Anth. Harrispe   Coleman-street, King's-Arms Yard
Mr. Harrow   Winchester street
Mr. Hart   Throgmorton-street
Mr. Hartley   Fanchurch Street
Nath. Hartley   Swithins Lane
Thom. Hartley   Throgmorton-street
Tho. Hartops   Lymestreet
Jo. Harvey   Beerbinder lane
Mr. Harvey   St. Mary hill
Mr. Harvey   Swithin's lane
William Harwell   Colchester-street
John Harwood   Michael-lane
John Harwood   Mile-end Green
Mr. Harwood   Mile-end Town
Mr. Harwood   St.Antlins
Mr. Hasell   at the Spread Eagle in Gracechurch Street
John Haselwood   Goodmans-fields
Hen. Haswell   Bush-lane
John Hatner   Winchester street
Mr. Hawes   Clement's lane
Mr. Hawkes   Clapton Hackney
Chris. Hawkins   Walbrook at Mr. Dishers
Mr. Hawkins   Colledge Hill
Claud. Hayes   Fanchurch Street
James & Josph Hayes   Gracechurch-street
John Hayes   little St. Hellens
Joseph Hayward and Daniel Wagfield Buttolph-lane
Mr. Hedges   Broadstreet
Will. Hedges   Basinghall-street  
Thom. Heming   Tokenhouse-yard  
Isaac Hemming   St. Mary hill  
Mr. Hemming   Basinghall-street Blackwelhall Factor
John Hency   St Martins Lane  
Mr. Henman   Bankside  
Peter & Pierce Henrique   Walbrook  
Cha. Herle   Aldermanberry  
Charles Herle jun and Comp. Aldermanberry  
Mr. Hermond   Bishopsgate without  
Jos. Herne   at Sir John Fredericks in Old Jury  
Sir Nat. Herne   Loathbury  
Sam. Heron   African house  
Peter Herringhook   Budge-row  
James Herriot   at the Naked Boy in Fleetstreet Goldsmith
Mr. Hester   Bow Churchyard  
Will. Hester   Borough Southwark  
Benj. Hewling   Coleman street  
Rob. Hews   Kingsland  
Matth. & Abra. Heybert   Nags-head Court, Coleman-street  
William Hibert   in Bell-Alley, Coleman-street  
Will.& Jos. Hide   Milkstreet, at the Rose  
Bedingfield Higham   Seething lane  
Edw. Hill   Basinghall-street Factor
Edw. Hill   the Postern  
Franc. Hill   Bucklersberry  
John Hill   Crutchet-fryars  
John Hill   Leadenhall-street  
John Hill   Minories  
Mr. Hill   Bishopsgate without  
Mr. Hill   Broadstreet  
Mr. Hill   Rredriff  
Mr. Hill   Shadwell  
Mr. Hillet   St. Antlins in Watlin-street  
Nath. Hilton   at Newington, his warehouse near the Bear and Fountain in Loathbury  
Joseph Hincham   Pudding-lane  
Thom. Hinchman   Aldersgate-street  
John Hind and Thomas Carwood over against the Exchange Cornhill Goldsmith
James Hinde   Bush-lane  
Nich. Hinde   Abchurch lane  
Benj. Hinton   at the Flower de Luce in Lumbard street Goldsmith
Mr. Hinton   Bush-lane  
John Hoblon   Threadneedlestreet  
George Hockenhull   Hackney  
Mr. Hockton   Grubstreet  
Wil. Hodges   Basinghall-street  
Joh & Peter Hoet   Lymestreet  
Mr. Holcomb   Hatton-garden  
Rich. Holder   Roodlane
Tho. Holder   at the African-House
John Holeman   Bell Alley Coleman-street
Mr. Holfam   Jewen street
Edw. Holford   the Hambrough-Walk
Will. Holgate   Aldermanberry
James Holland   Woodstreet
Nich. Hollaway   Nicholas lane
Andr. Holmes   in Nags-head-Court in Clements-lane
John Holmes   Coleman-street
Mr. Holmes   Nicholas lane
Tho. Holmes   Walbrook
Mr. Holt   Ironmonger-lane
Rich. Holt   Bishopsgate street
Caleb Hooke   Pye-Alley Fanchurch Street
Sir Wil Hooker   Crown Court Gracechurchstreet
Will. Hooker   Lymestreet  
Mr. Hooper   Wapping  
Edw. Hopegood   Loathbury  
Chris. Hopkins   Fanchurchstreet  
James Hore   at the Golden Bottle in Cheapside Goldsmith
Joseph & Nath. Hornboy   at the Star in Lumbard street Goldsmith
Alexand. Hosea   in Momford Court in Milk-street  
Mr. Hoste   Hummerton in Hackney  
Abr., Isaac & Jam. Houblon   Winchester street  
Maj. Pet. Houblon   Budge-row  
Peter Houblon   Beerbinder lane  
Peter Houblon Senior and Junior Sice Lane  
John Houfan   Threadneedlestreet  
Stephen Houffan   Threadneedlestreet  
Ald. Joh. Hough   Clarkenwell Green  
John Hough   Gravel lane Houndsditch  
Tho. Houghton and Bereclif in Company Abchurch Lane
Abrah. Hovener   Islington
Henry Hovener   Swithins lane
Rich. How   at Billingsgate every morning
Mr. Howard   Bow Churchyard
Mr. Howson   Aldermanbury
Rob. Hubold   Great St. Hellens
Abra. Hudson   Colchester-street
Nich. Hudson   Tower-hill
Mr. Hulford   Lambeth
Tho. Hunt   Bow-lane
Tho. Hunt   Fanchurch-Street
Hen. Hunter   Mincin-Lane
Henr. Hunter   Crutchet-fryars
David Hutchingson   St.Mary hill
James Hutton   Durham Yard
Mr. Ibrook   Dukes-place
Sir Arth. Ingram   Hatton-garden
Will. Ingram   Winchester street
Ald. Joh. Ireton   Finsbury
John Israel   Armitage
John Ive   Colchester-street Tower hill
Jam. Jackson   Broadstreet
John Jackson   Clements-lane
John Jackson   Tokenhouse-yard
Mr. Jackson   Fleet-bridge
Phillip Jackson   Lymestreet
Stephen Jackson   St.Mary hill
Stephen, Joseph, Jems & Robert Jackson   Pye-Alley Fanchurch Street
Abraham Jacob   Hatton-garden
James Jacob   Lymestreet
Theod. Jacobson   Still-yard Thames-street
Will. Jacom   Aldermary Churchyard
Abraham & Francis Jaggard   Tokenhouse-yard near Billingsgate
Peter James   St. Mary hill
Samuel James   Threadneedlestreet
Samuel James   Tokenhouse-yard
John Japoney   Bush-lane
Will. Jarret   Lime-street
Mark Jarvis   Colemanstreet
Sir Rob. Jeffereys   Lymestreet
John Jeffery   Saint Mary Ax
Mr. Jekell   Wine-Office-Court Fleetstreet
Rich. Jelley   Michael-lane
John Jenkins   Hogsden
Durr. Jenkinson   Broadstreet
Rich. Jenkinson   Coleman-street  
John Jennings   Shadwell  
Widd. Jennings   Towerstreet  
Mr. Jerman   Bankside  
Capt. Johnson   Mile-end Green  
James Johnson   at the Three Flower de Luces in Cheapside Goldsmith
John Johnson   Buttolph-lane at a coopers  
Will. Johnson   Old Gravel lane  
William Johnson   at a cheesemongers in Thames-street near Buttolph-lane  
John Joliff   Threadneedlestreet  
Will. Jolliff   in the Strand  
Henry Jones   Abchurch lane  
John Jones   Basinghall-street  
John Jones   Bush-lane  
John Jones   Mincin-Lane  
Leek Jones   Queen street  
Peter Jones   St. Mary Ax
Roger Jones   St. Mary Ax
Will. Jones   Bank side near the Windmill
William Jones   St. Mary Ax
William Jordan   Basinghall-street
Anthony Jorden   Thames street Cole harbor
John Jorden   Pettycoat lane
Merel Jorden   Clements lane
Thomas Jorden   Billeter lane
Thomas Jorden   Swedeland Court Tower hill
Peter Joy   St. Dunstans-hill
Mr. Joyle   Armitage
Ald. Jurin   Throgmorton-street
Isaac Jurin   Great St. Hellens
John Jurin   St. Dunstans-hill
Mr. Jurin   Sice Lane
William Justice   Rosemary Lane

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