London Merchants - Sources

London Merchants of 1677 - Sources

(1677) A collection of the merchants living in and about the city of London. Printed for Sam. Lee, and are to be sold at his shop ... and Dan. Major, London.

.(1692) The clothiers complaint: or, reasons for passing the bill against the Blackwell-Hall factors, &c shewing it to be a publick good: humbly offer'd to the parliament. Printed for Randal Taylor, London.

(1878) The London directory of 1677 : the oldest printed list of the merchants and bankers of London : reprinted from the exceedingly rare original, with an introduction pointing out some of the most eminent merchants of the period. Chatto & Windus, London.

Robinson, H. (1650) The office of adresses and encounters: where all people of each rancke and quality may receive direction and advice for the most cheap and speedy way of attaining whatsoever they can lawfully desire, or, the only course for poor people to get speedy employment, and to keep others from approaching poverty for want of emploiment ; to the multiplying of trade, the advancement of navigation, and establishing this famous city of London in a more plentifull and flourishing condition than ever, as is earnestly desired and shall be diligently endeavoured by a wel-willer of hers. Printed by Matthew Simmons, London.


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