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William Ely Freeman Bible



Holy Bible originally owned by the parents of Zachariah Canty Freeman, the grandfather of Lurline Richardson Aspin, 5536 Belmont Avenue, Cincinnati, 24, Ohio, a member of the Society who is originally from Louisiana, and who submitted this record March, 1961.

The family record pages and a few sheets from the Apocrypha are now owned by a granddaughter of the original owners, Miss Louise Shaver, Route 2, Grady, Alabama. Mrs. Aspin copied from the original in August, 1960, and now has photostats in her possession. Louise Shaver is a daughter of Ella

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Freeman Shaver, youngest daughter by a second marriage of Joseph Alston Freeman. Three sons of Sarah Gaulden Freeman settled in Louisiana and had numerous descendants: John Gaulden Freeman, James Irvin Freeman, and Zachariah Canty Freeman, as did descendants of her son Joseph Alston Freeman.

The newspaper obituary quoted below is also in possession of Louise Shaver. Other family records indicate that Sarah Gaulden Freeman's mother was Susan Brumfield; that her parents were married in P.E., Va. and some of the older children were born there; and that they moved to South Carolina before the Revolution.

Early Virginia records have the name spelled Goulding; in Louisiana it has been found Gaulden, Goulden, Gouldin, Gauldin, Gaulding, etc.

The father of William Ely Freeman was said to have been a Columbus Freeman who came to Culpepper Co., Va. in the early 1700's from Scotland. Since William Ely was not born until 1768 this Freeman lived in Sumter Dist., S.C., all his children were born there, and Mrs. Aspin believes he died there before Sarah and some of the children moved to Montgomery Co., Ala.


"Died at her residence in the county of Montgomery, Ala., on the 2d of February, 1856, Mrs. SARAH FREEMAN, consort of Eli Freeman, in the 78 year of her age. She was a native of Sumter District, South Carolina, and a daughter of Capt. John and Susan Goulding, natives of Prince Edward, Virginia. Capt. Goulding served in the Revolutionary War under General Marion, and died of smallpox. The elder brother of the deceased served under Gen. Green. She joined the Methodist church on her death bad. Signed "P.W.S." whom descendants say was a minister. Probably P. W. Spear as court records show that Charles B. Lloyd & Eliza Canty were married in 1852 by a P.W. Spear, O.G.P. (probably Ordained Gospel Preacher ?)


Ely Freeman married to Sarah Gaulden 5th of February 1795
Martin J. Lloyd and Eliza Freeman married 2d March 1820
Willson Hodge and Luizer Caroline Lloyd married the 13 of October 1836.
(Court records show she m. 2nd. Feb. 22, 1844 to George W. Lane)
William G. Freeman was married to Mips Mary J. Spear January 29, 1857.
C. Charles Legran Freeman was married to Ellen Rebecca Yon March the first 1879.
John D (J?) Freeman was born March the 11 18__(?)
Wm. E. Freeman was married to Sarah M. Holmes Jan. 18, 1846 (son of Joseph A. Freeman).
Charles B. Lloyd was married on the 5th day of December 1852 to Miss Eliza Canty.
Demetrius Alonzo Fanin was born June the 26th 1878.
C. C. Freeman 1875.

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Ely Freeman of S. Carolina Sumter District was born April the 4th 1768
Sarah Freeman, wife of Ely Freeman was born 22d March 1778
James Greening Freeman, Son of Ely & Sarah was born January 11th 1796
John Gaulden Freeman was born June 10th 1798
Eliza Freeman was born on the 26th September 1801.
Joseph Alston Freeman was born 23d April 1804. "Grandpa" (written in margin).
James Irvin Freeman was born 29th of Aug. 1806
Elizabeth Freeman was born 7th September 1809
William Gaulden Freeman was born on the 12th May 1812.
Zachariah Canty Freeman was born 12th January 1816
Susan Brumfield Freeman was born 27th March 1819
Louizer Caroline Lloyd was born Jan. 4, 1821
John G. Lloyd was born 15th of April 1822
Martin Marion Lloyd was born 14th Oct. 1824.
Charles B. Lloyd was born 14th August 1828.
Elizabeth Amanda Lloyd was born July 10th 1833.
(Note: All births to this entry we re in the same handwriting, probably by Sarah (Gaulden) Freeman. Births from here on in several different handwritings. Also, parts have been scribbled on by children, making it very hard to read in places. Some records very badly faded.)

Louwezer Marion; Amander; ?utser ? lon 7 Willson; Hodge was born December 11th 1837.
Croferd Lane was born the 10 of Dec. 1840
Marten Lane was born the 12 of February 1843
Eliza S. (?) Lane was Born on the 25 day of Apr. A.D. 1844.
Steven C. (?) Lane was born on the 20 of April A.D. 1847
Charles Le. Freeman was bornd April the 16 1854
Miss Rebecca G. Freeman Was Bornd May 29, 1855.
C (?) L (?) Freeman was bornd April the 16 18 9 (?)
(written in pencil, very faded, and Rebecca's record written partly over the initials; probably a repeat of Charles L. Freeman).
C(hristopher) C(olumbus) Freeman was born the 4th day of May 1866


Ely Freeman died April 12th 1820 John G. Lloyd died on the 15th of June 1832 Martin Marion Lloyd died December ___ 1827 Elizabeth Freeman died October 6, 1833 Elizabeth Amanda Lloyd died May 23rd 1834 Eliza Lloyd died June 4th 1834 James Greening Freeman died Aug. 10th 1800. Susanah Freeman died March 14th 1827 (37?) Sarah Freeman died Feb. 2, 1856. Joseph Aulstone Freeman Died June The 6 1877 John J. Freeman Was Bornd on March the 11, 1858

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