The William and Mary Bailey Talb

The William and Mary Bailey Talbot House
1807 - 2006

(Now the Joan and Larry Taylor House at 1090 Hardeman Mill Road, Madison Georgia)

The Talbot House - July 2006

Chain of Title

  1. 1807 - William Talbot acquired the land March 6, 1807 from Richard Taylor and began the construction of the house soon afterward.  The twelve Talbot children all lived in this house and the three younger ones were born there and perhaps, Hale Talbot as well..
  2. 1826 - 1829 - Lucy Talbot Swift, oldest daughter of William and Mary Bailey Talbot and wife of Thomas Swift, inherited the house from her father.  Land records show that these transaction occurred between 1826 and 1829.  All of the Swift children lived in this house at one time or another and Amanda was probably born here.
  3. 1860 - Thomas Swift died in 1857 and Lucy Swift lived with her daughter until her death in 1862.  The property was purchased by J. G. Malcom from the Thomas Swift heirs in 1860.
  4. 1863 - T. J. Allen purchased the property.
  5. 1870 - Purchased by J. E. and W. B. Hardeman.  W. B. Hardeman married Anna Bostwick and she inherited the house and land at his death.
  6. 1897 - In 1897, Anna Bostwick Hardeman married Matthew Talbot Nunnally.  Matthew Talbot Nunnally was the son of John Nunnally and the grandson of Mary Hale Talbot Nunnally, daughter of William and Mary Bailey Talbot.   Matthew Talbot Nunnally, the great grandson of the builders of the house lived in it and rented it out for several years following the death of Anna Bostwick Hardeman Nunnally.
  7. 1951 - Purchased by Thomas and Hubert Richardson families
  8. 1969 - Purchased by Larry and Joan Taylor


This Marker was placed at the William Talbot House by the DAR on July 29, 2006.  It recognizes the Revolutionary War service of each man.   


View of the house from the Cemetery.  Graves are marked but identities unknown. Rebecca Felton described her memories of this house in "Country Life in Georgia in the days of my youth".
Grand views in every direction Built to last!


Joan and Larry Taylor - The current owners And Crickett, a satisfied inhabitant, enjoying the Reception following the placing of the Marker