Ancestors of Mary Ellender Brawner
Ancestors of Mary Ellender Brawner

Generation No. 1

1. Mary Ellender Brawner, born April 07, 1825 in Prob Elbert Co.,GA; died April 01, 1885 in Calhoun Co., AR. She was the daughter of 2. Tilmon Monroe Brawner and 3. Sarah B. Higginbotham. She married (1) Rev. Green Berry Talbot October 04, 1842 in Chambers Co.,AL. He was born February 12, 1823 in Morgan Co., GA, and died February 20, 1901 in Calhoun Co., AR. He was the son of Green Berry Talbot and Mary Tate Anthony.

Notes for Mary Ellender Brawner:

At the death of her father, Mary Ellen's husband was appointed administrator of the estate by the Court.--On August 10, 1847, she along with others including her husband, her parents, and two sisters founded the Bethesda Baptist Church at Chambersville. The land for the church was given by Stephen Zellars and Louanna Norris Hearnsberger.

More About Mary Ellender Brawner:

Burial: Chambersville

Notes for Rev. Green Berry Talbot:

Ordained to preach by the Baptist Church of Christ, Bethesda on 30 April 1854. Credentials recorded in Calhoun Co.,AR. Book A, page 84. Served in the Ark. Legislature in 1885. Was elected Surveyor of Calhoun County, Arkansas in 1872-1874. Founded several Baptist Churches. Was first Pastor at Bethesda and at First Baptist, Fordyce.

More About Rev. Green Berry Talbot:

Burial: February 20, 1901, Chambersville

Census 1: 1850, Dallas Co., AR, Moro Township, page

Census 2: 1860, Calhoun Co., AR, Moro Township, page 625 (First six children listed)

Census 3: 1870, Calhoun Co., AR, Jackson Township, page

Census 4: 1880, Calhoun Co.,AR, Moro Township, page 75

Generation No. 2

2. Tilmon Monroe Brawner, born April 21, 1801 in Elbert Co., GA; died November 20, 1867 in Calhoun Co., AR-Brawner Cemetery. He was the son of 4. Henry Brawner and 5. Celia Brown. He married 3. Sarah B. Higginbotham August 13, 1822 in Elbert Co., GA.

3. Sarah B. Higginbotham, born March 15, 1801 in Georgia; died April 04, 1856 in Calhoun Co., AR-Brawner Cemetery.

Notes for Tilmon Monroe Brawner:

Brawner died intestate. The Court appointed G.B. Talbot, Brawner's son-in-law, administrator. The 1850 Census,Calhoun Co. listed real estate worth $2000. Brawner's estate was divided among his four daughters, Mary Talbot, Jane Mosley, Hessey Mosley, and Sarah Gardner. Because there was no mention of Louisa Frances Brawner Ingram, her death must have occurred between 1859 and 1867.

More About Tilmon Monroe Brawner:

Census 1: 1830, Monroe County, GA page 211, (Househoild contained 1 male and 3 females

Census 2: 1840, Chambers Co.,AL, page 206, (Household contained 1 male and 6 females)

Census 3: 1850, Calhoun Co.,AR

Notes for Sarah B. Higginbotham:

Sarah and Tillman are buried in the Brawner Cemetery located south of Fordyce, AR approx. 1 mile north of the Chambersville Cemetery on land now owned by Sam Hearnsberger. There are several other grave sites but not well kept and burials have not occurred since 1867.

Marriage Notes for Tilmon Brawner and Sarah Higginbotham:

Marriage recorded in Book L, Page 480, Elbert County, GA Marriage Records. They moved to Monroe Co.,GA before 1830, and were living in Chambers Co.,AL 1840. They moved to Moro Twnshp, then Dallas Co.,before August 10, 1847 probably in 1846 and lived the remainder of their lives in Calhoun Co.,AR. They helped organize the County Line Baptist Church in Chambers County, Alabama in 1835 and the Bethesda Baptist Church in Calhoun County, Arkansas in 1847.

Children of Tilmon Brawner and Sarah Higginbotham are:

Generation No. 3

4. Henry Brawner, born 1773 in North Carolina???; died February 28, 1847 in Elbert Co., GA-Elberton. He married 5. Celia Brown 1797 in Elbert Co., GA(???).

5. Celia Brown, born 1777 in Virginia; died 1860 in Spalding, GA. She was the daughter of 10. James Neville Brown, Sr. and 11. Lucy White.

Notes for Henry Brawner:

Elbert Co.,GA Will Book A: Estate Returns Book S.

Notes for Celia Brown:

Children of Henry Brawner and Celia Brown are:
Generation No. 4

10. James Neville Brown, Sr., born Bet. 1750 - 1760 in Virginia; died Abt. 1841 in Elbert Co.,GA. He married 11. Lucy White.

11. Lucy White, born September 30, 1753 in Virginia; died February 26, 1798.

Children of James Brown and Lucy White are: