Ancestors of Mary Williston
Ancestors of Mary Williston

Generation No. 1

1. Mary Williston, born 1697 in Maryland/Virginia; died October 01, 1736 in New London, VA-Home Grounds. She was the daughter of 2. James Williston and 3. Ann Belgrave. She married (1) Matthew(I) Talbot May 06, 1721 in Maryland. He was born September 29, 1699 in England/Maryland, and died November 1758 in New London, VA-Home Grounds. He was the son of Thomas Talbot and Ann Tate.

Notes for Matthew(I) Talbot:

In 1956, Robert Howe Fletcher, Jr. published a short compilation entitled, Genealogical Sketch of Certain of the American Descendants of Matthew Talbot, Gentleman. That work remains the best evidence regarding the origins of Matthew Talbot. Although a father and grandfather are listed in this report, that parentage cannot be substantiated. There exists a significant body of printed matter asserting the lineage of Matthew Talbot as far back as the Norman Conquest. Unfortunately, there are many "leaps of faith" required in each of the assertions. January 6, 2000.

Generation No. 2

2. James Williston, born Bef. 1669; died 1708 in Queen Anne Co., MD. He married 3. Ann Belgrave.

3. Ann Belgrave, born Bef. 1673.

Notes for James Williston:

He was a large land owner in Maryland.

Notes for Ann Belgrave:

She was a member of a prominent family of that name in Leischestershire, England.

Children of James Williston and Ann Belgrave are: