Matthew Talbot Nunnally Statue

Matthew Talbot Nunnally


Matthew Talbot Nunnally, ninth child and fifth son of William Branch Nunnally and Mary Hale Talbot, was killed in action at Gettysburg, PA on July 2, 1863.  His sister, Mary Walthal Nunnally Stroud Sandridge offered the city of Monroe, Georgia complete reimbursement for the cost of the Confederate Memorial Park provide they used the likeness of her fallen brother as the statue.  The City declined.  She then commissioned an Italian sculptor to produce a life size statue of her brother and it stands today (1999) at the foot of her grave in the Monroe, GA cemetery.
Matthew Talbot Nunnally was appointed to the United States Military Academy at West Point,  New York in 1859.  In 1861, he resigned his commission and accepted a command as Captain,  Company H, 11th Georgia Regiment Voluntary Infantry.  He was the only Walton County Captain killed in the War Between the States.